Android N Developer Preview announced by Google

by XB on 9th March 2016

in Android

Android N Split Screen XperiaGoogle has today unexpectedly announced the Android N Developer Preview, significantly earlier than expected. Google has released this “work in progress” build in order to incorporate developer feedback so that it can release the final Android N version to OEMs this summer. Check out the list below to see the key new Android N features.

Key Android N features

Multi-window support – Google is introducing multi-window support on phones and tablets, allowing users to view two apps at once. On phones, you will be able to see the apps one on top of the other in splitscreen mode. The partition will also allow you to resize the apps between them.

Android N Split Screen Xperia

Direct reply notifications – Users will now be able to reply to incoming message notifications in-line without leaving the notification shade.

Android N Direct Reply

Bundled notifications – As the name suggests, this will allow notifications from one app to be bundled together. This can be can be expanded into individual notifications by using a two-finger gesture or tapping the new expansion button.

Android N Bundled Notifications

Android N Doze Mode – This new Android N Doze mode will additionally save battery whenever the screen turns off. On Marshmallow, Doze only saves battery when the device is stationary.

Quick Settings enhancements – Google has added more room for Quick Setting tiles, these can now be accessed across a paginated display by swiping left/right. The tiles can also be easily sorted by dragging and dropping.

Android N Quick Settings

Android N Data Saver mode – Gives users control over how apps use cellular dat. It will allow you to block background data usage. Users can whitelist specific apps to allow background metered data usage even when Data Saver is turned on.

Android N Data Saver

Via Android Developer.

Thanks Daniel and Mrninko!

  • mugglearchitect

    Which xperia devices do you think will receive N by 2024? Lol

    Seriously, do you think this will reach z2?

  • I would love to see on my Z2. Specially because of the improved Doze mode and the quick reply of notifications.

  • ?????? ??????

    I think that is no, unfortunatly :(
    They can not realese Marsmallow just in time even for flagship Xperia Z5.

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    Please Sony,if you love your community (I don’t think so because you take +5 months to deliver M) please make N to the Z2 or even Z/Z1,if you have not plans to update anymore Z2,please left him with a major update,with the definitive update,Sony c’mon,give us some love

  • iia3ezu

    Sony will most likely be out of the mobile business by the time Android N gets rolled out in 2017.

    So you will have to do an unofficial updating yourself.

  • iia3ezu

    Sony is not obliged to pour new wine into old wine skins.

    Love is a two way street. Perhaps it is people such as you who should show love by buying the newer Xperia handsets and upgrading more often. Then Sony Mobile might not have done so badly financially.

  • raju

    Worst update… Mobile is need split windows?

  • Doubleyoupee

    Direct reply notification… Please not just for google apps or ancient texting. Whatsapp please…

  • Akand

    Sometimes YES…

  • Akand

    I think it was really unexpected for Google as well. But when they heard that Sony has released M, they realised that M is old enough to announce N.
    So, Google don’t count their time, they just keep an eye on Sony. If Sony can reach the step, it’s time to move onto next step for Google. ;-)

  • Rat

    Marshmallow is going to be the Last update for Z2.

  • KzX

    Still no PRO layer theming!? WTH google !

  • Arch9


  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Let’s hope NOT. I think all Z2/3/3C deserves one last update. Doesn’t matter if it takes a long time to update but it’s really cool and Sony will shine on how they supported this device. I honestly love how Sony updated their devices.

  • jmaxim917

    You are too funny.

  • YuuriAyano

    The notifications look messier for some reason.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    This is sooooo correct.

  • Ambitious Man

    2 years. :)

  • hansip

    If you think so, then my Xperia Z Ultra is more than ever need that split screen feature.

  • hansip

    It’s a tablet driven feature importantly. So not that useful on phone but you can still do something with it. Small apps is nicer way but even if it get removed i won’t complain because there is split screen capability.

  • Velexas

    Cool PETITION asking SONY for faster updates (Android N!!!), SD card as internal storage and to keep the Xperia Z line!!!

  • Lee Jia Hui

    Multi-window support??
    I think Sony will remove their small apps feature that time bcuz it becomes redundant???
    Feels like Google just want to force Sony to remove their key features??

    Stamina -> Doze
    Small apps -> Multi-window

  • AkhdanP1234

    Sony should just ditch Xperia ROM and go stock.

  • Utsav Shah

    don’t worry, sony loves z2/3.

  • M?rcis Buhholcs

    M is too glorified. In the beginning it had version number 5.2 for a reason.

  • Ariya SD

    While it is logical to assume Marshmallow is the last update for the Z2, it’s still not official, and we can’t say for sure.

  • Actually I agree with you, but probably Sony will update Z3 and Z2 is not to deterrent in terms of hardware… Will keep my hope on this ahaha
    But I want to see the plans for Sony after this update since by the Summer we will have the X line on the market… Let’s hope that that new line don’t change the support on the Z line :-/

  • xAntifreeZe

    Sony should really sue Google for copying their idea of STAMINA mode

  • cicababa

    yep, like the xperia e4

  • hansip

    Well Small Apps are built for semi multi tasking. Now when Android supports multi window, it is kind of redundant. Small Apps still have some nice capabilities that multi window doesn’t though, like minimize the small app without pausing the functionality.. So i believe Sony will retain it. But even if otherwise, it is ok i guess.

  • hansip

    so deep i found Adele.. wait is this 9Gag?

  • Kosacka

    Z3 and Z3c yes, Z2 no.

  • Dean Weaver

    Android N sounds like progress – BUT I haven’t even got Marshmallow yet….. Z5 premium, on the 3 network & in the UK. Sony updates are painfully slow…. I’ve been a Sony customer for years, but I’m getting really fed up..

  • Jonathan Bratanata

    samsung’s note 5 isn’t even getting the marshmallow update yet

  • mugglearchitect


  • azzido

    Almost signed but read it and saw “steel body”…
    Sorry but no, I do not like entire steel body, only frame should be steel (not plastic like X series), rest should be glass.

    And then: “Or better: introduce a full metal body!”
    So no, no signing.

  • azzido

    Probably this is why only 40 signs… seems no one interested.

  • Velexas

    That’s not what’s written in the petition…

  • Velexas

    That’s not what’s written in the petition… And, after all that text, that’s the only thing you don’t agree? Lol, you should sign! Don’t you want adoptable storage?

  • azzido

    I do not want full metal body.

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    “Upgrading more often”? Xperia Z2 and Z3 are the same,Z3 and Z5 it´s almost the same,Sony doesn´t evolution,they want perfection starting with the original Z. In where they went wrong to be badly financially? Flagships every 6 months,not upgrading older models,taking too much time to upgrade,having bad constructions,etc. I´m not saying that they are obligated,as I´m not obligated to buy a new Xperia,look at Z5 and XP,they are different,Z5 it´s better in terms of design,that now is what matters because almost all phones runs excelent,you can think that it´s dumb to say this but,if Sony doesn´t release N for Z2,I will go out from Xperia,they should care more about the customers they have,they are not in a position that makes them the best option,I have a Xperia because I love waterproofing,stereo speakers,5″ displays,a good body,etc. But why Sony can´t show us that they know we are here? Why they can´t have a better service? Remember when Moto were the first upgrading? That little thing did that the Moto G and Moto X were amazing in sales,if Sony do that,they can get a big part of the Android community beside of having a better camera software,better customer service,etc.

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    I need it a lot,I copy text many times and some apps don´t let me copy the text so imagine having to switch beetwen apps.. Viewing a document while reciving messages with new information about the document,etc. Some people don´t care about split view,but we are a lot of people wanting this feature since 4.1

  • pipslvr

    Coming to your Xperia device in 2020…

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    And this update will be available for sony line in january 2017

  • KIMI

    Pls don’t they have too many devices to support as of now, and you guys keep on pressuring Sony to update your old Z devices and you guys continuously complain that they do their updates slow, well it’s nice that Sony isn’t abandoning us but it’s just too much of a burden to them

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Didn’t pressure Sony. I am happy with the updates I got so far. When it comes to quality updates, Sony has always delivered them to us.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    If Z2’s not getting then Z3/Z3C ain’t getting too :P

  • Kosacka

    Wanna bet? :P

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Okay you got me there :D

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    :D :P

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Okay Let’s bet :D (rofl) :P

  • Ariya SD

    They dropped the Z and Z1 which had very different specs together. I don’t think it’s strange to think that the Z2 and Z3 with their very similar specs will stop receiving updates at the same time.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    So basically make a Nexus

  • AkhdanP1234

    Yeah, like a nexus but with sony hardware and sd card slot.

  • Jenniferdkeeling1

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  • Bibhu Prasad Behera

    i am also a victim of sony……still using jellybean in xpria c :(

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