New Sony Xperia flagships to launch prior to IFA 2015?

by XB on 22nd July 2015

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Sony logoSomewhat surprisingly, Sony Mobile may be shortly looking to launch new flagship entries to the Xperia range according to a report from The report claims that two new models (Xperia S60 and Xperia S70) are tipped to launch prior to the IFA tradeshow, which takes place in Berlin from 4-9 September 2015.

There was a feeling that Sony would not release its H2 flagship until later in the year, especially if it was moving to a new chipset (Qualcomm Snapdragon 820?) If the above timing is true, then there is a strong likelihood that Sony will continue to use the Snapdragon 810 for its new Xperia devices.

Little details are known about the new models, but the above report points to these devices having 32GB of internal storage, highlighting that they are likely to be premium models. says the devices could launch as early as mid-August 2015. In terms of price point, the Xperia S60 will be broadly similar to the Xperia Z3+ (€699), whilst the Xperia S70 will be more expensive, closer to the €800 mark.

Xperia Blog’s take

We can confirm that the Sony Xperia S60 and S70 codenames are real, according to multiple sources of ours. In addition, other codenames for this series include the S50 and S70+. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that we are probably looking at a normal flagship, a compact version and larger phablet version.

What is not clear to us, is what the S50, S60, S70, S70+ codenames refer to. We find it hard to believe that these are new marketing names that Sony will use, after all, the Xperia Z series has built up a lot of brand recognition.

Could these be new model numbers from Sony, trying to simplify things? It could be, but up until now the other model numbers are still in use. We count at least five model numbers that may launch this year:

Sony E5503, E5563 [Lavender]
Sony E5663
Sony E5803
Sony E6683
Sony E6833, E6883

For those thinking that the new codenames may signal a design refresh this year, don’t get your hopes up. Separate sources have confirmed to us that H2 flagships will be very similar to the Xperia Z3+/Z4 in terms of design language. We guess Sony is readying its new Xperia design for a 2016 launch.

  • Tony Lam

    sounds amazing with new Xperia device…Cant wait to see

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Yea with SD810 it’ll be amazing.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    What ever it is… I’m confused !!!

  • Augustine Kau


  • xperiaDROID

    Snapdragon 810 and similar design? Then bye, Sony.

  • fried_egg

    EE now list 33% fewer Sony models to 6 weeks ago. The Z3 with HD headphones offer ended and they still have not added the Z3+. While Carphone Warehouse will sell an EE sim plan based Z3+ there doesnt appear to be an official EE firmware version – and this is important to highend EE customers as EE cash-on-tap and EE wifi calling etc require EE firmware phones to be loaded and work. May be EE did not like the performance of Z3+ phones they tested, may be they have an issue with Z3 sales overlap… but I hope there is a Z3+ beater launched by september with EE blessing as that is when my launch Z1 2 year contract is up & I want a new Sony!

  • fried_egg

    what are you two talking about… other than the possible ram size no details were given other than code numbers!

  • Cezary Raczy?ski

    I think that Sony will announce new Xperia at IFA. Because Sony Mobile Poland have contest which lasts for 90 days. The prize is newest flagship Xperia, but they don’t say anything more. And this isn’t Xperia Z3+.

  • Paul M

    “E6833, E6883” strongly suggests a successor to the Z Ultra (which has models C6802, C6806, C6833).

    I really hope this is for real!

  • calling it by s and not z means that the z series is over?

  • DonRox

    How reliable is the source of this rumor?

  • fried_egg

    easy to agree with you… other than by now the “problem” between design and implementation must have been identified by Qlcm & Sony and a hardware design fix rather than throttling software solution… surely! because otherwise Qlcm have 6 more months with a duff chip & that just seems unlikely (pleasssee!)

  • Svnjay

    They suggested that earlier this year.

  • marcyff2

    btw he means in the UK if anyone is confused. Also O2 is selling the Tablet Z4 which is a first and 3,giffgaf and Tesco mobile sell z3+. Also I am in the same boat as you, My contract (i originally did with EE for z1) ends september, so i will be wanting a new flagship.If sony doesn’t deliever i will go with OPO or LG

  • pingotta

    Haha, my contract with EE for my Z1 is also up this October!

  • Augustine Kau

    since it is a post from Xperia blog, I feel that it is reliable as they will not post without actual evidence

  • DBS

    Yeah keep using the SD810! It hasn’t given you any problems at all right?
    I’m waiting to see. But the presence of the SD810 alone will be an instant deal breaker to me me.

  • t1mman

    I’d be curious to know what other smartphone has all the advantages of the Xperia Z serire…

  • Harut Hajin

    I WAIT FOR “XPERIA X” in black plastic box , with ,pearl purple , pearl black and gold or copper colors , with gold plated metals

  • Arda Akca

    Well, does anyone from your sources know the screen size of the next Z Ultra? Is it 6+ or something absurd as 7?

  • Lars Holmgren

    Sounds verry nice, I´ve an old Xperia T, and I want a new one in the same size

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    You sure have a good sense of design. The Black box is one of the best package for premium smartphone. Especially when the smartphone is metal.

  • ryq24

    Sony phones are over price. They need to do something about that problem before coming out with new phones.

  • mountain

    We do not know to be honest. Sony is currently using 2 out of the 4 A57 cores in Z3+ due to the heat. It is very likely that Qualcom are trying to improve the cpu. And I do believe that there are very much potential to SD810 if sony could utilize that.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I’m hoping Sony uses the 808 or 805 for the possible Z4 or Z5 Ultra, but I’m thinking the 810 is in tow. Which won’t make a lot of sense, since both the 805 and 808 are better than the chipset in the Z Ultra

  • DBS

    There’s not a single SD810 powered device on the market where the SD810 doesn’t give problems. Qualcomm should just recall the chip. And Sony should stop using it. The Z3+ is a fiasco and is doing nothing but giving a bad name to Xperia devices with the throttling and overheating problems. And the SD810 is to blame (along with Sony’s inability to minimize the issues too)

  • That’s definitely too early for Snapdragon 820. If they have big plans for polishing Snapdragon 810 like OnePlus, I can live with that, but if it has Snapdragon 808, I’m out.

  • KzX

    Most of Xperia Blog’s posts are come true.
    They are reliable.

  • KzX

    Sony should use new name for next flagship series. Zs name are getting boring.
    Imagine Z5, Z6, Z7. Those name are terrible at least IMO.

  • Alvin

    they better use anything other than 810.. yes, 805 or 808 would still be good. it’s obvious to me that E66xx is the flagship phone, E68xx is the flagship phablet, and E58xx is the compact version of the flagship phone.

    So changing a naming of devices doesn’t mean that those will be a major thing for the device itself..-__-

  • Alvin

    yeah, z series designs were great, and will still be great. but i want to see some refreshments, i want a new, fresh, and better design now.

  • Alvin


  • Alvin

    it’s not bad for naming. i just want a better hardware imo

  • Alvin

    even at every date for this year, it’s too early for them to use 820

  • Alvin

    so iphones and s6 edge doesn’t sound overpriced to you?

  • Alvin

    get the compact version, mate :)

  • Alvin

    even though it is not the real xperia blog, it is unofficial, but almost every rumours and everything they posted are real ones. that’s because when i posted something like a year ago or so, here i posted something about new xperia, rumored, or something like that, but “how come they didn’t post it” i thought about it that time, and it turned out to be false. so they are reliable

  • Alvin

    svnjay already told you at the replies for your comment….:)

    it is a completing form of z series, but just for namings, other than that, we don’t have much information yet.

  • Vasilis K.

    A Compact model with the Snap 805 would be great!

  • KzX

    I want both ;-)

  • Alvin

    well okay :D:D

  • Gozi Arraby

    sony should use a simple name for all new xperia devices like xperia alpha for camera smarphone or xperia vita for gamer

  • Svnjay

    They’re priced the same as other phones.

  • Nawi

    I think that OnePlus Two 810 chipset. Not the Z3+/Z4 810

  • (C):stem

    The design of the current devices is awesome, but just remember that we already have 5 generations with it. Soon, it will begin to be boring. I think it’s time to change and introduce total re-designed models.

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  • MarkLastiwka

    I’m not touching any phone with the 810. It better make use of the 808 or some other chipset.

    Even the revised 810s suffer from some of the same problems.

  • Lars Holmgren

    Thats what I meant, the T has approximately the same screensize

  • charbel aoun

    i like to see only Z4 Ultra. No more flagship than this!!!!

  • Augustine Kau
  • Nuno

    Hope the Ultra is anounced soon, phablets is the way to go. With the Note, and the IPhone 6 plus, and the soon to be announced S6 plus, we can see the market is headed towards the big screens. I myself think 5.0 is standard and 5.5 is a a perfect size but wont mind a 6 inch Ultra at all.

  • Billy de Fretes

    you can buy 110cc motor cycle with amount of money that you spend for iphone and samsung s6 edge here in indonesia…
    but xperia devices prices lower than those phones

  • Adhito

    I need the ULTRAAAA!!!

  • Alvin


  • people buy iphones, but they don’t buy sony phones, thus they need to drop their prices to attract more buyers or die. Apparently, they’ve chosen the latter.

  • XB is high on coke or something?! Brand recognition for Z series? WTF are you talking about?! Sony is out of top10 Shitdroid manufacturers this year, they have very little to no brand recognition beyond Japan, India and some EU states.

  • Pokastock

    Hoping to see new Xperia series with 5.2 inch screen flagship and Ultra, Compact models this year. No more C or T series… M and E series are enough. However, E5503 Lavender might be T4 Ultra. (or C4 Ultra?)

  • Alvin

    again not just those prices of their devices, but also their marketing that is sucks to me

  • Alvin

    oh yeah one more, they also sucks at service centre and aftersales support

  • I’m not touching any phone with the 808. I’d rather have my phone heat up a bit more than others, than upgrading to a chipset that’s barely any better than my current 801. I’d even be better off upgrading to a Galaxy Note 4 (which is almost a year old now, but still Snapdragon 805 is more powerful than 808) than a 808 phone.

  • Adhi Suryana

    In US and many Europe countries Xperia is more expensive than iPhone or Galaxy note flagships! I live in bali and many of foreigners told me my Xperia phone is beautiful and expensive XD

  • Ana Heluši?

    Vaio was always in a black box, it was very nice

  • JacquelynDAsbury
  • thew01

    another flagship ??? ohh hell not sony !

  • WhyWai

    Same design for the 3rd year… Guess I’ll go for other brand for my urge for a new look….

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  • marcyff2

    I would go with a razer blade like box. If the phone would use purple the box would be black with purple inside. it would look gorgeous in the small proportions.

  • marcyff2

    7 is a tablet 5.7 to 6.5/6.6 is a phablet. I would think the ultra would come on the second bracket.

  • marcyff2

    is no proof on what he says. hence why he says he thinks. The flagship could still be Z3+ as it is still very much a flagship phone

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