New update (28.0.A.8.251) rolling to Xperia Z3 Plus and Z4 Tablet

by XB on 27th August 2015

in Firmware, Sony Tablet, Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

Xperia Z3 Plus_28.0.A.8.251Sony Mobile has released a new firmware update for the Xperia Z3+ and Xperia Z4 Tablet in the form of build number 28.0.A.8.251. Unfortunately, for those that were hoping this would bring Android 5.1.1, you’ll be disappointed to learn that this firmware is still Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

The update is live in select regions for the Xperia Z3+ (Italy, Turkey, Vietnam), Xperia Z3+ Dual (China) and the Xperia Z4 Tablet LTE (Indonesia, Singapore). The firmware file is over 2GB in size, which shows Sony’s updates keep growing in size.

Xperia Z3 Plus_28.0.A.8.251

Thanks Rimaz!

  • Anon

    So Sony’s latest flag ship phone is still missing Android 5.1.1? Seems weird to me why this hasn’t been updated yet.

  • evds22

    Latest products are still on 5.0.2 probably because 5.1.1 is even buggier (big thanks to Google). On my Z3c, while 5.0.2 took 20% off my battery life on Kitkat, 5.1.1 obliterated around 40% compared to 5.0.2. And since there are little to no differences feature-wise, upgrading to 5.1.1 is pretty pointless.

  • Anon

    I believe the growing update size is due to the Z3+/Z4 and Z4 Tablet running a 64-bit processor. Also, I think Sony is postponing the 5.1.1 update until the Z5 launches, like the Z2 4.4.4 update was postponed until the release of the Z3. The Z2’s 4.4.4 update brought new features off the Z3, therefore Sony may be doing the same for the Z3+/Z4 series.

  • Kar win Liu

    My Z3 already has 5.1.1. Came with 5.0.2 out of the box though.

  • Umut Can Baday

    Z3 compact 5.1.1 kernel version 3.4 but z3+ 5.0.2 kernel version 3.10 Why?

  • Liam Irwin

    If we still have to wait a while for 5.1.1 I at least hope this update will fix the laggy performance and terrible RAM management like the 5.1.1 update did to the Z3. My Z4 Tablet becomes unusable after a day or two when switching between two user profiles.

  • haxona

    Its for the better though, Android 5.1 is like a hot mess of a lollipop. Its like a kid licked it and then let it out without the wrap and kinds of bugs got attracted and it went to hell :)

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  • jag

    Just remember, do a clean install if you can.

  • Jeremmy Palacios

    I want 5.1 in my xperia z3+

  • Sadman Khan

    Because of the Z5 series release. Once they are released, a few features from that 5.1.1 will make it to 5.1.1 for z3+/tab z4

  • mukul verma

    this may be a firmware for fixing heat issue. sony had previously told they will be delivering fix for heat issue in sept. may be this will be a whole new rom that’s y its over 2gb.

  • devtry

    Because Z3 came out with KitKat, Z3+ with Lollipop… kernel 3.10 was officially introduced with Android 5.0 and they usually do not update kernels together with android versions

  • Jorge De La Rosa

    I am in the US and I haven’t gotten a single update,where can I find this firmware to install it myself?

  • David Moslehi

    Here in Iran, I got it this morning.

  • haxona

    Use Xperifirmware and then use the latest Flashtool, XperiaBlog had an extensive update tutorial on how to use the software :) search for it on the blog

  • haxona

    This is the Z3+ which is the newer models :)

  • rubin km

    Where the f***g update for z3 I got 5 1 update full of totally fed up wit you Sony

  • Tomislav Mati?

    I flashed 28.0.A.8.251 firmwareon XPERIA Z3+ and lag is gone. For RAM I don’t know because I have to use it and try it. Smoot like XPERIA Z3. Now waiting for Android 5.1.1.

  • Keion London

    Updating at the moment… my z4 tablet this week

  • Haziq Hasnol Zam Zam

    Did you do a full wipe ?? I want to flash it too but I don’t want to lose my data.. Do you think it’s okay if I don’t do a full wipe ??

  • Tomislav Mati?

    No full wipe data. Only update without any wipe.

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  • Haziq Hasnol Zam Zam

    I see.. I noticed something amiss though.. Have a look at PTCRB.. Suddenly this firmware has been labelled to (.245) although the one we’re getting is (.251).. Weird..

  • haxona

    That is weird :P

  • Sweggity

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  • RyTek

    Because 3.10 kernel is necessary for AArch64

  • Hideg Jen? Péter

    Use it HDR mode from Manual.
    Because to prevent flicker screen. (Mostly older camera who doesn’t have HDR)


    I have a porblem with my Z3+ dual…:

    can’t add contacts to google on xperia Z3+/Z4 dual … only with 2 sim or 1 sin but in slot 2….

  • Lee McRobbie

    Where is the changelog im failing to see/ feel difference… it’s basically sonys 5.0.2 V2

    ohh and we can all have a party after we update.

  • mountain

    Disable one sim card, restart the phone. You can add contacts to google again, until you re-enable the other sim card

  • phah3shai

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    Oh.. TNX!!

    my old Z3 dual don’t have that problem…:)

  • Jeremmy Palacios

    in this update no inlcudes gapss for google


    ok …work only for 5 minutes… …:(

  • kourtneyjcotton

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  • BeanHatchet

    Soo can someone tell me why i updated my phone and what did change? I had no problem before and no problem now, so how do i know what they fixed when there is no changelog!?!? I dont update my phone cuz its fun, maybe thats what sony does `?

  • Peter Sokolov

    New update clear this problem

  • Gabriel Voica
  • Semnoz

    Just received this update for my Z3+ in the UK. The download was only 400MB, not 2GB. My device was supplied with 28.0.A.7.27, which may already have provided ‘fixes’ for overheating, so I’m not sure if 28.0.A.8.251 will make any difference or not. One thing it did provide is a load more choices for the ‘AR Effect’ camera mode, which is one of the features that was leading to overheating problems. So this might suggest that Sony are more confident that the camera will cope once the software is updated. What bothers me is that these ‘fixes’ are probably just throttling the CPU even more, which means jumpy looking video and slow camera response. But if this is only limited to features such as ‘AR Effect’ which are just for fun, I don’t mind too much. As long as the phone is very fast for normal (serious) photos and videos and doesn’t shut down the camera due to heat, that’s OK with me.

  • Anybody has a real changelog? (or the closest thing to one)
    Any news about when we’ll get M?

  • rob damiani

    yes, I can confirm that the overheating issue is gone since I flashed to the new FW.

  • I am not so sure like Rob. I didn’t have my Z4 tablet for many days with previous firmware, but this firmware DOES hit the device. Not super hot, but definitely hot in the area SW of the selfie cam.
    What is bad in this firmware, is that if you switch accounts and then you go back to main account, the device is not like running on Snapdragon 810, but… 410.
    A soft reset fixes it.

  • Joonas Hiltunen

    Is this phone still having overheating problems? I am getting one maybe because my z1 did break down after 23 months.

  • valentino

    yeah im curious bout it too.. because nobody in this blog have experience with this phone. it’s kinda like ditched phone though. because xperia z5 coming soon.

  • Joonas Hiltunen

    True! I bought the phone month ago and it’s fantastic. I was charging the phone and editing 60fps video (about 1gb) at the same time and battery temp went up to 35 celsius max

  • valentino

    so it’s a good phone? should i change my S6 to XZ3+? a bit confused. because XZ5 is awesome too with hybrid AF. I am afraid XZ3+ won’t get the Hybrid AF. I like XZ3+ 6.9mm thickness but in the other hand i like XZ5 camera capabilities. hahaha

  • Joonas Hiltunen

    What is hybrid af?:D nah, i think it’s nonsense to change phone from s6 to Z3+ maybe even to z5. I would wait for z6

  • valentino

    hahah. i like the music experience using NC 31em. hybrid af new autofocus system from Z5. with 0.03 focus. its really quick auto focus. the XZ5 really fixed Sony Z series Camera…

  • Gabriel Voica
  • Gabriel Voica
  • Charlles Costa

    Terve Joonas, mitä menee? Do you have the Z3+ or Z5? Is it still overheating after the update? Kiitos.

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