Gorgeous timelapse video created on the Xperia Z using 5,749 photos

by XB on 16th June 2013

in Imaging, Videos, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Xperia Z TimelapseThe Sony Xperia Z (C660X) is capable of taking some great pictures and the timelapse video below is testament to that. The three minute video was created using 5,749 images shot in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The pictures were taken over five days at various points in the day and at different parts in the city. Impressively the rendering process was completed using an app on the Xperia Z and the clip was rendered at between 15 to 20 fps. It is an impressive video that shows just how good the Xperia Z can take pictures, check out the video below.

Via SECafe.vn.

Thanks Quynh!

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