New update (14.6.A.1.216) now rolling to Xperia Z1, Z Ultra and Z1 Compact

by XB on 5th November 2015

in Firmware, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1 CompactSony Mobile has begun to rollout a new firmware update for the Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact and Z Ultra with build number 14.6.A.1.216. The update is increasingly available to a number of markets across all variants of the handset. So far, we have seen little reaction as to the changes over the older update (14.6.A.0.368), but if you have downloaded the update do post your impressions below. Sony Mobile’s official changelog only mentions the addition of the “latest bug fixes and enhancements”.

Sony Xperia Z1 FTF firmware files – Android 5.1.1 Lollipop (14.6.A.1.216)

Xperia Z1 (C6902) 14.6.A.1.216 Latin America Generic
Xperia Z1 (C6903) 14.6.A.1.216 Germany Generic
Xperia Z1 (C6906) 14.6.A.1.216 US Generic

Sony Xperia Z Ultra FTF firmware files – Android 5.1.1 Lollipop (14.6.A.1.216)

Xperia Z Ultra (C6802) 14.6.A.1.216 India Generic
Xperia Z Ultra (C6833) 14.6.A.1.216 Hong Kong Generic
Xperia Z Ultra (C6806) 14.6.A.1.216 US Generic

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact FTF firmware files – Android 5.1.1 Lollipop (14.6.A.1.216)

Xperia Z1 Compact (D5503) 14.6.A.1.216 India Generic

Xperia Z1 Compact_14.6.A.1.216

Thanks Mirhawk, Mukul, Saurabh, Sebaa and Sebastian !

  • hansip

    WooT! Wonder about the changelog though..

    PS: Now i realize why Sony wants to stop Z1 gen from Marshmallow.. If they don’t and keep supporting the older handset = less new device purchase :p (including me atm)

  • munged

    changelog please

  • theskig

    I can assure you most part of users don’t even know what an update is.

  • jbernardo

    I wonder if this will fix the wifi issues (hung wpa_supplicant) I am having at a specific location at work. In any case, I’ll be back there only in a few days, so it will take a while to test.

  • bao trung giang

    i hope Sony fix the pause’s bug and bigger speaker would be nice

  • Jecht_Sin

    Updates? Are they those annoying things that keep spamming my status bar every few hours? lol

  • Othmane Fettaka

    What about Android marshmallow for z3 compact

  • mukul verma

    thanks for the credit.:)

  • Is anybody facing sd card problems?! I have an 32 GB Sandisk external SD card that is working from time to time…

  • Mirhawk

    On which firmware?

  • Mirhawk

    Just a small correction. The firmware is not yet out on Sony PC Companion, just the XperiFirm software.

  • hansip

    Unfortunately Sony is very xda friendly but not recognized by alot more of consumer.. So.. My statement is still legit (albeit quite sad)

  • the latest…

  • shenoy

    I am not able to set different contact Ringtones after .368 update to my Z1

  • Mirhawk

    Nope, Mine works all good on .368 firmware.

  • Mirhawk

    I’m able to.

  • aiamkesz

    Does this fix Stage fright bug?

  • Mirhawk

    It was already fixed in the .368 build.

  • shenoy

    Are u able set Ringtones from the pre insalled ones or non preinstalled ones? I ve prob with non preinstalled.

  • Mohamed adel ali

    I didn’t get notification for the update

  • Sebastian Rank

    Install it at the moment :D

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  • cyber

    Did you install it? how does it work? does it drain the battery as previous version?

  • Mehran

    Where is update… There is no update here in Pakistan….

  • Mehran

    Hey jiggar hoe r u? Yaar update nahi ai idhar is baar b :-D kya kren? Aur kya hai is main??

  • Damn. No one knows any changelog >>>>>>>>>>>

  • Sebastian Rank

    I can say it work now smoother and the battery drain is normal

  • cyber

    I see, thanks.

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  • mukul verma

    download with xperifirm same model as urs. I don’t know changelog, but may recently stagefright fix & some other bugs fixes for camera & video.

  • Tyrone

    Will a download link be provided as you did with the previous firmware?

  • Alain Leed

    what about stagefright ? still vulnerable? thx

  • WilliamTell13

    All vulnerabilities are patched.

  • Alain Leed

    thanks for reply, I hope it’ll be rolled very soon for France

  • HAWX

    Does it fix the mobile radio active bug? ( Super heating and extensive battery drain when the mobile data is active)
    Does it fix the screen’s responsiveness even if the screen is turned off, for few seconds?
    Is there a mobile data toggle when you are in the lockscreen now?
    Missaligned status bar?

    Any diffrence do you see/feel?

  • reiji_tamashii

    Maybe T-mobile will finally update the Z1s to 5.1.1? Probably not…

  • Prasad Daki

    Xperia T3 still dying to get Lollipop :-(

  • WilliamTell13

    I hope so

  • Ridzuan

    And yet, we in Malaysia not even received September release firmware yet, dont know why

  • EQ

    Maybe it’s your carrier that is slow in releasing Lollipop 5.1.1?

  • Mick Hood

    Looking at XperiFirm, all of the T-Mobile regions are already on 5.1.1.
    Where abouts are you?
    Even so, just flash a 5.1.1 from another region, a customized (unbranded) firmware will work fine.

  • MoYeung

    Which country has received this update?

  • mukul verma

    updated to latest version. super smooth, very fast, no lags in opening any app. better than previous 5.1.1.

  • Maxx Tan

    dah lama dapat

  • Ridzuan

    How? Check dengan PC takde ape pun?

  • Amir Oraby

    Where are you from?

  • mukul verma

    from India.

  • Jaspreet Brar

    Hlo bro, how r u doing? . Has camera improved? And did u get Indian firmware update?

  • Norma Sears

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  • mukul verma

    m gud bro. camera seems as it is. no change in camera. but rom is super fast, stable. through xperifirm indian rom is available but I downloaded same Taiwan rom.

  • what brand is your SD Card?

  • Jaspreet Brar

    Oh okay bro, cool. Thanks bro. Bro, as it would be a small update? And i update via OTA. Will their rest be necessary?

  • Jaspreet Brar

    Why that same Taiwan rom bro? Is there any benefit? Is that. 368?

  • Igor Eisberg

    PC Companion hasn’t been updated yet to have it read from the new API for Xperia Z1, even though on the back-end the firmware was already updated. You still get the old firmware with PC Companion because it still reads from the old API. You can just use XperiFirm and Flashtool to update.

  • Mehran

    Update??? How done????

  • Mehran

    how to install plz help

  • reiji_tamashii

    Z1s (C6916) is a T-mobile US variant. Other Z1 firmwares don’t work because it has different radio hardware, I believe. Also, they disabled some features like bluetooth tethering. Wish I had known that before I bought it. This is the last time I buy a carrier-branded phone.

  • Andreas Schmitz

    Got some changes from german Sony Support Page:Verbesserungen bei Lautstärke und Lautlosmodus sowie mehr Kontrolle über Ihre Alarme
    Völlig neue LinkedIn-Integration – höhere Produktivität mit intuitiver Kalendersynchronisierung.
    Allgemeine Verbesserungen bei der Stabilität und Leistung

  • Tomasz Lewandowski

    The same changes they wrote in previous version 14.6.a.0.368

  • PoweredBySony
  • Amir Oraby

    Improvements in volume and silent mode, and more control over your alarms Completely new LinkedIn integration – increased productivity with intuitive calendar synchronization. General Verbesser

  • seVen NG

    My one oso din get the update la. Already check v pcc..

  • mukul verma

    NO ITS LATEST ROM 14.6.A.1.216. Taiwan rom is really fast & stable. I havnt downloaded Indian rom. u should wait for ota for this. this may not be big in size.

  • Rose Spurlock

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  • PoweredBySony

    There are no visual changes only bug fixes. It is fast , the battery has improved got me like 3h of voice calls with 4h of music and 3:30h on screen time. For those who need it is a download link with a rooted+recovery in the video description. It is for z1

  • Willian Quah

    bro pakai flashtool or xperifirm baru bleh update firmware to latest

  • Davef

    Hopefully the update sorts out the battery issues/Stamina Mode problems that i’ve had with my phone since updating to 5.1.1 (and resetting a few times in PC Companion a few times too) with my Z1 Compact

  • Koe Kean Ming

    check with phone and also pc companion everyday, disappointed that we don get the update yet..

  • Mick Hood

    How about flashing the normal Z1 firmware, then flash the Z1s modem afterwards?

  • bao trung giang

    new xperia home launcher?

  • Berkay Tunal?

    Mobile radio active bug still exists, it drained my battery by 8% after recharge till now.

  • Mohit Verma

    I think yes.

  • PoweredBySony

    no . i use some mods from the Z5. Nothing is changed in term o visual in this build.

  • PoweredBySony

    no. i use some mods from the Z5. Nothing is changed in term o visual in this build..

  • Juri Sinneral

    Yes, fixed.

  • bao trung giang

    well thats suck :(

  • vinglon

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  • bao trung giang

    still no update in vietnam :(

  • Jaspreet Brar

    Bro plz tell me is this a software bug or hardware problem?? M having this since. 368

  • EQ

    Clear cache and data for the apps “Unsupported Headset Nofier” and “Smart Connect”. If this problem still happens the disable via app menu the “Unsupported Headset Nofitier” and if you want you can also disable the “Smart Connect” app.

  • Jaspreet Brar

    Thanks friend. I’d try it.

  • mukul verma

    mobile radio active bug will fix in android 6, not in 5.1.1, google already said. so there will be no fix provided in 5.1.1.

  • Jaspreet Brar

    Got this mail today

  • Khillo81

    Yeah, me too. Have you tried connecting your phone to your PC? I’m waiting until I return home.

  • Jaspreet Brar

    Yeah, nd i got pop up with your phone software is upto date.

  • Vanja

    Hey guys, I have z1 Compact and Xperifirm says that the newest FW is out but neither phone nor PC Companion are finding any updates.

  • Joseph Kevin Yap

    i got the same problem. The device or the pc will always tell me that my device is up-to-date. i remained stuck at 5.0.2 version until i brought it to service center for software repair. Now, i got the latest version! hope this helps.

  • Vanja

    So you’re suggesting that I perform software repair?
    I did one a month ago, don’t want to do another one again.
    Hopefully there’s a problem with Sony. If I don’t get the update by the end of week, I’ll flash new ROM.


    It just poped up trhu OTA,

  • Jaspreet Brar

    Just updated and performance has improved..

  • Amir Oraby

    i am updating now – i am in egypt. will keep you posted guys. Z1 Compact

  • Diana Agustinne

    I’m glad that xperia z ultra is not forgotten lol just got the latest update.. So anyone can tell, is there any probability that xperia z ultra will get marshmallow too?

  • Vanja

    Got the update and antenna is no longer keeping phone awake!

  • agujeronegro

    I got the update today in my Xperia Z1. Stagefright bug completly fixed.

  • Ibrahim Ferhadli

    Do you fix Battery drain problem in Xperia Z1 compact? Please help

  • Davef

    I got my update today (Z1 Compact). It just started downloading by itself, i didn’t have to use PC Companion, or even go into the settings. When it’s ready they’ll just send it to your phone. My update was 143MB, so maybe it’s when you’re on Wi-Fi that it’ll update.

    So far, camera loads much quicker, like it did back in 4.4.4 days.

    Battery life is too soon to say, though it doesn’t seem to be jumping to and from 50% anymore (see my post from a few days ago, with screenshot of battery usage screen). I understand after a update, it usually takes a couple of days for the phone and battery to settle down, so fingers crossed, it’s all resolved…

  • Mac

    They are not going 2 update the Z1 series (Z Ultra included)

  • So there’s a Marshmallow update for Z1C? Is this confirmed?

  • My Z1C, previously with .368 build had a lot of problems;
    -My sound picker would always hang when i’m playing audio
    -You couldn’t be able to ‘skip-forward’ on videos as it would hang,
    -Alarm Clock would force stop
    -Background defocus force stopped severally too.

    Those are the ones I could think of right now but in a nutshell, there was a lot of force-stopping. I hope RAM will be better utilized in this new build.

  • Khillo81

    Yeah, me too. Interestingly, today I got a notification on my phone and could update OTA.

  • Irina Gabriel

    does it fix the random shutdown and the overheating?

  • mukul verma

    no, 5.1.1 is the last update for old z series & z1 series. only z2 & above will get android 6.0. sony already said about updates. its official.

  • Joseph Kevin Yap

    No. you go to service center and have your device repaired for free. it’s sony’s fault, on their software. I got mine repaired and now i have the latest software. But for me, 5.0.2 is much better—louder volume, better battery life, better messaging app. though 5.1.1 is more stable.

  • Paul M

    Yeah, it’s definite the z ultra won’t get marshmallow. However, I suspect that there will be a community version of MM for the z ultra.

  • Paul M

    I’ve upgraded to 14.6.a.1.216 on my z ultra. I used a pre-rooted firmware off XDA.
    So far all is well. I didn’t erase user data, but I had started with a factory reset when I upgraded from 4.4.4 straight to 5.1.1, I didn’t try 5.0.1.

  • I added the pre -rooted version of the C6943 DTV

    Tablets e Smartphone

  • Rishabh

    I noticed a new tone when i plug in a charger or a usb…

  • Gabriel Bejenaru

    Hello everyone…i have a question…..on my z1 compact i’ve got lollipop 5.1.1 14.6.A.1.236 and i can not connect on 4g broadband…..anyone got this problem to?

  • Hao Cheng

    I have to say that staying in Firmware 157 (Android 4.4.4) is better… I have updated my Z1 once and later flashed back to 157 ROM. Lollipop runs not so well as KitKat on Z1.

  • I have a very big issue with battery drain. I had 67% and after 2 minutes playing Top Eleven the phone shutted down. This thing happend when I used the lantern.The surprise back than was that after an hour I openned the phone and the battery was like 70%… wth?!

  • SuRya StaRs

    bro, please share the link firmware taiwan for xperia z1 compact.
    my phone is not stable, and battery get fast draining.

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