What’s New (3.2.A.0.5) brings new icons to side menu

by XB on 2nd October 2015

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What’s New 3.2.A.0.5_2Sony Mobile has updated the “What’s New” application, moving the build number from 3.2.A.0.3 to version 3.2.A.0.5. The main change is the icons on the slide-out menu have changed slightly. They are larger than before and no longer sport the white frame around the icons. Check the “What’s New” app for the latest version or you can download the APK below.

DOWNLOAD APK: What’s New (3.2.A.0.5)

What’s New 3.2.A.0.5_1

Side menu icons changed – Latest “What’s New” build on left, versus previous (3.2.A.0.3) on right

What’s New 3.2.A.0.5_2 Whats-New-3_2_A_0_3_3-315x559

Thanks ArshaaVarun, Himath, Johnny P and Unknown!

  • soon they are going to make everything happy rainbow lollipop and a small part of me will die

  • Matt

    Hope they will fix the inconsistencies in what’s new and abolish all transparent elements :)

  • Srijan Chawla

    Why can’t the “Music” App Team bring this UI to their Application :(

  • Unknown


    Try to using beta version !

  • you are why we can’t have nice things

  • Timel

    Goshhhhh this is very beautiful, it proves that flat UI can be looks classy

    Now Sony should make the entire Xperia UI like this, background like this, bigger menu icon like this, Flat and Transparent can be together!

  • WilliamTell13

    The new icons look a lot better

  • Fadi Obaya

    They have already, but not the transparent elements. :(

  • Matt

    ;) im flattered

  • Srijan Chawla

    Been using it since the beginning, but sadly the beta is nowhere close to the What’s New app.
    The White layout that they introduced in the last updates made the music app hideous, although i love the new Edit Music Info 2.0 :)

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  • Sdamaceno

    I hope your comment echoes to Sony and they do it. I fully agree with you.

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