Why is Sony pushing the Amazon app in the Xperia Update Centre?

by XB on 18th July 2015

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Amazon Shopping Sony Xperia_1For some strange reason, Sony Mobile is pushing the Amazon Shopping app to Xperia users via the ‘Update Centre’ app on KitKat or the ‘What’s New’ app on Lollipop. This is the first time that Sony has promoted a third-party app through the Update Centre. Could there be financial motives behind this app release? We’re not sure if this is the start of a trend, but time will tell.

Amazon Shopping Sony Xperia_1 Amazon Shopping Sony Xperia_2

Amazon Shopping Sony Xperia_0

Thanks Abdoul!

  • Surely it was a good idea to release it after prime day.

  • Augustine Kau


  • Abhinav Tella

    Soon there won’t be a difference between carrier bloat and manufacturer bloat… Just promoting it as a downloadable app is one thing but promoting it as an update should be reserved for essentials like system apps.

  • Nawi

    Free premium apps for Sony users?

  • rzero21

    Sony pushes their own apps through update centre to keep malware away from their own software

  • mukul verma

    here’s something strange, i am getting sponsored ads in whats app & some other apps, mine c6902 running 5.0.2, but i m not getting in kitkat, this all becomes when lollipop released.

  • mukul verma

    here’s something strange, i am getting sponsored ads in whats app & some other apps like below, mine c6902 running 5.0.2, but i was not getting in kitkat, this all becomes when lollipop released.
    any one getting these type of ads in between.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Better come with some deals

  • Eduardo Otero

    Which theme are you using ?
    How did you keep those back, home and apps buttons?

  • Mark Brown

    Pretty sure my UK z3 had the amazon app pre installed, might be related to that, though I’ve disabled it

  • mukul verma

    i am using retro version 2010 theme created by xda member. here is the link for both kitkat & lollipop


  • Eduardo Otero

    Thanks mate!!

  • mukul verma

    anytime buddy. :)

  • nick

    Yup i gt that in latest whats new once now it disappeared

  • fried_egg

    It’s been a forced install with EE-xperia z1 firmware for a while

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  • mukul verma

    how they disappeared ? did u do smothing?

  • Geese Howard

    What are you talking about? It’s always about the money… Business is business.

  • nick

    Nope, it automatically disappeared.

  • Vasilis K.

    That’s for the same f@cking reason they’ve added ads in TrackID! This is not getting well at all!!!

  • LOL I guess Sony is looking for ways tomake money. Cheap business tactics!


  • Niels d. G.

    We’re truly living in an era of ad infestation

  • roeshak

    Why??? Because they’re fucked in the head!!!

  • iGMX

    I don’t see this “update” on my two Xperias. :|

  • gamer324

    Would be useful, if you guys at xperiablog actually contact Sony Mobile for more info on the matter, instead of just hypothesising.

  • Fadi Obaya

    It’s probably a deal Sony made with amazon..

  • ShinOrochiX

    At least it isn’t preloaded in the phone when bought, hate it when manufacturers include third party bloatware.

  • babylonbwoy

    “Could there be financial motives behind this app release?”

    No, they ‘re doin’ it for fun..

  • Niels d. G.

    I assume this one can’t be normally uninstalled once installed? Can anyone tell?

  • David Commins

    Yes, can be uninstalled in the usual way.

  • Dunexus

    Which theme is used on the two firsts screenshots ?

  • DavOmar05

    I never have seen updates in this app.

  • Sadman Khan

    Theme Inverse from desmobox

  • Nawi
  • Shubham Mutreja

    Qualcomm are confused that they are SOC manufacturer not oven manufacturer!!!

  • steary_eye

    Please don’t. It is good though because of the oven I skipped Z3+. Z5 is such a fine choice with the Sense ID. I know, there are fingerprint scanners in both Samsung and Apple but I will be pissed if I bought Z3+ and Z5 have a fingerprint scanner!!!

  • Shubham Mutreja

    i dont think i will use fingerprint sensor in future but that would be good if they included it

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  • Samantha

    i got it on Lollipop (xperia Z2)

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Still no support for Android wear in UK thats just stupid us only

  • Sadman Khan

    Can they really make the same mistake again? I mean, just by decreasing four cores i think the heat issue should be partially if not fully solved :/ if S805 with 2.7 Quad wasn’t that bad then a more efficient 3.0 Quad shouldn’t be either

  • Alvin

    me too

    i’m like “where the hell could i get that screen from”

  • Alvin

    they will just keep thinking that xperiablog is just the same as us… fanboys, fangirls, geeks, or noobs

  • Alvin

    i just lost hope with qualcomm now..

    long live nvidia tegra!! :”””(((

  • Alvin

    but it isnt really the manufacturer’s apps… they are third party apps that’s bugging me. if it’s sony apps i wouldn’t be complaining

  • Sarfaraz Habib

    not on my Xperia E3

  • PoweredBySony

    Go to setting > about phone > check for updates , it will appear there .

  • Nayib

    Is there a way to hide updates in What’s New as there is in Update Center?

  • marcyff2

    but they are one of the (if not) the biggest source of xperia mobile information. I don’t see the reason sony wouldn’t know about them,.

  • marcyff2

    you are insane if you think nvidia, does not heat up. The raw graphics power of tegra x is greater then Qualcomm. So the chip will most likely heat up more as well as consume more battery. That is the reason you only see it in Tablets.

    Also take the news about a chip that hasn’t been released yet with a pinch of salt. He could have one of the under development chips.

  • marcyff2

    s805 has 6 cores by default.

  • Sadman Khan

    S805 not S808. 808 has six cores. I was talking about the older S805

  • Alvin

    It’s just an expression. Chill out mate

  • Alvin

    Everybody knew that. But still, sony treats us like junk

  • marcyff2

    ah sorry. I have a tendency to describe situations and people with the word insane, quite easily. I am pretty child though. so we will see what will come. I know Ricciolo is pretty famous for his leaks, but i still take this one with a pinch of salt, I mean processors will heat up now due to the graphical power everyone is trying to cram inside a phone, S6 is currently suffering from it, s810 is famous for it. Unless intel really invests into bringing HD graphics to mobile with I3 level cores I don’t see anyone stepping up. Qualcomn still dominates the market. Samsung doesn’t sell their processors outside, mediateck is stuck 2 generations behind in terms of graphics eventhough their cpus are pretty solid and Nvidia is expersive. so I don’t see where the market might go next.

  • marcyff2

    Sorry, I was stuck in this generation. The problem with s805 is that mobile is moving to Quickcharge, Usb type-c and 4k and to implement those things without having performance drop on those older processors would mean having to up the processors. So 808 or 810 would be the solution.

  • marcyff2

    I think it is a gymmick. its quite easy to introduce a pattern you are familiar with. but that is none of my business

  • Alvin

    Yeah, that..

  • Sadman Khan

    No no no. My point was that S805 was quad core at 2.7ghz and didn’t heat up. So i’m hoping s820 will not heat up as it’s quad 3.0ghz

  • Shubham Mutreja

    suits yourself!!
    we can do nfc payments though!!

  • marcyff2

    i guess, I just don’t see the advantage of that over contactless payment.

  • marcyff2

    ahhh got ya. Yeah well i trust qc will pull through

  • Sadman Khan

    Yeah they better :/ we need a proper flagship with stability and no compromises. Z3+ would have been perfect if not for the overheating issues of 810

  • Shubham Mutreja

    true that!!
    BTW sony patented something which will allow them to integrate front camera, bunch of sensors like proximity light,and fingerprint sensor on display itself!!

  • Tanya E. Rider
  • PoweredBySony

    Check this guys


    New manual controls for Stock Sony Z1/Z2/Z3/Z3C/Z1C camera . HDR in 20.7 Mpx , 20.7Mpx in Superior auto and more :) Options From the z3+ camera

  • Fabi

    Since i updated to 5.1 on my z3, i noticed that the ad from amazon’s gone from the What’s new app

  • iGMX

    Not there either. This is obviously a carrier specific update.

  • bckp

    OK, if SONY want to do this kind of shit, I will be out, just bought brand new Z5 Compact, for pretty high money, so do not push me crapware like this… Just focus on fixing issues with current phones, like Z5C LAGs…

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