Sony launches Kitsuné Summer Xperia Theme

by XB on 15th July 2015

in Applications

Kitsuné Summer Xperia Theme_3Sony Mobile has launched a new Xperia Theme called “Kitsuné Summer”. For those that don’t know, Kitsuné is a French electronic music record and fashion label. Kitsune is the Japanese word for “fox”, hence the fox icon in the app tray. Truth be told, the theme is a bit hard on the eyes, but if you want to download it head over to the Google Play Store.

Kitsuné Summer Xperia Theme_1 Kitsuné Summer Xperia Theme_2

Kitsuné Summer Xperia Theme_3

Kitsuné Summer Xperia Theme_4 Kitsuné Summer Xperia Theme_5

  • Srijan Chawla

    Even Xperiablog acknowledges how much ugly Sony makes these things :P

  • Sadman Khan

    What’s up with their sense of design? ._.

  • Svnjay

    Don’t worry, Sony knows that they’re ugly.

  • DrKrFfXx

    This looks cute

  • Alvin

    Xperiablog is honest these days lol

  • Abhinav Tella

    Its very dull and depressing for a summer theme……. Just my opinion though.

  • nick

    Better appoint some devs from xda to design the themes..

  • Mohammad “Pogz” Talib

    Thanks for being frank xperiablog. Wish there’d be a better designed theme. I like things dark, perhaps chrome black or something like that.

  • dragonsneeze

    Red over blue? Someone failed Design 101 :D

  • jmaxim917

    I suspect this theme is culture specific. Liked by those it’s intended for and not so much by others.

  • Ching Wei

    Google Play link is dead ……

  • Makiz

    They doing it to attract Shamesung fans :P

  • Allen Hsiao

    Pretty cute theme,but link dead now,some one can provide correct link?

  • DrAnas Daiban

    The link doesn’t work , can you please upload it with APK link !!

  • Rosan Iliev

    Link is broken and I can’t find it on the play store as well.

    Who thought of using a watermelon for a summer fox theme? Even if they are part Japanese, French and USA it doesn’t make sense to me LOL.

    Please tell me its down so you make a beautiful furry Kitsune theme :(I

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  • Arjunsinh Jones

    very nice theme

  • Holy crap! Mr. Arjunsinh Jones! Is that really you? What are you doing on XperiaBlog?

  • Arjunsinh Jones

    i dont know

  • It’s great seeing you again! How’s life down there in India?

  • Arjunsinh Jones

    not good i’m afraid. i lost my job last week, dont know what to do :(

  • That’s really sad to hear :(
    Are you looking for a new job now?

  • Arjunsinh Jones

    i can’t, got no money, can’t buy a newspaper or pay for internet :(

  • Well we got an open spot for a janitor at AITB headquarters in Bosnia and Herzegovina, are you interested?

  • Arjunsinh Jones

    tell me more

  • It’s in Neum, very close to the sea. Because you’re an old friend, I could also let you and your family live in my RV, I haven’t found much use for it lately anyway…

  • Arjunsinh Jones

    thanks but i can’t, my wife is allergic to the adriatic sea :(

  • Have you considered moving back to the UK then?

  • Arjunsinh Jones

    whoah thats a very good idea chuck! thanks! how could i have not remember that?

  • Good luck! Do hit me up when you’ve got some news!

  • Arjunsinh Jones

    Alright, see you later old friend :)

  • Arjunsinh Jones

    yo, i moved back to uk

  • Already? That was fast! Have you started looking for a job?

  • Arjunsinh Jones

    i already found a job. my old friend offered me a great job with a very nice pay. also i won 7000 pounds at the lottery!

  • Wow! You really are one lucky Injun! Seems like things are going great for you up there!

  • Arjunsinh Jones

    well… not all is that great. i need one favor from you. can you get your guys to assassinate someone?

  • Assassinate someone? Whom? And why?

  • Arjunsinh Jones

    see i have this neighbour, his an extremely messed up stalker, literally watching me and my family wherever we go, i dont know what to do

  • Hmm… What’s his name?

  • Arjunsinh Jones

    not 100% sure… i think its Ben or sth…

  • Uh-oh.

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