Xperia Marshmallow Concept update (MDB08M.Z1.2157) provides Email fix; changes automatic brightness

by XB on 25th November 2015

in Android, Firmware, Xperia Z3 series

Xperia Concept_MDB08M.Z1.2157_4Sony Mobile has released a new firmware update for its Android 6.0 Marshmallow Concept software, moving the build number to MDB08M.Z1.2157-somc. After a feature-packed build in the last update, this new version mainly focuses on small enhancements and bug fixes. Sony has changed the automatic brightness in this version, as well as fixing some issues with the Sony Email app (11.0.A.0.3).

This includes a user interface issue when a number of mails would interfere with the subject line. Sony has also fixed the issue when viewing attached problems along with a bug fix on notifications. The update is rolling out OTA to all beta participants right now.

Xperia Concept_MDB08M.Z1.2157_1 Xperia Concept_MDB08M.Z1.2157_2

Xperia Concept_MDB08M.Z1.2157_3 Xperia Concept_MDB08M.Z1.2157_4

Thanks Timo and Vicky!

  • Niek van Rijswijk

    Soo… it says release-keys on the screenshot, so I’m guessing and hoping a release cant be far away? :-)

  • asgaro

    Can someone tell me: does this Marshmallow Concept project have to be finished before we get Marshmallow on our devices? Or is this more like a side project and simultaneously, Sony is already working on bringing Marshmallow to our devices? (Probably the latter?)

  • Tobiasz Wujek

    Side project based on AOSP. Sony gonna update this until end of this year, however they don’t notice how many update we get.

    Sony annouced oficial update to Marshmallow for Z5, Z4/Z3+ and Z3 series in December, however this is So(o)ny, so maybe we get it March ;p

  • dimz

    It’s a test version of the coming Marshmallow release. Similar to what Microsoft did with Windows 10, but people must apparently get approval by Sony before they get an invite to become testers.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    At least we’re getting the update unlike other OEMs. :P

  • hansip

    Well the more bug that can be reported by beta user the faster the final rollout. So keep experimenting guys!

  • iia3ezu

    Sony to slash 1,000 jobs in southern Sweden

    I think the Swedish employees of Sony Mobile Communications AB can become full-time Xperia theme makers. Leave the actual coding to competent, cost-efficient folks e.g. Indians and Chinese. Or the Japanese can do it in-house.

    I believe Kazuo understands this too.

  • Sadman Khan

    You can flash the ftf
    I used it that way on the z3c. The rom is pretty darn good and with zero bloatware

  • dimz

    Still, an official invite is much more convenient (ota updates to the next build)

  • Sadman Khan

    You get ota updates too. Sorry for not mentioning that :P the rom was for D5803 and mine was D5833. Yet everything worked including OTAs. I used this rom before buying the Z5c

  • Brick

    This is a great initiative, even though they could have tried to give access to more people. Hopefully when all is said and done and the firmware comes out, with all the feedback and bug reports it will be the best yet, on top of that they save money on beta testing.

  • Ben Dixon

    i love that we get lots of updates but the battery needs sorting and could you make a theme in a update with navigation buttons likes this black and white with black battery logo etc

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  • prometheus

    Did any of you encountered that your xperia now slow connect to wifi network? it takes approx 20 sec to connect to wifi network…

  • mUSICA

    can any one conferm ? Z5 Premium In Indian Box Are Getn Quick Charger, An Can It B used With Z2?

  • Matt

    its good to now that you can do that, make sure you sent crash and bug report to sony so that they can fix it ASAP.

    still it is irrelevant for me, i cant really experiment with my phone :S
    what i am trying to say is thank you for beta testing marshmallow :)

  • Kristie Fletcher

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  • cicababa

    cool :) we don’t need security fixes or firmware upgrades. we want themes :-p /s

  • Sadman Khan

    The ones i reported have already been fixed(auto brightness etc) The build is extremely stable and with no real issues. Mainly what Sony is doing right now is adding the remaining “Sony” features to the rom so that it turns into a full fledged rom. I like their approach and I’m very hopeful for the Marshmallow on my Z5c. It was very promising. And thanks! :D

  • Brick

    You know, for the majority of Android users having more themes would be more appreciated than firmware updates. Most smartphone users are less smart than their phones and don’t give a crap about security or having the latest android (see Samsung). Or maybe they just don’t care as long as “it just works “, which is more than understandable. Lately I’m becoming fed up with this sort of bs on android (I’ve used many different brands, not only Sony), believe me these issues persist on all manufacturers, #1 market leader Samsung is way worse than Sony in this regard, in fact Sony is one of the best from what I can tell when it comes to updates, quality of said updates, frequency of updates and dev friendliness.

  • jeremy_inc

    Yes I seem to have this problem too. And sometimes it won’t bother connecting to a new wifi till I take it out of my pocket. No stamina settings on.

  • Vladimir Travalja

    I thought that I was the only one but now I see that it is a bug. It connects eventually but it takes very long time. The only thing to speed things up is to open wifi settings and manually select network…

  • Bashar Shehab

    Have the same issue too

  • Bashar Shehab

    I’m using it too and I can tell that this update will be the stablest update ever!!
    At least it will be waaaaaay better than Samsuck’s update

    The rom is very stable and fast, I’m really happy with it :D

  • Strudel

    That’s from March this year. (old news)

  • Matt

    Could you tell me how the battery life in marshmallow? Say in comparison to kitkat

  • Sadman Khan

    Ah yes battery life. Let’s say it’s 90-95% of Kitkat. Which is plenty good. It had very good battery life even without Stamina mode

  • William Calvin

    I really hope in marshmallow, Sony will let the user to disable the sim number at the notification bar for phones with dual sim. I know it’s minor but I don’t really like to see it. Especially for people who only use one sim card. It is not necessary to display that icon.

  • Snorky112
  • Erico Teixeira

    Update Marshmallow no Xperia E4

  • ToTo

    Anyone with an Xperia Z3/5/compact can try the beta by flashing the firmware through the flashtool

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