Xperia X family priced in Europe; pre-orders now live

by XB on 22nd February 2016

in Xperia X series, Xperia XA series

Xperia X PinkThe Sony Xperia X series may not be launching until the summer, but that hasn’t stopped putting the handsets on pre-order. The Xperia X is priced at €599, whilst the Xperia XA is priced at €299. As we reported earlier, the Xperia X Performance will not launch into Germany, but we understand pricing of this model in other Europe countries will be €699.

Is this pricing in line with your expectations, or are they priced too highly? What do you think would be fair pricing for the Xperia X family? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Xperia X

Xperia XA

Thanks Abdulghani!

  • Kefalin

    Not really competiting price. Expected better price and XAs lack of weterproofness is fail,as its supposed to be successor to M4 Aqua/M5

  • nfs2010

    600 Euro for SD650 powered X? Must be a typo!

  • Joe Black


  • Okazuma

    X Performance it’s a Z5 with Snap820 and new design…….my Z5 (4 months old) is crying…..

  • Off topic!

    This is sooo good!!

  • Solano89

    It’ s a lot! Xperia XA should be around 199, Xperia X about 299 and Xperia X Performance max 399 euros! How about leaving out from the Xperia X Performance the FM Radio?! It’ s a simple thing that might be useful for some, rubbish to do such things 3 phones with so less differences between! I’m a SONY fan but I’m getting tired of this stupid policy. Launch 3 phones in a year but do them absolute knockers, a compact 4,5-4,7″ , a normal one 5-5.5″ and a phablet 5,5-6″. Promote them properly and enter all the markets in the right time (launch day and max 7-10 days availability) with offers at different carriers (the biggest ones). Give to the phones updates in time (max 30-45 days after nexus update) and bundle a case, a screen protector and a better headset with the phones.And set competitive prices (at least at the beginning and after sales are going raise them gradually). Like this SONY u’ll have a chance to gain % from the market shares and maybe in 3-4 years to turn back at the 5th or 4th place and to have a solid ground to build upon! Wish you all the best and hope to see you big in the mobile segment!

  • Hoyz

    LOL, 100 euro overpriced the XA, 200 euro the other two.

  • Kommissar

    Too much expessive for sd650

  • fried_egg

    the actual launch date is bound to be the date shown on the phones screen during the presentation… it usually is the release date they put on their announcement video phones screens…

  • fried_egg

    the z5 will be 8 months after launch when the X gets released… with most sales in the first 3 months and the software updates making the “last” phone nearly as good as the “latest” everyone who buys a sony is really buying the latest phone… somehow someone buying a phone that is 8 months old feels better when 3 months later it gets replaced by a radically 1 year newer phone… no… its a mind trick, get over it. you bought the latest, and no one buys a phone more than 8 months old.. how great is that!

  • Abdusselam ?ahin

    600 € for x
    i mean for a 650 chipset
    c’mon sony don’t do that
    i mean wtf

  • kaostheory

    With the X now being so close to the Z, does this mean a new design for Z and if not how will they differentiate between the two? The Z6 will need a dedicated dac, top notch speakers, full camera controls, high refresh rate 4K display for VR and for the killer feature thermal imaging (see CAT) including night vision temp and distance measuring.

  • apolloa

    Sony? WTF???? They’ve blown any chance of selling the handsets in numbers from the beginning with those ludicrous prices. They better pray the carriers heavily subsidise the hell out of them. The new Galaxy S7 is going to be 699 Euros!! And that’s a flagship phone, not a ‘higher than midrange but not a flagship’ phone.
    Why do Sony make these stupid mistakes, and then complain they aren’t making any profit from the mobile division..

  • Jettakias
  • Kabuto Kouji

    Guys what happend, just couple hours ago everybody was talking wonders about this phones!! but me.. little bit exceptic cause i saw the word “middle range” phones i was quiet expecting to see the actual “mide range”prices, and BUMM! there u go, I remember those days when i try to keep steps on Sonys flagships so i remember myself getting my first Z then selling it to get Z1 then doing the same for Z2 but after that…. u know what? i just stopped! and kept my Z2 wich is the phone that works great 4 me.
    Now i see these phones that are nothing more in specs that a Z5+ and i say… i will pass to see whats next, and then decide if i get it or just stay atatched to my Z2 which has make me really happy. I mean Im even getting 6.0!! hahah cmon!
    I think i Learned something, have u?

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  • Flythe

    I hate to say it, but a 599€ price tag on a SD600 series device is the same kind of joke the One A9 was. “Available in summer” is the other problem here. Nobody will buy it then, when the S7 and the G5 are actually cheaper. I’m going to keep dreaming of a Z6 with IMX318 and OIS (or better 4.7″ FHD Compact) and a 4K Z6 Tablet with active digitizer.

  • D. D. M.

    Xperia X or 3 Honor 5X?
    Maybe I should get down of this crazy train…..

  • Eileen the Crow

    Could someone explain to me what is that Curved glass they are saying ?

  • Arda Akca

    What a transition?!? Great year for Sony :)))). I don’t want to sound like an Apple fanboy but iphone 7 series will wipe the floor with all the android’s latest offerings. For Sony, X performance is a disguised Z5+. Will not sell as Z3+. They might even cancel it after all the bad hype. They shpuld have released A tablet and the X and stayed low. Moreover, if the Z series are being slashed then we can all Kiss goodbye to Sony Mobile. By the way brushed metal was on Samsung Omnia, it is that old. The prices, seriously wtf Sony.

  • Snorky112

    oh tell me what makes theGs7 more flagship than the X performance ?

  • Snorky112

    299 for xperia X dude you are crazy, 650 is better than any 2015 CPU (except the flagship samsung and apple’s, and just a bit behind 810! snapdragon650 is better than LG G4’s and Nexus 5x snapdragon 808, so it has to be priced higher, to be honest I expected 499€

  • apolloa

    Much higher resolution better display, confirmed water and dust proof, bigger battery, better low light camera, wireless charging of all standards. And it costs the same. You can buy it in the UK and I believe Germany.
    Want me to go on???

  • Snorky112

    xperia x is better than honor 5x in every way

  • Snorky112

    650 chipset is the second best qualcomm chipset after 820… even better than last year flagships… I promise you won’t notice any difference between 650 and 820 ;)

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    Considering that the X is identical (if not inferior) to the m5, I find it’s price ridiculous, now the X performance is indeed good but 700 is way to much for a phone that isn’t a flagship

  • Snorky112

    gs7 will be priced 699 maybe more.. and has nothing more than xperia x performance except being a fugly phone with a shitty UI, only the AMOLED screen is good in samsung phones the rest is trash (camera may be good but not worth buying when you see sony’s camera is better with better AF)

  • Snorky112

    you won’t see any difference on the screens (from a resolution point of view), ok AMOLED is more shiny but sony’s IPS display feels more natural on pictures, both are water and dust proof, lowlight camera; you don’t know, it may not be, also 12/5mpx cameras against 23/13… samsung UI is ugly and sony makes better follow up with updates. wireless charging is a snapdragon820 feature, so it should work on Xperia X Performance…

  • Snorky112

    it has almost everything better than M5

  • Flythe

    I’m not talking about the Performance, which disappointed me as well, but the Xperia X without any additions. Yes, 699 is more than 599, but a) the latter is still way too much for a SD600 device and b) when the X finally launches the GS7 will already be around for quite a while and probably cheaper.

  • Snorky112

    it has to be cheaper, also you won’t see a difference while using them because “performance wise” 2k screen is overkill, 4gbRAM is overkill, new Exynos is overkill, you will just pay for nothing more because everything the gs7 exynos or 820 will do, the 650 can also do… it’s like buying a ferrari to drive it at max 120km/hour, you don’t need the extra power…

  • Omarion07

    Sony must be taking the piss with this insane pricing!!!!

  • Omarion07

    Ah c’mon man! You’re just defending Sony just for the sake of defending Sony.. You know that they’re pricing is insane especially for the Xperia X which is literally a midranger.. I could get the LG G5 with much better specs than both X and X performance and for lower price!

  • Snorky112

    nope, what are the “much better specs” tell me ? and the “lower price” ?

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    Sure,no difference,that’s why they have not the same number..

  • Omarion07

    Really?! Higher screen resolution, 4k video recording, removable battery, probably better camera, and better sound quality with the new bang and olfsen audio chip!!

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    If you don’t need the extra power,why buy a ferrari? Man,you are defending the X series with pointless arguments,they are trash,overpriced phones,without quick charge 3.0,with a <0.2" display,with a pair of speakers that looks awful (Z2 style is the best) and with the same components of the Z5,at 599€ as lower price? That it's not a phone,that is an iPhone,a phone that doesn't worth it but the people buy it to feel having the lastest,think a little bit,if you have to pick Galaxy S7 with one of the best fingerprint scanners,with the best display,with waterproofing,with the best SoC and one of the best cameras or the Xperia Z5 with just a sd 820 and aluminium.. What would you pick of both? Sony messed up with this series,hope they can cancel it.

  • azzido

    seems again they will launch 15-20 phones a year and then will be unable to keep it updated / bugs free.

    Again it will take ages to deliver android N and Sony will be last to the party to update its stock launcher.

    Hello Apple, here’s my $$$ :)

  • apolloa

    No, there has been NO official word from Sony themselves that the X Performance is water and dust resistant, ONLY this site states it. And I know a lot of people were unimpressed with Sony’s Z5 camera, especially the Compact with it’s cloudy edges, as for updates, you are seriously stating that? Erm well then where’s my Marshmallow update then? Even my Nvidia Shield TV got that today, but my Xperia Z3 tablet is still waiting and waiting and waiting…
    And why not go and show me exactly where in the specs Sony has stated they have included wireless charging built into the X range of devices then?

    You cannot argue any of my points, not least the fact I can’t buy the X performance….

  • Bruno

    The X and X Performance does have 4K recording, dont talk about hi res screen after 1080p, the X Performance already have and Hi-Fi DAC, where the G5 you have to buy a part. Ok, no removable battery. And about the “lower price”?

  • Snorky112

    sony didnt mess anything up, the minds of the poor customers are messed up, thinking Galaxy s7 is better…

  • Snorky112

    yea on use you won’t feel the diffference ;)

  • Snorky112

    higher screen resolution is overkill, 4k recording are possible on both, removable battery is a matter of taste (pointless in the opinion of 99% of people), the rest is just your expectations, maybe the sound quality will be better to listen to music, which no one uses their phone for…

  • Flythe

    Allright, to sum up your arguments:
    – a 5.1” screen with QHD resolution is unnecessary
    – an additional gigabyte is unnecessary
    – using a high-performance chipset instead of a midrange one is unnecessary
    – and all of this doesn’t justify a hundred dollar/euro price bump
    + weird parable: a Ferrari isn’t worth its price, but getting a Prius for not even 15% less is perfectly acceptable
    – the device doesn’t support quick charge (which is not true)
    – the device (Xperia X Performance) lacks significant features the Galaxy S7 has (not true, either)
    – the device is “trash” (bold statement from someone, who probably never even touched it before)

  • CueX

    you WILL on battery usage, 28nm vs 14nm does sure make difference !!!

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    Man,I don`t like galaxy`s,but I have to say that S6,Note 4-5 and S7 are superb devices,”the mind of the poor customers” so if Sony can`t compete with other OEM is customer`s fault? So we have to buy everything that Sony presents? I didn`t like it Galaxy Alpha,was a great phone but overpriced,the same with the X series.

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    If we`re going to have that mind,why bought a Z5 if Moto E it`s fine? It`s like say that 810 and 808 are the same,they are not,801 AB and AC are the same,no different numbers of SoC.

  • Snorky112

    not exactly what I meant.

    FHD or QHD resolution: won’t notice the difference unless you watch with your eye at 1cm from the screen (not even sure if you’ll see it)

    there’s no app that will make use of 3Gb anyway (at least for months/years)

    the chipset that you call midrange is equal or better than last years high-end.. and no apps will make use of the actual “spare” power…

    the xperia X should have better camera than sgs7 with better resolution, sony’s android has better UI, fingerprint sensor is better positionned, also android is not meant to have a home and others buttons below the screen…

    so with 100€ less you’ll have same or better experience with this phone (don’t forget the ugly fingerprints on the glassback of the samsung)

    I hoped it would come at 499€ to literally crush the competition, but it’s OK.

    to me Xperia X performance is pointless, and not worth, like are the GS7 and LG G5 etc.

  • Snorky112

    sony can’t compete with other OEMs because everywhere in the world samsung and others are giving free phones with contract and sony doesnt

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    @danvafidis:disqus , seriously this is an XPERIA blog, you just can’t agitate all XPERIA customers here, If you want to prove your point(s), and not just throw hate, I would appreciate it if you gather some proven data (forms, tables, charts, diagrams, etc.).

    Thank you very much.

  • Snorky112

    your apps wont run faster on 820, your phone UI won’t run smoother either, and 650 will draw less power even 28nm, that’s why they put a smaller battery, because it doesn’t need it.

    650 for example beats 808, which beats the 810 because it has problems

  • ryq24

    Sony mobile is struggling and this is one main reason why. Their pricing. They still think they can compete against Samsung and LG and iPhone head on. They can’t even compete against Huawei and Lenovo. Sony mobile might as well close shop. They have disappointed a lot of loyal Sony fans.

  • Snorky112

    that’s exactly what I do, i don’t throw hate, others do

  • Snorky112

    people were unimpressed because they want to watch shiny oversaturrated AMOLED screens, xperia Z5 has the best camera with best 0.03s focus, and X will be equal or better, I don’t tell you to buy xperia x performance, just want you to stop saing that GS7 will be better flagship as it doesnt have anything more than the X, it’s even not as good as X in some cases

  • apolloa

    Sorry but the Galaxy S7 destroys the Xperia X Performance, go and buy one and enjoy it, I can see Sony pulling out of the mobile market in the next 2 or 3 years if they keep this up.

  • genwral

    the only innovation from SONY is changing letter Z to X, but X maybe still stand for Xperia phones.
    No wonder mobile division is struggling.

  • Snorky112

    destroys with what? 820 is better (check benchmarks), sony camera is better and better resolution. only Amoled screen can somehow make the samsung better, everything else is just “OK” compared with the sony, and when you take everything you see you can enjoy sony better because better UI, fingerprint on power button, camera etc.

  • Patrik

    Oh… Where is Timel? When he’s needed most.

  • apolloa

    Camera is not better, MPX means nothing with cameras, and you don’t know what your talking about, the Galaxy S7 ships with the Snap Dragon 820 in the UK market so your wrong there, Samsung put different CPU’s in their phones depending on the market they are sold in.

  • Snorky112

    I never talked about MPx, check DxoMark tests that put Z5 number 1 and GS6 second, and will now put Xpreia X number 1 and GS7 second again

  • apolloa

    Yes you did: “sony camera is better and better resolution”

    And as I said, lots of people have been upset with their Sony Z5 Compact cameras.

  • Alvin

    Mid range, right? Right.

  • nick

    1.its always good to update and stay with newest possible tech,so like now almost all flagships sport a QHD display, if Sony doesn’t play along will it survive?
    2.An extra GB is always appreciated and it is neccecity now with this android, bcz its not a pc that u can upgrade when you want,unless you buy new device.
    3.of course the future chip set will be better that last years chipset we cannot deny that.(and that is exactly what sells the device).
    4.its never said that android is not meant to have hardware home buttons,actually its better if we had switchable like OnePlus devices.(i am ok with Xperia buttons btw).
    5.Without the X performace how do you think sony will have a headon with G5,S7 since Z6 is nowhere to be seen, they need something for powerhungry users, so they threw in XPerf.

  • Solano89

    No need to talk aggressive, ok make the X 349 or 399 but no more and the X Performance 449 but that’s it, if you want to sell those you need competitive prices and good software update cycle (with this you can put a bit bigger price), some bundled stuff because and presence in all the major carrier offers. With a mid-ranger you are not in competition with S7, G5 or 6S, you compete with Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus and so on, look at those prices what these Chinese phones have and the specs that they have and think it over. Save me from the type of comment that these are ONLY Chinese crap, I have friends that have Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus and they are fine handsets (unfortunately). SONY has to rethink their pricing policy, marketing and presence on the different markets! As I told before I wish them all the best but and hope to see SONY in the front of the biggest players in mobile industry!
    PS – Where is a new tablet (2 in 1 maybe) and the Smartwatch 4?

  • hansip

    looks like the X will have brighter screen and more natural color.

    PS: Snapdragon 650 is quite a performer if you look at how Mate 8 perform. they are quintessentially the same on the CPU side. the GPU side though, it’s where, i believe, Adreno will smoke the hell out of Mate 8 Mali’s GPU.

  • hansip

    Snapdragon 650 is quite a performer if you look at how Mate 8 perform. they are quintessentially the same on the CPU side. the GPU side though, it’s where, i believe, Adreno will smoke the hell out of Mate 8 Mali’s GPU.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Tell them

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Never complained about mine z5 standard
    Alot of people you say, “are u part of them?”

  • hansip

    Snapdragon 650 is quite a performer if you look at how Mate 8 perform. they are quintessentially the same on the CPU side. the GPU side though, it’s where, i believe, Adreno will smoke the hell out of Mate 8 Mali’s GPU.
    the only reason i want the X Performance is the Waterproofing though. SHould the Xperia X got that one too, i don’t mind in the slightest to go with Xperia X.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    I dont agree with you on this
    They would definitely be a difference

  • Fahim geyas

    Xperia XA should be priced at the pricing of Galaxy A3 2016, Xperia X = Galaxy A5 2016, and Xperia X performance = Galaxy A7 2016..

  • Solano89

    Add the Samy’s better marketing and distribution strategies!!!
    Unfortunately SONY can’t cope with that at the moment and it’s way to
    slow (slower than Samsung) to deliver updates such as Android 6.0.1 to
    their flagships! But SONY has two main advantages (sadly it is not seen
    by most of the people) such as better design and build quality and longer life/ endurance
    than Samy.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    The edges
    Just like iPhone 6
    I have a tampered glass just like that on my z5

  • Only the company’s backing. Samsung is making you believe that S7 is the one you all were waiting for and its the flagship phone for the year with continuous anticipation and regular leaks while Sony just thought oh its MWC coming, lets take out our old cake from the fridge and try to sell it out on our booth at MWC. Great i mean im speechless and frustrated. They just have lost all the anticipation of Z6 as well along with the remaining worth (if there is any) of Z5 series.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    100€ off for the X and X perfornance and it ll be good

  • Joseph Kevin Yap

    x and x performance have 13 mp front cameras capable of ISO 6400 plus the famous Steadyshot tech for recording stabilised videos. That surely will destroy everything else in the market.

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  • stolnheartdealr

    You ask for specs and granted not everyone is providing on point comparisons however you can’t just dismiss the facts because they don’t fit your opinion calling them ‘overkill’. I avoided camera specs besides the wide angle second camera of the G5.

    +Dual camera
    +Modular design
    +Removable battery
    +High Res screen
    +4GB RAM
    +”OLED-like” always on display
    +2800mAh battery
    -No Waterproofing

    +Wireless Charging
    +High Res screen
    +4GB RAM
    +3000mAh battery
    -$70 dollars more

  • stolnheartdealr

    Equal or better? 3 one hundredths of a second AF sounds crazy to me but i’m pretty sure I read the X performance’s best to be .6 second. Definitely not “equal or better”

  • stolnheartdealr

    They’ve been overpricing their phones for years now, I don’t know why i’m surprised anymore…

  • Nielzs

    The X is priced too high to compete with other players on the market

  • hansip

    should be around Z5 introduction price for the X Perf. for the ordinary X, should be around Z5C price. for the XA, around M5 price.

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  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    I don’t agree with your opinion but OK, and what is better is marginal,so it doesn’t justify the 200 more euros (more of we consider that m5’s price is already dropping)

  • Ichsan Rismunandar

    at 299 euros, it’s closer to the launch price of an M4 Aqua.

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  • Amar

    The price of 600 euros is for Xperia X, not X Performance. Heck, even Sony Xperia Z5 costs less than the X and Xperia Z5 Premium costs just 80 euros more. When it comes to pricing, there are no bigger idiots than those in Sony Mobile division. GS6 costs 444 Euros.

    Sony makes amazing handsets, there is no doubt about it and they make sure as hell that no one every buys these. The Z5 Premium is way better than any other Android phone. Z5 is among the best but the pricing is so bad that people wont even consider these two phones. Its like ‘meh, I am getting GS6 or Note 5 for much better price, why should I pay for this one’.

  • Mario

    Way, way too expensive for a 5 inch 1080p display with Snapdragon 650. I thought hey that’s a cool phone for my parents (read a mid-ranger) but now Id rather recommend a Moto X. Who runs Sony Mobile? I mean come on, so many bad decisions. I could have done it better and so could many more.

  • Amar

    we are not doing medical research and extensive VFX for games or movies on our smartphones. Yes, Samsung AMOLED oversaturates the colors but you can change the setting to give a more natural feel.

    The lower power consumption and the possibility to illuminate only parts of the display etc make AMOLED preferred choice and hey, people do fall for the over saturated stuff. I have seen countless consumers open their mouth and say ‘Samsung phones have brilliant screen’ because they do not care about color accuracy. All they need is ‘eye popping’ colors and Samsung is giving that to them.

    PS: I vowed never again to buy a Samsung phone after GS3, I use an iPhone but I hate Sony the most for their idiotic strategies.

  • Flythe

    Following this logic, buying a Z5 would be a better buy over all of these devices. The Xperia X will only excel it in terms of camera performance, but that’s not worth paying 150 bucks more. I agree with you on the necessity of QHD screens in smartphones, but there’s nothing like “too much RAM”. Even, if any app requires such amounts of storage for themselves yet, multitasking does. Farthermore, the 650 did pretty nice in some benchmarks (as far as they’re credible) and everyday performance will be fine for the average user, but its gaming performance won’t come near a SoC with faster GPU. Connectivity won’t be as fast as on a high-end chip, either. Everything else you said is subjective.

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  • XperiaBlog

    Sony confirmed the IP68 body of the Xperia X Performance here >

  • Seriously Sony, that’s ***WAAAAAAYYYYYY*** too high Sony!!! That’s the equivalent of what I was charged (over two years) for my flagship Z3 when I got it!!!

  • Heidikayala2

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  • Dominic81

    You’re a Sony apologist and a “zealot”… just like Apple has its “iPhone apologists”… you’re full of it ;)

  • Timothy Crayon

    What i can see is a SUCKSUNG FANBOY YELLING…..
    As he knows her mother fucker master is losing her market share ……from 2014…..
    the size of the pie is the same, however, the portion this korean shit phone can get is smaller and smaller.

    We understood why you are yelling at Xperiablog…….

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  • Ailan Hidaz

    lol wut?
    Why the hell does Xperia need thermal imaging?
    I agree with every other point except thermal…I mean what are you planning on doing with that feature?

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Are you just copying and pasting your comment all over Xperia blog?

  • Emil Oskarsson

    It’s a 5 inch phone 1080p is goof enough you won’t see any difference between 1080p and 2K on a screen that small. It will just consume a lot of more power and put a lot more strain on the GPU…

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    X doesn’t have 4K recording AFAIK but X performance can.

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  • Jettakias

    That’s right…

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  • Svnjay

    2.5D glass

  • czerikcum

    X Performance cost more than S7 in my country. Lol.

  • kaostheory

    Night vision goggles of course. What new stand out feature would you add?

  • ShinOrochiX

    Oh please say this is a joke, I actually was going to buy this phone (Xperia X) but the price has just killed it for me, forget me-nobody will buy these phones at these prices. Look at the OnePlus X, more or less offers the same specs, better materials, clean OS for a fraction of the price. Thanks a lot Sony. :-(

  • AllanKafka

    Or the brightness level was just higher on the X.

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  • Me

    They’ll be other devices with the 650 that’ll be 100-200 bucks less than this phone. It’s overpriced.

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  • kaostheory

    Night vision of course. Everything else works great for trades. What killer feature would you add?

  • apolloa

    At least your username perfectly matches your mental age…. Go and draw a pretty picture now of a house..

  • apolloa

    Actually they have 23mpx cameras, so the low light capture will still be poor.

  • Great Dude

    I actually predicted to be around that for Xperia XP but I am not sure if in the summer the price will still be good or pricey
    I have to say that I hated how they didn’t include a radio inside it and that they didn’t bring a new design, otherwise it seems fantastic phone.

  • apolloa

    That’s good they have put that feature into the top end model. They should have also made the mid range version waterproof though I think, Unless they will be keeping the Aqua model in their range.

  • apolloa

    Nope, but read a lot about it, and the official Sony forum is full of people complaining about the Z5 “Compact” camera lens.

  • apolloa

    I was wondering about their tablets and smartwatch too? I guess that will be saved for the next show?

  • hansip

    Well you must count software updates as value to be purchased though. Others might be cheaper but when uncertainty of software update is looming, you know where the money goes.

  • Me

    Is any Sony phone even on MM yet?

  • hansip

    Not yet but late doesn’t mean nothing compared to other cheaper alternatives. And yet If you count MM concept then your comment is invalid. Sony does have their phones on MM. When you go cheap you sure must let go of any promise on software update.

  • Geese Howard

    I thought the X series is mid-range?? Those prices don’t look mid-range lol Sony.. Love you guys but come on, time to change that old mentality buddy.

  • hekermeker

    Sorry Sony, at this price my next phone is Lg G5

  • arya baskara

    @omarselecao:disqus g5 has better camera?. really? if g5 has better camera, Iphone and Samsung would not depending sensor from Sony. They might be ask for LG too..

  • arya baskara

    when s7 still using Sony Sensor don’t tell us s7 better than Sony Xperia. if they could develop better Sensor i would say S7 is better.

  • Omarion07

    I didn’t say sensor.. I said camera and a sensor is part of a camera. Yes Sony sensors and mirrorless cameras are the best.. But their phone cameras’ are not the best

  • Solano89

    No tablet or a 2 in 1 PC and no Smartwatch 2 but weak X series phones a lot overpriced and now we found out that SONY is ditching the Z series to. I wanted a strong Z6 with a whooping 5,5″ screen, but no, I’m getting X with 5″! Add to this a slow update cycle and a non existing marketing strategy and presence at the major carriers all over the world of the SONY phones… Sad… As a SONY fan I’m disappointing and I’m looking forward to move away from the brand for the first time (I use SONY in music, TV, mobile, photo and gaming)! Sad!

  • peltruquin

    My Z5 camera is amazing much better than the Galaxy S6 that I use for work! IOS is overrated, S6 autofocus is slow and lame, blurry pictures all over

  • CerberusSco

    I actually like the look of this X Performance. Would it be possible to import from EU to UK and if so, how?

  • arya baskara

    who said their phone camera are not the best? imagine if samsung and iPhone don’t use Sony sensor what kind result of picture they gonna get.
    u just underestimate Steady Shot when other still use OIS but the shaking like hell. look at this

  • arya baskara

    Look at that STEADY SHOT and Low Light Video Bruuhhhh… and you said sony phone camera don’t have the best camera??

  • ibolito

    Everything. S7 has the same design as the previous Samsung flagship, the X performance has the same front panel as the Z3 and remember that Z4 and Z5 were launched by this time. The S7 has a QHD screen, officially IP rated waterproof, bigger battery (but yes I know that FHD scren on ZX may provide better battery life). And all of this for the same price? Nah man, Sony’s gotta be kidding us. The X series is a shame for them. Looks like my beloved Z3 Compact will be my last Sony smartphone.

  • ibolito

    Unfortunately pictures quality do not depends only on lense or sensor. We saw many OEM make better photo phones than Sony with Sony’s sensors.

  • arya baskara

    OEM? Sorry i’m talking about Samsung, LG and Apple.

  • Deads

    Doesnt matter if its overkill or not.
    Now when people go to the store and see the S7 and X performance in the store for the same price, they will start looking at the specs and see that the S7 has the higher res… for the same price.
    Most people dont care or know if they can see the diffrence or not, its higher and therefor better.
    Besides that, the s7 will be in the stores before the X series.

  • Deads

    If people actually care about such unimportant things, then please explain why Samsung has been outselling Sony for years.

    You cant. Because 90+% of the customers do not give a fuck.

  • ibolito

    Wrong word, I just saw that OEM doesn’t mean what I thought. I was referring to other manufacturers like Apple, Samsung etc…

  • erictheking87

    What DAC+amp section has got the Xperia X???

    ‘Cause you know… Hi-Fi sound (as they call it) doesn’t mean proper DAC+amp hardware… and LG (V10/G5 with audio addon as well as chinese phones – Meizu, Vivo, Lenovo and Qiku) has got ESS Sabre DAC with proper amps…
    And they just slaughters all those Samsungs, Sonys, Apples and others in sound quality department….

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