Will you miss the Sony Xperia signature power button?

by XB on 1st September 2015

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Sony Xperia signature power buttonMost Sony Xperia devices that have appeared since 2013 have used the company’s signature power button – a chrome button that distinctly showed it was an Xperia device. Having first appeared in the older Xperia Z series, the power button has been used by Sony across all of its handsets including the lower and mid-tiers. Back in January 2013, we thought that the button will only appear across one year. However, it has lived on much longer than we first believed.

However, it looks like that time might soon be coming to an end. The leaks of the newest Xperia Z5 series, to be announced at IFA tomorrow, shows that the button has now been removed in place of a fingerprint sensor. Question marks remain how attractive this will be and whether this actually breaks up some the clean design curves, but it is likely that this may be the last time we see the button on Xperia flagships.

Obviously not all Sony Xperia models will sport a fingerprint sensor, so we may still see the button appear in lower-end models going forward. However, the question we wanted to ask today is will you miss it? Mourn its loss in the comments below.

Xperia Power Button

  • yeah i will miss it the new one looks bad they could have atleast made the new one black and not pure white

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Not really, what I do miss however are the xperia designs from the arc era

  • Long Luu

    nope, the button surface got tripped away too much for my taste.

  • Eduardo Otero

    Of course I will miss it. It has been a very important part of the Xperia devices identity.
    And I don’t find why to put it away just because of a fingerprint sensor.

  • kido

    Guys this is probably out of topic but, is Sony using the qualcomm sense ID fingerprint sensor in the z5?

  • Matt

    nope, Omnibalace is changing ,slowly and steadily. as i read somewhere before, sony wanted its rectangular monolith shape become an icon.

    As long the new button capture the spirit of the old one and adds better function (ex fingerprint) i do not have a single problem with it.

  • mountain

    I have already lost the button when I moved from Smartwatch 2 to Smartwatch 3. Its going too as soon as I replace my Z3+ with Z5 (premium?). Thanks for your service, signature power button, you will be missed.

    RIP 2015 Sept.

  • I don’t think midrange and lower range of Xperia phones will get a fingerprint sensor so I guess the signature power button will still continue. :)

  • 21187

    I’ll kinda miss it. I’d prefer the power button and the fingerprint sensor to be separate.

  • that round power button was iconic and set the tone for the Xperia brand

  • Kadek

    Nope, never sees it anyway, because it covered by the case :D

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Well the power button and this … :P

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Nope. If anything from the original Z series that I want back is the led strip.

  • mode893

    I definitely would! I was even thinking about snatching the Z3+ to get the last flagship with the signature power button but didn’t in the end as it didn’t come to my country in Blue :'(

  • Ailan Hidaz

    That’s a lot of “however”s in one post lol!

  • xAntifreeZe

    looking at another side, we will have a fingerprint scanner, but hopefully it will be nice and soft to press like the signature button

  • xAntifreeZe

    any idea where to view tmr IFA2015 Berlin, Germany live? Sony’s own YouTube channel or any other place? thx :)

  • jxPerience

    it’s fine with me atleast we can now easily differentiate a high end xperia to mid-low models.

  • Robert Szombati

    Not really because I’ll keep my Z3 even if I upgrade to Z5, Z6 or whatever.

  • daniel kudo

    Oh god, i miss that logo :(

  • daniel kudo

    Sense ID only available when Snapdragon 820 released

  • I like the POSITION of the power button. Since I’m using a Case-mate Tough cover I don’t actually see the power button.

    I do, however, have fond memories of running my fingernail across the grooves of my old Xperia T’s power button! :-)

  • Amimanot

    Liquid Energy, you shall always be missed

  • Madis Otenurm

    Because of the smart placement.

  • kido

    I thought SD810 was also compatable

  • Alvin

    Well actually I’ll miss it a lot.. But for change, now they’re changing their signature thing on their design with xperia logo engraved on the bottom left frame as replacement of signature power button….

    And guess how much manufacturers will copy their old power button design after sony isn’t using it anymore? Lol, i even have feelings that others will also copy sony’s fingerprint sensor in power button sometimes this or next year..

  • Alvin

    It looks like you forgot how nice walkman phones that time, and how great the cameras in c and k series phones that I missed them as much as i missed that logo.

    Well now, we missed one thing apart from those.. The beloved power button

  • Alvin

    Their designs are improved… A lot.. Maybe i am the only one who notice this.. But in fact, from xperia s to z there are a lot of changes, z to z1 there are also some changes, like aluminium frame, and then z1 to z2, there are also a few things that is changed, z2 to z3, even more changes, they used real aluminium frame, z3 to z3+ they have improved it too, with shinier and much comfortable design, with capless usb port, and then now z3+ to z5, brings radical changes in almost everywhere in design

  • Kompa_

    Not sure if I’ll miss it, will have to see how the sensor feels. Also maybe a bit out of topic but is IFA really starting tomorrow already?

  • Paul Gillen

    I have a case mate though on my Sony xperia z3 aswell and this doesn’t affect me either, this new power button because I don’t really feel the power button on the z3 and my last Sony phone was the xperia t and I miss that phone because it was litterely rock hard, I would litterely drop it on the ground face first and there would be hardly any damage if not any damage to the phone.

  • Gadget Lover

    Nope, the new one is sexier. I like the new one.

  • Paul Gillen

    Yeas, I can’t wait! I have my pringles and all to watch the Sony event tomorrow :)

  • Matt

    please refrain to use the word design, because it is a big word that people like to use lightly.
    again the same thing about iconic , many people still things its the synonym of the word identical.

    apart form that i really like how sony is moving slowly and improving things here and there while stay true to its original making which is Omibalance. which is great, they can maximize the internal on rectangular shaped device . apart from that im agreeing with you.

    people who only looked on the surface wont understand, liek the z2 to z3. many will say ohh its all the same. its so not.
    # more rounded corners, and plain aluminium frame that look a lot classier than the z2
    #new screen technology (in cell memory)
    #screen is a lot closer to the glass
    #audio is much better with dual DAC
    #re-arranged flaps to group rarely opened things together
    #pill shaped cutouts to make all the shape on the phone softer

    and what peole see is lany that the led has been moved and it is not on the back of the mic mesh. which is im glad it has been moved.(dust and evrything)

  • Andre Lemard

    Not really. To me, the power button isn’t the defining component of a Xperia phone.

  • I loved This button

  • I miss the Sony Ericsson logo on the back more. I won’t miss the power button, since if it stayed, it would have come at the cost of functionality (no fingerprint scanner).

  • Paul M

    I like the tactile feel of the button.

  • Dexter Moregan

    I rather miss the Sony boot animation of KitKat!

  • jumbo3220

    i’m more curios how the fingerprint scanner of Z5 series works. how effective/accurate it is since it’s on a surface less than 8mm (thickness of the device) i can’t imagine how our thumb covers it

  • Pablo Arribas

    Yes I’ll miss it. It was classy as hell.

  • bigpondcableguy

    Yes I will miss the signature power button, and if they come out with a BD sensor that does not work as expected, I can see many returns/RTM’s, so it would be a dumb idea to remove the signature power button, in my honest opinion. If it works right, I will still miss it and wont be buying any phones with a sensor, the main reason being is that it will get worn out/scratched, then what?

  • dragonsneeze

    I like how they managed to make it look like a gem instead of a giant mole on the side of the phone. And they improved it every time. That’s how icons are made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNsX30n0R3s

  • Raphael

    It was a practical and design signature but time has come for a change.

  • Sony Mobile PT gave me this link :) and they also sent email https://community.sony.co.uk/t5/blog-news-from-sony/ifa-2015/ba-p/1999855

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    I think ill miss the power button though if only they couldve added the fingprint sensor to the current button oh well having a z5 over a z3+/z4 with that power button is worth the sacrifice

  • echomrg

    the power button on my Z3C looks only slightly like the one in those pictures?!?
    it’s much simpler, with one circle only, almost no texture and a much smaller icon…

  • Eric Edwards

    No not at all. It didn’t define the phone. What does define Xperia phones is cracked glass in the back. Wish they would replace the back with metal. I still love the Xperia and would love to be able to get the premium version in the USA.

  • Lukáš Pávl

    Well when you treat your phone like shit then don’t be surprised when the glass crack. I have my Z Ultra year and a half and not a single crack, only few scratches.

  • Kristo

    If Samsung can do it on a 10x5mm home button, Sony can do it on a 10x8mm surface :P

  • Lukáš Pávl

    Well i think we’ll get used to new button pretty soon. But still, that curcular one would be missed.

  • hansip

    I will miss it. It’s so xperia nowadays. Looking at other device’s power button you just can see that xperia is different. But hopefully the new one can be just as good.

  • Wolf0491

    On my xperia Z3 the button has started to feel like harder to press. Which is off considered I mainly turn screen on with double tap. I do however take many screenshots all day lol. However on my xperia Z the button still feels great so not sure what’s up.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I will miss the Dynamics design language of SE era with Xperia Ray, Xperia Arc, Xperia S. Yes the Omni balance design is gorgeous but…..

  • xAntifreeZe


  • xAntifreeZe

    Sony launches new Theme Portal

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    How can I forgot the walkman phone ? I really miss the megabass on my w700i :P

  • rubinaish

    Honestly I never really noticed that button, having a bumper on my Z… :-D

  • Alvin

    Let’s also mention that cyber shot things… Even captures better images than my phone just with lower resolution. It is like comparing earth and skies

  • Battal Aljadei

    it’s small and hard to press

  • Zayed Kotayba

    The Xperia T is the last SONY flagship that uses this logo

  • Billy de Fretes

    yes. because every time i see people with their phones, i know it was xperia 2013 series phones


  • fried_egg

    just give me the z1 sized z5 now, in gold… damn it, now.

  • fried_egg

    the red matrix dot “S” that was on all the late 80s stuff with the statement “it’s a sony” would be a great load up flash but, the white “xperia” and “sony” flash at the moment looks quality so…

  • dspo
  • That’s why they ditched it.It’s for our good.


  • mike

    Huawei already copied that button, so move on, Sony.

  • dspo

    Unfortunately, Xperia Z5 compact has 2GB RAM. not 3GB.

  • rubinaish

    They changed it a bit with every new flagship.

  • iia3ezu

    Not really, I found it to be rather annoying. I prefer parts to be flush with the main body.

  • iia3ezu

    2Gb of RAM is not the deal breaker. SD 810 is.

    The SoC already has a bad rep, to the average consumers they don’t care if it is v2.1 and no longer has heat problems.

  • average customers don’t even know what manufacturer makes the SoC let alone it’s model.

  • dinesh

    We really miss that sexy sign. button….

  • brocnical

    No, I don’t miss it at all. On the Z1 Compact the outer ring was stuck on with crappy glue and repeatedly fell off.

  • Fahim geyas

    Guys can anybody tell me when the Sony press event will start.. India timing..

  • Sam

    Ya will miss it’s distinct and elegant, sober look.

  • Geese Howard

    Time for a change and I don’t mind.

  • psyche

    wtf do i need a fingerprint sensor for?

  • J Cav the Great

    I will not miss it……..because I will Keep my Xperia Z3 forever!!!!! Buahahhahahah

  • bnmalmo

    I use the button 20 times a day – just to check what time it is… (on my Z3 Compact)
    Just having a fingerprint sensor sounds crazy…!

    (Then I agree to previous comments – that I miss the more unique and dynamic design – like on the Arc…!!)

  • azzido

    Best power button was on first Z as it was much bigger than later…
    The use of it was most comfortable. Then for unknown reason they decided to make is smaller :(

  • I’d rather have a power button than a fingerprint sensor that I’ll never use. Biometrics are a stupid idea.

  • jag

    w810i! wowowowoww!!!!

  • jag

    The Z Ultra has the most beautiful power button among those Z series! Is there anyone who agrees with me? haha

  • jag

    The Z Ultra has the most beautiful power button among those Z series.

  • Hyde Yamato

    first time and only, use this button with my beloved xperia SP with beautifully LED strip

  • urangsundaasli

    i miss this logo at the left corner of my black trinitron tv

  • cokis

    Xperia E was the first I think

  • eeke4jooz

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  • Rosan Iliev

    NOOO don’t let the button go! Please keep some mechanics Sony, I know you already realise how ‘useful’ are the new smartwatches…

  • LeopardSurd

    Certainly I’ll miss the button. The Z5 Compact looks damn cheap with that finger sh**.

  • paul_cus

    I’ll miss the power button. Liked it a lot when I had the ZL.

  • Eric Edwards

    Dude it was in my front jeans pocket I bent down to pick something up and crunch this was with a tech21 case for back not Impressed I’ll buy a better case that doesn’t flex next time

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