What’s New app sees minor update (3.1.A.0.1)

by XB on 1st July 2015

in Applications

What’s New 3.1.A.0.1_1A quick heads-up to let users know that the “Whats’s New” application has seen a marginal update, which moves the build number from 3.1.A.0.0 to version 3.1.A.0.1. We noticed no significant changes, so expect only bug fixes.

What’s New 3.1.A.0.1_1 What’s New 3.1.A.0.1_2

What’s New 3.1.A.0.1_3 What’s New 3.1.A.0.1_4

Thanks Abdoul and Rimaz!

  • Yali AA

    Here is the apk btw:

  • Shady

    Off topic any news about 5.1?

  • Fadi Obaya

    It’s still in beta stage. prob. next week or so…

  • Shady

    Source please

  • Tangent Lin

    SmartBand Talk SW30 app launch huge update

  • Alvin

    I think the old widget is even better compared to the new one

  • John Walker

    The apk does not work on m2 aqua with 4.4.4 kitkat

  • Timel

    It looks mess

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