JOLED – Sony and others create new company to focus on medium-sized OLED displays

by XB on 31st July 2014

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JOLEDA new company has been formed to focus on the development and commercialisation of medium-sized OLED display panels. JOLED has been created by multiple partners including Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), Japan Display Inc (JDI), Sony and Panasonic.

OLED technology enables displays to be lighter, thinner and more flexible. JOLED will focus on medium-sized OLED panels for use in tablets as well as laptops and signage. This means we could see an OLED display in a future Xperia tablet. Sony has not used an OLED display in any Xperia device so far.

The venture will integrate Sony and Panasonic’s OLED R&D functions with an aim to accelerate the development of OLED panels and become a leader in the global OLED display market. It aims to bring together technology from all parties including flexible displays, printing technology for OLED production and transparent amorphous oxide semiconductors.

INCJ (75%) and JDI (15%) will hold the majority of the voting rights, as they plan additional investments to fund a pilot manufacturing plant. Sony and Panasonic will hold 5% each. The company is expected to go live in January 2015, once it has all of the approvals needed.

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