Sony Xperia Z5 Premium unboxing pics

by XB on 6th November 2015

in Xperia Z5 series

Xperia Z5 Premium Unboxing_2Now that the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium has been released, albeit in only one region, it was a matter of time before the unboxing pictures appeared. We have a whole host of pictures to feast your eyes on below – including a set of unboxing pictures for both the Gold and mirrored Chrome version. Check them out below.

Gold Xperia Z5 Premium unboxing

Xperia Z5 Premium Unboxing_1

Xperia Z5 Premium Unboxing_2

Xperia Z5 Premium Unboxing_3

Xperia Z5 Premium Unboxing_4

Xperia Z5 Premium Unboxing_5

Xperia Z5 Premium Unboxing_6

Xperia Z5 Premium Unboxing_7

Xperia Z5 Premium Unboxing_8

Xperia Z5 Premium Unboxing_9

Chrome Xperia Z5 Premium unboxing

Xperia Z5 Premium Unboxing_10

Xperia Z5 Premium Unboxing_11

Xperia Z5 Premium Unboxing_12

Xperia Z5 Premium unbox_1

Xperia Z5 Premium unbox_2

Xperia Z5 Premium unbox_3

Xperia Z5 Premium unbox_4

Xperia Z5 Premium unbox_5

Xperia Z5 Premium unbox_6

Xperia Z5 Premium unbox_7

Via and Digi-wo.

Thanks Ben!

  • that chrome color is so classy, dang I so want one

  • T2 Ultra Dual D5322 Owner

    This looks more like a photoshoot tho… Lol

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    If the box was all in black color…

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  • Malih

    Wow, it’s a looker, I’d buy one if I have the money, although I don’t know if I would’ve liked fingerprints all over the back of my phone, if I have the extra money I’d buy a Z5 for my phone and put the Z5 Premium on a pedestal in my living room and never use it.

  • Wolf0491

    The chrome is interesting indeed

  • iCeQubeTomato

    As long as sony doesnt know how to market its product more effectively I guarantee all the Z5 phone will fail again. The blocky design has already turn many females away and people hardly pay any attention to sony anymore, leave alone the mobile phones.

  • Hmmm that is why Playstation is breaking records in almost every country.

  • iCeQubeTomato

    What record? Evidence:_____________________


    Now give me yours about what you said that females are not interested anymore in sony, please?

  • iCeQubeTomato
  • aseuss

    Simply a gorgeous phone. Hard to make a phablet look nice, but Sony pulled it off. Love the mirror finish– I wouldn’t even care about the fingerprints–just wipe them off with your shirt every now and then. No biggie. Still, I wish Sony had put the mirror finish in the smaller Z5–think the Premium is a bit too big.

  • nfs2010

    eBay time! ! Btw, what happened to the ‘other’ stuff in the box? Just charger, cable, & crappy manuals & no crappy headset?

  • aseuss

    I wouldn’t mind the fingerprints so much–I wipe the screen of my tablet and phone several times a day so wiping the back of my phone wouldn’t be a big deal.

  • WTH you just gave? Please provide factual evidence.

    P.S. selling phones wasnt the point in the first place, i argued that people are not paying attention to the brand Sony itself. Please share evidence in that regard.

  • aseuss

    You can say that again–Sony doesn’t market its products at all. It’s why the Wall Street Journal said last year, “Sony’s smartphones have been getting rave reviews. Too bad few people have even heard of them.” You are right.

  • iCeQubeTomato

    Can’t read huh? Well I don’t blame you fanboys are either too ignorant to admit the truth or don’t even know whats going on around them.

  • Again, selling phones is still not the point why are you dragging that into it. And i know its bad but im still insisting to prove your point that people including females are hardly paying attention to the brand Sony itself, please?

  • iCeQubeTomato

    I believe they would like to bring up a super huge campaign for their products but their hands are quite tighten up because of financial reason. Its partly due to their slow to react behavior in the past that bring down their reputation and now they had to let go of the TVs, VAIOs and the Walkmans etc. They’re almost not an electronics company anymore if it weren’t PS, xperias and camera sensors.

  • nfs2010

    That was hilarious. TV & Walkman didn’t go anywhere. They’re Sony’s ‘wholly owned’ subsidiaries.

  • iCeQubeTomato

    Wow selling phones isnt related to a company’s brand lol. The brand of a company is a direct reflection on how well or bad a company is doing. And if it isnt sales no one will care how nicely your phone is designed.

    I didn’t say female hardly paying attention to sony, i said people. The evidence of you cant read is right here.

  • I need factual evidence just like i provided not some twisted blog. Provide concrete evidence about it. And again you just argued about phones in your last comment, why would i argue on a thing which i myself has accepted?
    I know very well that the company is suffering and they had to make some drastic decisions but they are somehow surviving. If you wanna blame something then blame their marketing not vaguely commenting about how people on earth have lost interest in the brand because thats really not true. Still people ask for a Sony TV when they go to buy a TV, still people prefer PS over Xbox because of great depth in graphics and a variety of available games, still people prefer Sony’s cameras when it comes to digital camera category, Still people go for Sony Home Theaters because they are far more durable than Samsung’s.
    First do some research around you then come here and comment.

  • iCeQubeTomato

    The TV division has been splited and sony is only manufacturing high end TVs now. They can no longer compete in the lower end market. And if their strategy becomes tragedy its is bye bye to the entire Tv division.

    And Walkman is fading away, remember how your music app used to be called Walkman? And remember how out of touched sony were when they tried to sell that walkman that cost ridiculous amount of money? Sure they own the subsidiaries but doesn’t mean they are doing well. Sony is shrinking and arguably dying, it will soon be a company not how the gen X and Y remember it.

  • Malih

    I think he means to say that your links does not exactly provide polls or survey that says “blocky phones turn females away”

  • Matt

    dang, looks gorgeous ! , that chrome though.

  • Malih

    I think this phone is for diligent people like you who like cleanliness and don’t mind the extra effort required to maintain it, in short, good for you

  • nfs2010

    Meh. Remember this is what you posted ->”they had to let go of the TVs, VAIOs and the Walkmans etc” .

  • iCeQubeTomato

    Woow reputable website and journal are not convincing sources I guess I cant keep you satisfied either way if you choose to stick to that thick skull of yours and block your ears.

    I hope all that ‘people’ you’re refering to will buy enough sony stuff to make the company fly again. There are only 3 main businesses that is of concern by according to Kaz Hirai

    1. Sony Pic Entertainment
    2. Playstation
    3. Camera sensors

    Notice mobile division and pretty much other electronics aren’t on the list?

    And yea Sony will clearly say their marketing strategy aren’t working and release a statement to the public, and it isnt true, and you’re telling me to do research, yea yea………

  • hansip

    Nah just reduce your OCD and it will be fine.. sometimes your oil helps some grip ;)

  • iCeQubeTomato

    Lol thats some hardcore, black and white, factual to the max kinda polls he is waiting for to be spoon fed into his mouth and spits it out and still say it ain’t true.

  • iCeQubeTomato

    Gooood you read!

  • hansip

    the force is strong in this one #emptywallet..

  • He never said that these 3 businesses are of concern, do the rest he got for free?
    Dude what he said was these 3 businesses earns actual profit while TV & Mobile business doesnt earn instead resulting in operating losses. From these two, Mobile Division is on priority to make it work while TV is not a priority now but they never said they are letting the TV Division go.

  • Malih

    so you’re admitting your argument is not backed up by facts? only opinions… ?

  • iCeQubeTomato

    yayy you guys caught me. I am actually a super sony fan boy myself. Love it so much I hump my xperia phones every night before I go to bed

  • Malih

    awww, so sweet, what a cute little fella

  • HAWX

    It’s like “Girls prefer pink over blue”. Most girls prefer “soft” looking designs instead of rectangular, mascular look like Z serires. I saw a figure about 1 year ago saying most Z serie buyers are male, and vice versa in Note 3. But I can’t find that right now.

    I like the Z5P’s design quite good. I wish they had Z5 and Z5C’s design like Z5P as well.
    Sony is still storng in some areas. But not in smartphones. Z5 still haven’t come to lots of country and there are lots of rumors about 820, S7. Sony is coming almost 1 year behind.

  • I really dont agree with the blocky design thing, since the iPhone 4, they had this design till 5s and girls were (still are) going lala over iPhones so i dont find any difference of preference in shape of phone there, then why Sony?
    And yes, Sony is 1 year behind still with the release of Z5 series and they need to take a step ahead of Samsung before Samsung comes with the S7.

  • Exotic|Matter

    If you thought before you got on to typing, you’d be speechless.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    this is what i call a premium looking phone damnn
    its alil too big for my hands ill just settle for the standard z5

  • Tochi Nwodu

    walkman and tv would remain

  • Exotic|Matter

    Too bad, reading is all that you can do, without the ability to actually comprehend anything, more like a parrot if you ask me.

  • James Bond

    Hmm Sony is shipping porn for around 700euros that comes in gold, black and chrome version!

  • mixedfish

    No one pulls off a mass produced product yet so classy like Sony.

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  • While it still has not yet reached any sizable markets, and in case of the US it never will —
    Xiaomi Mi 5 tipped to go official next month with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 under its hood.

    LeL@ sony and their stupid ways of doing busi…. excuse me – I mean – going bankrupt :D

  • Achu kumar

    lol read the article not the heading of it , you wont have hands on it till late in q1 next year. this same buzz happened around the 810 chip and later it was sony which bailed the american chipset maker.

  • Alvin

    Yeah… I want that gorgeousness with me right now..

  • Alvin

    They should shut up and look at this sexy little thing.. Lol :P

  • dinesh

    SONY..pls do advertising about beauty all the way..people will really love this…it’s so royal,stylish,etc.,..

  • dinesh

    If sony advertise the product everywhere…it will become most demandable….

  • kaostheory

    No reason they can’t add a blurb on all PS4 commercials and push the remote play.


    The Z5 premium to be released November 11th in France.
    Just a few days waiting.

  • Musa D’Leh

    U can still buy an anti-fingerprint tempered glass protector for the back or any other just check out for quality, I believe u’d want to keep the phone authentic

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah…….. I think they know ppl will LOVE that mirror finish, and so they purposely only made it available on the Z5 Premium. Oh well. lol I still hate that they made the Premium’s screen 5.5″, but I guess that’s Sony’s “excuse” for going 4K. lol

  • dinesh

    Hey,Sony a crappy person..if u dont like sony get out…

  • dinesh

    UR the ONE to make the people to dont buy sony…Peoples knows the truth…

  • dinesh

    HAHAHA…this page is not for SONY HATER

  • dinesh

    FUCKING FELLOW ..get out..

  • dinesh

    I saw mostly girls like compact nd colorful…

  • Timel

    Xperia Z5 Premium is very gorgeous, it’s actually the most gorgeous smartphone on the market right now
    But… There’re 4 the things that I don’t like and think Sony must improve

    – The left and right bezels are too huge, top and bottom bezels are still too huge as well, the big bezels make the phone look pretty pretty bulky. Hopefully Sony will make them smaller

    – The new position of volume button is too low, it’s really uncomfortable for using

    – The Xperia logo on the side of the phone should be on top

    – I really love the classy glass back but like we all know it’s a fingerprint magnet, Sony should have the solution that prepare for this issue like

  • nfs2010

    – Bezel need to shrink on the compact model as people will be using it mostly in portrait mode. Z5P needs ‘some’ bezel as the key 4K feature will work with media (landscape mode preferred at least for videos). But you’re right, it could still shrink a little bit on Z5P

    – Volume rocker needs to move up & should still stay below the power button on Z5P. On the other two, it should sit over the power button

    – No comment :P

    – Gold Z5P has the same frosted/matte glass back like the regular Z5 – I think?
    Chrome one has to have shiny back
    Black one could also come with the matte one like Z5’s, But they proly wanted Z5P to look different
    I really wanted a green Z5P with the frosted back (like Z5’s)

  • Sanyok1986

    Please somebody buy me this beauty for my 30th birthday on January 23. Still have my old Xperia Neo but no money in my poor Ukraine unfortunately :(((

  • theskig

    OK, I need one. Chrome, of course! :)

  • Svnjay

    The most beautiful phone on the market.

  • JaroB

    Z5 PREMIUM has a of one-handed operation?features which aim to help with ease of use on the large screen?


    My 65th birthday will happend June 2016 20th.
    Any idea?

  • Alvin

    Agree with point 1, 2, and 4, but for the logo, the positioning is perfext right there on the bottom left side of the phone..

  • Alvin

    No the gold also is glass, but it is less mirror-like

  • nfs2010

    You’re right. It’s shiny gold even though it looks like frosted gold in XB’s pictures.

  • mike

    I am pretty sure, its email app still has push delay issue

  • Rose Spurlock

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  • Saif Shahin

    I cant decide to get the z5, the z5 premium, or the Blackberry Priv?

  • Saif Shahin

    this or the priv?

  • Nikola Maruni?

    It’s because it still had the glass protector sticker on. If you asked me it looks much better frosted.

  • mUSICA

    take my money an give me that chrome xperia

  • Peter H

    The top and bottom Bezels are large because like the HTC (which also has large top and bottom bezels) the phone has dual front-facing speakers.

    It’s really not possible to integrate that feature without having larger top and bottom bezels, and I would take that speaker benefit over slightly smaller Bezels any day. I have a G4 now, and having the speaker on the rear is extremely irritating at times – it sounds crap most the time, and it makes the speaker nearly inaudible if you lay it on it’s back (e.g. if you sit it on the table to watch a movie or play music).

    Saying the side bezels are too large IMHO makes no sense. They are maybe 2mm at most, it has practically no impact on usability of the phone or on appearance…and it’s pretty much on par with the left/right bezels on most other phones.

  • Alvin

    Yeah, and I’m also hoping to have a z5 premium with green colour like z5… But with shiny thing like the chrome z5p….

  • aseuss

    Good point. Wish they’d foregone the 4k in the 5.5″ and given us a 1080p in the Compact. I think 1080p in a smaller phone makes more of a difference than 4k in a phablet. Well, all of this moot since Sony makes it damn near impossible to get their stuff. The CEO is destroying Sony, turning it into a mere components maker.

  • aseuss

    All great comments, guys. Wish Sony could hear all this input. ‘Course, a company that makes it so hard for customers to find and buy their products ain’t gonna listen to those customers.

  • aseuss

    Even with its drawbacks, the mirror finish will serve an important role–catching the attention of bystanders and friends. You can’t miss what is essentially an envelope-size mirror. And in light of Sony’s poor to nonexistent marketing, this design will help make up for Sony’s strange inability to get behind its own products. Of course, that brings up the chicken-and-egg problem–how are random people going to see this on the streets if Sony won’t even make it available in the first place?

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah the Z5 Compact should’ve been at least 1080p. I agree there. They previously said at 5.2″ 4K wouldn’t make sense, so I guess to save face, or b/c they really believe that BS lol, they felt they had to up the size if they went 4K. But I think 5.2″ is big enough for 4K to matter.

    No kidding. NO U.S. carriers are even offering the Z5 in any form. I want the Z6 anyway, but them not carrying the Z5 is not good. But I guess you can still buy it unlocked? I’m seeing them do an ad for the new Sony stand-alone camera and the Z5 Bond Edition as well here in the U.S., so I can only assume it will be available unlocked. But not sure when?

    I dunno if I’d say he’s destroying it. If anything, the TV business is at least becoming profitable again (for the first time in 11 years), and they have plans to fix the smartphone business too. Had no idea that the smartphone business was ALWAYS ran by a wholly-owned subsidiary.

    I think they are doing a great job overall, but with regards to their smartphone line, they need to take the U.S. more seriously. The fact that they’re ACTUALLY advertising the Z5 is great, but they need get all 4 major U.S. carriers on board to REALLY have a shot at the title.

  • Tuan

    This french website did a video unboxing of Xperia Z5 Premium

  • Tuan

    There is also a detail presentation of the Xperia Z5 Premium!

  • Nora Scott


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  • Shubham

    i skipped a beat at the picture of chrome z5 at the night shot and one where he is trying to remove the protective guard! *_*


    Another unboxing :

  • Mary Fernandez

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  • Mary Fernandez

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  • Timel

    But Sony’s dual font-facing speak is bad, really bad sound quality and it’s much worse that HTC boomsound speaker so I’m not sure it will be worth to waste the space on the top and bottom bezels or not and to be honest I don’t think that dual font-facing speaker is the real reason that make those bezels got bigger, c’mon the size of dual font-facing speak is not that big.

    HTC One M7-8-9 have ugly huge bezels, not because dual font-facing speaker but the ridiculous HTC logo on which is taking up too much space on the bottom bezel and most people hate it so much.

  • Timel
  • Peter H

    Thats utter garbage.

    Everybody knows the htc has the best loudspeaker, but the dual front facing speaker by sony is easily in second place.

    I have a G4 and I’ve used Samsung, and the single rear speaker is ansolutely rubbish compared to the Sony.

    And yes, the of course the speaker is that big. How small do you think a speaker can be? 1mm x 5mm? Of course not.

    The reason Samsung and lg have tiny bezels is because they have the speaker mounted on the rear…which (anybody who knows anything about sound will tell you) is just about the worst possible place for a speaker.

    And just fyi, those tiny slits on the sony are not actually the speakers…just the speaker grills.

    Oh and yes, the primary reason for htc having horribly huge bezels ( even bigger than the sony ones) is because of the front facing speakers. Its been a design ‘feature’ for htc ever since “boomsound” was released on the M7.

    For some reason people always criticise Sony for it, but people rarely criticise htc.

    Look at how thin the Z5 is, then think of all that has to go into it – the camera, the dual front facing speakers, all of the waterproofing, the huge battery, etc. There’s not really any way to get all that in there and still keep tiny bezels.

    If you want a phone with crappy speakers, crappy battery and no waterproofing then go ahead and get an LG or Samsung – they will give you your small bezels.

    I know because i have the LG G4 now, and i had a Sony before this…and the speaker is rubbish, and the battery is lucky to last me 6 hours under heavy use.

    Lg has a better camera though, ill give it that.

  • Timel
  • Timel

    It sounds like green emerald color on the Galaxy S6 which is such a great idea.

    Don’t forget red, blue and violent colours too

  • Timel

    Lol you’re right if Sony will give up on smartphone business… Sony have nothing left then.

  • Timel

    This is a nightmare of me

    And I just wonder one thing why company like Sony had to splited their company while Apple Inc don’t need to do like that, Apple can manage their whole company effectively without splitting their own company.

  • Peter H

    Its called corporate branding…using a similar design across all models to maintain a common appearance.

    It doesnt matter what you say, the fact is that as long as Sony and HTC are using front facing speakers they are going to have large top and bottom bezels. They cannot escape that.

  • IK

    man don’t be blind to other phones out there. Have you heard the speakers on the nexus 6 and moto x style/pure? I use to own an Xperia Z2 and the ones on the moto x pure 2015 are way better. Plus the moto X also has slimmer bezels (not that am complaining about bezels but just to show that maybe those bezels aren’t there because of dual front facing speakers as people keep saying)

  • Peter H

    The bezels on the nexus 6 are huge…they are barely (if at all) smaller than on the Xperia.

    Same with the moto X

    In fact i have an LG G4 (which doesnt have front facing speakers) and even the bezels on this are barely smaller than the Z5, with a screen to body ratio of 72.5% vs 70.4% on the Sony…and even the 74% on the Nexus 6 is only a dofference of 3.5% more screen relative to device size.

    The whole “bezel size” argument is hust such a completely stupid and irrational one. There is no practical, tangible benefit to having bezels that are 3% smaller.

    Hell evem the galaxy S6 (whcih nobody wver complains about) has a screen to body ratio of 70.7% which is essentially identical to the sony.

    The Sony bezel that looks bigger because the phone is squared off rather than curved, but I reality the difference between it and other phones (as far as bezels go) is minor.

    For example, the Z5 Premium is only 5mm taller and 1mm wider then the G4. look at a ruler and you’ll see how utterly insignificant that is.

    The sony is also 2mm thinner than the G4 and nearly 3mm thinner than the Nexus 6, which you’ll probably feel much more than any tiny difference in bezel size.

    In fact i had the G3 before the G4 and the bezel size was actually TOO thin – to the point where it made using the phone with one hand extremely difficult. When you try to reach the top corner of the screen, your palm would touch the screen slightly and the phone would star song things you didn’t want it to do. Very annoying.

    This issue isn’t really there anyone on the g4, thanks to the slightly thicker bezels.

  • Alvin

    But i like the green z5 even more… But yeah, I’d also like premium red and blue colours..

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    Funny new from Sony France today : stock shortage for the Z5 premium.

  • here’s our unboxing video and 4K DISPLAY comparison of #XperiaZ5Premium to Note5, Nexus 6P and LG G4:

  • We posted our own Unboxing video and 4K Display resolution comparison too:

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