Sony Mobile sales decline 15 percent in last quarter; full year forecasts unchanged

by XB on 29th October 2015

in News

sony-hqSony Corporation has reported its Q2 FY2015 financial results for the 3 months to the end of September 2015. Overall, sales were broadly flat year-on-year at 1,892.7 billion yen, with the CMOS image sensor and PlayStation business units helping to drive growth but being offset by a weak performance in mobile and financial services.

The latest results statement reveals little change for Sony’s mobile division. Sony shipped 6.7 million units during the quarter, a year-on-year decline of 32 percent, but still in line with expectations. Thankfully, we also saw no further cuts to full-year forecasts – Sony still expects to ship 27 million units during the year with sales of 1,190 billion yen and an operating loss of 60 billion yen. The full year forecast of 27m units represents a 31% reduction over the prior year just to give some context.

Mobile sales in Q2 FY2015 were down by 15% year-on-year primarily as a result of its “strategic decision not to pursue scale in order to improve profitability.” A small positive is that operating loss did improve due to a change in “product mix reflecting a shift to high value-added models” and reduction in marketing expenses. We’re not so sure how a reduction in marketing will help over the longer term, but hopefully Sony knows what it is doing.

Full-year forecasts for the mobile division remain unchanged

Sony Xperia Q3 2015 Results Mobile

The fall in Xperia units during the last quarter was in line with expectations

Sony Xperia units shipped_Q3 2015

  • cicababa

    for example, I never ever buy anything from Sony again… maybe they were great and trustworth company in the 80-90s but nowadays they have name only at developing countries…. they’ve cheated me with their brandname last time.

  • 48M iphones & 27.4M units of Huawei sold in the same quarter while Sony manages to sell 6.7M units. Poor marketing & high prices are solely responsible for this, i know many people who want to buy a Z series smartphone but go to Huawei or Samsung instead due to Sony’s high prices. They surely can boost up their sales by rectifying these issues.

  • meat

    wut you doing here bitch?back off!!!!

  • iia3ezu

    Sony doesn’t care. It makes tons of money from movies, cameras and camera sensors.

    Xperia mobile phones are merely an afterthought.

  • iia3ezu

    “The world’s best camera in a smartphone” in the Z5 also sucks when compared with other brands’ smartphones.

    It’s no longer about poor hardware or software, or insufficient marketing. It’s a case of overpromising and underdelivering. Overpricing the devices based on nothing more than a blind faith in the ‘premium Sony brand’… is it any wonder that Xperia phones are not selling well?

  • Well the camera has been getting all praises from customers & reviewers, recently i checked in on GSMArena’s blind camera test of S6, 6S & Z5 and i chose Z5 and after all that they declared the Z5 as the Winner of that camera test. All was based on voting the results are still there. Yesterday i was reading a blog about how the camera has been improved after Z1.
    I dont know but i find their devices highly ‘premium’ if you compare it with Samsung, Huawei, LG or htc, only thing i know that i pay well high and it should be reduced by some bucks thats all.

  • MoYeung

    I blame software woes for sales number decline.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    1) Sony should take their eyes off of China a little. It’s a lost cause for many non-chinese OEMs. Shift to India and the Middle East.
    2) Streamline your portfolio! Slower refresh cycle for flagships and midrangers is sorely needed if profitability over scale is their new strategy. Fewer new models of phones keep marketing expenses down which is what they wanted anyway.
    3) Because of (2), Z5 series should settle in for a year. They have the hype from Spectre, DxOMark etc. to carry them through.
    4) The Xperia Z4 Tablet should be probably Sony’s last tablet. The ARM Tablet market is dying.
    5) Secure a Nexus deal with Google.
    6) Release the E6 and Z6 Ultra in Q1 2016, Z7 Compact in late Q2/early Q3, Z7 (BY ITSELF) in late Q3. C7 and M7 in Q4.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Did you not the DxOMark benchmarks? The Z5 won.

  • Dhany Wibiksana

    Sony in my country ( Indonesia) had bad service center, not like Samsung or LG, fix it if Sony want more selling.

  • Lisa Woodard


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  • Malih

    Since they’re losing money on mobile, if they don’t care about it then they would’ve already let go of mobile division by selling it or something.

  • Malih

    I don’t live in the US but I do think they should improve partnership with US carriers. LG V10 was announced just a few weeks ago and is already being sold in the US, while the Z5 is nowhere to be found.

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  • DBS

    DxO isn’t a reliable source for anything. Pay them and they’ll say the HTC M9 has the best camera in the World.
    All reviews of the Z5 from uncompromised sites declare the Z5 camera good but not at all as good as they promised and not as good as the G4/V10 or S6/Note5.

    The sooner Sony fans stop being blind and apologists and start demanding Sony to ACTUALLY improve the cameras on Xperias the better for everyone. Including Sony. Myself after the Z3C camera disappointment and its sudden death and terrible customer service by Sony will never recommend an Xperia again until Sony makes drastic changes in the mobile division.

  • Amir

    Z5 is comparable to the other flags or better in some regards and also it is a subjective thing. For someone like me who prefer natural colors in a photo i prefer z5. What sony needs to improve about the camera is better processing, add ois and better quality assurance before releasing new devices.

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  • S.Srinivasan


  • shhh

    Like China, it’s almost a lost cause for Sony to invade the US when it’s heavily an Apple country, with Samsung being the top Android manufacturer. Sony is big in EU and Asia, and they should focus on those markets until they get big enough to penetrate America (puns).

  • Jaissal S

    The problem here in the UK is that too many people already have iPhones and Samsung phones for some reason. It would be great to see people actually see Sony phones and see how premium they can be. Like the Z series and M series. Hopefully people will now want the Bond Phone.

  • ryq24

    The latest Huawei phones are awesome, design wise. And maybe that is why they were chosen to make the latest Nexus phone which is enjoying good reviews. Sony should learn from Huawei. I don’t think the Z5 will do well. It’s too expensive. Why buy the Z5 when you can get a much better and a little cheaper Samsung Note 5. Sony is in a bind. Their premium phone cannot compete against Apple and Samsung S6 while their mid range phones cannot compete against the Chinese who are cheaper and have more features. People say Sony is more durable, as a Sony user I can tell that’s not true.

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  • Matt

    being cheap inst the only thing , you should see the design of z sereis arent meant to be cheap, its hard to make glass paired with aluminium and still waterproof it .

    and the support , which is a bit more than 2 years for xperia z. . they have to pay people for the support. in comparison to galaxy s4 which is stuck on buggy 5.0.1.

    huawei still sucks at update. and their hardware still generic. iphones are more pricy than xperias.

  • Cristiano de Oliveira

    The same thing in Brazil

  • Dhany Wibiksana

    Wow, I thought only Indonesia had this issue, Sony should fix this aftersales, the rest is followed ( my opinion).

  • Alvin

    It is very very bad. Just fixing my software bug takes 3 days to repair

  • Wolf0491

    It used to be awful in the US as well but recently i sent my phone in and got it back repaired the next week

  • Dhany Wibiksana

    Wow, another country even in us, what’s wrong with Sony, my friend buy new Sony and it’s only a month it had hardware defects and it should got new phone but they said it had to order first to Singapore and it takes 5 month, wtf. Its almost year,Thanks God my z2 not had problem.

  • kaostheory

    Can’t buy anything in North America. Unless you look online most people don’t even know their products. Wanted a Z4 tablet but don’t really want to spend $1000 online. Z5 only listed as coming to 1 carrier in North America

  • lovebmw

    They need to focus on the U.S.

  • mountain

    They are losing money, but look at it this way. with such big disappointment with z3+, they are not lowering their predictions. So, this means they are expecting low sales? Lets see if z5 fares better.

  • RockStar2005

    It’s not a lost cause in the U.S. if they’d ACTUALLY TRY to sell the damn phones! Things may be shifting though because I JUST saw a Sony ad ON TV the other night for both their new stand-alone camera and the Z5 “Bond Edition”. This is the FIRST time I’ve ever seen an ad on TV (and not just the internet lol) for an Xperia phone. The ad ran around 10pm Chicago time on TBS, so a little late in the day I guess, but still, this is GOOD news.

    The ad:

    Sony phones are the best IMO, but most ppl here don’t even know they exist b/c of poor marketing and poor carrier involvement. But in Europe (esp countries like Sweden), Sony is JUST as popular as Samsung according to someone I know there in Sweden, if not more so. Gues what? They ADVERTISE IN EUROPE! lol Sony needs to advertise MORE and have all 4 major U.S. carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint…..not just sometimes T-Mo and Verizon) on board as well like Samsung and Apple do. The fact that those guys use Sony’s camera sensors tells you something right there. Sony needs to step up already. Get George Clooney to do an ad! lol THAT would get people’s attention!

  • Still operating at a loss. You never learn, Pony.

  • Abhi

    I’d much prefer high grade aluminum unibody on the next model for practical reasons, ie strength, at least then I can put the phone down without worrying about scratches. People say glass for beauty but what’s the point if its more fragile and you need to cover it or put on case a anyway.

  • jonyah

    idiots. they’ve completely ignored the US market. Everyone is tired of Apple and Samsung over here. The Z line blows them away if they’d just market it properly and get it in the carriers.

  • Raj Singh

    No shit. They don’t know how to sell phones.
    No way Sony Mobile can do what they did with the Walkman, Discman and PlayStation.

  • Raj Singh

    I didn’t like the ad. It was a nice try but I didn’t like it.
    It should have paired Bond and the Xperia but Daniel Craig was being a bitch about the whole thing cuz he didn’t think it’s what Bond would use.

  • nick

    The never learn. Do they?

  • RockStar2005


    Yeah I read about that too. I would’ve preferred Bond himself to be in it. He did come around eventually as from what I’ve read…….. SPECTRE WILL feature an Xperia Z5 Bond Edition phone, but yeah it was total BS that he and director Sam Mendes made those opinions public. I can’t imagine Bond with an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, can you? LOL

    Maybe it wasn’t totally bad that they bitched though b/c now the Z5 came out and has 4K and that got a lot of people’s attention. This is the same company that said 4K was a waste of energy on a smartphone not even a year ago, so maybe they felt they needed to “step it up” after those comments were made about the initial Z5, which I doubt was supposed to have 4K.

    Anyway, the fact that an ad is being run on TV for the Xperia line here in the U.S. is a big thing to me………it’s what I and many ppl have been saying they needed to do for a long time now. I just hope they KEEP doing it…… putting an Xperia phone in every new Bond movie apparently isn’t cutting it.

  • fried_egg

    @iia3ezu that is a laughably poor comment. Sony pictures is high risk and thanks to their hacker issue not having a great time. Most of the group is in a “kodak” position with old tech and debt dragging the company into financial trouble… they could have gone bust sereval times recently if it wasnt for their ability to keep borrowing. actually why dont you google sony’s debt level… then tell me how much they make form camera sensors and then how many lifetimes later that debt would need to paid off from those profits

  • fried_egg

    The sales fall was expected because Sony are cutting out the low margin low end of their range and concentrating on the potentially higher end range… i.e. the Apple price range. The Z5 is a good step into confirming quality (after the poor z3+/4 launch)..

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  • Timel

    Agree, Why Sony never learn from Samsung and LG, Sony Xperia needs U.S. Market, U.S. can make Xperia’s brand image looks cool and then it will good for Xperia in the rest of the world.

  • Timel

    You’re spot on, I totally agree!

  • Matt

    well that is all true . but i believe that things are more complicated than lets add more money to commercial since sony is’t run by 4 people.
    IDK man, people really like to tell sony to do this and that, as if it is easy to move gigantic company overnight. i believe sony also want to sell phone, they changed little by little. Im just here to enjoy the products :)

    here in germany sony have upped their marketing game. ive seen many commercial lately . lets just see how this work out.

  • Abhi

    Here in the US not a single ad, and even when I was in India two years back it was the same, where at one time after Nokia, Sony was 2nd most popular brand, almost all of them are now on Samsung, LG or Apple devices. Marketing has a huge effect.

  • Malih

    I think they’re not lowering their predictions would mean they’re confident they can sell that much. Wouldn’t lowering mean they are expecting low sales?

  • Battal

    Replacing my Xperia ZR Display cost $270 with Sony service in my country “With no warranty on water dropping”, while a new XZR cost around $300 :)
    i bought my display from Aliexpress for $50 including the repairing tools and fix it by my self,

  • yuanhui502

    I did not see so many Sony Xperia users in China. It seems that people here love apple.
    Maybe a nexus phone is a good idea for sony.

  • jamie evans

    Z5 Premium has been certified by FCC that means Z5P is coming to the US soon, hopefully coming to US carriers as well as unlocked one. I hope Z5P will attract a lot of people.

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    Quit with tablets? Why would they do that? They make some of the few best tablets out there!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Finally someone who understands! Glad I’m not the only one :)

  • Matt

    So to um up everything here, people want

    -High grade aluminium body
    -Stellar camera
    -Frequent software update, preferably with custom ui,with major design refresh every iteration.
    -Basically infinite advertising budget worldwide.
    -Cheap price for the high end z series

    Yep it is all possible and make sense. Sony do that!

  • James Bond

    Also no stupid protruding camera even with very large sensor!

  • Dushan Lalinda Dias

    I think sony should focus more on delivering a better range of devices with competitive price. This is why the sales have decreased comparative to 2014. In 2014 there was a good selection of mobiles. But in 2015 i don’t feel the range of devices is good.
    Sony e4/4g no lollipop and bad design. No OTG.and no full white version.
    Sony m4 overheating problem no OTG no dualshock support and lag in games
    Sony m5 flagship processor used in a midrange device resulting it to be too expensive . And people won’t buy it.
    Sony c4, i don’t like the design, personal opinion. Slightly expensive
    Sony c5 ultra good device. But expensive as well.
    Sony Z3+ only heating problem
    In my opinion sony should have introduced a snapdragon 410 device in Q1 of 2015.
    But they instead went with the sd615 on the m4. Which resulted in many loyal sony customers being unhappy due to heating problem.

    I think sony should have 2 entry level devices a E series and L series. 2 midrange devices M series and C series. And a flagship device.

    It was sonys fault. In my country Samsung J5 /s6 is selling like cupcakes because of it being a good device.
    Sony couldn’t make a good impression.

    hope sony will release Marshmallow entry level devices next year Q1 with Sd415 or mtk6732.
    And also expecting to see the Z5 ultra withSd820.

    I believe Z5 series will give a bump to thd sales of sony.

  • Matt

    Agreed, bulge is not beautiful at all

  • Stuart Gardoll

    Unfortunately it’s SUPER expensive from a sales & marketing perspective to get a foothold in the US market. I agree with shhh, it’s almost a lost cause for Sony. They’d be better off securing a Nexus deal with Google (see #6 from Vuyo’s comment above) as a way to get brand loyalty in the US.

  • Carol Amin


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  • roeshak

    Well a company implements the sort of crazy mad policies that Sony mobile have done for some time, there’s only one possible outcome. GOING OUT OF BUSINESS.

  • Igorbass

    Sony , my love , stop launch a cell after another.

  • Wolf0491

    Well like I said it use to be a problem. I thought it got much better now. Whenever the Regular Z was out I sent it in and it took month and a half for a repsonse from them and they sent me a new one. Think they lost my phone lol….

    This year however to drop my phone off at UPS one week and it arrived back repaired the next week was an acceptable turn around

  • RockStar2005

    It’s super expensive, but this isn’t some rinky dink no-name company…….this is Sony. They already got a very recognizable name, relationships with at least 2 carriers (ok maybe right now that doesn’t mean as much as before but still lol), etc. How great the camera is on your phone is for MOST ppl a big factor in what smartphone they choose, so knowing that Sony is the reason why their Samsung and iPhone phones take such great pictures should be a selling point too!

    I think despite the price of getting a foothold in the U.S., Sony will still make that money back and then some if they can get the momentum going. And a lot of ppl who own iPhones (including at least one friend of mine too) have said if they ever went Android, it would be for the Sony Xperia phones. I think that says A LOT: the fact that they would feel comfortable even MAKING that switch. And if they felt the Sony phone offered the same ease of use as the iPhone but with really cool features (which it has PLENTY of), I think with the right marketing and making the phone available ON ALL FOUR MAJOR U.S. CARRIERS, it could be achieved.

  • marcyff2

    they are definitely not a lost cause in the uk. You can’t go to the movies without seeing that ad. I saw 3 bond adverts and 3 Sony Z5 adverts last time i went. And 2 of those adverts were both together (the made for bond advert played twice)

  • marcyff2

    The problem is that the ipad (which is the most sold tablet world wide by a huge difference) is currently in decline ( been going like that for almost 9 months). And the android/Windows tablets are not picking up. Therefore the market for tablets is currently dying.

  • marcyff2

    sony won’t go cheap. They never were. When they were on the laptop market they had prices to compare with macbooks. and in the 4k tv department, a mid range 4k from sony is almost the same price as the flagship from samsung or panasonic.

  • marcyff2

    Sony pictures is high risk…. Ok and James bond franchise is worth nothing too.

  • fried_egg–PR_291264 JUNK status on their bonds last year… you talk one film and a handful of products which are just the tip of the iceberg you are asked to describe… you really know nothing about the world around you… read beyond the one or two things you know.

  • Matt

    it was written sarcastically mate ;)

    i can only comment on tv part. yes the 4k tv seems higher than samsung or other brand. but youll know if you have used one of samsung tv before. Maybe im biased or to you i might be a fanboy.
    i really like how sony do things. Yes they are a bit thick on pricing but hey, if quality you seek , you’ve come to the right place.

    i met with a friend the other day. he uses s6 edge, beautiful phone from the front , but i hated the backside of it the bulge of the camera and the out of place heartrate sensor.

    yes my z3 is slower on the specs side and the screen also lower resolution.But it still can put of a show when he looked my z3. the music app , album , all are beautiful, and you just got a feeling that it ist just a music player at all , as if somebody or a group of people has put their thought into the design. You can slap a aluminium frame and glass on a phone and called it a day like samsung did. but if you look deeper, for example on the z3.

    -aluminium frame doubles as heatsink to assure stable performance
    -sealed body for water protection
    -open audio jack with active noise cancelling (one of my fav feature)
    – dazzling battery life

    im glad i choose sony with all their faults and strengths , it is a complete package for me. I do not care if the other guy opens apps 0.02 sec faster . I do not care if they stay with omnibalance .

    i really hoping for the best for sony mobile. up until now i never seen a device so complete in such a beautiful package with great software support like sony does with my z3. Among millions people on this forum who think they are smarter than sony and know what sony have to do , with a shitstorm of comments.

    i am One happy customer , xperia or sony tv are not the best thing ever nor the best of the best in every category, but it serve me and do it better than any other device i ever tried. for that i am happy and im going to get my hands on the z4 tablet to accompany my z3 :)

  • Timel

    there’re 5 things that Sony must improve, if Sony fallow what I say below, Sony will survive in smartphone industry


    1. the current camera software developer team must be FIRED!!!

    Sony seriously needs to improve hardware and software camera in Xperia flagship phones, especially their Superior Auto which is much worse than all competitors, Superior Auto is the worst actually and the present situation of Xperia image, something like Good as Competitors is really not good enough now. SONY MUST BLOW THE WHOLE WORLD’S MIND WITH THE OUTPERFORM SMARTPHONE CAMERA… Sony must do something special with their flagship phone, the special thing that competitors can’t do. Every know-how, everything that Sony knows about camera, Sony must give it to the next Xperia flagship phone. Sony must goes all out to show people around the world and make them want Xperia flagship phone so bad.

    2. Sony must put DAC/Amp to their Xperia flagship phones

    3. Sony must improve multitasking software, Xperia flagship phones needs useful mustitasking features like split-windows (can split 2-4 windows), call notification windows ( the incoming call notification will pop up in a small window instead of displayed in full screen view and it allows user keep using the phone)

    4. Sony must research and develop the new technology about battery for their flagship phones, I mean the new type battery with The TRULY LONG BATTERY LIFE


    5. Sony need to add more marketing budget for Xperia division, with the recent marketing is not much enough, Please Sony need to learn from Samsung, Samsung and make Galaxy brand is up everywhere! At train stations, at time square billboards, TV commercial, YouTube ads, Samsung is also the big sponser of OSCAR awards , MTV Video Music Awards, and Superbowl, People around the world can see Samsung from 2015 blockbuster movies like The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Jurassic World. So you’ll see that Sony really serious about the Marketing , Sony cant complete with the strong rival like Samsung definitely if Sony dont care about the marketing too

  • Abhi

    1. That was just a preference
    2. Camera is pretty good already
    3. Google has pushing for it for a long time and its important for security issues especially for corporate use, LG/Moto already announced they would speed up updates.. I never said keep changing UI all the time, I personally like stock Google, the current Xperia UI and HTC Sense.
    4. Other analysts have pointed the same on marketing, how will they sell when many don’t even know they make phones.
    5. Price is debatable, I don’t think anyone is asking for a Nexus level price. A lot goes into what people are willing to pay including, the type of after sales support you get as in updates and warranty replacements etc.

  • marcyff2

    Mate i am a sony fan and the only reason i have an lg now is because after a year my z2 was undervalued by 3/4 that is a lot for a 1 year old flagship. But i still love their product. But sony have always aimed towards a more expensive market than most brands

  • Abhi

    Its not a bulge, its a lens mount.

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  • Vuyo Ncube

    That won’t matter as the ARM Tablet market is fizzing away.

  • Matt

    still ugly, whatever that is . i do not have one

  • Abhi

    It was sarcasm lol, there is never anything wrong with their products, they are features.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Now that Z5 series is out, they ll be picking up the pace.
    But Sony themselves said, they are not going after numbers of sold phones anymore, but after profitability of the ones they release…
    Its a smart move in this overcrowded mobile market, hope they know what they’re doing. Xperia Z series are good value products

  • Laverne Bartholomew


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  • Matt

    Me personally I do not care about resale value. Since I do not intend to sell my used devices

  • Matt

    They are adapting.

    What I say is you can’t just point to this and that like marketing. Because unless you know what exactly lies behind it like brand power or management behind it. And no googling is not a qualified answer.

    Again it’s fine to say Sony need to do more marketing. they intact do with the whole James bond thing. but don’t sambil like you know definitely what’s wrong.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Sony should just give up already. Their main focus should be only the NORTH AMERICAN MARKET AND EUROPE. U.S. HAVE the largest carriers in the World yet they ignore putting Their devices everywhere from contract and pre paid aerivices. Who ever is on charge is probably collecting their big ok pay check and doesn’t care.

  • Roh_Mish

    They need advertising. If you buy z1,z2, z3 or m4, m5 they are still supported and competitively priced. (The OnePlus X with lesser features have price equal to z2). Sony phones are good and most people I have seen using and have recommended have loved their device and. Their next device will be or is sony. The problem is when I try to convince most of them they all have this conception that Sony devices are too costly but if you buy an older flagship or m series, they are actually prices perfectly. I bought an mi3 when in launched in India (as a secondary phone and to see what all the fuss us all about. I till today regret buying it) the z1 price was actually very close. The mi 3 coated me 15k ($230) while the z1 was 17kk ($260). I have used z1 and many of my friends have it. It’s a great device. But the mi3 has grounding issues making the touchscreen unusable while charging. It heats up. The battery life is shit. Still stuck on 4.4. No good third party support.

  • Roh_Mish

    I like the tip and bottom large bazels. It helps me grip the damn phone. And I think amny who use the phone will agree.
    The camera is not very bad but yes the software is not that good. I am sure that both the old and the new sensors they used are much more capable than what they are doing with it
    The phone have dac/amp. It needs one to even be able to produce sound. And if I am correct they are using the same dsp (Qualcomm hexagon dsp) with a fairly common dac. It’s same as the other phones.

    All those multi tasking feature are built into lollipop / marshmallow. Multiview tasking is coming to stock Android as Google is experimenting with it for a long time and dev previews had a nearly finished implementation in them.

    It’s not easy to just get up and build a better battery. Research labs all over the world is trying to do it. Sony doesn’t have huge money piles like Samsung to spend dit on research.

    U.S. is lost for Sony for now. Plus the stupid carrier thing they have just makes it harder. (Seriously, pay extra for teetering!?). They have good hold in Europe and are growing in asia. They should concentrate there.

  • Roh_Mish

    With the nexus 9 being a shit and pixel c not coming anytime soon, the xperia tablet is the only good option. Even Samsung has given up on high end tablet. If Sony does it right, they could have the whole high end tablet market which currently only Apple rules.

  • Roh_Mish

    Market is not dying, sales is. People are using geir tablet for a long time. And many people now have a tablet. I have an iPad 2 myself. (Don’t hate, but I actually love it. I would never use ios on mobile but on tabelt its actually nice.) I still use it and apple will be supporting it for one more year. I can go on with it for 2 more years easily. So used that tablet for 6 years approximately. That’s the time I will be looking for replacement. Phones is a different matter, people replace phones in 1-3 years. So there is a constant demand.

  • Roh_Mish

    They are actually ok in here. Along with LG. Samsung is just shit. They are service center after all. They think its their right to be shitty.

  • Roh_Mish

    I found that Sony replaced my laptop display for lower than what I could get the part for.
    They also replace my phone’s display for around same price as I would get the part itself. Servixe was OK too. Not good but from what I have seen at other service centers, they were far better

  • Roh_Mish

    If you are not buying the latest z line, the prices are good. Z2 is a bit better than the new OnePlus X and has price equal to it. The z1 was just $30 more than the Mi3. The M4 and M5 are nice phone and are very good performers in their price range.

  • Roh_Mish

    True. DXO is still ver y reliable. Replying here because for soem reason there is no reply button to dbs.

  • Roh_Mish

    I too like the natural colors. The oversaturated colors on Samsung and tinted pictures on iPhone just don’t seem right. I I think ois and a better image processing in z6 would be cherry on top. Plus II think it’s only Sony who has got the document mode right. All others seem to highly over saturate and sharp the image, Sony has the right balance almost every time.

  • Roh_Mish

    Even s5.

  • Roh_Mish

    Yup. My first phone wa sthe w700i. They show ads for ps4 and bravia. But haven’t seen any ads for xperia in a long time. Last was the z1.

  • Barbara Morrow


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  • Jaissal S

    Ah I see. I believe this is the area where Sony seem to be trying to fix so that they can fully maximise there profits. It’s a shame that USA can’t seem to buy Sony products sooner than later.

  • kaostheory

    They’re going in reverse. They closed all their brick and mortar stores and unlike any other manufacturers don’t sell mobile devices in best buy. Support is now a third party company. For all intents and purposes Sony mobile no longer exists in North America.

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  • Shamoy Rahman

    Sony shouldn’t have released the Z5 in 2015, they should’ve waited for the 820 and get the Xperia X Performance shipping as fast as possible.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Sony should target growing in Europe and Asia, that’s where they are the strongest. They need to do something to push Apple out of Japan. The new imminent threat is Samsung in Japan. If Sony loses market share to Samsung in Japan, it’ll be a huge slap in their face.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Sony can do it in a few years, not now though. Sony is expected to make a $2.5 billion profit this year. Profit is expected to hit $5 billion by 2018. With profits as big as that, they can focus aggressively marketing and expanding in the US.

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