Xperia Z5 Premium durability tested to limits in bend test

by XB on 26th January 2016

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Xperia Z5 Premium bend testA tear comes to the eye watching a beautiful Chrome Xperia Z5 Premium being tortured as seen in the video below. YouTube member JerryRigEverything subjects the handset to a scratch test, flame test and bend test.

The Xperia Z5 Premium screen does well in the scratch test but fares less well to the flame test. As you can see in the thumbnail pic, the phone does indeed bend, perhaps not surprising given the use of the aluminium frame. Check out the full video below.

  • Alvin

    Finally.. A sony durability test. Never seen this extensive test for sony before..

  • xAntifreeZe

    what’s the fking point of all these kind of videos?

  • Dilesh Perera

    :( OH u just killed a beauty

  • Alvin

    The point is, you could measure how cruel you could do with your phone before it breaks.:D

  • djonZvolta .

    ??????? ????????!

  • Maurice Phoenix

    Yeah…It sadden me to see XPERIA Z5P being torture like that and fail.

  • Marinko Agic

    This test are so stupid!For what we need this?They rune one device,for nothing, why dont give somebody and make him happy?

  • subm

    Sony should do some work on the Z6/7

  • Marinko Agic

    So stupid!

  • Matt

    a part of me just died looking at the video

  • GigaSPX

    Yeah sure, because every company expects someone to forcefully burn and bend their phones and it’s obviously an everyday issue.

  • fluxx

    Normally I hate those tests because pure force can destroy anything, we don’t need prove for that. What I DO find a little bit shocking and should be fixed by Sony ASAP is the very weak plastic on the camera. This is such a small and therefore cheap piece, it should be made out of stronger glass or even crystal like on a lot of other phones. Sony REALLY needs to work on the whole camera unit, the lenses itself and the cover.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Yup, more OEMs are using sapphire lenses.

  • theskig

    I can’t watch those videos, it’s like going to rotten

  • Alvin

    yes, in my opinion and findings, i found that z2 is the most durable z series yet.

  • Well. The camera itself is nice. It’s used by so many other phones too (like iPhone or the Galaxy Line by Samsung). But the software on sony seems not the perfect one.

    But yeah – it shouldn’t be plastic on the camera.

  • Johan

    Many, if not all of the phones that are more easily bendable, are so because of a button or something in the middle of the frame’s side that weakens the structural integrity.

    I do like that the Xperia phones have the power button/fingerprint scenner on the side of the frame, instead of on the back of the phone. But I have been wondering why they put it in the middle of the frame, instead of higher up (?).

    While grabbing the phone with your right hand, the thumb would naturally fall higher up towards the upper right corner, would it not?
    So why not put it there in the first place and save the structural integrity of the phone at the same time?

  • laci_csk

    Wery good phone.

  • Alvin

    maybe not all people have the same habit as you and some others. but for me, i always naturally sit my fingers to middle of the phone, my phone is z3 btw, and my habit comes even before i had my xperia l 2 years ago..

  • Maurice Phoenix

    Luckily I Still Have That In My Collection ^^

  • On the brighter side, it still works even with that kind of torture, most phones die after being bent like that :|

  • CopperStew

    Why didn’t gave it me instead of do this crural stuff!

  • Alvin

    Yeah, lucky you lol

  • Alvin

    Of course, I’ll take that as a compliment..

  • Ambitious Man

    :v z1 is better.

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  • fluxx

    The sensor is good, but there are so many Z5 units out there with obvious flaws in the lens department Sony should be ashamed. All the blurry corners are due to misaligned lenses which can’t be fixed by better software. And they went for a big field of view with 25mm which is good but also leads to rather big distortions.

    Given Sony produces one of the best cameras (RX-line, Alpha-line) with one of the best assortment of lenses this is rather disappointing. Other companies manage to put the Sony sensors to much better use, just look at some iPhones in the last year or how the Nexus 6P is performing with a camera unit from Sony (not just the sensor, the whole unit was produced by Sony). The 6P by the covers its lense with Gorilla glass and not that cheap plastic Sony is using for its own top of the line phones :(

    Sorry, this shouldn’t end in ranting, I’m a loyal Sony customer, just looking forward for Sony catching up!

  • And lens scratches fast on all Zs. Too sad

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  • subm

    Even our finger or ice is scale 3 which can damage the lens

  • Nav

    Ok Gr8! So when r u rolling m!

  • dragonsneeze

    Doesn’t the plastic cover on camera affect lens quality? I mean what’s the benefit of a clear G Lens if you cover it with plastic, isn’t it degrading?

  • Dean Newell

    It’s a stainless steel frame. Might want to fix that.

  • Svnjay

    Shucks, I guess I can’t bend my Z5 or put a flame to the screen. Oh woe is me.

  • iia3ezu

    It’s just a crappy Xperia phone.

  • iia3ezu

    I think the old school power button makes the phone more resistant to bending. The long one (which is also a fingerprint reader) introduces more weak points to the chassis.

  • HypeZ

    i can’t stand my z5c camera, i feel like having a cheap phone on my hand. No OIS, plastic lens, no manual controls.. my old lumia 930 is light-years ahead of this. I totally agree that sony have to work on it!

  • Alvin

    No.. I found that my friend’s z1 after about 2 months of usage without any drops, and it already has 2 or 3 scratches at different parts.

  • Alvin

    I agree with you very much!! After thinking for long, i think that fingerprint scanner on the bwck of the phone is perfect for sony, because when combining them with power button, the phone would be less rigid.

  • fuchu92

    i know right :|
    watching this while my z3+ is under service :| and cost me 299$ to repair my screen + side body is hurting me XD

  • ZeRo+

    Sony has always skimped on quality. It is famous Sonymobile style!

    We pay for this S..T

  • M110

    good thing is that the screen didn’t crack

  • iia3ezu

    It’s also blatant discrimination against left handers. For a device that’s often used with one hand, that’s not good.

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  • Nick .

    with a 100 more you could have gotten the xperia z5 compact

    just saying….

  • Thitigorn Jiruttigorn

    I assume that Sony have been using plastic since the very first Z. The plastic is part of the back panel merging together. It feels so cheap.

  • Niels d. G.

    They might catch the manufacturer’s attention and push them into working on the rigidity of their phones in the future.

  • Niels d. G.
  • Niels d. G.

    It’s a coating that’s being scratched. I buffed off the coating from Z3 Compact’s camera cover after it got scratched, and now it’s not scratching so easily anymore. It’s probably the same with the Z5.

  • Ambitious Man

    -_- Z1 have a real metal frame. Z2 & Z3 have some plastic. But I agree Z2 is better than Z3.
    “2 or 3 scratches at different parts” :D M8, M9 or ip have that, too.

  • hansip

    Nooo :( better give me one..

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  • Alvin

    Z3 HAS PLASTIC FRAME? LOL HOW AND WHAT THE HELL. Yes i know that even others phones straches as well, but I’m here to clarify what you said before. I have that z3 in my hand everyday and it always felt and seems like it is aluminium, even though it really is. Yes z2 is more durable than z3, but z3 looks the best (3rd best if compared to z5 and z3+)

  • Roh_Mish

    Make it a bit thick and add battery in the new space created. Win for everyone.

  • Roh_Mish

    Z2 was a piece of art and craft.

  • Roh_Mish

    I really hate that Sony, the maker of the best video cameras, a serious competition in still camera market, the go to sensor maker for every phone maker does such a shobby job in camera department while making such great phone.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake


  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Sadly no :/ My Z2’s power button ring(only that ring, power button is fully functioning) came out, and Sony is asking me the same price to fix it as a brand new Z2 does. :/

  • Alvin

    Although z2 is the most durable and looks great, but i think z5 series, z3+, and z3 series has the best design of all z series and even of all phones out there (only my opinion)

  • Alvin

    Wow, you better sue your country’s Xperia care..

  • Bartosz Sobierajski

    It is not stupid test at all, i got yellow spots on my Z2 after it was overheating really badly. Recently I got that fixed under warranty, but this is anyway a very good test for new chipsets (and SD810 especially)

  • Ailan Hidaz

    I think it’s so retarded to use a “bend test” and flame test to actually rate a phone.
    I mean seriously, who would bend their phone on a daily basis?
    And what are the actual chances of dropping your phone into fire?
    I guess it’s cool for neckbeards to complain just about anything these days.

    OMG my phone did not survive a bullet to the screen – Sony I want my money back! :/

  • TombStone

    It looks as though the Z5 is more fragile than the older Xperia devices. Probably due to the aluminium frame, the thinnest of the device, and the long power button introducing weak points in the phone. But it is still one of the best looking and designed device currently available IMO.
    If you put the phone in a good solid case, you should have no worries :)

  • Ambitious Man

    Some. :D It have both alu and plastic.

  • Roh_Mish

    Yeah. I like the rounded body of the newer z as well

  • You should have ditched it and bought a Z5 Compact.

  • fuchu92

    Well maybe i will sell my phone and change it to other brand, i’ve older xperia z thou and still running until now, i love sony thou, but after 2 month using it i see almost no difference between my xperia z and z3+ from ui and feel
    Except performance and camera
    Still i will kept my xperia z
    Oh and yeah sony service in my country its sucks

  • fluxx

    One more reason to stick to the iconic Sony button :)

  • Hexsense

    No, my right thumb usually tend to just touch bottom part of it or sometime lower than the button itself. Never over-reach that high up. And it spot on with my middle finger on my left hand when i use left hand.

  • Alvin

    Hmm…wonder how aluminium and plastic combination will look like… Because my z3 has a true aluminium frame. Period.

    Show me the source please, if what you said was real.

  • Alvin

    Yeah same with me. It looks and feels better than ever… And the original z5 feels and looks amazing too, my favourite so far

  • RoberMC

    If you buy a beutiful phone and put it into a solid case… better buy another phone.

  • I see no reason why you should change phones — most people are never going to put their phones anywhere near a fire, and most of us aren’t fat enough to bend the phone like that when accidentally sitting on it.

  • fuchu92

    Uhm because i see no different when i use it, i compare it to my xperia z too, and when i put my phone to water, the seal is not strong maybe then i got water leak
    Damn that happen to me so many times to me while i use sony phone
    Now im not prioritize the waterproof anymore ya maybe sometime its usefull but not all the time

    Eh and why my phone bend, its because i got accident when i ride motorcycle
    When i fell to the ground the phone is inside my pocket it cannot hold the force from the impact, the most damaged is the screen
    My bad thou

    I love sony, but i want to change it, to get something new and fresh
    Oh and i will not change mye xperia z, i just change z3+
    Sony = great phone

  • dragonsneeze

    Oh, OK thanks.

  • fuchu92

    no i repaired it for 250$ :(
    maybe i will sell it haha
    but i will use it for half year

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