Music Beta update (9.0.5.A.1.0beta) adds hidden folder option

by XB on 15th October 2015

in Applications

Music 9.0.5.A.1.0beta_1Sony Mobile has updated the beta version of the Music application moving it to build number 9.0.5.A.1.0beta. This update includes everything from the stable release (9.0.5.A.0.0), including Quick play, but it also includes an option to now hide folders within the ‘Folder’ view. If you want to bring these folders back, you will notice an option at the bottom of the Settings menu to “Show all folders”. The update is available to those in the Music Beta or you can download the APK below.

DOWNLOAD APK: Music (9.0.5.A.1.0beta)

Music 9.0.5.A.1.0beta_1 Music 9.0.5.A.1.0beta_2

  • Clarence Alvarado

    This is nice. At least we can hide those ringtone folders to be seen in the music app

  • Jacen23

    Was about time. :D

  • Hassan Alghar

    And hide Whatsapp folder too but I think this feature should be available for the Album app along with the ability to sort photos to date, names …etc which can be found in Video app. The Album app missing a lot things.

  • serendipity1002

    So an option to hide folders in folder view but the files within that supposedly hidden folder still show up in the library? Brilliant implementation there

  • Have you tried placing a “.nomedia” file in that Whatsapp folder?

  • Aleksandr Strad

    should include support for hd headphones mdr1 series

  • Natale Giuliano Mainieri

    Great Sony!

  • GregLu

    Such a nice feature yeah. But I don’t update because the new layout is fugly with this white all over !

    I like the black right now and HOPE they will move back to this or at least, let the choice at the users !

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  • Brick

    They also added some ugly black chick to the home view. What is with Sony and adding random people into all their apps? What’s new is nearly unusable for me, it’s to creepy to have all of these pics of people I do not know staring at me from my phone. Hate this shit so much.

  • I’m really unimpressed with Sony’s design changes this year, they’re appalling. None more so than what’s happened with the music app. The Walkman app I had on KitKat at the start of this year was among the best-looking music apps I’d seen! The darker design felt more grown up, without looking boring. The Walkman branding was a nice little something for people who invested in Sony phones.

    Now what do we have? This hideous white theme that is glaringly bright and at odds with the whole design which is still designed to accommodate the darker look from before. The actual track screens which are almost identical to what Shuttle looked like half a year ago – except that Shuttle offered colour customisation (d’you hear that Sony… you’re looking worse than a third party app was looking half a year ago!).

    This is all without the issue I’ve had with Android as a whole since forever now, which never seems to get resolved. Any album art I have to apply myself to tracks comes out blurred in all music players because Android displays a thumbnail version of the image for some reason. It looks hideous, but some of the music I listen to is obscure and the search never yields a correct album cover if any album cover at all.

    It’s a real mess from Sony. Combined with the also now less impressive Video app, and the white theme which is hideously applied to the Album app (seriously, any photographer will tell you that a black background compliments photos – especially from a 21/23MP camera – far better than white ever did!) I’m spending all my time undoing updates because your designers insist on making the otherwise superb Xperia phones look like a cheap, basic piece of tack on screen.

  • Kujou

    I tried, didn’t work

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