TrackID version 4 with new UI finally starts to roll

by XB on 16th September 2014

in Applications

TrackID 4.0.B.5.0_1_resultBack in mid-July we brought you news of an updated version of the TrackID (music recognition) app that introduced a new UI. At the time, there was a very limited rollout, so the only way to update to that version was via the APK download link (this moved the build number to 4.0.B.1.0).

Well Sony finally released this new version via the Google Play Store, which updates the build number to 4.0.B.5.0. We have noticed no changes since the previous v4 build, which apart from new UI, includes the ability to sync searches across devices (using SEN or Facebook) and faster recognition speed.

TrackID 4.0.B.5.0_1_result TrackID 4.0.B.5.0_2_result

2014-09-16 21.12.30

Thanks Ben!

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