What specs does the Xperia Z6 need to put Sony ahead of the pack?

by XB on 25th January 2016

in Rumours

Sony logoThere are numerous rumours swirling around about new smartphones being launched, most likely at or just after MWC 2016 in late February. We expect new flagships from Samsung, HTC and LG within the month or two. Sony is likely to wait until after MWC to reveal its flagship, so we wanted to ask you, what do you think it needs to stand out?

Some rumoured Xperia Z6 specs appeared on a Japanese site (docomo.publog.jp) recently, which look realistic to our eyes. It points to a 5.2-inch WQHD IPS display, Snapdragon 820 chipset with Adreno 530 graphics, 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, IP68 certification, 23MP rear camera and 5.1MP front-facing camera.

Would these specs be worthy enough for a 2016 smartphone flagship in your view? Could you see yourself upgrading from an older Xperia model, such as the Z3? If not, what specs do you think the Xperia Z6 needs as a minimum to ensure Sony Mobile’s offering stands out from the crowd? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Thanks smc6066!


    Rest looks good except front facing camera. Z6 should at least have 13MP front facing camera.

  • azzido

    OIS and S-Master amplifier.

  • zymo

    4GB RAM
    64GB ROM + microSD
    Bigger camera sensor not more Megapixel and Xenon flash
    better front cam with wide angle lens
    >3500mAh battery
    USB Typ C
    Better speakers + S-Master
    New design with metal body and back
    Slimmer bezels
    Wireless charging

  • Tjaldid

    Smaller sidebezel,
    New camera with a curved sensor, OIS, Phase detection and a new flash
    64GB storage, 4-6GB Ram, S820, 1440P whitemagic Oled display.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    NVMe internal storage, OIS, 10 bit colour range and local dimming backlights, USB Type C v3.0, larger camera pixels, wider aperture or at least better ISP.

  • Tjaldid

    I was wondering about a metal unibody but I think those are too difficult to repair meaning that they wouldn’t be popular with retailers

  • DBS

    Manual camera controls
    And did I mention OIS?
    A decent dual LED flash of Xenon flash would also be nice. Also, volume buttons above the power button, not below.
    As for specs, it’s the usual suspects for me. But a 1080p screen over a 2K one.
    And 1080p on the Compact.
    Wireless charging should be there too. Specially on waterproof phones.

  • dimz

    It should incorporate all the exclusive tech Sony has in its arsenal that would make sense in being in such a device, if possible in hardware so that they remain exclusive, as well as make sure its water and dust resistance holds in real world conditions, not only inside a lab.

  • DBS

    You can’t have a legal unibody and wireless charging unfortunately.
    Is rather keep the glass instead of the metal.

  • Tjaldid

    They actually did come up with a solution for that just got to find the article

  • zymo
  • zymo

    Here you go buddy

    “Qualcomm Becomes First Company to Enable Wireless Charging for Mobile Devices with Metal Cases”


  • DBS

    Interesting. But that’s untested tech yet I believe? No service has used it so far?

  • abdulla

    up the screen resolution, i think most xperia device its resolution 441ppi it is not good you can up to more like z5 premium. and there is a problem in flash the xperia’s flash are dark please get lighter, and camera sometimes you look on galaxy s6 and lg g4 their pictures are so good their colors so saturation but i didn’t see in xperia in xperia’s camera white color is supreme over other colors it is caused the picture doesn’t get a good quality,Bigger camera sensor thanks Sony. we always wee inventions from you.

  • flipside010

    32 or 64gb rom + fast microsd interface
    Faster camera start
    Xenon flash
    Bigger camera sensor
    Finger print sensor
    USB C
    Wireless charging I’m torn on if I’d want it built in or have a way to have itv added via a case

  • zymo

    It is working and was demonstrated with already existing phones (metal back plate added)
    Here is a video of wipower charging a metal phone (skip to 0:26s)


  • ruba

    IR Blaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tangent Lin

    Android is more to customization and Sony don’t have especially for your camera.. Not fully manual control plus superior auto mode did not show impresive result.. Please built a louder speaker and larger battery capacity. That’s all I need..

  • theskig

    Just fix crappy Lollipop UI, the engine is powerful enough.
    For example, why the hell I have to receive 50 fu**ing “data roaming disabled” notifications everyday? And many many others everytime I connect headphones. Why do I need that stupid double-scroll notification tray when the old one was so useful?
    They just spoil something good to make people write “Hey, you see those fantastic round icons? So aweson, this is a real major update!”

  • azzido

    Hah! Shamesung S7 will have 12MPx camera with F/1.7, because less MPx = bigger pixels that can capture more light in low light conditions!

    Why Sony is still increasing number of megapixels, it is not helping on such a small matrix at all.
    Bigger MPx = worse pictures, that it why mostly you are restricting users to use 8MPx only! Lot of features are block at full camera MPx. And Sony will still use boring F/2.0???

    Looks like Shamesung will again deliver better camera, with bigger pixels, brighter optics F/1.7 and OIS.

    + battery will be 3000MAh and even 3600MAh in edge while Sony will include 3200MAh only?
    Remember Shame has 0.1″ smaller screen, oled that uses less power.

    What better will Sony have to offer?

    If Sony will loose in terms of camera and now even battery again it will be time to consider the change. Where are curved lens Sony??? OIS? Bigger pixels and F/1.7?


  • illstplaya .

    I really hope they don’t increase the screen resolution. 1080p is perfect.

  • azzido

    For example ruors says newest LG will use again best camera with very low F/ which they say has a huge impact on picture quality and even 4000 mAh battery!

    Moreover eye scanner :)

  • azzido

    Also, for this model:

    Sony Xperia Z6 Plus (X65) – 5.8 cala, Snapdragon 820

    they should keep name Premium instead of Plus!

    Sounds more Premium than just “plus” :/

  • coach

    IMO the most realistic specs for the Z6 are: 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM+microSD (and please make the flash memory a bit faster and also the speeds it supports for the microSD), 5.2in 1080p IPS display (if they release a z6c with 1080p then up the resolution on the Z6 to 2k, if not keep the 1080p), the 820 i think is mantatory, a bigger sensor for the cam but not more MP, dual-led flash, maybe 8mp front cam and a 3000mAh-3100mAh battery (with the 820 being more efficient than the 810 or 801, the capacity of the z3 should be enough). I don’t see a reason for a drastic change in the design philosophy, just keep the evolution as with the other phones. And of course usb-c

  • Mina Ibrahim

    i think first the should consider the price tag here in egypt itis sold with 7000 EGP while the samsung S6 is old for 4600 EGP which makes no sense Sony doesn’t have that much to offer against samsung flagship also the UI although I love it it havnt changed for a long time and the processing of the image it takes alot if compared with iphone 6 or samsung s6

  • Matt

    dangerous question

  • Sola Hoi

    SD820 + 4gb ram is the new standard, I hope I can have a 5.5 or larger screen wtih WQHD… 4k screen like the Z5p is ideal, but I don’t want to pay a price premium for it. As for the camera I don’t care if it can beat Note 5/V10/6 plus or not, but OIS is a must for me to buy a flagship (currently using A8 after giving my Z1 to my family).

  • 21187

    We are quickly moving into an era of tech in which specs are pretty much the same across the board with only minor differences. DESIGN is the area where companies will be able to truly differentiate their phones from the “sea of black slabs” and add value to their product. Sony has consistently made a commitment to innovative and compelling design and that continued focus will push Xperia into the future.

  • lovebmw

    They need a BIG battery
    Charger C
    Qc 3.0
    Updated operating system, change the look that we saw for the last 5 years

    I believe, the winner is the phone with the largest charge.

    Lower prices

    Cool running chip

  • coach

    maybe sony will use a bigger sensor so that they can get bigger pixels for low light conditions. And no, more mp doesn’t mean worse pictures, they just have to figure out their processing software. As for the battery i don’t see Samsung sacrificing their thinness for a 3000mAh battery, only reason i see this happening is if they use a 4k display. And as for OIS, the stabilizing software on the sony cam is on par with OIS in 1080p video, so if they improve on that i don’t see a reason for them to use OIS (although if they did, I wouldn’t say no)

  • Michael K

    Wireless charging is a MUST these days, a better sensor for the cam and a better flash could help!
    Slight increase 8n battery and sound improvement.
    With 4GB ram and 64GB internal storage + 200GB microsd and a 820 snapdragon. Perfect!
    Maybe a little more saturation for the screen. Not just in album or videos.
    That would be nice! Especially for a 2016 device. That should somehow keep up with Others

  • HiengOng

    Still rocking with z1

  • ryq24

    First do something about the price. Sony phone is always over priced.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    This comment, there’s nothing else to comment about. :D

  • No mention of Battery? You guys must be kidding me.
    At least, 5,000 mAh battery.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Whaaa, Are you planning to keep the phone for about a week? lol

  • Rico_Booz

    All Sony flagship phones should always have the absolute BEST camera of any other brand. Period. A good camera is not good enough! For me to pay Sony premium price it will need the ultimate camera.

  • That’s what the Nokia 3310 days thought me. Can’t wait to bring such longevity to flagship phones.

  • 13Mp front facing camera? Why?

  • Ron Fingers

    Playstation Vita games – controller etc

  • Thariq Mohammed

    With the above specs,
    a bigger size camera with OIS (something like in the S7)
    Faster storage,
    A long lasting battery like in the Z3,
    That’s all….

    I think Sony has enough resources to build a superior camera and algorithm, but they follow a useless strategy in this department.

    Anyway as per the rumors of the galaxy S7,the camera is going to be a beast,
    Sony it’s up to you to decide!

  • subm

    Software smoothness and manual/auto mode

  • Battal

    More Pixels That’s the only Invention Sony knew !.

  • Better camera results, better speakers, on-display fingerprint reader (if possible), thinner body, more reliable waterproofing.

  • pipslvr

    Wireless charging is sort of stalled. Google took it out of their Nexus line this year. The main problems are:
    a) lack of a unified standard for wireless charging
    b) low power charging. It just takes forever to charge the new big battery devices compared to cable.
    c) you have to align phone carefully to base
    d) cable charging is not much more difficult, it’s more available, and faster. Wireless adds arguably little and comes with drawbacks too.

  • terry feng

    The specs that are rumoured look fine. My only problem is sometimes loading things on xperia phones takes longer than other phones. Video on for example YouTube does not buffer as well as iPhone so its a bit slow and takes longer to load. Also while camera on paper is really good, still hoping for better pictures. Changes I’m hoping for are not really that much of specs but better real world use. Better real world use is definitely what will set this phone apart from others.

  • McKnull

    I am personally happy with the speed of my Xperia Z3 for regular tasks.
    What I would want improved is the speed when it comes to focus and take an image, The most important thing is to deliver image quality. Here I just feel Sony are to be blamed. Something tells me that they can do so much better than this. They are just being held back to not kill their camera sales. Speed charging is something I would welcome with open arms. It just take forever to fully charge the Xperia Z3.

  • Winter Soldier

    Batter camera (Better than LG V10, Note 5)
    Full manual camera UI like V10
    4GB Ram
    Amoled 2k Display
    Totally Slimmer New Design.
    Better Sound like HTC Boom Sound
    Bigger Battery

  • J@S0n

    820?4GB LPDDR4?camera with manual control?type-C?and ultrasonic fingerprint recognition

  • Michael K

    Just like charging with cable 6 years back. Took forever, if you weren’t careful you’d have USB, cable or charging .
    And did I mention that it took forever?

    Things take time.time.to evolve, but the more there is use of it, the more likely it is to improve rather rapidly! ;)

  • Michael K

    Once again Samsung will serve with better cam? When did they do that just once? Lmfao

  • pipslvr

    Yeah, but wireless charging has been here for years already and adoption has been tepid.

    I’ve had and used Qi charging in a few devices and tech is not there yet. Specially with aligning the phone to the pad, it has to be more forgiving. I don’t know if new updated Qi versions are fixing any of this.

  • pipslvr



    For taking selfies; higher the better as you can change resolution to lower one if you want video call on comparatively low speed network.

  • Michael K

    It took them since the first block cellphones to fix the standard charging. Give them time. That’s just technological evolution. Those peeps ain’t magicians, they’re engineers, IT pro’s. That they’ve even managed to get it working on phones is so awesome with that damaging any other hardware of the device.

    Give it 5 years and it’ll be the fastest, most efficient way to charge a phone anyhow ;)


    Hardware that Sony puts in Xperia is mostly of good quality and specs but the software is not that good; that’s where the problem lies.

  • DBS

    Ahh interesting!
    Although, it raises the question of IF this will catch on. The wireless charging standard worldwide is the WPC’s Qi Charging.

    And unless Qualcomm makes WiPower compatible with Qi chargers, I don’t think they have much ground to catch on. Everyone who uses wireless charging has already settled for Qi charging.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sony adopt WiPower instead of Qi. Sony is known for liking proprietary or non-popular stuff (just look at the old magnetic charging ports that no one did except Sony or at their insistence in using proprietary chargers for the Walkman).
    But that wouldn’t bode well for Sony at all.
    At their current state, they’re in no position to try to force things unto users. And WiPower instead of Qi charging wouldn’t actually bring anyone to their phones because, well, users of wireless charging already built their wireless-ecosystem around Qi.

    So in the end, I rather Sony went with Qi and no metal body than with a metal body and a wireless standard that no one uses.

  • apolloa

    Well, I will speak for the Z6 Compact:

    1080P IPS screen using Sony’s latest trickery
    Snapdragon 820 with 3GB DDR4
    Fast internal storage of 32GB or 64GB
    Slightly thinner design with metal edges, or a design that’s a cross between the Z1 and Z3 Compact models.
    Same camera as current but with improved optics removing any blurriness.
    Same frosted glass back and same colour options.
    Wireless charging built in with fast charging support.
    Either slimmer bezels or bezels that are equal in size unlike the current Z5 Compact.
    OIS on the camera but Sony’s Steadyshot works very well.

  • Billy de Fretes

    i guess phone tech already on the maximum point of innovation, there’s nothing new only adding more RAM, Storage, pixels, and battery size…and for sony, they really need to make some different / unique identity. back in the old days, sony ericsson is the best camera and music phones…and yet, my wife old acro s still better than her new M4 Aqua camera…
    4 gb ram? well it’s not new…
    32 GB storage? old…
    finger print sensor? old…
    ip 68? useful but they not the only one..
    23 MPx? poor superior auto ruins everything….

  • ack

    I want 2 things:
    1) Release a Z5 or Z6 Ultra. Give me a big phone.

    2) Extend the Intelligent Auto SteadyShot to 4K. That closed-loop actuator on 4K would blow away the competition! :D

  • nfs2010

    Z6 lens needs to be super narrow so that it can win the camera shootouts done by those retarded dropouts – lmao

  • Dexter Moregan

    Better image processing too since other brands use Sony’s lens but get better photos.

  • Katie Pollard

    How about making a sincere effort to push their phones in the USA? It’s crazy the way they have neglected the US market. They need to get serious about selling phones in the US if they want to survive. I hate that it is still this way, but get relationships with all four carriers. Don’t let the carriers screw up the phone, like was the case with the Z3v. If Sony doesn’t want to work with the carriers, at least sell the phone in the US unlocked right from the beginning. Most importantly release the SAME model in the US. Don’t drop features. People that see my Xperia Z5 are shocked to see a Sony phone. They don’t even know that Sony makes phones. Make some kind of effort to promote the phones. I’m probably just beating a dead horse with all of this.

  • Madis Otenurm

    Concept software for all. That would be ahead of most manufacturers, except Nexus line of course.

  • iia3ezu

    Snapdragon 820
    Stereo speakers

    4Gb RAM
    Edgeless display.
    Wireless charging.

    Better camera software: fast, responsive, intuitive UI.
    Korean language input for Xperia software keyboard.
    Let users uninstall pre-installed software without needing to root the phone.

    My wishlist is simple and not overly demanding, right?


    there will be no z6c they will launch z7c in june july

  • Maurice Phoenix

    Titanium Body >:D QC3.0

  • agramonte

    Make the Z6 Compact premium again like the Z1 Compact and support Wi-Fi calling and Band 12 on T-Mobile in the USA (Just like HTC did with the A9).

  • Barakat N Al Lamki

    Xenon flash for the back and front.
    13 mgp front camera with wide angle.
    a different design that stand out loud but not another copy of iphone.

  • Mario M

    How about stylus ? Like s-note.

  • Kwstakhs

    Who cares? z3 compact is still the compact winner..

  • iia3ezu

    Expect Sony to forgo OIS and then brag about how awesome its proprietary digital image stabilization SteadyShot is so much better than OIS.

    Only Sony would be this delusional.

  • charbel aoun

    5.5 inch QHD display
    64GB, 4GB RAM
    microSD up to 200GB
    Camera 23MP aperture f/1.7 dual LED flash – Selfie 8MP with Flash
    Small Bezels like C5 Ultra.
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 820
    new design
    battery 3200 mAh
    USB type c

    and Take my money

  • Emil Oskarsson

    If the internal storage is over 32 GB I will change my Xperia Z to the new z6 with these specs without doubt :)

  • SeaTHX

    They need to come up with a new Ultra, ~6.4″ 4K display with less Bazel and a camera with LED-flash

  • shyam

    Need solar charging,

  • mike

    hope Z6 fix the email slow push issue.

  • What’s “S-Master”?

  • Fuerte Gollito

    Better camera and battery maby 5500mah, totally waterproof, wirelles charging

  • Chitti- The Robot

    All I care about is better battery life and improved image quality.

  • Fazi A Faizal

    Well, I am a smartphone analyzer since 2008. I am Sony fan too.

    I have read many reviews and i’d like to present some of my ideas…

    Its the key selling point of Xperia. Main complaint for past few years is the high noise in low light photos, need to work on it. But I don’t think customers bother about higher resolution or zoom much, but they do bother about rich detail without noise. Equipping a xenon will be a great idea. Because many of the current smartphone lacks, therefore its a nich. Xperia can make use of it. Finally adding OIS will be better. Despite ti doesn’t make much difference, still its a key point in marketing the product since most of the photographers wish to have that feature in their smartphone.

    I love the omni balanced design, but it seems that its getting too old. I’d suggest to make the back with metal, may be with textures. Also need to work on reducing the bezels, not only sides, but overall. Nowadays customers bother much about phone size to screen ratio.

    Xperia is known for stable battery life, So better to maintain it, no need of any major changes there.

    Chip set:
    Better to use the latest chip sets rather than tweaking the old chip set. (Sep 14, Note 4 came with SD805, where Z3 came up with modified SD801). Because customers bother about lates tech always, and chip set was a major draw back against the competition between Z3 and Note 4.

    Sony has come up with excellent screen from Z1. No much complaints, better to have more contrast if possible, where samsung stays at top. Customer’s dont bither about resolution, therefore maintain it at 1080p or little higher. 4k is good, but not mandatory.

    Speaker position and quality are great, no complaints. Better to increase volume to Galaxy’s level. (Z5 66DB vs Note5 73DB).

    Marketting & Price:
    My view, the Achilles’s heel of xperia is its pricing and marketing. Sony’s prices are known to being very steep at launch and fast decline after 2-3 months which unusual compared to other brands, specially against Samsung. Further availability across the world soon after the launch is not at all on par with Samsung. It reflect’s Sony’s poor supply chain management as well as lack of strategies in pricing and marketing. It’s something very bad in my opinion. It kills the brand image and customer perception on the brand.

    I’d like to point my own example. S4 launched in Apr 2013 worldwide. (It was available in my country in less than a week after the launch). Launch price was 105k in April. In September 2013 Z1 was released by Sony along with Note 3 where both were better than in S4 in all areas.

    Note 3 was available in my country on September itself, but Z1 came in November. At November both Z1 & Note3 were 90k, S4 was 75k. After 6 months, In April 2014, S4 was 65k, Z1 was 68k & Note3 was 76k. At that time, S5 was Samsung’s latest flagship and Z1 was Sony’s. Later in September I purchased a Z1 paying 50k when S4 was costing 54k.

    Therefore, I am advising Sony to concern more in supply chain, marketing and pricing than any other areas in 2016.

    Thank you for read.. :D

  • Alex Norris

    Bigger & better CAMERA sensor, Good Algoritms, ZEISS lens, and not this plastic, cheap G-lens, sharp photos across the frame (enough BLURRY photos)
    3 years we see CRAPPY postprocessing, Crappy soft (((((


  • First thing. It should be different…not the same Mary with another hat…

  • Matt

    not much needed really.

    #better quality control , too many defective phones, especially on launch day.
    #keep the omnibalance , its fine probably slimmer bezel all around
    #keep the 1080p screen on 5.2 inch and 720p on compact.
    #minimum 3100 mah battery
    #usb type c
    #maybe wireless charging ? or im happy with magnetic charging cable.
    #wide angle front camera

    generally i dont really care about the camera, mine on z3 is tremendous

  • Chuck

    I’d like Snapdragon 820, IR blaster, fast charging, return of pencil stylus mode. I’m also secretly hoping it doesn’t have USB Type-C because it would make all my accessories incompatible…

  • Abdusselam ?ahin

    new design + no more on-screen buttons

  • omegastar

    I think z6 will be launching in autumn and now we will see the z5+. The specs look cool but I want to add an OIS to the camera sensor, SOFTWARE posprocessing photo optimizations and a usb type-c. As for the screen resolution FHD seems enough for me.

  • jxPerience

    Sony i don’t see any reasons to release next gen for your E,M, T and C series. Just focus on premium side and give the mid to low end to other companies.

    Just release This 5 Variant for Xperia Z6 on first half of this year.

    Z6 – 5.2″ reduce the bezel
    Z6 compact – 4.6″ reduce the bezel and make it more slimmer
    Z6 premium – 5.7″ reduce the bezel and make the huge display useful at all
    Z6 ultra – 8″ phablet, reduce the bezel and add some functions with its huge display
    Z6 tablet – 10.1″ tablet

    This 5 Z6 variant will meet all consumers needs.

    So the price range will be
    Z6c – 500$
    Z6 – 600$
    Z6P – 700$
    Z6U – 600$
    Z6T – 700$

  • hansip

    Realistically all i want is Z Ultra successor with minimal 13Mp cam + Flash + REAL 2 days battery. 4K Display is not needed, but if it can run REAL 2 days battery then it will be superb feature.

  • Ndlelenhle Njoko

    Local dimming tends to eat up physical space, leading to slight bulkiness. It’s probably time they ventured into the OLED space.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Source, please. As far as I know with thickness at least, JDI’s older prototype edge lit LCD modules were at most just as thick as conventional LCD modules. Newer WhiteMagic modules, I’m not sure.

  • Doubleyoupee

    Is this confirmed?

  • inspire

    Well, is that why HTC failed with their ultra pixel (4mp cam)? Is that why Nokia succeeded with 41mp? It’s not just about less mp or more mp, the collective package counts. Sensor + lens + processing + stabilization + focus tech.

    Larger sensors can also capture more light. (for your less MPx argument)

    If the aperture is so large (F1.7) the image won’t be sharp. Boring F2.0, eh?

    Now, please don’t make statements if you have little idea.

  • Ndlelenhle Njoko

    My info could very well be outdated if newer implementations have improved things on that front as I only got advised of this limitation a good few years back. My bad. Remind me though, does WhiteMagic use an actual white LED or just a clear filter for its fourth pixel? Last I heard of this tech, it was still on a JDI prototype and it hadn’t yet been adopted in Sony devices.

  • twm

    If the upgrade to android 6.0 goes well then I see no reason to upgrade from my Z3 phone/tablet.

  • apolloa

    So you are implying that Sony will launch it’s new flagship , then a couple of months later launch it’s new compact flagship but give it a new model number name indicating it is a higher and newer model then the Z6 that it will have been based on? I don’t think so.

  • bojidar

    4GB Ram;
    >64 ROM;
    Type C
    bigger battery
    smaller bezels
    metal/glass body
    and so far the best sony camera that we havent seen yet

  • pi4a7a

    They are hiding when you open full screen application lol

  • dko3tgk

    The rumored specs are totally fine with me and don’t need improving. I think the Snapdragon 820 is fine, the waterproofing is great. Camera is ok, so whatever newer camera I’ll be fine with. I think just two minor things will make the Z6 series perfect to me.

    Ok first, no more glass backs. Why copy Apple when they realized it was too fragile and moved on already? Why force everyone to buy bumpers and thick cases to cover up the glass backs, for phones that crack all the time. Just get rid of them. Go metal or rubber or plastic back. My rubber backed ZL never had a case on it and has not cracked in 2.5 years.
    Second smaller bezels. The top and bottom bezels are huge and make the phone bigger for no good reason.

    Z6-Its mostly ok, just make the bezels and overall size smaller.
    1. 5.3″-5.8″ screen.
    2. MAKE THE TOP AND BOTTOM BEZELS SMALLER. Why be the only phone with 3/4″ bezels? It makes the phone almost the size of phablets for no reason. Go back to ZL slim bezels. Smaller bezels can fit a bigger screen with the same or smaller footprint.
    3. No glass back, Metal please. A nice finished durable plastic would be acceptable.

    Z6C-Stay true to the original idea of same specs but smaller size (3GB RAM, 1080p screen)
    1. 5″ 1080p screen. Don’t say it will make the phone big because the ZL has a 5″ screen and is the same size as the Compacts.
    2. 3GB of RAM. Be nice to go along with the 1080p screen.
    3. Smaller bezels. Even with a 5″ screen this phone can still be small and compact.
    4. No glass back. Metal or plastic/rubber back. No need for easily broken phones.
    5. Make it thin again. the Z5C was alot thicker looking than Z3C.

    Z6P and Ultra
    1. No glass back
    2. Smaller bezel. Look at how nice the C5 Ultra came out with small bezels.

    I think the Z series is pretty great over all except for the giant bezels and super fragile glass backs.

  • Abdusselam ?ahin

    I dont care
    In my opinion they re ugly
    Idk y but i hate them

  • zymo

    Hardware buttons on a touch screen is more than just awful. It contradicts the idea of such devices and its user interface. An os with no navigation buttons would be awesome like meego OS from Nokia (swipe OS). From a design perspective the front of a phone or tablet should stay “clean”.

  • henk

    clean design like Z5C but metalframe, without ugly corners
    symmetric front with speakers in Z3 style
    USB-C (3.0 or 3.1)
    bigger camera censor with RAW support
    SD 820
    4 GB Ram
    32+ GB Rom + SD
    old power button
    Qualcomm Sense ID fingerprint under the display

  • zymo

    What about googling for it? :)

    S-Master is revolutionary Sony® digital amplifier technology that allows for big, dynamic sound to be delivered in a sleek package.

    Unlike traditional analog amplifiers, an S-Master digital amplifier uses less energy to produce the same signal. The increase in energy efficiency eliminates the need for a large heat sink and large power supply found in conventional designs.

    In addition, S-Master digital amplifiers produce higher-resolution sound quality, monitored noise reduction and accurate sound reproduction.

    Source Sony

  • fried_egg

    I’ve always preferred my Z1 and Z5 to the Galaxy S models out at the time… I prefer the lack of “swiss army functions with no real use” that Samsung boasts… it is about getting what I need and making it the best at them… but have the cameras always been as good as they should have been – does the over heating issue sometimes annoy… so, it is about consistently providing “best of class” – and where Sony had content (eg music & films) they kept changing the offer… The “HDaudio” on the recent phones has hardly been pushed… the earphones (or lack of them) in the box could have really sold that function as a “killer” – So I am happy (as I was with my X10 when it was clearly under powered to the Desire and iphone) with the over all package but I think the phone needs “wireless charging” as that is one of those “once you have used it you never dont want it” features.. and that means the next back might not be glass but a funky mixed material design…


    yes how much time passed after launch of z5 series sony has cycle of 6 month for new flagship and compact model comes alternatively so im damm sure that this time there will be z6 and maybe z6 tablet and then z7 and z7 compact in august september

  • Shawnesome

    -4G or even more RAM such as 5 or 6

    -faster photo saving speed after taking pictures (as z5 is very slow on it)

    – usb type c, faster charging than QC 2.0

    – high res EarPods in box

    – much better temperature control as z5 is still so hot while holding

    -real 2D battery life as now the battery drains very very fast

    -stronger HDR photo shooting capability as iPhone possess, now z5 is weak in rendering scenes like sky/cloud.

    -a much better front facing camera with led flash, improved white balance and colour accuracy

    -improved panorama shot as it is not so smooth at the moment, once zoomed in no detail to see, iPhone does a better job in panorama

    -improved superior auto especially in white balance and backlight scenarios

    -more usable zoom, maybe Sony could consider OPTICAL STEADYSHOT

    -maybe the latest BRAVIA HDR display technology could introduce to Xperia

  • Jaissal S

    Yes! Completely agree with you on all points. I also had the X10, S, Z1, and now Z5 :). I was gutted when no earphones where included in my Z5. I’m actually using the earphones that were included in my Z1 haha. I love the design of the Z5, especially the back. It looks and feels clean. The glass of the Z1 was nice but needed looking after more. Please don’t make the next phones thinner and thinner. It’s fine the way it is. Hopefully the Snapdragon 820 doesn’t have heating issues. Camera seems ok to me, although i’ve not tested it enough yet. Love the battery too.

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  • Luis

    Don’t forget quick charge 3.0 and screen size versions. Compact 4.x, Standard 5.2 or 5.5, maybe a 3rd one, but definitely an Ultra 6.1 or larger. :)

  • daniel kudo

    New Design with Titanium-Magnesium alloy unibody
    Louder and “bassier” stereo speaker
    Fast wireless charging & USB Type-C
    S-Master HX for mobile
    2/3″ 23 Megapixel Curved Exmor’RS Sensor, Sony Lens G, Xenon Flash
    8 Megapixel Wide angle front facing camera
    BIONZ X image processing for mobile
    Overclocked Snapdragon 820 with liquid cooling technology
    32/64GB UFS 2.0
    Micro-SD Card up to 2TB
    Li-Po 3.500 MAh battery
    New UI

  • fried_egg

    HA! I too am using the headphones ( MH1c) that were bundled in with the Z1 in some markets… although in the Z1 EE bundled the mh650 I preferred the MH1Cs I had bought for the S when I broke the ones that came with it… Totally agree with the “thin” comment.. I like how the Z5 has improved through each model so that the corners have bumpers built in and now the frame provides a little “edge” lift so neither the back nor front touch the surface the phone is putt down on… and the frosted glass back is great too with none of the “smears” the glossy ones picked up… I too havent found the camera to have issues, but havent tried 4K recording (although I upgraded my Sony Vegas version on my PC so I could edit it!) which is likely the main heat maker other than the “fun AR apps” :)

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  • Timel

    Spot on!

  • Timel

    Agree man

  • Timel


    – (much) better post-possessing image
    – add more smooth animations to the Xperia UI

  • Timel


    Z5 Premium camera is very impressive for recording the videos, but when use it take photos, Goshhh it’s really horrible, bad color accuracy, very noisy, the worst low light and etc, actually every results are worse than Note 5


  • Timel

    It’s really Ugly

  • Dean Newell

    Dream Z6:
    5.5″ 1920×1080 RGB OLED Display
    Snapdragon 820
    4GB RAM
    64GB UFS 2.0 + MicroSD Expansion (so a dual memory controller)
    12MP 1/2.3″ Sensor w/ OIS, Glass Lense and Amazing Image Processing
    4500mAh Battery
    USB Type C
    Wireless Charging
    Better Speakers
    Thinner Bezels (bezeless sides, and moderate top bezels would be good)
    Curved Front Glass
    Wireless Charging
    All Metal Body

  • nick

    seriously 5.5″ 1080p? it sounds like some lenovo or some mid ranger!

  • sebastianer

    Just produce a better camera. My Old N5 2013 used to take better details photos than my Z5.

    And quicker updates would be a bonus.

    23MP is useless against 8MP.
    And 2MP captures more details than 8MP..
    A crappy software/camera firmware we have.

  • nick

    just give us some sneak peaks.
    sony again gonna be late to the party, since sammy and lg are going to launch their 2016 flagship ost likely at MWC 2016. and when sony will finally release the apple would be releasing its 7..dang sony

  • Dean Newell

    *Sigh*. 401ppi is tack sharp. Go have your battery draining QHD panels.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    USB Type C
    OIS with better image processing
    3000 mAh battery
    Louder speakers with a better audio amplifier
    Wireless charging
    Improved waterproofing

  • nick

    well its a flagship not a mediatek crap, if sony wants to be ahead they wouldn’t do this. current example Z5 Premium.

  • Michael Hofmann

    Qi wireless charging without adding thickness
    Larger battery at least 3000mAh
    Fewer megapixels 12-16 for a better camera
    No delays opening or closing apps e.g camera
    Magnetic fluid speakers
    OLED 1080p shatter proof screen
    New design
    “3D touch”
    Dedicated hardware chips for camera and display for improved performance and efficency.

  • Faisal Armand

    I’m probably sticking with my M5 until Sony has smartphone with larger than 1/2.3″ sensor. I don’t see anything too promising with Z6

  • Timel

    Spot on!

  • Timel

    Totally Agree

    Z5 Premium camera is very impressive about video recording but when use it take photos is completely disappointed, Bad color accuracy, bad low light and too much noise and etc, horrible results


  • Timel

    It’s really Ugly and so annoying

  • Timel

    Agree! On screen navigation buttons is very ugly, so annoying and it wastes the screen space very much, it’s really annoying especially when I use camera…

    Get rid on screen navigation buttons would be so good but it means Sony must change some elements of Xperia UI too and like you said above, replace on screen navigation buttons with swipe and gesture instead, it is such a good idea. (MeeGO, QNX)

    But I don’t think Sony has the ability to do that, it looks like Sony just don’t want to mess with software too much…

  • Timel

    Whatever! This news is just a rumour, thank god!

  • Timel

    I have three important things to add
    – Faster camera app, faster open camera, faster saving pictures
    – Much better post-possessing image
    – More smooth animations to the Xperia UI… Like iOS9

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    TouchWiz NO hell no but iOS is okay but still I think we should stick to Android animations instead but I agree with you about camera app opening speed and Post-Processing.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    This guy used the 23MP mode to take pictures. Well he should be smart to use 8MP instead to take at least night time pictures. Cause there’s a significant difference.

  • zymo

    Probably have to wait for Nokia to reenter the smartphone market with android devices running their custom swipe UI.

  • ZoubIWah

    make the camera the best in the market, or die trying. otherwise, no point even competing in this market segment.
    the z5 camera is a joke. its all about the terrible lens actually… the sensor is okay.

  • peltruquin

    Then how come the z5 camera is the number one according DxOmark?

  • Harut Hajin

    Sony can do everything in professional quality. But how many people can buy over 700 $ smartphone. Sony it’s not Samsung, Apple or HTC, it’s Japanese brand who making professional and very expensive items in every segment, medical, music, video, bank and man y-many other products. If they want they can do, but Why make the best smartphone if nobody can’t buy, You all want the best but won’t to buy one.
    It’s company, they need money to make product.

  • Vinícius Azzolin

    For me there are some things that should be changed from those leaked information:
    1. New Design;
    2. Bigger battery;
    3. 8 Mpx front camera;
    4. Dual flash on the back;

    It is not just a question of taste, since I love the ominibalance language with the monobloc design of the Z5. But the press and even the new clients blame the old design as an old approach and laziness from Sony.

  • H-R-K

    Xperia P is the first mobile that has WHITE MAGIC technology.

    JDI new tech: http://www.j-display.com/english/news/2015/20151225.html

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  • zymo

    There are enough people paying +1000 USD for phones like S6 Edge, Iphone…Since we are talking about “flagship” devices the price doesn’t really matter. If Sony could deliver a superb competitive phone then it would still not sell well because people wouldn’t notice it’s out there. Look at how insane amount of money Samsung and Apple are spending for marketing. If you want people to pay ridiculously high prices for your devices then you
    1. have to deliver a superb device
    2. make people believe it is indeed a superb device
    3. make people buy it (on/off contract) as soon as possible after announcement

  • sebastianer

    You don’t need to decrease the resolution and just use 8MP to get better picture in a phone with a real good camera 2 api (like the Nexus and some LGs flagships). This is just a Sony justification to give marketing to the “Z legacy clients” with they “awesome” 23MP sensor.
    BTW…at 2MP in the Z5 Compact you could achieve a similar (but still not the same) quality of other good phones at 8MP/12MP.

    But 2MP resolution is a totally low resolution to use as default.

    The only good thing in the Z5 Compact is the 1080p video camera at 60FPS with half steadyshot.

  • could_you_doge

    ROM? Really? are you fucking retarded? shithead

  • zymo

    Internal Storage on your phone is often referred as “ROM”, but it’s actually not the same. Generally speaking ROM (Read only memory) is the internal memory which contains data that normally can only be read, not written to. ROM usually contains programming allowing your device to be booted up or regenerated each time you turn your device on. Now go back to your mommy, kid, enough internet for you today.

  • xtess3ractx

    Type OLED
    Size 5.2 inches (70+% screen-to-body ratio)
    Resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels
    Protection Corning Gorilla Glass 4

    OS Android OS, v6.0 (Marshmallow)
    Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

    Card slot No
    Internal 32/64 GB, 4 GB RAM

    Primary 23 MP, f/2.3, laser(Larger sensor) autofocus, dual-LED (dual tone) flash
    Video 2160p@30fps, 1080p@60fps, 720p@120fps, HDR
    Secondary 5 MP, f/2.0, HDR

    WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, hotspot
    Bluetooth v4.2, A2DP
    GPS Yes, with A-GPS, GLONASS
    NFC Yes
    USB Type-C with quick charging

    Sensors Fingerprint, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, iR Blaster
    Non-removable Li-Po 3000 mAh battery

  • Timel

    You should work with Sony, Goshh

    those stupid headers of Sony Mobile must be fired and then hire people like guy

  • Timel

    I hope So

    Without on-screen buttons, Xperia UI will be very beautiful, 5.2″ display feels like 4″ display because the ugly and annoying on-screen buttons.

  • Timel

    Hey dude TouchWiz UX is very smooth now, it’s not bad at all, it feels like Samsung are trying to optimise its TouchWiz as smooth as iOS 9, which is good for user experience.


  • hmmm

    1/2 camera senzor,usb type C,bigger battery,4gb ram and snapdragon 820 and why the hell android does not keep the number you type when you talk to someone on the phone??? symbian did that…if the person hangs up,then goes to number too!

  • HAWX

    Great comment well said :)

  • Timel

    HDR display

  • Timel

    Z5 camera is just good for landscape except that Note 5 and S6 edge+ win!

    Sony must improve the camera software seriously, WAKE UP SONY!!!

  • Timel

    Talk about new design, I want to see Xperia with futuristic design, Sony should hire Daniel Simon to be the designer of the next Xperia flagship phone.

  • Alex Norris

    Hi Faisal.Many people say that Xperia M5 takes better shots than flagship Z5.
    Yes, i don`t believe about good camera on future Z6, it will be another marketing, many promises, and we again see blurry and noisy photos. Future Galaxy S7 and Lg G5 will be the new camera kings, and Xperia Z6 like HTC M10 again losers..( Galaxy S7 will has bigger sensor like on Huawei Nexus 6P it has big size pixel 1.5 micr., maybe S7 will be Pureview killer. Lg G5 will have two cameras, and I think it will be great to shoot.

    It is sad to see that the great company, slowly dying and dies by his own fault.

  • Timel

    But I want Sony phone more

  • Timel

    Sony is so weak about software, its weakest point right now.

  • zennacko

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Z1C, but if Sony doesn’t make a revolution with the Z6 I’ll be thinking about moving to the iPhone, as it’s a sturdy phone and bendgate is a thing of the past.
    Until the Z5, the specs were so close that I didn’t even bother considering an upgrade, the Z5 has a new and faster SoC, but that one overheats so I wouldn’t want to spend that money to see my phone getting throttled because of heat (maybe it won’t, but those heatpipes used to calm down the SoC means that it does get hot, a lot.)

    My ideal Z6C would have at least 3GB RAM, 128GB ROM (or 64 with SD slot) Better camera, dual flash, quicker autofocus, ability to record 1080p at 120FPS, 720P at 240FPS. Wireless Charging (OR a liquidmetal/titanium body as wireless charging doesn’t like metallic bodies.) on a 1080p screen as this resolution wars is ridiculous. I don’t care about QHD/4K/etc. they are gimmicks that use a LOT of battery and your eye WILL NOT NOTICE ANY DIFFERENCE BECAUSE YOU CAN’T SEE THE PIXELS ANYMORE.
    Keep waterproofing if you’re going to back it. If the warranty BS still goes on, get rid of it and make the phone thinner with smaller bezels.
    And use the latest Gorilla Glass if you’re not going for Sapphire, PLEASE.
    As for connectivity, well, the latest and greatest always work. With NFC and no-nonsense FM radio. It’s very much possible to use an internal antenna instead of making me use the headphones as one, Didn’t they think that I would be willing to listen to FM radio on the loudspeaker?
    As for the radio communications, just pull a Nexus and give us an all-in-one phone with as many LTE/3G/GSM and even CDMA bands as possible, that isn’t that difficult to do, or is it?
    If you include a magnetic port for charging, please include the cable as well. Accessories are expensive and a broken USB port (less likely to happen with type C) is a pain to fix, so try to leave the USB port only for data transfer or a “last resort” for charging if Mag/Wireless charging are included.

  • Alex Norris

    I said from the beginning that the Sony Alpha will not develop software for Z5, they only gave advice for stupid sonymobile programmers, but nothing more. Time has shown that, I was right.

  • Mac

    I need an upgrade from my slow and buggy z1c that I’ve been struggling with the last 2 years..
    The Z5c just don’t give me what I need. Hopefully there will be a z6c with 4.6-4.8inch, 3gb ram, 32gb internal, sd 128gb opinion, 720p screen is enough!, usb type c would be welcome but not the biggest deal, fully functioning BT, AptX, and NFC connectivity with all everything which turned out to not being the case with my Z1c.
    thats all for now, oh and bring purple as a color opinion back.

  • azzido

    one portal says Z6 will look like this!:


    If it is true than it will look very bad :( :( :( :(

    If you are going to change it into this please stick with current Z5 and omni balance!!!
    Even back looks much worse and less premium when comparing to older Z series! Excellent matt (not too much, not to little of it) and square shapes has Z5, do not want something like shown on this site.

    Please offer at least 2 variants when it comes to design then :(
    I want something new but premium, classy and stylish design, not something like this :( :( :(

    + still no word about S-Master :(
    ehh, will we need to wait till Z7 then?

    What do you think?

  • azzido

    then, how can you explain why Shamesung S6 and LG G4 produces much better pictures, especially in low light ? Master, please teach me.

  • azzido

    I want Sony to finally fix the issue with displays as I am not able to use polarized glasses and look at screen horizontally as it becomes dark!

    Awaiting S-Master and curved lens.

  • azzido

    Yes, I will wait andd see the reviews and will compare these all cameras in shop on my own.To be honest, I will replace my phone with the one that has best camera. We will see if it will be Shamesung with OIS and biggest sensor or LG with 2 cameras.

    I am stopping to believe in Sony that they will deliver some day… :(

  • azzido

    Sad but true,
    they brought blur only

  • azzido

    It shows 23MPx on such a small sensor just sucks!
    Better photos and zoom on Shamesung, Z5 only better stability, but not quality.

    I do not know who else except Sony believes in megapixel marketing?
    Rather not the users… 23MPx on Z5 looks bad.

  • azzido

    Optical zoom and less wide lens please & huge battery
    Also I want 6″ Z6 Premium with this nice grren color as of Z5 but also fronts should be green ;)

  • apolloa

    You are wrong based in your own assumptions, the entire Z5 range was announced on September 2nd 2015, so the entire Z5 range is due to be replaced on a 6 month timescale on February 2nd 2016. And MWC is at the end if February.

  • apolloa

    Yeap, and Samsung will offer you software support for a year, two if you are very lucky then that’s it, no support like Sony is providing.

  • Brick

    Just drop water resistance and focus on screen quality (maybe give an oled), camera, battery and CPU/GPU/RAM.

  • Faisal Armand

    We will se great low light performance with galaxy s7 because of its large sensor with big pixels and f/1.7 aperture. LG G5 will use IMX230, the same sensor as Xperia M5. And i’m sure it’ll also be great. And also both phones will have great camera experience thanks to advanced interface and full manual controls

    And speaking about M5, yes M5 camera destroys all Z series flagships (including the Z5), I can confirm that. Also, the selife camera of M5 is wicked good! Very good image quality, even at ISO 3200. And unfortunately Z6 will stick to 5MP selfie camera :( consumers really love selfies nowadays.

    I did a blind test on google+ between M5 and Z3. The results are the most one sided blind test i’ve ever seen! M5 won by 95% !! Damn! M5’s image quality at ISO 1093 is better than Z2 & Z3 at ISO 400.

    It’s very strange to see that sony optimises its midrange camera better than the flagship ones. I also heard that M4 aqua has the same image quality as Z3+, as a matter of fact I heard M4 aqua has less low light noise. T2 ultra camera is also loads better than the original Xperia Z camera despite both are using the same sensor. T2 ultra also has HDR mode equal to samsung s series flagships, HDR in Xperia Z series actually fucked up the image by severely reducing contrast and softening the image even more

    T2 Ultra HDR Sample:

    So the answer is sony can and also have the capabilities to improve their smartphone cameras but sony doesn’t want to do it, afraid that their real camera sales will plummet down to toilet

    You can check the comparison of M5 against Z series flagships on my google+ page

    M5 vs Z3 Indoor low light:

    M5 vs Z3 Outdoor daylight:

    M5 vs Z5: Indoor medium light

    M5 vs Z2: Indoor with good light

  • Making a wish for cute things

    – Laser focus,
    – OIS,
    – Fast charge and big battery,
    – TV Output,
    – Never more rear speakers,
    – Dual SD card slots,
    – Dual sim,
    – Leds on the body maybe? Led was the biggest Sony’s sign to me.
    – Transparent parts like Xperia P or S.
    – Come back to 1k, 2k resolution. 4k is nonsense and ridiculous.
    – 5.7 or 6 inches screen size.

  • Davinci Cruz


    Maybe this can help.
    Also a physical design that many back cover and casing could fit in like iphone would do.
    Fast charging would compliment long battery life. Z3 screen still illuminates external light which is anoying.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Dont mind about the camera hardware but the camera software need to be improve.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    The only problem i see in z5 is how alpha team ruining everything in camera software department. M5 for me is a good spec device but sadly in my country 8 out of 10 M5 user will send back their device for repair or replacement. So many problem with this M5 in here.

  • could_you_doge

    No one refers to Internal Storage as “ROM”. only dumb assholes like you do ;).

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Dude How are you gonna explain this Horrible Multi-Tasking?
    There’s no problem with Sony’s UI. I think with MM it’ll be much faster ;)

  • Christian Kogler

    What we need in 2016 is wireless charging and a decent camera, for once!
    A natural flash with adaptive brightness (like MS provides with the Lumia 950) would also be great. And a bigger battery in the 5″ class model. The Z5 is weak in this regard.
    Everything else is fine and can stay as it is.

    And, for heaven’s sake, please keep the dedicated camera button and IP-certification -these are the most important features for any phone, still most other companies forget these important things!

  • Faisal Armand

    A random shutdown issue, yes? That if I am not mistaken is a battery lock issue.

    I bought M5 two weeks ago and it doesn’t happen to me, probably a new batch came with a new battery

  • Timel

    Samsung is very bad about ram management gosh

    Even Note 5, Note 5 also has multitasking issue however Note 5 is clearly smoother and faster than Xperia Z5 Premium at the end of day


  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Hope so. Cause M5 in my place already had bad publicity regarding this issue. Sony making a good phone thru m5 but due to this error even retailer affraid to buy the m5 if the user want to trade in.

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  • Prateek Bhanushali

    The Problem is that the Z’s lineup doesn’t get deviated from its other low end lineup itself. For example, Considering the Z5, I will not hesitate to buy M5 anyday as the difference here is only the Specs upgrades and nothing out of water. Now if z6 come in with IGZO, WhiteMagic or OLED panel, Floating Touch Display like on Xperia Sola (is Awesome, as I have one, or need just more optimization) or Curved Camera Sensor or the Sensor with WRGB, and top of the line AudioChip.

    Now these aren’t some fantasy kind-of features to be considered, and Sony itself has used it before. Making these features exclusive to Z lineup makes it premium and above its competition too. Hope to See these in Z6…. Cheers

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia Z6, le possibili caratteristiche | Hi-Tech.Leonardo.it()

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  • zymo

    You should be thankful for “dumb assholes” like me, otherwise you wouldn’t exist since no intelligent being would have creampied your mom :D

  • I doubt there are many use cases for a13mp front camera

  • Great Dude

    Sorry, but would you tell me what is an S-Master Amplifier ?

  • Alex Norris

    Damm … Now i see that all rumors about the fact that M5 is better than the flagship, was confirmed .. It`s really very bad sign for all Z line flagships …. (

    About T2, I was pleasantly surprised by image quality, really nice quality!

  • Great Dude

    No it is not.
    However, since Xperia Z1 .Z3, Z5 are all odd numbers then it will be probably still the same.
    But who knows!

  • Great Dude

    Totally Agree.

  • Great Dude

    I was hoping to upgrade to XZ5 but I didn’t like it
    Yes these are great specs for upgrading and I am planning to upgrade it, however , I hope there is no problem such as bad or low sound, bad screen, bad camera or similar bad specs.
    Other stuff that are important for me are :it should have Radio FM , headphone jack( unlike rumored iphone) ,lovely design preferably a new design , big battery (the more the merrier) and good call quality .

    I much prefer USB B 2 over USB C 3 , because I don’t want to buy new accessories and USB C isn’t available at most friends or other places .I still think it needs time.
    Can’t Sony make an interchangeable USB port, and let customer changes it from USB C to USB 2 or vice versa ? ( Even if that changes need some screws)

  • Nathan

    * Sensor.

  • Mohammad Hossein

    Longer battery life, much less up and down edges and an auto hide navbar option.

  • Faisal Armand

    If you look at the results taken by M5 and Z5 or other Z seires flagship, it does appear like two different programmers designing the camera algorithms of both phones. I really don’t understand the logic of Sony programmers. They optimise the mid range camera better than the flagship :(

    Meizu PRO 5, eh? I’ve been drooling for that phone since reviews came up, too bad that it isn’t available in my country :(

    – The same chipset as Galaxy S6 & Note 5
    – Awesome battery life
    – Amazing camera in both quality and user experience

  • If it has an OLED display it’s definitely worth it

  • Xperia Z6 should be priced just like Lenovo Vibe X3 price in India, a great camera and an amazing sound just like HTC Boom Sound.

  • Adhi Suryana

    only OIS

  • inspire

    It is explained in the comment above. Please read again: better processing techniques.
    The sony’s 21mp 1/2.3 sensor is performing wonderfully good in other OEMs’ phones and leading the competition (better than Samsung’s and LG’s). See the image comparisons on internet.
    Wonder why? Better processing. Too difficult, eh?

  • could_you_doge

    most say you’re special kind of retard.. next level retardness

  • Ovidiu Popescu
  • kaostheory

    Curious, is there a speed difference between the cameras with the same sensor? I’ve often thought Sony taking shortcuts on their Z series to compete on speed with the iPhone.

  • Battal

    In your Dreams .

  • DarkMaster

    You are an idiot Z5 have awesome camera which is better from all other current flagships.and it’s a damn phone if you need better than that buy yourself DSLR.

  • Naos

    Instantly opening camera app
    Sharp, quality lens
    Faster image processing (camera)
    Perfectly colour accurate and calibrated display
    16 MP sensor
    Optical Image Stabilisation
    Continous Autofocus mode
    USB Type C
    Dream: optical zoom 16-50mm

  • Derek Schmidt

    You might be on to something, but we’re talking about Android. As long as the OS renders three buttons along the bottom of the screen, there’s no reason not to have actual physical buttons instead of taking up screen real estate from video or even reading articles or scrolling through Facebook.

    There’s really no reason why the OS should have to render the same buttons on the screen that many devices have as physical buttons.

  • Riyal

    Phone X + Phone Y * Specs = Sony phone.

  • Anukul

    I’ll tell you the most important thing that sony needs to change to increase their sales. Firstly, change the design, xperias are very sharply designed and they overpower a lot of people’s personalities, they need to go for more curves, less bling and less delicate looking design. Other important thing is camera, it needs to the best in that segment because it’s a phone from sony! These are the two major changes that I want, that’s it.

  • Jonzn4suse

    A new design, 5.7 inches screen, and the option to uninstall all unneeded apps. Ex. What’s New ;-|

  • roeshak

    The most important thing now is an improved camera module with OIS and a much sharper faster lens. If if they Keep the sensor size then they should drop the res to no more than 16mp. That’s not likely but OIS and a better lens are a must. Anything less and it would be just another disappointing device to join an ever growing list of disappointing devices.


    You are talking about Premium phone which should have highest available features; even mide range phones have 13MP front facing camera now a days and 13MP have many use cases if you look at it in that perspective

  • Taios

    change the damn design of the phone. How can they not have understood that people don’t get excited when they basically see a phone looking the same way for 3-4 years now

  • azzido

    Ok, but I have no hope Sony will finally improve the processing… in this term they are faaar behind the competitin. f they did not do this yet (and customers are moaning for it since years) I do not see Sony to be able to improbve it. Now Shamesumg will have IMX300 too in Sralaxy S7 and will combine it with OIS and even bigger matrix + adding F1.7 (Sony still using worse F2.0), I think I will switch to shamesung finally due to far better camera and OLED scree.

    It is too fast to tell this as devices are not yet on the market but I do not believe in Sony anymore. I terms of camera and screen it seems again they will be behind competition. Unfortunately :(

  • azzido

    A lot of people are hoping for it for a long time already, still no signs for S-Master :/

  • Cod3rror

    I agree with the list, except for OIS. Sony’s EIS is much better than all the current flagships with OIS. OIS creates a warp effect when panning, it’s not that great.

    The two things I want is: Concept Android as normal, and much better imaging algorithms.

    Also, the same specs (4GB RAM, etc…) for Compact and the same 4.6″ 720 screen.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Sony will NEVER, EVER be the leader in Smartphones. They don’t really care (no advertising). Smartphones are a small part of what they do. If you want a better camera (DSLR) than they sell them, want a better screen (Bravia TV, Sony Pictures), they sell them, better gaming (PS4) , they sell them, better sound (Walkman, Sony Music), they sell them, Sony can make the best Smartphone on the planet with the best camera, screen, sound, gaming but they will never ever do that because consumers are purchasing their TV’s, Cameras, Walkmans and PS4’s, etc…. Unlike other manufacturers that make the so called best Smartphones, in most cases those manufacturers do not make all of the products that Sony does. Sony makes excellent mobile devices, everyone who sees my Xperia Z5 Premium always ask ”What phone is that”, then they say ” I didn’t know Sony made phones”, then when they hold it and I show them all of the features they absolutely love it. Unfortunately, no carrier. This is one of the reasons the other manufactures are so well known and easy to get a phone because with Sony a consumer must purchase, with others a consumer can finance. Always in advertising, 2 year plan, $199, family share, 30GB……… Dumb

  • Arda Akca

    Better camera software especially low light capabilities
    Much better speakers
    USB type c
    Quick charger out of the box
    No bezels at the sides
    Dual tone flash
    Definitely a Z6 Ultra with stylus
    They need to adjust the chamfer of the frames. Looks too oval.

    They should keep the frosted glass back (if not metal)
    Graphite color should be kept also.

  • Nate

    Bring back the magnectic charge port! What a great and convenient Sony innovation! Why would you get rid of it Sony!?

  • FermentionIt

    Existing features with

    Ti or Mg or Carbon frame
    Or, 7K series Al omni-balance with Ti, Mg, Carbon back plate options
    Curvaceous corners
    Gorilla glass 4
    Existing camera with OIS and improved image processing in Auto mode
    Re-positioned volume rocker
    US availability
    Dual platform Win10/Android versions
    Premium Compact version
    3d touch equivalent
    4 GB RAM
    64 GB

    and, combine with current features. Hit…

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  • dko3tgk

    Bring back the magnetic charging port too. Even if its not necessary with waterproof USB port, it’s a nice little addition to have if Sony doesn’t include wireless charging. It also feels better than physically wearing out a USB port by the constant inserting and removing of cables.
    Just make the bezels smaller, phones are too big for no reason.

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