New Concept firmware (MMB29X.Z1.3587) updates camera and improves battery icon

by XB on 18th May 2016

in Firmware, Xperia Z3 series

Sony Concept MMB29X.Z1.3587_1Sony Mobile has released a new firmware update for the Concept Marshmallow program, moving it to build number MMB29X.Z1.3587. This new software updates the camera to the latest internal version, although we didn’t notice any external changes in the UI, so there may be some back-end updates. Sony has also provided a fix for the battery indicator showing % when charging. This version also includes the latest InTouch 1.3.1 version. The update should be rolling to all on the Concept firmware now.

Sony Concept MMB29X.Z1.3587_1 Sony Concept MMB29X.Z1.3587_2

  • nice

  • Mohamed adel ali

    is there any way new camera app come to z1 not by flash it

  • Denislav Popov

    Is there a link that we can download from? Thanks!

  • Hoyz

    Updated yesterday, I’ll wait some days to judge the camera. Battery icon is much more legible than before, good improvement.

  • Jagjit Singh

    Is anyone out there with z3 compact who haven’t got a single update of marshmallow?

  • BlurryFace

    Yes, here! France Unbranded still nothing…

  • raju

    What about Z1 compact Marshmallow

  • Asu

    Still have the first update Android M… Z5.. unbranded

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    No update for Z1 and Z

  • Constantine

    Still no update for my Z2, UK.

  • Fempter

    What means that update? Camera2 API or what?

  • Can anyone tell me if these updates are expected to roll out for regular Z2 users any time in the future?

  • razorg

    Wow! An update for the internals of the camera system? I thought Sony would never address that issue. What sort of update are we talking about by the way? Is Camera2 API implemented? Or are the issues with shutter lag and granulation improved?

  • razorg

    Please share your Camera experiences soon. Can’t wait to find out whether Sony actually improved the internals of the Camera and Photo Processing internals…

  • Saeed

    Please update kernel, l love white boot and black logo sony. Z3 the best smartphone,if with white boot.

  • coach

    This is the concept fw, not the official one

  • Matt

    Z1 is already end of life support, so a firm no is the answer you’re looking for

  • Matt

    It seems like the word camera is sacred around here, and sparking quite a debate.

  • Jelmer Peligrino

    How about our Xperia Z2? :(

  • Z1 Z1 Z1!!

  • John Walker

    please stop with camera2 api bullshit. its just a gimick that you dont need

  • John Walker


  • David Hvatov


  • Fempter

    You are bullshit. Camera2 API gives us much of control of picture that we want to take. It gives us a full MANUAL MODE if you know what is it. But I think, you don’t.

  • John Walker

    You are fool if you believe that. They are never going to put camera2 api coz its useless

  • Abdul Ghani

    ur useless lg htc samsung and many other company have given camera 2api

  • John Walker

    Coz they are stupid

  • C Liu

    The Z1 won’t get the concept software unfortunately…

  • C Liu

    It will get the official software and not the concept version. Only the Z3 and Z3c get the concept.

  • C Liu

    This is the concept software which is only available for the Z3 and Z3c. The Z2 will get the official software and not the concept.

  • C Liu

    I have the concept but not the official.

  • Hoyz

    Yeah, gimme some days to take enough pic to have a better idea

  • Fabiano

    For me, Concept firmware has been much better than the official MM. That one – Concept – is much snappier, clean, smooth and the battery works pretty well. For me to say that it’s because I used the Official 6.0.1 MM on my Z3C 5803. That’s why I can be sure of the things I just wrote. Thanks for the people who have worked hard on this Concept. I’m very proud of you all. Big hug!

  • PoweredBySony

    Sony Y U No release 6.0.1 for the Z5?

  • Chaot0407

    Quick question, does the Adrood N Preview get any updates?
    Haven’t noticed any and I got it on my Z3 since it came out.

  • KarFar
  • Matt

    It won’t differ that much

  • Alain Leed

    Great feedback, thanks !!

  • Alain Leed

    Some Z2 cant have Concept Firmware

  • C Liu

    Seems quite risky though if they found a way to do so…

  • DarkMaster

    awesome battery life it’s really impressive how SONY optimized Xperia X . now waiting for X Performance !

  • Marco Schimmeyer


    MMB29X.Z1. Z1 i read only the Z1 …..

  • Timel

    We want full manual control

  • Omarion07

    so much for 2 day battery life!!

  • QueDato

    What is the Camera2 api that some people talk about? I don’t understand why so many requests on this…

  • ende

    you are stupid, manual control for shutter speed is not gimick, it’s very usefull shot at night with slow shutter speed..I bet you do not know about photography..shame on you

  • Latoyadhague4

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  • John Walker

    Its a gimick . Fuck off

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  • Raymond

    Sorry I might be in a wrong discussion here,but i just want to ask if someone knows the improvement from this version 23.5.A.0.570 of Marshmallow ( Xperia Z2 ) to 23.5.A.0.575 which i receive today here in the United Arab Emirates. thanks!

  • DIsChaos

    Please don’t reply to that Troll , he doesn’t care at all , he’s just another “Timel” , don’t fall to trolling anymore ;)

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  • deekbee

    Awesome? Barely any better than the Z5, nowhere near the Z5C or Z5 Premium.

  • Yeah, I know..And will not receive the stock marsmallow. I will try to find a good rom.

  • DarkMaster

    Did you even read the article ? I doubt it !

  • Matt

    It’s does not meant that it will brilliant at night if you do not have a tripod to hold your phone.

    And then even nexus 6p, a Google phone is not capable of shutter peed slower than 1/5 s. (remember Nexus are phone meant for enthusiasts)

    Even of Sony is enabling camera api 2 , normal user that might accidentally enter that mode cannot use it properly because the pictures taken will need further editing to be truly useful.

    Simply too much work for taking a picture.

    Again, I do think full manual control are really cool. But hardly necessary

  • Constantine

    I’m not talking about concept software.

  • Schlock Wreth

    I tried several times to install this update, but I get the message “Could not downlad”
    Reason: Forbidden (Service: Amazon S3…

    Any ideas?

  • Schlock Wreth

    I could not update. I tried several times to install this update, but I get the message “Could not downlad”

    Reason: Forbidden (Service: Amazon S3…

    Any ideas?

  • Hoyz

    Don’t know why, I haven’t any problem, maybe it’s a server problem.

  • Hoyz

    Ok, I have took some photos in automatic, manual with automatic settings and hdr. Finally I could say that automatic mode shoot photos in the same way as manual mode, it is a good improvement. More, also hdr has improved, now I see difference beetwen hdr on and hdr off. This mode however oversharp a bit the final photos, so I suggest to point light measurement in the lightest part of the picture, and let the software to minimize light in entrance: in this way hdr will do the best.

  • razorg

    That’s wonderful news! Thanks for the feedback. Hope they will implement these improvements on Z5 series soon as well. Just a quick question; how is the shutter lag issue? My Z5C lags especially long in darker environments (mostly indoors) but even in bright places there is a serious lag between pressing the button and the completion of the taking and saving the photo. How’s the final situation on your device?

  • remyziro

    can you show some preview from the latest concept about camera…i am very thank full…

  • Hoyz

    In comparison with lollipop focus and shutter speed is enhanced, I think it has reached the maximum that IMX220 could do. But save speed is same al usual, I think it is limited by the emmc (z3c has a good level emmc, but by the way il in 2 years old, clearly it couldn’t be fast as z5’s emmc)

  • Hoyz

    Disqus don’t let me to upload photo in their natural size!

  • razorg

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, you have my gratitude :) I’m getting more and more excited for an upcoming fix for my Z5C. Yes you are right, Z3C’s storage chip scores around 200 MB/s read and around 50 MB/s write, where Z5C’s chip gets a score of 250 Mb/s read and 80 MB/s write. It’s the writing speed which is the limiting factor here. It’s slightly better in Z5C, yes but I think the user experience on both of our devices is almost the same, which is a shame. Other manufacturers have been putting UFS 2.0 storage chips on their devices for quite some time now (which scores as fast as a quality SATA computer SSD, around 450 Mb/s read and 140 Mb/s write.). Sony needs to start putting better components in their devices RIGHT NOW! :/

  • Jelmer Peligrino

    That’s very impressive. I hope our Z2 could also get that update. *crossfingers. :)

  • Jelmer Peligrino

    Btw, do you have any samples or videos to show?

  • Abrar Zahin Shahriar

    Is there any way to flash concept firmware on to Z3+?

  • Tinajwest4

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  • johm malkovich

    Man I’m confused with all these beta and concept MMs. I haven’t updated my z3 yet because it’s beta, and as far as I know that means it isn’t finished yet. Right? I don’t understand why is Sony releasing half finished software for public use. And what’s the deal with concept MM? Which one is recomended for normal every day use?

  • Fabiano

    Hi. As far as I know, it’s not possible. I tried to seek something about this but no success. Better keep your device the way it is then having it bricked. Hug!

  • Alejandro González

    What you mean Auto mode take photos in the same way as Manual mode?, have you ever noticed that using de Z3C in a white or clear tones background either on Manual (with auto settings) and Auto mode creates a “pink tunnel effect”. I always solve this by manually adjusting the white balance for each time I use the camera

  • Hoyz

    The pink effect is still present, however I never noticed it as a great problem: I could count on the fingers of an hand the time that I saw pink spot in a photo. Many times I set by myself the with balance, because I think that manual settings could improve 99% of photos that I take :)

  • Hoyz

    Unfortunately Disqus can’t let me to upload photos in their original size :(

  • Hoyz

    I hope that in X series Sony put UFS 2.0 instead eMMC.The opposite would be a very stupid thing.

  • Dimitrije Dk

    Anybody want to tell me where i can download this..

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