Here’s where Sony has hidden the Xperia X LED notification light

by XB on 26th February 2016

in Xperia X series

Sony Xperia XThe position and size of a smartphone’s LED notification light can make the difference on whether you notice that new email, SMS text or social media message. Sony Xperia phones have used various notification lights in the past from the flashing bar in the Xperia S to the colourful illuminating bar of the Xperia SP.

More recent Xperia phones have been more muted affairs when it comes to the type of notification used. The Xperia Z2 was one of our favourites, with the light integrated to the top speaker. The Xperia Z3 LED was smaller and circular, located in the corner of the device. With the latest Xperia X model, Sony has moved the LED notification light to the right side of the earpiece as seen below.

The light looks quite small, although we’ll wait to see how it would work in practice before passing judgment. Where does this notification light rate versus other Sony Xperia devices you’ve tried? Which model is your favourite in terms of LED light? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Sony Xperia X LED Notification Light

Via IT Media.

  • haRT3r

    Xperia Z2’s definitely the best!

  • Gästen med gesten

    Ofc the z2 and z1 c and t3 i don’t know why they not continued;-)

  • mugglearchitect

    Of course the one in Z1 compact! It’s big and bright enough!

  • Marinko Agic

    Z1 have the best LED position

  • Gabriel Franco

    Z2, ZL and S, i would love another lightbar in a new Sony phone

  • Kabuto Kouji

    that looks ridiculously ridiculous!!! SP was the best!!!

  • Wolf0491

    I remember on my xperia Ion I had to do a mod to make the light brighter it was so awful

  • WilliamTell13

    I love the one in the Z1/Z1s.

  • zaryab

    Xperia SP LED notification was the best

  • Bashar Shehab

    Xperia SP’s one is the BEST!

  • KarFar

    Guys I need your help, do you think it’s still worth it to buy the Z3 after 1.5 years of release? I don’t think I need the Z5 especially that I have to pay more than $200 more. My other option is the LG G4 but I’m not sure about it as I find it too big and thick.
    Any help will be appreciated.

  • SONY only

    Where is sony logo ?

  • pi4a7a

    Yes it is worth, Z3 is one of my favorite phones ever.

  • rtr titans

    Z2 nd z1 compact is best in LED placement..

  • Matt

    z2 wins my vote, utterly subtle

  • Alvin

    Obviously, the Z2 notification light is the best, and z3 is the worst… But this one isn’t that bad..

  • adibuyono

    LG G4 is not a good option btw..
    LG fail so much with the G4, especially the leather version bring so much trouble (it get dirty really fast and start to peel off after months of use)
    I would prefer xperia Z5 than Z3 and LG G4..
    If you dont wish to pay more, Z5 Compact is a good offer btw

  • Alvin

    Z3 is a good choice.. If there is a Z3,Z3+, Z5, ot even Z2, I wouldn’t think twice that I would buy one of those Z series than G4, I don’t know why people overrated that thing, and also the S7 for this year, people overrated those things very much

  • qwerty

    Xperia S and Xperia U flashing bar were the best, I think. Xperia M’s notification light is also elegant which is a thin line fades and brightens slowly.

  • Josh Cook

    I wish they could at least say what month this phone gets released…debating on the s7 or the Sony X performance. But I need one before the end of may

  • Shorinryu

    I own both of those phones and find that they both have tradeoffs. With the latest marshmallow update on my G4 I find that battery life is much improved. That being said I don’t game on it much anymore and it is my primary handset for messaging and work. I don’t have problems with the black leather cover or the circle case and have owned the device for the past 6 months.

    The Xperia Z3 software seems a bit better optimised but the camera and useability are not on the same level as the LG G4. Als the Z3 as beautiful as it is it is ‘slippery’ when handling but using a slim case eliminates that issue. For me the critical difference is whether you want the best battery life or not. The Z3 is more consistent in that regard and the SD801 chip works great. The G4 is very dependant on if you are a power user or not as I noticed the screen on low brightness still uses a large amount of power in comparison.

    Hopefully this was a more unbiased and objective look at the two devices for you.

  • jokensy

    The notification light on my Z5 Premium is smaller and more subtle than that of my Z2 but when it flashes, you can see it from any angle. This is not the case with my Z2.

  • Snorky112

    buy xperia M5 or XA if you want to play less

  • dragonsneeze

    Not under sunlight

  • Tomislav Mati?

    Gone with original Sony ShatterProof screen protector,

  • KarFar

    Thank you

  • azzido

    1. W980
    2. Xperia S
    3. Z2 from newer ones

    X one is silly and one of the worst as it is almost not visible at all…
    Besides, who cares X series?

  • shhh

    Oh god that horrible shatterproof screen protector of the past.

  • David Hvatov

    Looks ugly. Z2 has the best led notification light. Design is better too for me.

  • Svnjay

    The Z2 had the best LED.

  • P9

    I still hope X series not thr flagship
    hope Sony release real flagship a time this year or even that Z6 <3

  • Dominic81

    And here’s where Sony has hidden its Marshmallow update

  • joe

    SP is the best in notification light

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Lucky for me I have an xperia SP spare and a z2 both phone which have the best notification LEDs from sony

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    That’s quite true although Id prefer if sony made the light more bigger or visible on the newer z models I think that the z1 had a smaller light than the z2 but the z2 tab had the same kinda light as the z if they integrate the light like they have done in the z2 and SP people might choose that more I had choice between z2 z3 and z3+ but went with z2 from z kuz of price and design

  • azzido

    where is a new thread about silly infantil Themes?
    I am missing it :(

  • jmaxim917


  • Chuck

    I will miss my Z2 notification light but that’s not too important. I’m more curious about why the X Performance is 8.7mm thick? Does it have a curved back or something?

  • Akash_Sharma

    Xperia ZR’s Notification LED bar is undoubtedly the best I have seen so far :D

  • ben bleho

    xperia ray, yeah these were the times.. I had it. the size were perfect for my needs.
    imagine a phone of this size with a new 820-cpu and 3GB ram..
    but the z1c is nice though, it’s the last of the great phones bevor the plastic-framers came

  • Gunboat_Diplo

    Xperia U had the best light.

  • Kristijan Knezevic

    Never really cared about the LED notification because these day’s phone is most of the time in our hands and we check it wery frequently so any position would work out… But I guess that little things make the difference..

  • M110

    make sure you protect screen of z3 using protection glass.

  • Kabuto Kouji

    yeap me too bro thos 2 are my lovelly ones!!!

  • tristi lumina

    Sure XSP LED which can turn into rainbow notifictaions XD

  • dimz

    Xperia SP, lights up so much it’s impossible to not notice.

  • Zbaeia

    Sony Xperia X Timeshift video <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :D !!!

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Remember Xperia U??

  • SM

    Xperia M has the best notification LED Illumination

  • Raj Singh

    I don’t like the placement of the notification on the X series, just like I don’t like it taking the place of the Z series.

    In my opinion, the best notification light (and bezel) on an Xperia is on the Xperia ZL (pictured below), followed by the old school Xperia S.

  • Kabuto Kouji

    Yeah ! actually that was my first Xperia phone; I remember i was so happy that the led on xperia U changed colors, unlike S or P that was only white..but the reduced ammount of ram (512) on xperia U made me sell it and upgrade to SP, but sure it was great!

  • Kabuto Kouji

    yeah ure right

  • Luis

    Best one IMO was the Xperia ZL, flashing light just below the screen.

  • Doubleyoupee

    Xperia ZL is the best… such underrated phone.

  • MG

    Xperia M2 has two illuminations, one led on top next to the earpiece, and one bar below the screen similar to ZL.

  • Nicu Piticu’

    I had Z3, now i have G4. It’s true Z has better battery life, it’s a bit smaller and thinner.But G4 feels liek an upgrade to me! Screen, camera and software is a big plus.

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    Totally agree!

  • azzido

    omg how silly it looks in X series… couldn’t they just maake it bigger to cover entire hole like in Z2 at least? Seems with X series they faired all designers and hired students… so sad

  • Timel

    This makes me laugh so hard LOL
    For what sony!

  • Timel

    Agree, ZL’s led notification is the best

  • Timel

    What an ugly monster bezels phone

  • Timel

    SP was too much

    ZL and Z2 had the best LED

  • mugglearchitect

    yes, i removed it haha

  • 3_nity

    Xperia M5 doesn’t have gyroscope sensor. Not compatible with VR

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Off Topic:
    I was expecting Sony to announce the next new tablet, Sadly it didn’t happen :(

  • Pokance

    Totally agree with you, Xperia U was amazing at design! I still have it. I upgraded to Android 4.4, which is because KitKat seems really lighter than ICS. Anyways, Im regretting I didnt get the SP…

  • Flythe

    It was a 2013 budget device. What do you expect? The notification LED really looked nice changing colours for different pictures in the gallery or songs inside the Walkman app. And it had brushed aluminium sides when even more expensive devices hadn’t.

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  • Ali

    Throughout all of the Xperia series, Z2 was the best design I think.

    If you can do a bezelles XA, you can also do it in X Perfonmance..

  • Aprilpschleicher

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  • Alex

    I had the Xperia S and thought that the white bar wasn’t used for notifications – it was only rooted devices that could use an app to make the bar flash, mine had the bar and the standard circular LED at the top for notifications.

  • Mac

    I just wish the Z1c could deliver 2day. Mine is getting awefully slow and full of bugs, battery performance is also an issue. Was hoping for a Z6c about now. The Z5c just didn’t give me what I was looking for.

  • Mac

    Best looking I’d say SP, ZL, ZR, S (sadly just white tho) ,Z2, Z1

  • Dion

    I guess you like small things

  • Prasad Daki

    Xperia T3 offcourse!!!!

  • vigneshprince

    Z2 is still the best in the design of all!

  • Jaissal S

    My Xperia S was my favourite for its notification bar :D

  • MixoMaxoViper

    SP was the best, same like U and Z1/Z2. The light has got so many functions and abilities! SP was very good phone with very bad support and memory components….

  • Xperia SP :)

  • Kristijan Knezevic

    Bezel freak detected!

  • EQ

    Z1 and Z2.Stylish executive look.

  • ShinOrochiX

    Man, I miss my SP, too bad it was ditched on JB, which was shit, buggy + no multitasking!

  • both my kids got it when they were 6 & 9, screens shattered and all, but they still work and yes – the notification LED looks great and works fabulously. They couldn’t be happier with the device.

  • SM

    rightly said mate

  • SM

    you then merely know anything about design

  • iia3ezu

    Have the twits at Sony thought of the possibility that with such a placement of the notification LED, dirt, earwax etc might over time get into the receiver and cover up the LED?

    Xperia X will be the death knell of Sony mobiles. Today, the Samsung flagship stores have already put up the posters and demo units for the S7 phones. The sales reps have already been trained to attend to queries.

    No Xperia X phones found at the Sony stores, and their sales reps didn’t seem to care. More interested in TV sets, DSLRs and handycams.

  • SONY only

    Hi @XperiaBlog:disqus

  • Uzair Syed

    Glad my Z3v is designed like a Z2 when it comes to the notification light.

  • Emilio Rodulfo


  • Battel

    Sony mobile act like a newbie in smartphone manufacturing !
    and the bizarre thing is that they have a good portfolio of a variant designs and Notification Led!?

  • Joe Black

    Who cares about the position, it’s got one

  • Mujeeb Ahmad

    I for one really like notification lights. I really loved the one on Xperia U and modded it various apps to make it work the way i like. For my next phone i chose ZL which had a similar but smaller notification light but in my opinion it went really well with the look and feel of the phone with such a high screen ratio.


    Totally disagree.

    Had the Z2 and HATED the LED’s design. Example of form over function. Z2’s LEDs are hard to see under daylight (charging while docked in the car under the sun, you can’t see it at all), while flat on the table (being inside the grille, at an angle you don’t see anything), and dim (being inside the grill, you’re not looking at the light source directly.)

  • Alex Norris

    Rare case when a budget model in the whole looks more beautiful than the flagship ))

  • nick

    Xperia ZL had the best led eclipse also Z2 had good one. i dont understand why sony is trying to be apple and continuously going on hiding the led all around the phone. and Z series was better as flagship. and what is with their bezels…still they dont find a place to position a tiny led?

  • Nightmare

    ZL by far!! That LED design was gorgeous

  • Zbaeia

    Sony Xperia X Root 4k video :D

  • dragonsneeze

    Sony has done this before with Xperia V, Xperia P etc. Their midrange always looked good. Sadly design isn’t everything, and it’s subjective. I personally think the A family of Galaxies are better looking than S.

  • SM

    which phone/model is this on the left side? n what’s the xperia model on right side?

  • Alex Norris

    Left – XA, on the right side – X Performance

  • abvc

    it is good that sony now remove black panel on the front for other colors option.

  • Eduardo Otero

    The Compact version!

  • David Hvatov

    Never had problem to see led even at brightest daylight.

  • jonoave

    Same here. It was very cool and unique.

  • jonoave

    There are apps that can modify it to be used as a notification light.

  • Matt

    the left one looks like a chinese phone

  • Jaissal S

    I was considering SP after that because of the multi coloured LED bar, but heard that the camera was disappointing.

  • Rangga Moslem

    agree with u Matt

  • Alex Norris

    So, Chinese smartphones looks more beautiful and innovative? ) Bezels on X performance, look like from 2013.))

  • Erinsbaker1

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  • Matt

    nope im just writing my observation, the left one looks like a chinese smartphone. i did not say which one is more beautiful or innovative.
    But if you do like chinese phone styling , go ahead and say so.

  • Battel

    Xiaomi Mi 5 beats Xperia XP in voting on GSMArena
    Sony got back in time of 3 years and re-invented Xperia Z and Xperia ZL with more bezels !

  • Dawid Potocki

    Definitely Z1 Series :)

  • Davis Yik

    I think Z1 has the best one for notification light

    61eR ®

  • EQ

    I think it is alright. Visible yet discrete and visible when using flipcover. Though I do like more the Z1 type of led which covers the whole speaker opening.

  • paul_cus

    My favorite was the notification LED on the Xperia ZL.

  • paul_cus

    The best.

  • Mirandaacooper1

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  • afterstea

    Xperia ray! I miss the times that Sony tried to make unique designs.

  • Melvin Mejia

    Is true I have same problem too,gets dirty very easy too

  • Tech Gospel

    Xperia U had the best notification bar. Too bad that never made it to a higher end model.

  • daviddang

    seriously wtf was sony thinking? the XA looks better than both the X or X performance

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Same on Xperia M

  • Krisztián Tálos

    Xperia Ray had the best notification light. The light bar on U/P/S/SP was too much.

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