How important is adoptable storage to you in Android Marshmallow?

by XB on 10th March 2016

in Android

Concept-Marshmallow-Storage_3-315x560One of the best new features in Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the ability to use your microSD memory card as an extension of internal storage. This means that for Android devices with low-levels of internal storage, yes we’re looking at you Xperia M4 Aqua, you are able to boost the amount of space you have to install apps/games just by sticking in a large microSD card.

Up until Android Marshmallow, microSD support was limited to simple file storage i.e. it worked great for saving your media (photos/videos/music), but proved less useful with apps and games. Some apps/games allowed you to transfer the APK to the memory card, but this was not widely supported and in many cases would not transfer the data.

We covered the process of how to enable adoptable storage in our recent Concept for Android Marshmallow review. Essentially, once you install a SD card, you are given the option to use either as simple file storage or as internal storage. If you opt for the latter, the SD card is formatted and encrypted, which means the card cannot be used elsewhere, such as a desktop or laptop for example.

Concept-Marshmallow-Storage_1-315x560 Concept-Marshmallow-Storage_3-315x560

However, whilst adoptable storage is potentially very useful, many OEMs are not including the feature in their handsets – well at least their premium offerings. Both LG and Samsung are not supporting adoptable storage in the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 respectively and with the recent Marshmallow rollout, it looks like Sony is also not supporting the feature within the Xperia Z3+/Z5 series.

It remains to be seen whether adoptable storage is included for the mid-range handsets such as the Xperia M4 Aqua, when Marshmallow eventually rolls for these devices. After all, we have seen Sony offer the ability to move apps to SD card on its lower-range models in the past at the expense of the premium handsets. It could be a similar story here.

We can understand why Google and/or the OEMs might be reluctant to include adoptable storage in its flagship device. After all, it may lead confusion for some if they try to remove their SD card and find they can’t read it on their computer. There can also be a performance issue related to the speed of the SD card used.

To get round this though, the feature could always be tucked away within developer options. Away from the prying eyes of most users.

Anyway, we wanted to know how important is this feature to you? Is it something you were looking forward to when upgrading to Marshmallow? Would you still like to use it, even if you have a flagship device? We’d love to hear where you stand below.

  • Tan Keeyong

    1st comment

  • Svarion

    Very useful

  • Amirul Jeffry


  • Musharab


  • Adrian M

    It was the important and Best Feature in Android 6….

  • Amirul Jeffry

    Bad move for Sony if they don’t want to include this feature on next update. 16GB on my Z3C is really not enough for installing apps. Duhh.

  • Mario Dimitrov

    As an owner of the Xperia M4 Aqua that has 8GB of Internal Storage i can definitely say that adoptable storage is a MUST for me….

  • Hey please…. Update for Z3 Compact! When it will be rollout?

  • It is very important. It changed my phone experience. My Z3 Tablet still has Lollipop and I have lost count on how many times I’ve had to transfer to SD card. And it doesn’t even help!

  • Peter van Liesdonk

    I’m running the Marshmallow beta on my Z3 compact, but I’m really missing this feature. I don’t know where all my storage went, but somehow my phone is constantly complaining about shortage of storage.

  • Batuhan Süersan

    I’d like to see that feature on my Z3. I always get %75 or %95 storage info on my notification. So it will erase once for all. And i can buy new micro sd card for this with u3. I have c10 card on that but if necessary i’d like to buy ofcourse.

  • Amit Pharande

    Yep Definitely I’m gonna update my Xperia M4 Aqua to Marshmallow and Hope Sony’ll add this Feature in M4 Aqua’s Marshmallow Update :)

  • Don Bart

    will my screen on Z3C still peel of for the 4th time? That is what im interested in

  • Alvin

    Certainly, because I wouldn’t normally eject my sd card from my phone and I have to get rid of those annoying notifications saying “Transfer Data to SD Card, bla bla bla 95% bla bla”. Combining them would be a good thing, shame if sony doesn’t include that though.

  • Alvin


  • Akafu

    I’m sufferring with Z3C’s 16GB of internal memory. Come on SGS2 had 16GB 4 years ago. Install couple of games like Dead Trigger or Asphalt and it becomes full very fast. I hope MM update will come with Adoptable storage enabled.

  • I’d just like to get the update.

  • Velexas

    It’s very important. It was the feature was most looking for.

  • Velexas

    SIGN THIS! Petition to get ADOPTABLE STORAGE in the next update!

  • Larry Allingham

    My daughter has an M4 Aqua. She is desperately hoping for adoptable storage in Marshmallow to make her phone usable again. She’ll be gutted if Sony drop it :(

  • Velexas

    Sign this petition to get adoptable storage!

  • Velexas

    Sign this petition to get adoptable storage!!

  • Heng

    Its really important function in M4 aqua cause its lack of storage:/

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Z5 here. So didn’t bother.

  • Abdul Ghani

    u have to spam every website in the world to get 100000 signs

  • Mohamed Mahmoud Saleh

    Yes the Z3 tablet has 16 gb… And no other options… And so it’s very essential features to have… Even if its hidden in the developers option to access.

  • Naw

    it is very important because of the good feature

  • The explanatory text is perfectly good and add a few more ‘are you sure?’ messages, repeating both the benefits and the restrictions, and what’s the problem?

  • NorTiaN

    Its actually the ONLY thing that makes me want marshmellow for my Z3 Dual…

  • paolo semeraro

    Absolutely indispensable for my M4 Aqua!

  • Dominic81

    I have some very big 1GB+ games ont my Z5 (Final fantasy 9, Final Fantasy Tactics, Ducktales and Fahrentheit). I’d like to be able to install them on my 128GB card, no doubt…

  • Allan

    Just wish manufacturers wouldn’t tinker so much with stock Android’s built-in features. If Google finds them worthy there’s probably a good reason why…

  • flipside010

    It’s removed the storage pain I used to have with my z3c, as long as people use a fast card I can’t see the issue, and before anyone pops up and says it removes the ability to transfer data by swapping out the card my response would be that doesn’t warrant them taking them option away.

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    It’s all marketing, if say they include it how then will they justify the premium price for the extra memory (64GB instead of 32GB) Anyway for me it’s very (if not extremely) important as I have the M5 (16GB) and being used to windows phones where almost any app could be installed in either sd card or internal. I will look into enabling it via the adb commands, when the update is available to the M5.

  • nick

    of course it is necessary, whats the point of the feature which cannot be used in premium flagship.
    its not far that copycat sammy will be like why add microsd remove it completely and other oem will simply follow.Nonsense oem like sammy should be forced to use it.
    i mean those who buy flagships or 6.0 devices will of course be educated enough to see the warning and result of using sd as internal memory.

  • Raj Singh

    As an owner of multiple Xperia Z series devices, some of which will receive Marshmallow, I have zero issues with adaptable storage as long as you have the choice to choose between portable storage setup and internal storage setup.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    It is a very welcome feature, I could always back up my files on my computer. Additionally, if you loose you phone, all your files remains private because, nothing can be accessed eventually
    I would so love that feature

  • OSagnostic

    It is important to me, I do not swap SD cards, I just use them for memory expansion. It would be better if the system did not limit what i can store on that card.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    This is really disappointing, for me, this is the most important feature of Android 6–heck I’m wondering why this is only happening in Android 6! They should have had this feature from the beginning! It still baffles me why these manufacturers refuse to offer it to their customers.

    I mean, if they’re concerned that users are going to use a slow SD card, then, they should INCLUDE the fast/required SD card into the phone package already! I’m sure, if people can afford to buy $700 flagship device…then an extra few more $ for a compatible SD card is not a problem for those potential buyers.

    Or if they don’t want to include it, then put a huge sticker in the face of the phone telling their buyers about the recommended SD card to use and its purpose. I’m sure if people can learn how to tweet or face-swap…they’ll be smart enough to understand that the SD card cannot be used outside of their devices.

    Come on…these manufacturers should treat us as smart adults, not just a bunch of social media loonies.

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    Not to mention this feature automatically does a benchmark and warn the user if the microSD card they’re using is too slow during the setup…

  • Matt

    i really curious about this feature, i mean how fast is our internal storage ?

    since xperias still using traditional emmc memory . is the fastest sandisk microsd can keep up ? (about 80 mb/s write speed)

    anyway i am not the type of people that installs a crapload of apps and then complain that the phone is slow nor that i needed more memory . . so yeah

  • Wolf0491

    No offense guys but those petitions generally do nothing.
    I would love this feature however….Last night I was installing a game and the game had to download more data when it starts like most games…Apparently it was HUGE and all of a sudden I started getting force closes and I had to hard reset phone and then same thing happened and finally on another restart it went through the 20 minute APP optimization thing on start up for some reason and I had to go uninstall the app quick lol. It was super annoying…I have a 64GB card soo would be awesome have this feature. Instead of having to manually move them to SD which usually doesn’t even move the full app over.

  • MarkG54321

    Technical limitations. Users are idiots that will fit a slow SD card and then complain when the OS slows down becuase its treating fast internal flash and slow external SD as a single unified storage pool.

    Apps to SD was selective, Android 6 solution doesn’t differentiate.

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    I need it really bad on my M4 Aqua. The storage is horrible and even a 32GB micro SD card doesn’t solve the problem for me.

  • Treb Amurao

    how I wish sony will include it on the next update

  • Kabuto Kouji

    Forget it!! who cares about adoptable storage when you will get “enriched calling v2” and NEW stickers!!! remember the sony 6.0 video?? SUPER COOL!!! (damm SONY)

  • ????? ????????

    So it isn’t available on the Beta software for Z3c? Great. Moving to concept then.

  • keeff

    The Marshmallow OTA has pretty much ruined my Xperia Z5 now that I can’t use the SD card for anything useful. I think I’m going to have to factory reset it to make it usable again. Sony, what were you thinking?

  • Bashar Shehab

    I used this feature in 6.0 concept rom with my Z3c, and it sucks. believe me my SD Card is NOT slow, it’s Samsung Class 10 16gb card and it’s so fucking horrible to use with Marshmallow, atleast that’s what I saw with the concept..

  • illstplaya .

    What are you taking about? You can use it the same way you always have.

  • lFreedoml

    Yes, I want it for my flafship

  • mb

    as a Xperia M4 Aqua user, for me it crucial that they provide this option. if not, it is bye bye Xperia for good from me.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    I’m actually torn. I’m aiming for at least 32GB internal storage + microSD card slot for my next phone but microSD cards are MUCH slower than flash storage (which is why Samsung chose not to adopt it).


  • Flythe

    I planned to upgrade my Z3C to a new Sony device with SD820, more than 2 GB of RAM and NO plastic frame this year. Regarding the current development inside the Xperia line, I’d at least like to have the possibility to turn that annoying “75% of your storage is already full”-message off.

  • Flythe

    That’s what Samsung probably wanted everybody to think with its S6 last year. Of course, eMMC is much slower than UFS 2.0 flash, but would you even notice any difference in terms of speed in daily use? Probably not. A UHS class 3 microSDXC is already blazingly fast, even class 1 are pretty fast, but why buy one, when Samsung could sell you a more expensive storage option? Furthermore, since it’s only media, that can be saved on the external storage, it wouldn’t affect the OS’ or applications’ speed anyways. So it was basically just about making more money and not about an actual speed advantage.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Sorry, I should have specified the speed difference with large apps. Videos, music and pictures are fine on adoptable storage.

  • Michael Moran


  • ?????? ??????


  • Malcolm

    Petitions sort of matter… If the customers are ready to follow this with a switch to a different company. If the company can feel that a lot of people will move away from it if the petition isn’t heeded, then yes, it matters. If not, they don’t care. If the share of petitioners is too small, they won’t care either.

  • Benjamin Levy

    I’m not sure I would be a fan of adoptable storage. If you get a new phone you can’t simply move the SD card to your new phone to move your songs and photos.

  • Rober

    Yes, I really need it!!

  • Sarfaraz

    Don’t care about z3+ and z5 series coz they better internal storage than z2, z3,m4 n more… The phone with lesser internal storage like 16gb shud definitely get this update…

  • Liam Irwin

    Then you simply select to keep it as portable storage and continue on using your phone since nothing’s changed.
    Giving people the option to change or not gives the best of both worlds.
    All my photos are backed up with Google Photos and I stream music so I never need to keep stuff on my SD when I switch phones. Adoptable storage would be a huge help since my 16GB is used up very quickly with a couple of big games.

  • Tim

    This is extremely important to me, since my Z3 Compact – though it has 16gb – still is running out of space, even without tons of media on it. I have a lot of apps installed (nothing very superfluous, just lots of ones I use regularly), and they seem to have filled up the existing memory, amazingly. I suspect Sony has lots of their own stuff on there that I can’t remove…

    Of course, 32gb to start with would have been nicer.

  • Well, that’s the feature that is more secsi for me in MM. I expect Z3 has the option so I can see for myself if it’s worth to try it.

  • 3_nity

    Just bring it.

  • danycagiva

    Killer Feature. Z5 Premium with Adoptable Storage, lets say 256GB SD and 16 GB internal. Heaven on earth. Sony has to implement this.

  • Rangga Moslem

    i don’t have any flagships from Sony.. but as a Xperia M4 Aqua user which only appears 8GB version in my country, dang! that’s feature is something i needed the most…

  • Erwin Yovitanto

    Android 6 with adaptable storage is THE only reason I am still holding on with my Xperia z2. 16gb on Xperia z2 today is rubbish. Without that feature I think it’s time for me to move a long to a new device (certainly not Sony). Great job Sony, nice to know you.

  • FredH

    It’s very important. The main reason for me to want marshmallow. Hoping it will work with my Z3

  • jag

    Some apps need to change the permissions for storage. I have the same problems too like the music (spotify can’t be opened)/ video cannot be saved because of storage la blah blah…

    So you gotta go to the Settings/ Apps/ then the app you need/ permissions and tick the storage. Then the app would be usable from there.

  • Martin Nilsson

    My Z3 cries about storage running low all the time, so I was dead set on Marshmallow fixing that. Now all I’m hoping for is that saving data on SD card works better then it does now.

  • Gitarooman

    yes, more features is never a bad thing, in fact this is almost a must have features.

  • Anonymous
  • Brian Nielsen

    It is an absolutely indespensable feature. Google developed it for a good reason, and it angers me that Sony wants to disable the option of using that feature – the most functional novelty of M for people using many apps.

  • Spencer Navarra-Chew

    I’m with the majority here. I’m dying with the 16GB on my Z3TC. I would have bought a 32GB version, but it’s not offered on the LTE model.
    I’ve literally moved every app I can to my SD card with the Lollipop method, but tons of app data still ends up living in /data or the “internal SD” and I’m always struggling to keep enough free on the device.

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    Class 10 doesn’t promise more than 10MB/s:,-uhs-speed-class,-and-speed-ratings

    Moto G complained that Samsung EVO (Class 10, 48MB/s) was too slow while it tried to format it as internal memory, but it had no problems with Sandisk Ultra (U1, 90MB/s).
    I am using Sandisk Ultra as internal memory in my Z3C without any issues.

    At least 50% of memory cards bought on eBay or from cheap webshops are counterfeit, and may not perform as promised. Always purchase known brand name cards from shops you can trust to supply genuine products.

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    I would prefer to use SD as an external card, but with limited internal storage space in Z3C I had to use it as internal instead (made possible with Concept M). Today there are many app that don’t allow to be moved to internal SD-storage, hopefully this will change in the future. TomTom Go currently occupies 5.83GB of internal phone storage…

    My next phone must have at least 32GB internal memory, I hope it will be a Xperia.

    At least 50% of memory cards bought on eBay or from cheap webshops are counterfeit, and may not perform as promised. Always purchase known brand name cards from shops you can trust to supply genuine products.

  • Simos Katsiaris

    It’s the one feature that I want for my z2 tab, only 16GB internal is too little, already have a u1 rated at 60 ready

  • Kosacka

    It was the only thing I was looking forward to…

  • hansip

    i think with 16GB devices and lower, Sony should enable it. with 32GB on Z5, to disable it does limit the option but still understandable.

  • Adam Egger

    This was the reason I bought M4 Aqua. It has so ridiculously little space but I thought no issue I’ll buy it since it will get Marshmallow.

  • Adam Egger

    Google Photos now has about 500MB of data on internal flash, spotify doesn’t usually save data on sd either. These 2 apps already eat 1GB of my 3GB available on M4 Aqua.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Well, in my country it’s almost impossible to get genuine products..

  • Balu M.P

    one of the only great feature in android history is ADOPTABLE STORAGE. All flagship mobiles supports several graphically interactive games which are about 2gb of space each and apps like whatsapp. for 16 gb storage you will get only 11 gb usable with all your apps u should compromise on games for better usability of mobiles ADOPTABLE STORAGE is RECOMENDED

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    I think what many people seem to forget is that with Adoptable Storage, you don’t get, say 16GB internal + say 32GB SD card, for a total of 48. No.

    They way it works, is it converts your SD card into internal storage, basically replacing the original internal storage you had, leaving it intact for only system apps and the ROM itself

    So the feature is only useful if you have a device with 16GB ROM or less and want to have more storage but can’t afford one or there isn’t one in existence (like there is a 16GB LTE version of Tablet Z2 but no 32GB version, which can be fixed with an SD card in Marshmallow)

    I assume this is Google mostly tarheting at those midrange and budget devices that usually don’t have high storage capacities but have SD card slots, which can now be used an a storage expansion method, while still keeping the device priceranges the same

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Use FolderMount for the time being. It’s probably the best and most reliable solution to making your SD card useful until Adoptable Storage is there. Maybe they’ll include it later

  • I really want this for my Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact as it only has 16 GB internal storage and I’m constantly having to “move” apps and data to the SD card every time updates are downloaded. Being able to format a large SD card to “internal” storage would be huge for me with this device :)

  • Roman Maksimenko

    As m4 aqua user I need it as Air. If Sony disable it I will have to buy another phone and I will never want to buy sony.

  • Jon James

    I was really hoping for adoptable storage. The 32gb on the Z5 is not quite enough for all my apps plus the storage needed by the apps that don’t have an option to store on SD

  • Very important

  • SeVeMaS

    The SD as internal storage is only useful for those with small internal storage like lower that 16Gb. And all the time ppl complain about removal storage and now they ask for the opposite? Duhhhh

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  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Love to had that features but if its end up with much complaint regarding sd card corrupted , system failed , apps force close and not running properly sure will create another chaos. Unless sony recommended which type of sdcard should user used before adopting this features.

  • raph

    oui j ai tres envie d voir cela sur mon Z5 tres important pour moi!!!

  • MrCMTS


  • Shamoy Rahman

    The whole point is Sony prefers people to get the 64GB edition of their phones instead. Internal storage is still WAY FASTER than MicroSD.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Then wait for the X Performance Dual which will come with 64GB of internal storage.

  • ??????? ??????

    I have 8GB on my M4 aqua and only 1.2 are available for user. “SD internal storage” is the most important feature in Android M for me.

  • Tay<3

    Very Important Especially For The Midrangers Which are locked at 16 gb max Internal.

  • Edward Hayes

    Posting from my Z3 Compact that is constantly running low on storage…. So yes this feature is basically all I want from android marshmallow…please include it, android has been regressing in this regard, we aren’t stupid and understand the difference between removable storage and built in memory.

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    Adoptable storage is the only feature I need for xperia z2 tablet. Sony better include it…

  • Uro

    MOST important! Marshmallow without adoptable storage makes no sense for me.

  • Eduardo

    Yes I have the xperia m4 8gb and it’s completely unusable.. Adoptable storage is the only way to bring back to life and reason why I bought this phone

  • Mat M

    Big games on a 16GB Z3C tablet is a pain. Some workaround apps exist on the Play store, but SD as internal storage is a must have!

  • Jamie Derry

    I have the xperia z5 and am disgusted that in Marshmallow i can no longer use my £100 SD card to store apps on,which significantly reduces the amount of apps i can have on my phone,and makes my SD card pretty useless unless i revert to lollipop. I think this feature should definitely be offered, even if it has to be enabled in the developer options. When i first upgraded the option was there to format as internal storage,but then the phone restarted for no reason and the option was gone.

  • Hai Phan

    sony xperia z4 marshmallow problem saving videos to sd card.

    Hello, when I made my 128gt sd card in sony xperia z3+ . The huge problem occurred. The files were somehow corrupted and i was unable to play my videos and watch my pictures.

    This problem came with android 6.0

  • Tay<3

    Extremely important

  • paulusb

    Yep, relying on this with my M4. Sony, you need to have this option!!

  • paulusb
  • Innosaint Nwoke

    It’s the only important feature to me. That’s all I ever wanted for xperia z2 Tablet. Sony should not fail on this…

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    Let’s sign this. might not be important for now but definitely will be when signed enough… there are over a hundred comments here so probably 100 more signs…

    We need this feature we know it…

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    I’m going to kill you

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    A class 10 sd card is fast enough even for big apps(genuine sandisk of course)

  • Thilinã N?wa? M?ls?ra

    that’s the reason why i looking for
    marshmallow update..

  • Raimund Bereczki

    I bought two M4 Aqua for my relatives, with the foresight to get the MM-update with this feature. Now i have some problems with my relatives…. Thank you SONY!!!!!!

  • Hugh

    Okay…so have a new Z5 compact with Marshmallow…does that mean I can not use my sd cards, they don’t get detected since update. My main reason for a Sony is the flexibility an sd card gives!! Any clues guys?

  • 3IsidroMorillo

    Good ideas . Apropos if others are searching for a a form , my business partner came across a blank document here

  • Petr D?kanovský

    It was THE ONLY THING why i was waiting for this update,and if sony dont allow this by M4 Aqua so this mobile will be useless for users.I dont get it.

  • DangerusDunny

    As of yesterday, now running marshmallow on my Z3C… Can no longer move any apps to SD. Huge drop in performance and not happy about it at all!! Hence how I ended up here… BS.

  • Abiola Justin Adejobi

    That’s why I’m not updating yet, marshmallow feels like a downgrade in terms of features. I already have the software downloaded on my Z3c but find it hard to do without stamina mode, burst mode when taking pictures and most importantly, adoptable storage, given the fact that a lot of Sony phones come with 16gb.

  • Joel Ruthberg

    When I try to format the external sd-card on my z3 compact I only have portable storage as an option. Does anyone know why I can’t format to internal storage?

  • Ingvar Demker

    Adoptable storage was priority 1 when upgrading to marshmallow. Now, I’m really frustrated and confused that it doesn’t work with my Z3C!?

  • Patrik Nordlund

    That and the doze feature was the only reason I upgraded, I’ll guess I’ll have to go back to rooted device and fix it my self with xposed… Sux

  • Ulquero

    i’ve a problem with this, after i updated to 6.0 my z2 cant read any sd card anymore, sony replied that i need to wait for the next update to fix that . sad life

  • Damien Richard McBarron

    It’s the MAIN reason I upgraded my Z3 to Marshmallow.

  • Ken Gills

    I need this feature added desperately. I don’t understand the logic of removing it in the first place. Love my Z3 but very nearly switched to Samsung the other day. Only reason I didn’t is because I luckily found out they have also removed this feature beforehand or I would now be a Samsung customer! I am currently researching phones that do allow adoptable storage as having enough space for everything I need is one of if not THE most important things to me. I switched from iPhone to Z3 because of the promise of ‘expandable memory’ only to discover that you can only move a small % of data to the SD which is more or less useless.
    My TV, Ps3, PS4, and phone are all current Sony products I use day to day not to mention the years of Ps1/2, Walkmans, minidisks, dvd. VCRs and hundreds of blu ray disks I have owned over the years. I am a loyal Sony customer but no one is listening. Customers have been demanding this for the last 2 years since the lack of expandable memory all but ruined what could have been the best phone on the market. Well I’m looking elsewhere so you have a matter of time before you lose this phone customer – sort it Sony!!! Rant over.

  • pymai

    balls. i just upgraded my z3 compact to marshmallow a few hours ago so i could try out the adoptable storage. anybody know if sony will be adding this in an update later?

    having a waterproof phone with a small screen and a magnetic charging port have been the things keeping me with the z3 compact all this time but im starting to think i might look elsewhere for a phone that does stock android or close to it. its bad enough having to wait half a year for an update but then to have features missing is even worse.

    and another thing i cant believe is that the marshmallow update still shows that annoying notification every time you turn off the mobile data. i turn that on and off a lot so it gets really annoying after a while.

  • Erik Verreijt

    Just like the blog poster says tuck it away in the developer features,as most users will not bother, but when you are a more experienced user it is available and the rubbish argument that slow cards will be used can be coded anything slower then class10 SD cards the option is grayed out. I think that should be possible.

    The owner should have a choice whether or not he wants the option to add the SD card not SONY. But most smartphone manufactures are afraid of unsold top models that is what this is all about and nothing else. If adoptable storage where to be widely available who would by a 64GB phone, if storage could expended at the fraction of the costs………

  • If you have a phone which does support adoptable storage, is there a way to convert your SD card from the old format to the new format but still keep all your apps that you moved to it? Or alternatively is there a way to back up all the apps that you moved to your SD card so you can reformat it as internal storage?

  • Akafu

    Thank you very much, FolderMount is very usefull.

  • Della

    it is the MOST important feature i was looking forward to! I have a Z3 compact
    please give us the option, mine updated yesterday and i am so disappointed!

  • Zishan

    Yes,i really need adoptable storage because i am using xperia m4 aqua 8gb version so please i really really need it and i am also waiting for this feature without it MM is useless for xperia users.

  • Sarah

    I was really looking forward to this option I have a Sony z5 32GB internal storage and already having it at the maximum. I am really frustrated about this not working on my phone. I hope very much they reconsider I am a fan for Sony phones for a long time I wouldn’t like to change to another phone company.

  • Would love this feature on my Z3 Compact. 16 Gb of internal storage just isn’t enough and it bugs me that I have a 64 Gb card that is basically empty!

  • Virtual Anomaly

    I want to do an adb command to change it so you can,but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to install updates then.

  • Duncan Croucher

    Yes, adoptable storage would completely transform my Xperia E5. Are Sony excluding it simply to make users buy a more expensive model? Duncan Croucher.

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