See new hands-on pictures of the Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium

by XB on 1st September 2015

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Sony Xperia Z5 family_1Sony Mobile will unveil its new Xperia flagship devices tomorrow. These are widely expected to be the Sony Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact and Xperia Z5 Premium. We have already seen various leaks and now a day before the full reveal, we have attached some new hands-on pictures of all three devices.

The leak comes courtesy of Dutch site, who published the pictures a day early. We’re not entirely sure whether what we are seeing is a new colour for the Xperia Z5 series or whether these are pre-production samples. However, we get a more detailed look including the ‘XPERIA’ logo etched into the side frame of all of the models, confirmation again of the 23MP camera and a closer look at the fingerprint sensor/power button. We’ll bring official details of all three handsets tomorrow.

Sony Xperia Z5 family_1

Sony Xperia Z5 family_2

Sony Xperia Z5 family_3

Sony Xperia Z5 family_4

Sony Xperia Z5 family_5

Sony Xperia Z5 family_6


Thanks Jamzy!

  • Kristo

    Is that… A MATTE SURFACE?

  • Svnjay

    Yes. I was hoping for a glossy, rounder surface like the Z3+.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    i wish Sony would put a dual tone LED flash instead

  • DBS

    The Compact looks pre-production since it doesn’t even have the camera details printed.
    Also…I hope that’s not a plastic body on the Z5C and Z5…I like the translucent plastic on the Z3C because it looks cool with the glass back and front but not a full plastic phone.

    Anyway, we’re just hours away from the unveiling, I’ll just wait to see the official phones. Honestly, from all the leaks though, it’s not a matte or plastic back that will prevent me from buying the phones (it’ll be things like lack of OIS, camera improvements, SD810 etc)

  • Nawi

    Sexy sexy

  • azzido

    No glass from the back?
    Oh no! :( :( :(

  • ???????? ??????

    Looking good I can’t wait

  • azzido

    matt edges looks super, hoping for the glass from both sizes, durable tempered glass like nillkin amazing H+ 9H :)

  • azzido

    matt frame looks good :)

  • Brick

    That Z5 premium looks pretty damn sexy. But I’ll keep my Z3 for at least a full more year.

  • Umut Can Baday

    So beautiful omg look at this design! <3

  • Midleo

    Z5 compact looks brutal!

  • Joe Black

    Looks epic, great design. I might give my Z3c to sis, and get myself a chrome Z5c.

    Curious about the materials though.

  • Luxsaan06

    Sony <3

  • Niels d. G.

    From the looks of it, seems like only the Premium will have a glossy glass back.

  • T.W. Cook

    Was hoping for a Z5 ultra, but the premium might be good enough.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I think the Matte is for the pre-production units. As Z2 never released with these back-panels !!!


    The premium seems highly of interest ; let’s wait for more informations…and price.

  • Toni_Ai

    Bond color(o)(o)

  • zymo

    Why do you want glass?!

  • jamie evans

    I really like the color of Z5 and Z5C. No more glass back is also GREAT. Glass cracks so easy.

  • nick sweden

    shit damn thick:P

  • Svnjay

    Because it looks and feels good.

  • Anukul

    I like the matte back, can’t wait to see more of it.

  • Svnjay

    Good. Lets hope it has a big battery.


    The compact version seems to be thicker, no?

  • jamie evans

    I like matte too.

  • Amimanot

    If that thickness means the phone is gonna have a bigger bettery, I dont mind it

  • nick sweden

    yes i think there is som bigger and better battery prestanda though that xperia has not the worst battery time neither before :)

  • nick sweden

    yes huge :)

  • nick sweden

    me neither :)


    This is surprising, as the most powerfull battery should be used for the premium version, IMO.

  • jamie evans

    SD810 is coming after all? Someone said SD820 would be coming on…


    Maybe 820, if available soon.

  • aksem

    what a sh** design… and i’m a fanboy, have a z3c an xperia U ( still in perfect conditions ) and a m4 aqua ( last acquisition )

    sorry but i’m so mad with sony!

  • nick sweden

    yes hope all has big battery :) it must go to manufacture a big battery phone wich is not thick :)


    Don’t worry, you’ll not take care about design when you’ll give a call…

  • nick sweden

    haha:=) awesome

  • nick sweden

    its the best design ever on a xperia z serie :o but all get to have a opinion:)


    Maybe ; I’m more interested by a huge battery than sizes.

  • aksem

    yes i care, cause i look at him when i make a call!! and i love to wake up and see a beautiful peace of design and not this matte “thing”

  • Svnjay

    The Z2 and Z3 had industry leading battery life. Sony decided to make the Z4/Z3+ just as thin as the iPhone and Galaxy S6 so they made the battery smaller and that ruined the battery life. Of course some of the blame goes to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810.

  • nick sweden

    take a chill pill :) and wait for tomorrow :), there is maybe chance all is rumors :P

  • nick sweden

    me 2 mate:)

  • aksem

    its like when u choose a car, u don’t look just into the inside, we ALL CARE about the outside, like when we know people, like when u buy a mobile phone..


    Well, let’s wait for some more hours to have official informations.


    Yes, I do the same.

  • nick sweden

    yez :) 16 hours left :)

  • nick sweden

    yes ofc but not all human beeing, buy phone and cars for looks , they buy that interest them :)


    Have a good night…it is close to midnight here.

  • aksem

    sorry but i think we all do..even we don’t noticed, as the marketing sentence says ” eyes can buy “

  • mawhob22222

    Sexy phones

  • nick sweden

    it loooks like metall body for z5 and z5c and premium has a powerfull quality glass , but i think this is plastic first test phone from the factory:) but i would rather have a new ultra :)

  • nick sweden

    no ,:) many but not everyone :)

  • aksem

    that’s true. sad but true.

  • nick sweden

    u to mate , sleep tight and well , let the force be with u_=)

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Dang. I was hoping for more stereo microphones like a Lumia 1520 has.


    No, twelve ; but no matter…

  • nick sweden

    yes but soon 00.00 wednesday :=) and that is press day for sony :) , so when i wake up go to job come home and wait :)


    OK ; as I’m retired, I’ve not that problem.

  • nick sweden

    ahah =) ., no then u not have that problem i think=) good naight :)


    Good night ; see you tomorrow evenig for the official informations.

  • nick sweden

    yes if nothing big happen so yes_=) always fun to se new stuff:)

  • Nander

    holy shit, that grey/matte black color looks amazing!!

  • RealityCheck2015

    These leaks are not the only thing that are leaking… ;-o

  • Arngrim

    Isn’t SD820 out first in January, would mean if they unveil it now we’d have to wait at least that long for the Z5. Not sure i could handle that. Haha but might be worth it for a future proof phone. OR They release the 5 now with 810, and in 6 months we get a Z5+ with 820.

  • Arngrim

    I don’t like thin phones, feels like ill break it when holding it. Rather have it abit thicker if i can keep the overall size of the phone smaller.

  • mugglearchitect

    The compact looks really fat…..

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  • jokensy

    I’m definitely buying the Z5 PREMIUM.

  • Alvin

    I’m looking forward on teal, gold, and chrome colours even further.. But even this one looks amazing.

    That z5c looks much thicker though

  • iosvsios

    You know, a couple years ago (iPhone 4) everyone on Android blogs and forums was laughing at Apple about how breakable an iPhone was because of the glass back..

    2 years later, Apple went back to non-glass back and Google (Nexus 4) went to glass back, soon followed by Samsung and Sony…And now Android commenters _want_ a glass back. Funny…

  • Alvin

    Just wait till tomorrow

  • Svnjay

    Sony did the aluminum Xperia P and Xperia Ion and no one cared about them. Sony moved onto glass while Apple and other companies are now doing aluminum.

  • Alvin

    There’s where one of sony’s bad lucks are

  • Alvin

    Totally agree with you.that nillkin tempered feels like a more durable tempered glass than the phone itself, but just that feel when you touch the phone… Is amazing

  • kido

    me to

  • kido

    The z5c looks like it wants to murder my z3c…lol

  • Svnjay

    Agreed, the Xperia P and Ion are beautiful.

  • Alvin

    Yeah, that combined with this chrome colour will be amazing

  • Alvin

    Ikr lol

  • That’s only because it’s so tiny. If you had a 15-inch phone, it would look super thin.

  • PasserBy

    I don’t know why but I feel like ditching my Z3 for the Z5.. LOL

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  • Jon

    Sony definitely has my attention with these new devices. I’m curious about the pricing with these devices and what the battery life would be like for the premium, would it be prone to overheating like the previous model? I guess we will find out soon.

  • horrid quality. Also it’s great that now all the dirt will be collecting in those gaps between the frame and the sandwiched glass…. just as it has been all those years in all of the Z line models. 4K screen is intriguing, but people care about curves more, rather than higher resolution which is not visible to a naked eye = very few bragging rights, unless you tell somebody hey, I have a 4K screen…. curve – anyone can see it right off. Sony just does not get it. Oh well, it was good to know you sony mobile, you will not be missed.

    PS. Lel2 @ 810.

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  • Abhi

    Looks nice but scratches way too easily, you will have to put it in a case anyway since you can’t put it anywhere without worrying about scratches so you won’t really be enjoying it with case. I think no glass is more of a practical thing.

  • jokensy


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  • AudioAw

    The Z5C looks like a chunky phone with the new chassis, and that flap looks disproportionate. I think that my Z3C looks more charming compared to this new flatter design.

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  • Raj Singh

    That gun metal looks cool.

  • Brian De Guzman

    Same sentiment here, my z3 is still flying even at Sony’s latest lollipop, but I have to agree that their IFA offering is very tempting

  • Raymond

    hopefully chrome will be made from titanium metal..

  • mountain

    FYI, the last update for Z3+ has further improved the cpu efficiency, (28.0.a.8.251) by further reducing the active a57 core to 1 at a time, and activating it only in the most critical situations. The phone hardly goes above 51’c, and runs butterly smooth.

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  • DBS

    Now answer me this: what’s the point of having an overheating octa-core chipset when Sony disabled two cores, making the phone a de facto hexa-core?
    To me the SD810 is an instant deal-breaker. It’s a bad chipset, plain and simple and I’m not paying hundreds of euros for a phone with a bad chipset and no other real advantage over its predecessor (the Z3C in my case).

  • jamie evans

    I love my Z3C too. Like you said above, I really like the translucent frame of Z3C.

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  • jamie evans

    and…what will the proseccor be? 820??

  • jamie evans

    Aren’t you a phandroid guy?

  • jamie evans

    see you tomorrow

  • Andre Lemard

    It’s likely going to be the 810. The 820 is supposed to be released in 2016. But if the Z5 family are supposed to be released this year, it’s likely the 810 will be used.

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  • Yay, front logo is gone!

  • akzidenz

    Do you have any better ideas?
    Are you going to Samsung hq and steal their exynos 7420?

    No. Sony has no better option. Don’t mention the 808 because in this state its basically a 810 v2.1 with a crappier gpu.

    The 805 is underpowered and it never was really a soc designed for mass production, we only saw it with the nex 6

    I don’t mind the fact that the z5 has the 810, people are just over reacting to this, remember what happened to the stupid ass samsung note 5 #pengate?

  • mountain

    I do share your concern, SD801 can already do everything SD810, especially powering 720p screens on Z3C, why bother with a overheating core.

    What I am trying to say, with Sony’s implementation, SD810 is not really that bad, and the improvements from Z3+ is much much more over Z3. Lets see what comes to Z5 tonight.

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  • Yoppy

    They captured it with a shamesung?

  • DBS

    Yes, to me Sony had 2 better options than using the worst chipset Qualcomm released in a couple of years. Here’s what I think would have been better and acceptable options:

    1 – Delay the phones until CES or MWC 2016 and put the SD820 in them, thus also taking advantage of the vast improvements of the SD820 both imaging and battery-saving wise.

    2 – Using the SD808. YES, it is a good and viable option. Specially when Sony, in the Z3+, has an octacore chip with 2 cores turned off. If you’re forcing a hexacore solution to an octacore chipset, you might as well spare the money and use the chipset actually designed to be hexacore. The only problem the adoption of the SD808 would lead to would be that the camera could not be 23mp. But then again…given that Sony insists in not using OIS, having full manual controls or redesigning the post-processing algorithms…it’s really irrelevant at this point if the camera has 23mp or not when 16mp phones are producing better images.

    3 – They could use the Exynos indeed. And they wouldn’t need to “steal” it. Samsung would be more than happy to sell them. And it’s not like they have a bad relationship with Sony seeing how Sony is the one selling them the camera modules.
    The Exynos chipset is more expensive than the Snapdragon. That’s why Samsung uses Snapdragons instead of their own Exynos. The reason why they’re using Exynos in this years flagships is precisely because the SD810 is so bad that the costs they would have with phones being returned for overheating, the time and money to constantly update software to try and cool down the chip etc would be superior than the costs of using an Exynos chipset instead.
    Since Sony was never one to sell things cheap, using an Exynos would make no difference to them. They would simply reflect it on the price and be done with it.

    And I don’t think it’s overreacting like the ridiculous pen-gate. The problem is that a bunch of phones have come out with the SD810 and ALL of them had problems with overheating. And from all of those, the Z3+ was actually the one with the worst problems to the point of vendors of the Z4 in Japan warning customers about the chipset. So at this point, it’s just bad strategy to insist in using the SD810. Anything would have been a better option for Sony.

  • Dean Newell

    The Z5 Compact clearly has a plastic frame, because of the metal ring around the fingerprint scanner. The Z5 and Z5P don’t have that, as they’ll be using the frame for that.

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  • Adair Rios

    I think it is still glass, but not shiny glass, I think they used frosted glass instead, but I am not sure.

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  • Jonathan Leong

    I thought the heating issues were resolved and phones coming out with the SD810 are using the v2.1 SoC

  • arya baskara

    i’m thinking that if sony use aluminium at the back, it’s hard to do water resistant.

  • hansip

    Adreno 430. Nuff said.

    To me if my phone is buttery smooth, i don’t care how much cores is at hand. It’s not like you’re buying phone to benchmark them..

  • Arun Singh

    Im still not sure on usb port tho..

  • DBS

    It’s irrelevant what Adreno it has if the chipset is being locked down.

    And you’re right, no one buys the phones to run benchmarks on them. However, when said processor prevents people from using the phone because things keep being shut down due to overheating – such as what happens on the Z3+ with the use of the camera – then you have a problem. A very serious problem.

  • Sadman Khan


  • hansip

    1. If they wait, the z3+ will drag their sale too long. Z5 should fix the image especially when Sony can now deal with sd810
    2. 808 and Z naming.. Not matching.. Plus adreno gpu on 808 sucks.
    3. I can imagine that Japan and Korea is not such a best friend. Yeah mmc might be samsung one, but no more.

  • DBS

    Yeah except all the phones released where already using v2.1. The original version of the SD810 never even reached consumers as it kept failing OEM tests (it was what led Samsung to ditch it for the Exynos).

  • hansip

    Well it depends on the game though. If you watch PC game development, 3 cores is the common usage, so i can see that even with low power core the adreno430 can be pushed especially with gpu intensive games.

    IIRC, now with the latest firmware such shutting down behaviour of camera is not present anymore. So i think Sony have found the balance.

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  • DBS

    1. The Z3+ isn’t selling. It’s a flop. Which is also why it didn’t even reach all the markets Xperia phones normally reach. The original Z3 line keeps selling better than the Z3+. And I highly doubt Sony can deal with a badly designed processor.

    2. Because…? The 808 works wonderfully on the G4. And will likely work on the new LG Nexus. Stop obsessing over numbers. There’s no advantage on the Adreno 430 if the phone can’t actually make use of it. And an overheating phone can’t.

    3. This has nothing to do with politics. China and the US hate each other and that doesn’t prevent them from doing a ton of business. Samsung and Sony are in the business of making money. If one wants to buy the other will gladly sell. Even if Sony was North Korean, Samsung would do business with them.

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  • Popescu Catalin

    I`m with you mate. When the christmas comes i`ll take the Premium version.

  • DBS

    Some people report that the latest firmware fixed that. I haven’t had that experience yet and the only person I know that had the Z3+ returned it and exchanged it for an S6E because he got fed up with the overheating and apps shutting down so I can’t test it. I will wait for reviews on the Z5 to assess if that’s the case.

    But to me, the SD810 is a deal breaker no matter what. What today is fixed tomorrow is unfixed with a bad update and I simply don’t see anything in the leaked Z5 line specifications to justify upgrading from a Z3 phone.

  • DBS

    Well, sadly I’m pretty sure that S6 or S6Edge produced a better picture than the phone being photographed will be able to if what I suspect regarding the camera is true.

  • hansip

    1. Yeah that’s what I was saying. But z5 is the new phone with fingerprint and Sony know how of 810 embedded so should be much better.
    2. Well maybe today it is sufficient, but it’s too.. Average.. Just a little over the future proof line compared to 430
    3. Yeah well maybe you’re right. But then again it will suffer Sony’s open source paradigm. So not a good exit.

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  • Looks like Sony copied titanium color from Samsung

  • DBS

    1. I’m not sure fingerprint scanners are enough to justify it. If anything, people will likely be glad the Z3 line prices will drop. I honestly never heard a single person say “I have to get that phone because it has a fingerprint scanner”. I normally hear them say “I want great battery”, “I want a great camera”. Well…we shall see if the Z5 can deliver any of those, but I’m highly sceptical at this point.

    2. Let us be honest, phones running the SD800 and SD01 still run perfectly well. Average consumers don’t even know what Adreno is. And they don’t even care. Future proofing is only necessary if a company doesn’t have plans to replace a device that soon. And despite initial hopes, I think it’s clear that Sony doesn’t intend to drop the stupid 6 months cycle of iterative phones. So I don’t really think they’re looking to future proof anything.

    3. Sometimes you need to change paradigms to succeed.

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  • Shamoy Rahman

    IFA Tomorrow ;)

  • Emir Zarith

    the picture seems horrible….no details at all…

  • Shamoy Rahman

    The capless USB port is waterproof.
    My brother’s M4 Aqua has no issues charging after water has gone into it. Its a surprise how Sony makes things like these.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    I’m opting for the Xperia Z6. Snapdragon 820, 4GB LPDDR4, 4000 mAh battery, and 1440p OLED display. Hell yeah baby.

  • hansip

    1. At least it has something new rather than just the same feature set. You can’t just hope it has vacuum function or it can fly as drone with new set of helicopter blade(!). So yeah at least it has new selling point. But of course battery life should be at least the same, or better, than Z3 (I doubt that like your suspicion too but we’ll see)
    2. Yes i know that, even my z ultra is still running well despite Lollipop bug. But you know, just like PS4, having better GPU to XB1, People will always jump at the best (GPU) chip that they can buy. Plus if one of their family is enthusiast, they can recommend 810 over 808 more frequently.
    3. Nah, i won’t bet on that.. if you follow XDA, they commonly praised Sony for their paradigm. If everybody go Samsung just like they go Apple, nutzz..

  • Timel

    So sad, too bad that Sony have no idea to create their own chipset.

  • Timel

    I totally agree

  • DBS

    1. The thing is, the phones will still likely miss what people have been asking for ages now: OIS, Qi charging etc. You add one feature that only a minority wants, a processor that the majority doesn’t want and you expect a hit? Honestly, Sony will need a miracle here for the Z5 family to be as successful as the original Z3 family has been.

    2. I would never recommend a family member or a friend a SD810 powered phone. Because I like those people :P The same way I didn’t recommend a PS4 over the Xbox One to anyone. Despite being a PS user for a long time, I preferred to get the Xbox One this time around (which isn’t to say I won’t get a PS4 in the future). Why? Because, despite the specs – which end up being irrelevant when you actually get to gameplay – the Xbox One offered more than the PS4 in every single aspect. It does more with less so…why exactly would I want a more powerful console if it doesn’t do half of what the less powerful one does?
    The decisions should be about what people get for their buck. What’s the point, for example, of having a better processor than, for example, the G4, if then the camera – which a lot of people use more than the full power of the processor – is inferior? I believe that’s what’s dragging Sony down. They’re so accustomed to having people pay a lot for their products that they completely lost touch with reality. And the reality is that, nowadays, people are much more conscious when buying stuff. And the offer is plentiful.

  • Timel

    Stop talking bullshit!

    They don’t need to steal that Exynos chipset at all, Samsung Semiconductors’s Exynos 7420 is for sell.

  • Dean Newell

    Those reports were wrong, those back panels are for the Xperia A2

  • Alex Norris

    IMO, the first Z1 Compact looked better. On Z5 screen side has fatty bezels, front side looks similar like Z3, but not like new 2015 year smartphone… Seems to me the first Xperia Z has the best side edges

  • WhyWai

    I’ll admit that it looks better and stylish than Z3/Z4… but not big different enough for me to change…

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  • Jonathan Leong

    The Galaxy S6 was released in April. The article with the updated v2.1 SoC came out in July.

    I would take that to mean all phones coming out after the summer have the updated chipset while phones prior to the summer have the faulty chipset.

    BTW the Xperia Z3+ was released with the v2.0 SoC.

    But hey, we’ll find out soon enough if there’s heating issues. I think it’s silly to assume Sony Engineers would make the same mistake twice.

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  • Essendon!

    I am still using Xperia Z and dont really see big difference between z and z3, except the lolipop etc. = bulshit so they play with people mind to sell more :D cheers

  • DBS

    Well just because some journalist only wrote it in July doesn’t mean it didn’t happen before he knew about it ;) I remember those articles and I also remember seeing others then explaining that all 810 phones on the market already used the new 2.1 version. Including the Z3+

  • Jonathan Leong

    Fair enough – I’m confident Sony resolved the issue but we’ll probably find out by the end of the week. Cheers.

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  • Timel

    Disagree with 3.

    And you need to stop talking bullshit

    Because we’re not about Japan and South Korea but we’re talking about Sony and Samsung okay? And the truth is there are no “forever friends” there are no “forever enemies” especially in BUSINESS.

  • Timel

    I like most of DBS’s comments

  • kido

    If dirt gets in-between the sandwiched glass then wash the damn thing! soak it overnight if you have to…lol…. sad to say you cant do the same thing on a s6 if it gets dirty :p

  • hansip

    1. Non enthusiasts will be mostly careless about such wireless charging or OIS. Plus we don’t know if ois coming or not. So don’t bash on it yet. And physical feature will be more welcomed rather hidden one. It’s how things work
    2. Well the sale number said otherwise for XB1 so no.. About G4, i don’t read much so i have no comment.

  • kido

    love the z5 clean edges better then the original z IMHO

  • hansip

    I agree, but just as i said, open source credentials will be gone from Sony with Exynos.

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  • Tochi Nwodu

    I dont know about you guys but xperia z3 is the best looking xperia z series design

  • Sony does not warrant ANY water damage. So people think twice before getting Sony’s presumably waterproof hardware – wet. The point is, even if the seal is defective, like manufacturing_defect defective, and is not your responsibility – Sony will DENY ALL AND ANY WARRANTY SUPPORT TO YOU. Read it up. You will be surprised how pathetic and low life Sony have become. Basically, waterproofing is a marketing gimmick, when the customer is responsible for everything, even if Sony sold you a fucked up device with a defective seal.

    As of S6 edge – very little gaps in the back on some units I’ve seen (and I have seen A LOT), and practically no gaps in the front. It looks like the Z5 premium is a little better quality, but it’s pathetic that the regular Z5 is so much worse.

  • Tor Guy

    I’m so pissed that Sony hasn’t released a new fkng Z5 Ultra big screen, really gutted….Apparently Sony India is stating that the new Ultra will release sometime next year which is a real shame.

  • Tor Guy

    I agree, but I must say though that the Xperia Z Ultra (one I own), is the BEST sexiest looking device they have ever made, especially because of its large size.

    Z5 looks more like plastic or something.

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  • Tor Guy

    I actually heard from Sony India that “Z5 Ultra” will be released sometime next year, and I do sort of trust that because Sony India also mentioned in the same article already much before the launch date of Z5 that this year Sony would not be releasing Z5 Ultra.

  • insyt

    True, let’s hope the final version has better looking flap and power button.

  • Matt

    Don’t bother arguing with DBS he won’t buy any new xperia because he doesn’t like material. And he commented here just to show he will not but one and why.

    Why waste your time to encourage him?

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  • kido

    too sad you cant either

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  • kido

    Well to date none of my xperia phones that i’ve owned (xperia zr & z3c) has leaked on me yet, so im not going to complain about defective units :p. And yes I go pretty rough on them as well, i’ve even dipped my z3c in the sea (which is not recommended) after which I had to soak it in fresh water to get rid of the salt. But ya waterproofing for me is no gimmick :)

  • jokensy

    This is the final version :-)

  • kido

    we will have to wait and see about that

  • Where is Z5 Ultra with C5 Ultra-styled bezel?

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  • laci_csk

    Z5 Premium is very best, not big not small.

  • runamonk

    No dock :( I wonder if they’ve come up with something better to replace the magnetic dock. I really love not fumbling with cables at night.

  • eeke4jooz

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  • Matt

    im excited for the silver version :)

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  • Timel

    Agree, Z5’s bezels (right, left, top, bottom)are too huge…

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  • Reen

    They are looking great. But I still will carry my Z2 until next year. Wait for the Z6 with SD 820 and USB Type C :)

  • Le Kawaii Potatoe

    The phones’ frames look like they’re made of chalk.
    I like the shiny frame of the Xperia Z3+ more.

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  • fried_egg

    z3 is a great phone… my z1 is still great but its on its last 2 weeks of contract… have to change and z5 (middle) is the one for me… in gold with xperia down the side… yes please.

  • fried_egg

    i love my z1 but that outer skeleton grey frame must be where the weight and cost is… a single block also helps it thin a bit

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  • Amein

    that Z5C, really???? I’ll stay with my Z3C…

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  • check the reflections… the landscape is behind a glass!

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  • Aiden Pearce

    They all will be compatible with current z3+ dock and they will have their own dock after relaease

  • LucaP

    I thought the same thing, than my z3 decided to unglue everywhere….

  • Tjaldid

    There are plenty of USB docks out there

  • runamonk

    and they are all fiddly and a pain in the button to dock too, USB is horrible for quickly connecting and disconnecting. That’s what made the magnetic dock so awesome. Maybe the Z5 will have wireless charging built in and that will work instead. I don’t know. All I do know is that without a dock it’s a pain.

  • runamonk

    meh. All that does is scratch up the bottom of your phone.

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  • deedee

    wow, it looks very phonelike.I am impressed.I like the shape too-a nice rectangular shape , which allows for a screen at the front.I might purchase one as I am sure it will help my popularity with the ladies.I mean , sure my current phone makes calls and has apps, but hey,it’s not new is it?Things need to be new.

  • ZoubIWah

    i never understood what people like in wireless charging. have they used it?
    it suck balls.

    – it charges slow
    – its finicky: you need to align the device, which is a pain (its easier to plug usb in most of the time…)
    – its a big charging device

    I do like the dock from previous devices though:

    – it charges as fast as usb
    – it clicks super easily, zero fiddling around (thats the best feature really)
    – its a small device, can even take it with you
    – it makes the phone stand so you can use it as a … stand
    – its cheaper

  • Chris

    is it weird that the phone used to capture the photo of the z5 premium was the s6 edge, hahahahaha

  • RoberMC

    So sad you don’t have any idea about business. It is not a matter of “knowing how”, it is a matter of profitability. Dumb.

  • Jan H.

    Of course. The Z3C is a nice phone. Why the hell should you consider buying a new one?

  • RoberMC

    Probably if you have a Z5 sample in your hands and you want to share over whatsapp/whatever some photos of it… you will use your own phone to take the images. Pure logic.

  • ShockinglyUnoriginal

    same. keeping the Z3 another year for sure. However my Girlfriend has been using the Z1 and she’s dying to upgrade. Z5 it is for her.

  • RoberMC

    i still own the original Xperia Z since launch. It never leaked and i use it every summer to take underwater pictures. Cleaning it under the tap makes it feel like a brand new phone.

  • WHERE is the magnetic charging port?
    I will miss that !!!!!

  • RoberMC

    Probably you would have taken the photo using another Z5 sample (if available), and then introduce your account details into the sample phone to share the captures, aren’t you?

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  • Timel

    Butthurt? LOL

    And oh! What… “Profitability? ”

    Ewe! You said like that while until this day Sony Mobile is still on the threshold of death, Hahahahaha

  • Niels d. G.

    It looks like yesteryear’s non-premium.

  • Timel

    Sony can’t produce, can’t even design their own chipset

    This shows that Sony has nothing to compete with strong rivals like Apple and Samsung

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  • Sunny all day

    I want my mag charger back, or atleast give us Qi.

  • Chris

    there’s this thing that we call wireless/wired sharing to another device?, :)

  • Chris

    i’ll find it also better if they used a previous sony phone ;)

  • Don Reba

    I don’t think you are sufficiently appreciative of the numerous advantages bestowed by the embossed logo on the side.

  • Afiq Rafiqi

    How can Z5 P achieve its 4K(or 2K?) resolution with its snapdragon 810??

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  • Iki

    all the pics lack detail, but probably because of the resolution.

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  • dinesh

    the brand name SONY is not there?


    No, it is in Berlin right now.


    October 2015 for availability. Prices unknown so far.

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  • mike

    knock off style etched logo, unmatched power button color. fail

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia Z5 review of design from photos | Product Reviews Net()


    and november for the premium.

  • Green Spaces

    Only two flaws I can see in these brilliant phone
    Fisrt is the weight . Z5 series is as heavy as z2 series .
    Secondly the strange placement of volume and camera button , I mean where the hell I am gonna place my thumb while making a call ?


    From another source : November 2015 for Z5 ans compact ; February 2016 for premium

  • Sho Firdaus

    “you ought to be careful. People will think you’re … up to something.” :P

  • Brick

    If it unglues it’s a defect covered under warranty. Get your phone to a service center. I managed to get mine serviced for a single dead pixel, they replaced the screen and even gave it new buttons since mine were a bit marked by use.

    I’m sure yours will be fixed as well. At least in my country the sony service centers are very reliable and user friendly.

  • insyt

    You were right :)

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  • Joe

    I have the Z Ultra with 800 Snapdragon and will wait for the Z5 Ultra with 820 Snapdragon.

  • Katherine Zeta

    Preorder the Sony Xperia Z5 online only at the below mentioned site

  • Tor Guy

    Next year..

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  • Yoppy

    Why not Z3 or Z3+ ?

  • From the looks of it. Seems like premium is the new z ultra I presume. Not sure what is Sony ‘s roadmap for the Z series…

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