Xperia X will be Sony’s mainstay until 2018; Xperia C and M series no more

by XB on 13th May 2016

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Xperia X era_5Word coming out from the Asian tech media is that not only has Sony ended the Xperia Z series, apparently the Xperia C and Xperia M series have also been cancelled. This means that Sony may exclusively use the Xperia X as a single brand to push all future handsets. This would tie in with our recent report that the rumoured ‘Xperia C6 Ultra’ may in fact arrive as the ‘Xperia X Ultra’.

Sony Mobile presentations appear to show that the Xperia X series marks Sony’s ‘Chapter 3’. Chapter 1 was between 2010-12 and was about the “open OS for web communication”, with the key highlight being the Sony Android phone that started it all – the Xperia X10. Chapter 2 took place between 2013-15 and was about the “best of Sony” highlighted by the Xperia Z series.

Now chapter 3 will take place between 2016-18 and marks “Xperia for new communication”. This is marked by ‘Xperia X’ as a new visual identity for Sony’s brand communication. The new ‘X’ logo will be used in all promotional print and TV advertising.

To be clear to readers, there will be no compromise in Sony creating a flagship phone. So just because there is no Xperia Z series, future flagship phones will carry on via the Xperia X range, with no compromise in specifications. Obviously what remains to be seen is how Sony will cleanly name all of the various handsets under just one brand, especially if Sony plans to use this over three years. But we’re sure Sony has thought of that…

Xperia X era_4

Xperia X era_5

Xperia X era_6

Via ePrice TW, Marco Kao and RingHK.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    They’re finally listening!

    Now make that rumoured X Premium then call it a year.

  • Chaot0407

    Sounds good to me, nothing wrong with streamlining the lineup.
    But if they were really going to go the ‘no compromise’ route, the’d have to release the X performance in the UK and Germany too, wouldn’t they?
    It really pisses me off, but if that won’t happen I will be forced to go with another brand, as German carriers wont get it.

  • ruba

    I don’t like this.
    I love Z series, I’m still waiting the Z6, and other colors. I hate the gold and rose!!
    X line is expensive!

  • spwx

    they will likely make larger X Performance for highest end.. basically every phone will be called X, be it mid range or top of the line.

  • DBS

    Mark my words: putting all the phones under ONE brand will be a monumental mess.

    Though I honestly doubt there will even be a second generation Xperia X phones. Not if Hirai makes good on his menaces of course.

  • José Luís Andrade

    And make a X Compact, please!

  • Dominic81

    Ouch… and the Xperia X Performance is already outdate and obsolete :| RIP Sony
    Xperia Z5, the last true Sony flagship :(

  • M110

    good decision. wish chapter three had short intro.

  • theskig

    They forgot “Chapter 0” (2008 – 2010).

    BTW I think I’ll keep my Z5 Premium for a long time.

    Good luck Sony.

  • Omarion07

    How exactly are they finally listening?


    Better strategy to improve the product

  • mrhangover Rox

    Sad, I can confirm no more update from Xperia #M #C #Z after this. Just like 2012 promised to update Android 4.4 on Xperia SP but cancelled and stuck on 4.3 bug

  • ESniper

    still waiting for the #XperiaZSeries

    Z6 / Z6 Compact / Z6 Premium

  • Mohamed adel ali

    i think names doesn’t matter what matter is what they are going to offer nothing else

  • Ambitious Man
  • Ambitious Man

    never, forget it

  • Ambitious Man
  • Vuyo Ncube

    New models are less likely to brush up on each other despite different names (C series was just T series with bigger front facing camera for example). Best case scenario, they lengthen out refresh cycles.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Dont mind with the changes for their label but hoping with the new generation for X series sony can adding more variaty for their product line up In price, spec and meterial choices. Gudluck sony.

  • jmaxim917

    Bummer, no more Xperia A, B, C, D…Z, Z1, Z2….Anyway I think it’s a good move. Always wondered how the kept up with all the many various models and iterations. They should have kept the Z though.

  • HAWX

    When forbes said “Sony will exit smartphone era using most profitable way” some years ago, they were right it seems.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I think Sony Mobile is on their own, Like they can’t do silly mistakes and all. That’s why they are going for this X series but I just don’t understand how silly for them to wait till June/July to release the phone because all the other OEMs released their flagships.
    And it’s really sad they’re not willing take any risks like HTC did with 10 and it’s really good move and I don’t think anyone talked about G5 after 10’s released.

  • coach

    I don’t mind them changing their naming label, after all it’s the quality of the product that matters. Being under one brand might mean they are going to release less phones, which to me is a good thing. A nice idea for the names will be just to add the year after each new model, for example next year’s phone to be called Xperia X 2017, easy and simple. I just hope that they actually mean the “no compromises” moto and deliver no compromises.

  • coach

    What exactly is outdated in the X Perfomance?

  • GregLu

    Next in line, Xperia X Perfomance Ultra X, priced at 900 USD …

  • GregLu

    Why do you think this is a X line ? Because it’s eXpensive …

  • ryq24

    They are copying Asus.

  • Aiden Pearce

    Pretty bold decision to be honest. but as a sony user i hope they do it right this time.
    Would like to see a better premium device with reasonable pricing(hard Sony would do that) from Sony.

  • jamie evans

    Anyone know if Sony will introduce a new premium device at IFA2016 or not? I hope they will…because X Performance is not enough to be a flagship of 2016.

  • Emir Zarith

    no more Z series……
    bruhh….did you even read the article???

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  • Wilhelm-Bernhard Trometer

    You have a good point i also think that the X y performance is not good enough for 2016 but somehow i guess that sony will show something better at ifa 2016 in berlin i have the z5 premium is the best sony phone ever

  • MrM3

    So maybe they could do something like this? Xperia XA – budget, Xperia X – midrage, Xperia X Performance top range, Xperia X Compact the smaller version of top range. Then just release new updated versions of theese phones every year? Not that hard really. Except it would be nice if they did it at some normal price range and not six months after the others.

  • Sola Hoi

    No 4k video, no OIS, no RAW, no QHD screen, no dual camera, less ram and smaller screen than most of the competitors…

  • Exodite

    This doesn’t make any sense, though then again that seems to be the general case for Sony’s mobile strategy as of late.

    I don’t mean streamlining the portfolio – that does make sense and has generally been agreed upon from multiple directions – but rather the naming scheme.

    Using Z/M/C for high-end, midrange and introductory devices made sense as there was a clear differentiator in naming convention. Now we get X/X/X for high-end, midrange and introductory?

    The issue was never the naming scheme, it was that Sony released 3-4 Z devices and half a dozen M- and C- devices every year where 1-2 Z (including compact), 1 M and 1 C would have sufficed.

    I get the idea behind it but it’s poorly conceived, these days customers actually /want/ to know what they’re buying.

    This will only lead to confusion and consternation.

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  • Great Dude

    It does have 3GB Ram instead of 4 GB Ram
    I think it would be better if it had Radio & IR like LG G5 , however X performance does have water proof, stereo speaker and Qnovo battery technology

    There is also USB 2 instead of USB C ( no need to get a new chargers which is not outdated IMO)
    There is also FHD screen instead of 2K or 4K (which will be better for battery)

  • Great Dude

    They released and still release many smartphones late and that is sad for good phones.

  • MoYeung

    Xperia Z, C, M series fading out … time to look for discount on remaining stock in store?

  • fried_egg

    The X performance because of the metal rather than glass back just felt like it was 2 steps back and one forward to the Z series as a range topper. The actual components were as with the Z “the latest” (or very close to)… But the “X” name is overused… The X1 & X2 were not great windows based phones, the X10 was a smart android but it ran a good rather than a cutting edge cpu…. while “X” is used by other mobile phone makes across the price range… the X as a name is not “sexy” or unique anymore. Because I bet Sony always have a “divest” strategy as backup, they don’t want to use “walkman” or “cybershot” brand for mid-range with specialism gimmicks (which could have replaced things like M & C)… while a bright yellow toughened waterproof midrange called “sports xperia” may be too late to link to a big legacy sony gimmick range…. so Xa, X and Xp (oh dear, someone else used that)… and XA2 then XA3 sounds like a film…. it is time sony went back to hyping the Sony name rather than the sub-brands… “it’s a sony” meant a lot in the 80s and was a logo put on every box to say it

  • fried_egg

    but the reason they have different versions is the global market is not ready for 3 models… midrange phones sold in india are pitched very differently to midrange phones in the usa or the uk… just like cars even with the same name plate are very different (different engine sizes, different braking set ups, different horns, different comfort levels, because the way the item is used is different)

  • fried_egg

    the z3+ was thrown together late… the z3+ existed because “japan” expected the z4.. japan likes the 6 month updates… europe & the usa do not… the z3+ did not get very “enthusiastic” network supplied interest (the most important sales are still those made via the networks (or affiliates) direct not via a 3rd party selling handsets only)… so my bet is the networks said “the Z5 is still fine as a flagship, we don’t want to stock the Xperformance, we will have the next flagship announced germany just as the Z1 & Z5 were…)… so my bet is the Z5 will remain the UK/EU flagship until October when it will be replaced while the Xperformance is really aimed at the Japanese demand for a new phone in the early summer.

  • jokensy

    I don’t give a f*ck about the name. All I want is good quality phones with top specs, not some mid range sh*t that they are trying to sell right now.

  • smartuser8


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  • Arnold

    Hope they make a 6 inch phone.

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  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • KarFar

    “All I want is good quality phones with top specs”
    drawing conclusions before even the XP gets released? there are already camera comparisons between it, the h10 and the s7 and it’s doing pretty well
    here it is:

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • Timel

    I love this idea
    X is stand for Xperia

    But I think Sony should stop making midrange phones and only fucus on premium flagship phones

    – Xperia X for flagship phones (5.2 inch display)

    – Xperia X Ultra for flagship phablet (6 inch display)

    – Xperia X Compact for flagship in small size (4.7 inch)

  • Omarion07

    oh please not that bullcrap ”review” again!

  • mUSICA

    so the home key will have a X

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  • mUSICA

    if im not wrong the x has radio

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    your not mistaken there is fm radio

  • Matt

    Good news, many people here wanted sony just to push high end devices, so they did

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  • coach

    IMO the problem with Sony is their pricing. Mid-rage phones are ok with me, they give options to people who can’t afford the flagship device, Sony just needs to be more competitive with their pricing. I like the naming, but I would say that we’ll see a Compact next year, just like the z1. I hope IFA brings something from Sony, maybe a X Premium (5.5inch flagship)?

  • Battel

    A new lineup should be created on Sony mobiles management .

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  • Hello

    The same sensor in 4 consecutive models, and then a “new” sensor that’s arguably worse than the older one. The problem isn’t the camera software, it’s the sensor itself. Stuffing more than 20MP in such a tiny sensor will always result in a sea of noise. You think they would learn from their mistakes after the incredible camera that they introduced wth the “Honami” but no, they want to remain below mediocre. Look at the pictures taken with the S7, it has mind blowing quality with “only” 12MP and no sign of any noise, because they used their darn brains and reduced the number of pixels. while the new and fabulous X Performance takes picture with tons of noise midday, with rolling shutter effect on top of that. They will never learn.

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  • iia3ezu

    X Performance has no FM radio. Its two cheaper X siblings have FM radio.

  • Xperia Blog!! It’s not Xperia X Ultra, it’s Xperia XA Ultra. A Spanish blog went to Sony Offices in Japan and they took a photo, so here it is :

  • Deads

    They are planning on stil existing in 2018? Not with this pricing strategy.

  • ESniper

    i thought that they were going to release the X Series Flagship for the first half and Z Series Flagship for the second half of the year. .. so theres no 6 month cycle

    X / XA / X Prepormance
    Z6 / Z6 Compact / Z6 Premium

  • zymo

    any link?

  • Sure, here it is: .Unfortunately the blog has erased the image, as I had said in a tweet that had not given importance, but I have a screenshot where the image exactly where it was

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    they forgot “Chapter Origin” (2001-2007), Sony Ericsson era

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    SP release in 2013.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    at least it got 4.3, mine L only got 4.2

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    but Asus are more cheaper than Sony

  • DarkMaster

    hm interesting….X performance is much better than S7 edge also it captures a lot more light ….

  • DarkMaster

    for once I agree with you …those guys have half of the fake pictures and half stolen from other reviews gsmarena,recombu,etc…. it’s utter boosh#t !

  • DarkMaster

    they are not . btw I love Asus but I don’t like their phones :( …

  • Omarion07

    Ah ok.. still not lisentening to fans when it comes to releasing flagship devices with NO COMPROMISE at all!

  • Tau45

    I want those Sony T-shirts from the last pic :D

  • ludimilojko

    And what about people who want an Xperia phone, but don’t want to pay 700 euros for it? I mean, i love Xperias, never had issues with them, but i will never buy a premium flagship. Not because i can’t afford it, but because i will rather buy a Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 Art lens for my SLR and use my midranger phone, than pay 700 euros for a flagship.

  • DarkMaster

    are you sure ? I can see Z series in those photos ;)

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  • Amir

    I don’t give a crap about these marketing stunts. Sony mobile fails at the end results in overall quality against rivals. I couldn’t care less for marketing logos. What they offer is overpriced overall mediocre devices. Their devices should cost like Chinese flags, not more. X performance shots and spec reveal the same old sony mobile which is a bad sign.

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  • azzido

    how pathetic…

  • azzido

    now X series will have no any recognition, like Z was = everyone knew it was flagship, the letter meant something. Now it will be like all crap low/mid rangers as announced in Barcelona as well as flagship will have the same name… very bad. And it seems the new Ultra will came with another pathetic low/mid specs and will be called Ultra, while old Ultra was also TOP flagship :D

    Good bye Sony, you are joining Nokia and HTC, good move :)

  • azzido

    There is also smaller battery, there is also smaller screen, there is no 4K video recording, no OIS, same camera from last year, plastic frames instead of aluminium that was used in Z, basically looks worse in terms of build components and design, a huge step back, but the anounced ones including poorformance are just med rangers so still waiting for proper flagship if at all it will come.

  • tristi lumina

    what is fucus?

  • tristi lumina


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  • azzido

    You are right, other OEMs released their flagships and Sony did not because Sony does not have 2016 flagship, they decided to skip or postpone it and produce 3 mid range phones, well low to mid in terms of specs to be honest. This is why they did not release it among other flagships as there is no any from Sony for 2016 yet (not even announced).

  • Roh_Mish

    Pretty sure it has 4K video recording but if the plastic body is true, huge setback for me. Looks like I my be getting a nexus again

  • azzido

    and will lower the sales :P

  • Roh_Mish

    I loved my W700i, better sound than the current/outgoing Z series

  • Roh_Mish

    I thought their classification was more or less gold except for some streamlining (M and C encroached each other’s territory a lot) and shifting to a yearly cycle.

  • azzido

    they are no longer innovating the market, they become just a silly followers, whatever Shamesung or Apple release change they will try to deliver something similar half a year later with inferior specs and more expensive. As Apple come with this ugly rose gold then Sony “followed”, when Shamesung came with silly “edge” they are trying to fake it too in X poorformance with 2.5D. When all other OEMs improved the camera and delivered OIS seems Sony will deliver it too, a year later :D Seems by doing this they are seriously planning to close Sony Mobile division finally. At least they are on the best road to achieve it with this stupid X naming convention.

  • azzido

    where, when? Did not notice high end devices in 2016 yet.
    Or maybe you are already mistaken by this new X naming convention as they are going to call everything from low mid to top with the same name. 3 announced X devices are just low to mid, didn’t see any high end so far.

  • Harsa Rizano

    How come 12 MP samsung GS7 is more detail than 23 MP sony xperia XP when i saw full resolution. So poor sony, they must improve their image processing ASAP. Sony’s sensor is good but sony’s image processing software so bad. Noise hard to handle. Noise reduction make photo become softer. Lost sharpness

  • Deads

    I disagree on following whatever Samsung/Apple does. Sony has had special colours before. Not rosegold but they did have pink.
    Sony improving the camera is only logical because of the comments they always got about how bad theirs is.

    The X phones have meh specs, but that they have meh specs is mostly because of the stupid pricing.
    Price the X at 350 euro and its an awesome phone. Price the X Perf at 499 and its a great phone.

    The X Perf indeed doesnt have the specs that the fastest phone should have. Either because they want to leave some things out to make the gap with the X Premium bigger (4GB ram for example) or because Sony Mobile is being run by idiots, seeing the prices i expect the later.

  • azzido

    I didn’t think I will say this some day but their mobile division really is run by idiots… 2016 is showing it exactly.

  • azzido

    I wonder how they want to survive till 2018?
    Well, their FailStation is still making a lot of money but wonder how long they can support another flops of Sony Mobile division?

  • azzido

    Yes full plastic frame instead of any more premium material like aluminium before was confirmed across entire low/mid X series … I wish them good luck but will not be buying any of these…

  • Lio Soriano

    just glad they’re not giving up on the mobile market.

  • azzido

    Remember 2016 is make-or-break for Sony Mobile as Kaz mentioned?:

    Considering they skipped their best Z series product and are trying to sell low/mid range phones at proces of flagships even half a year of competitors it means they will not survive. They will join HTC in 2016 and then Nokia in 2017.

    Good bye Sony, I liked your Z series phones.
    Time to move to other brand as you abandoned your loyal Z series fans.

  • azzido

    I was also mentioned they even lowered the battery capacity of XP for some regions like Japan for sure but wondering how it will be for others :D
    They are definitely trying to do the opposite to what their customers are saying / wishes :)
    Interesting approach.

  • azzido

    chapter 3 will be rather short :D

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  • Nick Paschalidis

    Wow.The XP is doing a great job with the camera.I am really impressed!

  • Ami

    Given their price policy for the latest Xperia X serie throughout Europe, I highly doubt it will success. Sony still is kind of a premium brand for a lot of people, but that “Premium” has its borders and Sony has crossed them with that policy… Hope they’ll soon realize that and the future models will not only be released with an appropriate price, but also without delay after unveiling.

  • Great Dude

    true, Xperia X does have a radio unlike X performance .

  • Great Dude

    Smaller battery : that depends on the final performance since they use a new battery technology
    Smaller Screen: Some prefer it bigger, others prefer it like that.
    4K Video Recording: It is a shame they don’t have it, I hope they add it on a software upgrade
    No OIS: I know there is software stabilization but others do use OIS so yeah I agree with you.
    Same Camera: I don’t know I remember that it is different
    Build Component: I am also disappointment, they should have used a new different design .

  • Tay<3

    Hope they put in some money in naming them well, m2,,m4 aqua, e4g. What the hell, back into the days……..Arc S, Acro S, Active, Live With Walkman, Pro, X10, Mini, play…sounded good. Better than the Monotonous New Name As if placed down by an MBA

  • Hello

    contrary to popular belief, the problem isn’t the image processing software, but the sensor itself that Sony is refusing to change since the Z1. The reason the S7 takes pictures with less to no noise is the number of pixels. less pixels mean more sensitivity to light due to larger pixels. The high pixel count in the sensors used for 6 consecutive models is causing lots of noise even in daylight, which ruins the ability to render more details in such a tiny sensor.

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah. It’s super annoying to me that they’ve idiotically decided to release the mid-range Xperia X & XA BEFORE the X Performance. Why would you release the flagship LAST?! Plus by July (XP’s release date) they will have been 2-3 months PAST DUE on releasing a new flagship. Morons! They make IMO the BEST phone, but the people running the show are imbeciles.

  • RockStar2005

    Great Dude,

    GSM Arena stated in February that the X phones will have 4K recording, at least the XP for sure, but I believe they all have the same camera, so I’m thinking they all will have 4K recording then too.

  • Timel

    I hope that the first true flagship phome from X series will come up with deeply integration of technologies from Walkman(audio chip), Cyber-shot and JOLED display

    Hopefully Sony won’t do the same mistake like they did with Z series, this new flagship phone need to outperform and go ahead the rivals like iPhone 7 and Note 6 / S8

    Good luck !

  • memphis

    If they don’t pay attention to what Sony User want
    this is the final chapter

  • Timel

    I agree smartphone like X performance is not strong enough to compete with all rivals right now so, I hope that the first true flagship phone from X series will come up with deeply integration of technologies from Walkman(audio chip), Cyber-shot and JOLED display departments, Hopefully Sony won’t do the same mistake like they did with Z series, THIS new flagship phone ( X ) need to outperform and can go ahead the rivals like iPhone 7 and Note 6 which coming out in four months form now

    SONY MUST WORK HARDER especially in R&D

    Good luck

  • mike

    fix your email issue first, sony

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  • Timel

    They use the new alphabet but same design , same stupid camera , same sleepy marketing , it’s nothing.

    Sony should do something new and cool with this new beginning, they have to change, hopefully Sony will create cool like Kyocera Proteus because I heard that Samsung now really serious with their foldable smartphone , Sony need to catch up

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  • Making a wish for cute things

    Man, stop what you are saying. Look to Moto X Play, a amazing mid range phone. Superb battery, great camera phone, very good resources and etc.
    Mid range can be good, but Sony’s phone are horrible, even Z Series.

  • Great Dude

    Thank you for noting that.
    I corrected my previous comment

  • Timel

    I see a lot improve with X performance’s camera but it’s not the best anyway because Overall Sony still can’t beat Samsung in term of details

    X performance

    S7 edge

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  • RockStar2005

    YW. No problem.

    Ok cool.

    Regarding the other points…….

    1) I bet even though the battery is a LITTLE smaller, it will still outdo like the LG G5 and Samsung S7 too. I used the 360 Hibernation Master app on my Z3. It’s like Stamina Mode but better b/c it doesn’t take 15 min to kick in after screen goes off, and SM was really buggy on my Z3, so even though they took it off the Z5 and now brought it back, I prob won’t be using it. It caused REAL big problems regarding random battery freefall and f’ing up with my MMS messages. 360 doesn’t work with Samsung phones but it does with Sony. Unplugged, the phone overnight would drop 0-1% (max) during a 6-9 hour period of time. Usually it’s 0%. That’s MONEY!! lol

    2) I am not a phablet fan, so I definitely fall into the group of ppl who like smaller screens. For me, 5.0-5.2″ is the real sweet spot. So the 5.0″ XP is JUST FINE for me. I tried the S7 Edge but it was just too big IMO.

    3) I don’t really think OIS is all that important, but having said that, I agree that they should just throw it in just so ppl can’t say “Oh these other phones have it, why doesn’t Sony on its own phones?” lol

    4) Yeah the difference b/t the Z5’s camera and the X series camera is not much, but I’d read or heard somewhere it will have “an improved algorithm for taking better pictures”, despite having the same camera sensor. Also, it will have that awesome new Predictive Hybrid Autofocus. For once, Sony made a commercial (which focuses mainly on this new feature) that actually is enjoyable to watch vs. the usual forgettable lightweight ones they make. I wish they would do more ads like these (AND put them on U.S. TV!!!) vs their usual ones, and more with some big name celebrities like George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, etc.

    5) I actually like the new design. At first I wasn’t too thrilled about just having a metallic back vs. the usual glass/metal back. But then I saw how they looked, and I actually really like it! The graphite black and white/silver models come with a gorgeous brushed aluminum/hairline finish on the back. Looks sweet! Considering this is the X series and not the Z, maybe this is a step in the right direction? That’s how I look at it anyway.

  • Great Dude

    Later I will try this app ,thanks for suggestion
    I think reviews will show us how camera and battery will be and I do think they are flagship specs.
    Design is perspective , nice speaking to you.

  • jamie evans

    Z3 Compact is the best Xperia for me. Anyways, I’m looking forward to IFA2016 where Sony will be introducing something fantastic.

  • RockStar2005


    Yeah I think ANYONE who has a Sony Xperia phone should be using this app. It costs $1.95 for the full version (which you DEF want), but that’s just a one-time payment (made in-app). You can get it here:

    Yeah, I am interested to read those reviews. But I know that based on this video review , the X is definitely an improvement over the Z5, especially with regards to screen display color accuracy and brightness (see 3:35 – 4:25 & 6:00 – 7:55, or just watch all of it).

  • DarkMaster

    you think that 4GB of RAM give advantage to competition phones like G5,S7 and HTC 10 ? those phones are still at disadvantage to X Performance when it comes to RAM memory . But for the price there should be 4gigs of RAM it wouldn’t hurt – on that part I agree .

  • DarkMaster

    X performance looks like high end although Sony refers to it like midranger…

  • Timel

    I agree smartphone like X performance is not strong enough to compete with all rivals right now so, SONY MUST WORK HARDER especially in R&D, I hope that the first true flagship phone from X series will come up with deeply integration of technologies from Walkman(audio chip), Cyber-shot and JOLED display departments, Hopefully Sony won’t do the same mistake like they did with Z series, THIS new flagship phone ( X ) need to outperform and can go ahead the rivals like iPhone 7 and Note 6 which coming out in four months form now.

    Good luck

  • Timel
  • roeshak

    Rebranding after rebranding after rebranding. It’s a sign of failure lol!

  • Matt


  • Matt

    nooopppee, the sensor is new, (same with z5) but not the same as z1 series . but i agree with the rest of yuor comment.

  • Matt

    yep thay still cant compete with toast making either×511.jpg

    woops thats not a galaxy, but hey its a samsung :P

  • Matt

    nah s7 still take slightly better picture, but so what i have my dslr :P

    would still buy an xperia next year

  • raju

    Yes right we miss sharpness

  • raju

    They count from Sony.not Sony Ericsson

  • Timel

    That toaster has a great camera right? So cool

  • Pingback: Proizvo?a? Android telefona uvodi velike promene | Nova Srpska dijaspora()

  • hcm.

    what are you smoking? Sony was the first ever mainstream brand to introduce vivid colors like purple, blue…etc. for a flagship model.

    Dedicated physical shutter button, active noise cancelling earphones, insane battery prior introduction of S820.. all are functions that were missing on other majority phones.

    and not to mention the half-baked waterproofing implemented by Samsung.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    This is why they became most users Ex. Oops, I mean X. :p

  • MurF-A-Zoid

    This is the end, my only friend the end. By Sony

  • Ingridkcarter2

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  • Ingridkcarter2

    “my room mate Lori Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr”…..!nt222etwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k Dollars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 Dollars…Learn. More right Here !nt222e:?:?:???? http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsAcademyGetPay-Hour$98…. .??????????????????????????????????????????????????::::::!nt222e….,…

  • Sadman Khan

    How is this the same design? They even swapped the back for an aluminium one. The camera has improved drastically since the Z5 series and that is no joke. I do agree with the rest of your comment

  • ramuk

    Good bye azzido.

  • Pingback: ???? ????? ?????? C ? M ?????? ??? X | ???? ???? ??????? ??????????()

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    This whole thing makes a lot of sense because the M and C series had always been low end/midranges so why make them in two different lineups. With the new X series the XA=low enders, X=Midrangers and XP=Flagships/High enders. It’ll definitely cover all aspects of the market. And what’s up with all these talk of Z series is better that and this? Come on people, it’s just a name, why not wait for actual life performance? U just have to call it what they call it, I mean they made it.

    Subsequently as the series unfolds we should get
    XA1….XA2 etc
    X1……X2 etc
    XP1….XP2 etc and probably XPP so we are looking at
    (SONY XPERIA X PERFORMANCE PREMIUM) lol. That is one long name for a phone, for anything even.

  • Pingback: Sony pulls the plug on Xperia C and M series as well, to focus squarely on X series | Digital Gadget dan Selular()

  • Timel

    Ditch from glass back to aluminum and you said that a ‘new design’ ?

    c’mon They change the material but Overall its design looks the same as Z series (Z3-Z5) , same design language which is so boring

  • Sadman Khan

    I don’t see you complaining about HTC 10’s back which is same as HTC M8 but with those weird edges. Also, s7 which looks exactly like s6.

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  • SONY only

    Sony is dead …

    Good bye sony …

  • ramuk

    It’s sad to see you go. But I’ll give you a proper farewell.
    Goodbye, SONY only.

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  • TechGuyChris

    Does anyone else think the Xperia X performance looks like a dated phone with no cool exterior design? Maybe i just need to see the phone in person but everytime i look at images i just think this looks like a phone made in 2011/2012

  • Pingback: = = 1 0 8 1 0 0 9 = = | [?????????] Sony ???????? Xperia ???????????????????? X ?????????????????? | ??????????????.c()

  • fried_egg

    The benchmarks (all of which need to be taken with a pinch of salt as likely “diesel-gate fixed” in some way these days) have the Z5 beating the X (even with it’s impressive mid-range s650 chip to the too good to work S810). The Xperformance is clearly for “japan” and it’s need for 6 month handsets, while the Z5 & Z5premium are clearly able to hold their “flagship” status in Europe until the likely replacement at IFA in Germany September.

  • fried_egg

    and what will they call next years? that was the point that you totally missed

  • KarFar
  • Geese Howard

    So the retards behind the mobile division is calling these ‘chapters’ now? WTF? So what’s in Chapter 4? Disaster? Turmoil? Over? What they need is a ‘change’ and not to list their downfall as chapters to make it sound so epic for fucks sake.

  • The Elektronac

    Any news about M4 Aqua Marshmallow?

  • DarkMaster here is more X is really impressive :) this thing is gonna top the dxomark ranks again !

  • Timel

    But Sony stuck with the same design language for years since Xperia Z , that’s freaking boring

  • Timel


    X performance has nothing special and too weak to compete with other rivals

    X Premium (or whatever they will call it) suppose to come up with JOLED display, S-master audio chip and cool camera technologies

  • Pingback: ???? ????? ?????? Xperia C ? Xperia M…??? Xperia X | ????? ??????()

  • dragonsneeze
  • Vinny Conforto

    5.2″ QHD+4GB of RAM+USB Type-C+XA’s design (new design is a MUST) = that’s what I’m looking forward to the successor to X Performance. NEW&FRESH!!

  • Vinny Conforto

    Sony has to learn from HTC10, which most youtube revewers rave about, except for overpricing

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia X ?e biti jedina serija pametnih telefona()

  • Vincentius Phang

    Xperia X for eXpensive

  • The One

    Thank you for sharing this link. I find that differences in daylight and macro photos are usually minimal in these comparisons, so I don’t usually give much credence to them. The real test for cameras is indoor and low-light performance. Sony clearly fell short in these areas again due to elevated noise at 100% crop.
    If you translate the text of the webpage, the summary at the bottom even states that Sony’s camera has trouble focusing on subjects. It also is slow to process images which prevents the user from taking the next shot immediately. The summary goes on to state that auto mode’s light metering chooses the wrong exposure levels and that manual adjustment is usually required. The translation tool wasn’t perfect, but it also appears that the tester called Sony out on issues with the shutter speed as well.
    All that being said, it appears that Sony has once again made an incremental improvement in the camera’s capabilities without addressing the core problems that continue to plague the xperia line. The Galaxy S7 still wins and will continue to do so until Sony stops trying to cram so many pixels into a tiny sensor.

  • DarkMaster

    so is the Samsung,iPhone and every other brand ! Samsung didin’t change design since S3 and every phone looks the same .

  • Dorothy Brown

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  • Dorothy Brown

    “my room mate Lori Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr”…..!nt547etwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k Dollars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 Dollars…Learn. More right Here !nt547e:?:?:???? http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsPartyGetPay-Hour$98…. .??????????????????????????????????????????????????::::::!nt547e….,…

  • DarkMaster

    Sorry but I’m already paid $10.000/hr to exterminate scam bitches like you , so I will keep my job and you GTFO from here because I’m getting ready for job right now !

  • DarkMaster

    If you said 4gb it would be ok but 6GB of RAM for what exactly ?

    actually now I know why you want 6GB RAM it”s needed to run this bullcrap UI skins properly … Touchwiz 6.0 or MIUI8 those ridiculous cartoonish skins are not acceptable . how old you are Tim? eight ? or you are maybe secretly a girl?

  • Pingback: Xperia??? ”X????” ???????C?M??????????????????Xperia??()

  • Timel

    LOL You say like the current Xperia UI didnt look cartoonish
    Not just looks cartoonish but Xperia UI looks really cheap as well

    At least MiUI has a lots of themes, some themes are pretty cool , the most important thing is miui works very fast and very fluid. TouchWiz 6.0 also fast and fluid , its animations render very fluid

    And about ram, because I heard that the next trend is 6gb

    Note 6 will come up with 6gb
    Xiaomi Mi Note will also come up with 6gb and after that all flagship Android phones will come up with 6gb as well , I mean Sony need to catch up and go ahead competitors

  • ZoubIWah

    and the lens. mainly the lens, even, thus the sensor is a bit to blame as well. the galaxy and iphone and some other phones lens is 10 times better than any of the current xperia lens, which is sad.

    also sony did upgrade the sensor between the z1/2/3/4 and z5/x series though both have similar issues due to size vs high mp count

  • ZoubIWah

    while better, after looking at all eprice shots…

    – XP lens is still fucked up, heavy distorsion, etc.
    – HTC10 seems to be the most balanced
    – S7 has the best lens, but sensor and contrast being over boosted result in “meh” subpar pictures compared to the HTC10 and even XP, in many situations

    and I’d rate… iphone6>HTC10>XP|S7 for pictures (but I’d wish for sony to be in topping all this, so that i upgrade my phone ;P)

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  • DarkMaster

    touchwiz fast and fluid ! ? sorry but you lost me there …. you clearly aren’t aware of nonsense you speak of …

  • Pingback: Sony to focus on Xperia X line until 2018; that means bye-bye to the Xperia Z, C, M and E | True Last Communication()

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  • Timel

    That’s so funny , it’s clear that you don’t even use TouchWiz 6.0 before but you still keep talking bullshit and act like you know it, how dare?

    Xperia UI use to be the best Android launcher but not today even Sense 8.0 still much faster than it, I think you need to get out of your cave and you’ll see how much weak about software R&D Sony is

    Please don’t try to be a blind fanboy, that sucks!

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  • Pingback: ¿Apuesta total por los Sony Xperia X? Todo apunta a que el resto de familias comenzarán a perder peso – Radio Región()

  • Railwayman

    One of the first priorities should be to clarify the product portfolio and to make sure that there are Xperia X for 4.3-4.6 (Compact) up to full tablet (10-12 inches). This means Xperia X Performance Ultra (6.44 inches), X Tablet Compact (8 inches) and X Tablet (10 or 12 inches) beside the known members of the X series. A new Tablet Compact could replace the Ultra if they want to reduce the amount of models but they should provide a decent LTE version of it (it was a mistake to only have 16 GB of storage on the SGP621 when they had the SGP512 32 GB WiFi model).

    The key issue I have with Sony at this time is their strategy: The failure of replacing the Tablet Compact and Z4 Tablet is not particularly good and the inability to introduce a replacement for the Xperia Z Ultra is another. It would be excellent to know a commitment to the bigger screens rather than being in limbo due to absolutely nothing even rumored beside a MediaTek powered “X Ultra” – a device which just can’t replace the original Z Ultra.

    I have noticed some anti-tablet propaganda being spread from different sources, usually with “safe” claims of “the tablet is dead” and guess the rise of 2-in-1 PCs, Surface Pro, iPad and iPad Pro etc emanates from this “death”… It would be very unfortunate if that anti-tablet propaganda is the reason why Sony didn’t introduce new big screen devices since there is a market for bigger devices than 6 inches.

    The new Xiaomi Mi Max and upcoming ZTE Nubia X8 are very interesting Ultra “successors” and Sony should make something similar.

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  • iosvsios

    Made me chuckle! lol

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  • Paul L

    But Sony said the Z series wasn’t finished a month or two ago, so what’s changed?

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  • Pingback: ¿Apuesta total por los Sony Xperia X? Todo apunta a que el resto de familias comenzarán a perder peso | Noticias Las Varillas()

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  • azzido

    2017 – Sony Mobile joins HTC in terms of market share and income.
    2018 – Sony Mobile shakes hands with Nokia.

    Sony Mobile no more.

  • azzido

    I think CEO of Sony Mobile is a women.
    Does not know what she wants and always changes its mind…

  • azzido

    mid ranger.

  • azzido

    I forgot to mention all X series will not have 5th pin in the jack which in fact means will no suppoort noice cancellation no mater if you use these headphones or not :P

    No 4K video recording as of now by Sony Mobile:
    Scroll down for the details:

    For camera it says:
    23 MP , Matryca Exmor™ RS typu 1/2,3 cala do urz?dze? przeno?nych, Szybkie uruchamianie, Hybrydowy mechanizm automatycznej ostro?ci , Funkcja Clear Image Zoom z 5-krotnym powi?kszeniem , Obiektyw G o ogniskowej 24 mm , Fotografowanie w s?abym ?wietle: ISO 12 800/ISO 3200, Nagrywanie filmów w jako?ci Full HD 1080p

    No any word about 4K ;)

  • azzido

    “but I’d read or heard somewhere it will have “an improved algorithm for taking better pictures”

    – doode, we are hearing about improved algorithms and better camera in Sony phone since years…


  • Great Dude

    hmm, about 4K, well GSMArena is also a really good source of information , whenever reviewers get these phones it will be clear whether they use it or not.
    About noise cancellation, I don’t really know how 5th pin affects noise cancellation especially without headphones but removing any feature is nowhere a good thing :(

  • azzido

    Exactly, like the Apple does, very small amount of devices, but focuses mosty on premium high end devices.

    1 may be the little. 3 would be grea. Just the same as the Z was.
    Small, Medium and Big device, tsame devices but different sizes + skip any other phones.

    Why to create mid rangers like X series?
    You want a device with worse specs but cheaper?
    Just buy the flagship from last year. still too much? From last 2 years.

    That’s what Apple is doing, not wasting too much time on creating low/mid rangers…

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah but now they’ve FINALLY gone and done it…………

    1) S7:

    2) XP:

    3) HTC 10:

    Those were all taken in AUTO mode, not Manual……. so not only is Xperia BETTER than Samsung, it’s also able to outdo them w/o needing Manual mode too. And the camera software for the XP is STILL not even in “final release form” yet either. :-D!!!

  • dragonsneeze

    it’s the widest angle lens though maybe sony could correct the distortion but don’t. Also the article mentions it’s a prototype device maybe it had earlier cam modules idk. H10’s corners are also very soft but has great processing imo. And while S7 has better edges and corner sharpness it’s nowhere near as awesome as people make it to be. It’s not only the contrast but also yellow tint, oversharpening artifacts, lack of detail and painting effect are all visible. I’m overly critical maybe. The most notable downside of XP to me is the dynamic range. I wonder if the 8mp mode does it better.

  • ramuk

    No, you are not overly critical. Your comment is one of the better comments I’ve read in a while here on XB. Your analysis is on point. Most people mistakenly think S7 has better details but you are one of few people who correctly identify that S7 apply heavy sharpness effect to hide the fact that S7 camera actually lacks in details. And I fully agree with you on your H10’s camera analysis.

  • azzido

    to be honest, considering:
    experience, expertise, patents, people, technology Sony company has in terms of photography, their smartphones should be topping everything else on the market.

    Why it is not like this? I will leave the answer to you.
    Not to mention I bought Z5 and the only thing I get was a huge blurr in upper left corner… Seems no money for QA, no testing etc.

  • azzido

    100% agree.

  • azzido

    The problem is not only it looks similar but too rounded when comparing to previous Z, the problem is it looks inferior and less premium now… (probably because of lacking the glass, especially the matt one and abandoning glass for metal at all)

  • azzido

    and except its extremely slow / old internal memory / ROM being used…
    the reson why I skipped moving from Z5 to HTC10 + now in HTC10 there are inferior speakers and ugly UI (wallpapers used to promote the device seems like to be from 15 years ago…), design too rounded too and no dedicated camera button.

  • azzido

    probably sony will stick with 3GB of RAM and 1080p displays…

  • Pingback: ¿Apuesta total por los Sony Xperia X? Todo apunta a que el resto de familias comenzarán a perder peso – ATB Argentina()

  • azzido

    I agree with the wishes for the Premium device, hope they will call it back Z6, but disagree in terms of the software. I think Sony has one of the most optimized and smooth softwares for Android, except the camera app, but still even for camera they tried to upgrade it with new UI we received some time ago.

    The only wishes I amy have for the camera app (not picture quality) is to be more customizable, for example, if there is this new great color saturation and white level option in Auto more, I do not unserstand why we do not get it for manual mode? Also, previously it was possible to have it always on the ui, now you need to go to settings to activate it, I do not see why it was hidden??? It should be up to me how and where I do want to have it.

    + lack of things like Auto HDR, HDR and stabilizations in higher MPx modes, Scenery and ISO not available either, etc.

    Still they did something to improve it, like reduced overheating in 4K video mode.

    I would also say they have the Best Music application on the market, their Album, Video and others now are also top quality in smartphones + still under development.

    I wish X-Reality for mobile would be always on for display, not only for viewing the pics and videos.

    Overall I can say their software is really good.

  • azzido

    Unfortunately, please google it.
    “This is because of noise cancellation which requires additional 5th pin on mini jack.” or

    “rphones you need to work with the Z3 require 5 pins, the extra pin is for the noise cancelling.”

    The thing is they are removing too many features from X Performance, 4K, Noise Cancelling, Radio etc. Then plastic frames, giving smaller screen, smaller battery (recent news from Japan says it will be even smaller than previously announced, not confirmed if for all regions) and then demanding a full price as of true flagship…

  • DarkMaster

    I dint say I disagree I also want premium device with premium materials,even better audio and display(but not some useless bump in resolution like QHD that would bring more bad things then good ) even better camera with new sensor that will have larger pixels but still maintain above 20mp resolution…I have long list of things which should be improved , but asking for things like 6gb of RAM is just sheer stupidity and being childish…

  • dragonsneeze

    Well, thank you. It surprised me actually how s7 performs. Criticism only applies to Sony around here. Even a 2 stage camera button is too complicated for a lot of people. I’m no expert every cam has its downsides but most recent ones are all pretty good. If one can’t take good pics with all this tech they should look at themselves for the blame.

  • ramuk

    You are welcome. Well, I think its become a trend here to criticize Sony here. Apparently you can’t even say anything against these criticism no matter how unjustified the criticisms are. The moment you say anything you become a blind brainless Sony fanboy. LOL.

    You should comment here more. We need more smart people like you who can actually see things fairly.

  • Great Dude

    The other thing is they will introduce their phones late and I think they could have put 4GB Ram instead of 3 GB Ram after seeing all these flagships with it but they just are late and they are late even before the Z series .
    I don’t agree with all your points but I do agree that this is a flagship and should be better than Z5 not just on the popular specs like Ram which should be 4 GB but also with unpopular specs like Noise canceling and radio. ( I think iphones, Samsung and Xperia XP should had radios), otherwise flagship name will be questionable.

  • EPGuest

    Can somebody explain to me if these new flagships are actually better than the Xperia Z5 Premium? How is it possible that I need to ask this…

  • Great Dude

    1) If you hate the chipset SD 810 and it makes the phone hot and problematic for some reason then it could be a worthy upgrade
    2) otherwise if you are happy with your Xperia Z5P then you shouldn’t change it to Xperia XP because there is no radio and it is FHD screen while you clearly bought 4K screen phone
    3) Also Xperia X Performance does have a better selfie/front camera and maybe a better battery since they would use a new battery technology
    4) Xperia X performance should also stay for more upgrade in the future since it is newer

  • Spencer Navarra-Chew

    Any news on new tablets?
    I know the last rumours a couple months ago were that Sony is dropping tablets, but I’m hoping that’s not true. I love my Z3TC and would kill for a newer replacement.

  • The One

    Tablets, like laptops, 2-in-1’s and desktop computers have longer life cycles than phones. There’s usually not a need for the average consumer to purchase a new tablet each year. They typically can last 3+ years before becoming outdated enough to warrant replacement. That would be a key reason for Sony to not release a new version every year (or every six months as they did with phones for so long).

  • Pingback: Sony To Focus On Xperia X Only Until 2018 - JON THE BOY()

  • Janetndixon4

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  • Pingback: Sony Xperia X-Serie bis 2018 zu bleiben; Xperia Z, M und C-Serie zu bekommen Sie die Boot - Neueste Technologie News()

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  • Matt

    with sd820 and water proofing ?

    so you just upset sony does not make a phone that you wanted.

  • ShinOrochiX

    It’s all just chaos, naming is going to be confusing no doubt, and “2016-2018” is just another chapter, so what happens after 2018? X series replaced by S series or something else? Sony is so indecisive, who is making all these crazy decisions. This has pretty much gone back to how they started e.g. Xperia X10, X8 etc… I was interested in coming back to Xperia, might just have to put that on hold until they decide what they want to do. All these years and it feels like no progress has been made. :-(

  • EPGuest

    I don’t have the Z5P, but I don’t know if I should get the Z5P or the X Performance (or regular X). But you’re saying the X (or Performance) is the best choice overall?

    I want the best screen, camera and sound and I believe Sony’s Flagship offers that, but everybody is saying the X is midranged.

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  • Railwayman

    Sony gave us tablets with one year intervals until now and has failed to update their phablet line (Xperia Z Ultra) for… 36 months (the Ultra was released in June 2013) so their strategy seems to be an “un-strategy” at this time.

    It seems like the production of the Z3 TC has ended since most stores did a final sale of it – if they would switch to a 24 month cycle, then they should supply them until the end of the line rather than just abandoning the product before a successor is announced.

    It seems like Sony is doing the same mistake with their phablets and tablets as Sony Ericsson did with their UIQ smartphones: namely a lack of proper commitment and timely product introductions. The competitors are providing devices such as the Xiaomi Mi Max in the very segment where Sony seems to lack a strategy.

    It is time for a change, Sony. The X line has to cover everything up to 10-12 inches.

  • dragonsneeze

    Criticism is good if it has some fair base but here people make it seem like all the others are perfect. Every post is full of those same people babling about the same things it just makes me not so willing to write my own thougts, it’s just like this place is slowly taken over by them. Thank you for a brief and smart conversation ;) see you in other posts hopefully.

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  • Great Dude

    I would say go get Xperia X performance
    Xperia X is a midrange but X performance is a flagship

    The thing is that the Xperia X performance could be made better with the same or similar price ,they could have made it 4GB Ram instead of 3 GB Ram and could add OIS on its camera like Xperia XA Ultra (which is midragnge) but make no mistake it is still a great flagship.
    Only LG G5 added radio while Sony, Samsung,Motorola and Apple didn’t and all of their flagship phones are still flagships.

    I would say Xperia X Performance is the best deal to buy

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  • Vjekoslav Andric

    More detail?!?
    Where in gods name are you people looking?!?

    X with EIS gives better detail shots than those with OIS…

    You people seriously need to stop ranting untrue statements, ie trolling

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    All I can see there is Sony is best in quality and detail at 100% crop and more:

    Wherewer from do you draw your conclusions on s7 being better?!?

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    X is better than s7:

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    I would not agree s7 takes better pictures:

  • ramuk

    Timel will get angry at you if he sees it. He will call this comparison fake. LOL.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Oh, I know he will…
    To counteract him
    Xperia has only more noise, but less detail loss, less oversharpening artefacts, less color ghosting, better white balance, better dynamic range and better contrast..
    Xperia X camera is way better than S7 camera…EIS made OIS obsolete
    Facts are there for all to see

  • Matt

    Overall Xperias have an appealing results, yes. But the details are rather smudged. Although you should definitely not pixel peep phone photos, which is pointless.

    So they are toe toes, and that is impressive knowing the fact that Sony using higher mpx sensor that by nature more prone to noise and no OIS.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Its not me pixel peeping, its everybody else when talking xperia camera and noise, which is visible only by pixel peeping. So I provide what they nourish the most, pixel peeping comparissons, which they seem to like the most when comparing ;-)
    I only shoot with same weaponary

    And no, noise is not dependant of pixelcount, but of postprocess removing it. Sony leaves more noise, but gains more detail, better contrast, less sharpening artefacts, better white balance etc…

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  • ZeRo+

    Sony will not improve anything, because good software is worth the money, and Sony is greedy company, they only pulls out money of our pockets!

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  • ZeRo+

    HTC10 here has the best dynamic range, soft details.
    imho. HTC winner here

  • Matt

    Yes it is, more pixel impair the ability of the sensor to get light. The solution is to improve sensor sensitivity which is called iso. High ISO yield to high noise.

    Yes post processing can lessen the noise, but as it is with all software attempts to fix things it’s not as good as taking the photo with lower iso.

    Better details are being achieved because the sensor have high resolution , but the sharpening artifacts are there.

    The thing is quite good but hardly the best.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    That is why Xperia takes even better lowlight shots in 8mpx automode…
    These are 23(21) mpx automode

    But alas, the initial point was not noise but lowlight results. Xperia get equal results in photos with its EIS what other cameras need OIS to achieve.

    Also I personally prefer a bit more noise but along with better detail, sharpness and contrast. Makes for better usable crops if needed.

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  • KALOL Air

    ??? ??830+6GB RAM+4K+120MHz+OLED+?????????+?????+?????+Hi-Res+????+?????+????+????+IPX68+?????+????+DPI???+??UI+??USB Type-C+QC3.0+802.11ad……????????????……??UI????????PS3/PS4/PSV??????Sony???????????????????????????????????????????????????

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