Sony forecasts 20 percent lower Xperia shipments this year

by XB on 24th May 2016

in News

Sony HQSony has today published its FY16 expectations for the Group and its segments. These forecasts were delayed by a month, following the Kumamoto earthquakes in Japan which affected Sony’s operations in the region.

What we are most interested in is the mobile segment and despite a huge fall in smartphone volumes last year, Sony is not expecting any bounce back in FY16. Sony expects it will sell 20 million Xperia smartphones in FY16, which compares to the 25 million it sold last year – a 20 percent drop.

Sony cites the decline is due to lower mid-range sales as the company focuses on the high-end. Also, Sony has exited a number of unprofitable regions which has also brought the number down. This magnitude of volume decline is broadly reflected in the lower sales estimate of 940 billion yen, representing a 17 percent year-on-year decline.

However, despite the lower volumes, Sony is anticipating a small profit in FY16 of 5 bn yen, compared to a loss of 61 bn yen last year. This is expected to be driven by an improved product mix of phones sold and significant cost savings.

Sony comment on new revised mobile expectations

Mobile Communications – Sales are expected to decrease year-on-year due to a reduction in mainly mid-range smartphone unit sales reflecting an increased focus on high value-added models, as well as a reduction in smartphone unit sales in unprofitable geographical areas where downsizing measures were implemented during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016. Operating results are expected to improve significantly year-on-year and operating income is expected to be recorded due to an expected improvement in product mix, cost reductions primarily reflecting the benefit of restructuring initiatives and a reduction in restructuring charges, partially offset by the above-mentioned decrease in sales. The impact of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes is expected to be immaterial.

Sony Xperia FY16 forecast

  • Stanley Lu

    They announced the X family too early and releasing it too late…
    Hence will the X Performance be “DayDream-Ready”? SONY is not even on the listed partnered manufacture from I/O…..

  • Dominic81

    I don’t want to sound like an a**hole, but when your “flagship” device is the Xperia X Performance, which is a downgrade (except for the SoC) compared to last year’s flagship, you can’t expect very good sales…

    I got a Z5 back in October, and no need to say that when I replace it this fall, it won’t be with a Xperia X.

  • Harut Hajin

    You said what, what I want to tell here . True . After Z I didnt try to buy Z1 , yes Z2 its upgrade phone after Z , Z3 and Z3+ not so much . Z5 and Z5 Premium yes , but I bought outdated Z Ultra and cant compare quality and slim design to with new phones , but I am big Sony fan and will be , until … Its not only in smartphone business , in camera/video division , they upgrading fast and w/out any big difference , they need stay with produced product minimum 12 month . SORRY FOR MY POOR ENGLISH

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    until Z Ultra died on you

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    i know u really love sony but there are flaw in your argument. why would u buy a new phone every year? u just bought z5 so n o need to buy new phone until sony release replacement for x

  • Harut Hajin

    MY bro have Z5 Premium , and if You try to compare quality with old Z Ultra , it feels cheap , camera lens moving , metal and glass feels not as much better . I am waiting X Ultra with same design , with new specs

  • Harut Hajin


  • Dominic81

    I buy unlocked phones and I sell/replace them every year (so around October I will replace my Z5). How is it a flaw in my argument?

    If Sony had released a true Galaxy S7 / HTC 10 competitor, I would have got a Xperia. Sadly, the X Performance is nowhere near a S7/HTC 10 competitor at this point. If they release a “X Ultra” maybe… but it will need to have more than a newer SoC.

  • besk

    Pls Sony get your shit together. U r not in your teens. I was happy for the new X lineup but damn its so outdated and redundant. Flagship X P with s820 still not in market and in couple of months s830 will be out.
    As a Sony fan I hoped for X line to be Z series + “Usability” and “Communication” but now its just another brand that has lost all its DNA. Even HTC is back.
    PLS Remember. You have customers and fans who are ready to buy your products. Its you who need to step up your game.
    Just keep 5 models. 3 Flagship specs with different screen sizes(4.7,5.2 and 5.5) and additional features for each and two mid range(5 and 6inch). and for godsake differentiate budget and premium models design.

  • Dexter Moregan

    it happens to every brand not just Sony. there is the slight update from the flagship in the last year to the flagship of this year. So, it doesn’t make that you piss off

  • DBS

    I think they’re still being extremely optimistic here. Specially in light of the disaster that is the Xperia X series. And they also don’t seem to really understand what the market considers mid-range.

    When they write “decrease year-on-year due to a reduction in mainly mid-range smartphone unit sales reflecting an increased focus on high value-added models” they completely miss-understand that they have NEVER actually sold a real mid-ranger.

    That’s abundantly clear with the Xperia X. The X is a mid-range. It has a mid-range processor, mid-range features and yet Sony is asking over 600€ for it. That places it in the high-end playground and of course it won’t sell there.

    Considering the Xperia X is the line we seem to be getting in 2016, I doubt the reduction will be just of 20%. All the phones are overpriced and offer no real value to the consumer. Which means consumers will most likely avoid them.

    Sony may think they’re Apple and that they can sell overpriced mid-rangers and people will buy them. Sony isn’t Apple. The longer they fail to realise that, the worse.

    Well, and then there’s Hirai’s menace in regards to Sony Mobile’s performance in 2016…(and I highly doubt they’ll have any profit at all).

  • Ambitious Man

    Oh no! Sony mad.

  • kaostheory

    Yup, if they wanted to buy more time to restructure they should have just come out with Z5+. A Z5 with polished internals would have been a must own for me like a Z5p with a better refresh rate for VR. Too bad the rumors of an HDR screen was false. Definitely skipping the current X line unless they surprise with a worthy X premium.

  • RockStar2005

    Too early and too late? Yes! Why is this phone being released in JULY? How is that competing against Samsung and HTC? They announced their phones months ago and have already released them! Sony announced the X series in Feb and even the X & XA haven’t ACTUALLY been released yet, and they’re not even flagships (X got delayed twice now…… they saying June 3rd, and that’s the UK Amazon site. U.S. one doesn’t even have it yet!). Ridiculous! Even more ridiculous is, why the F would you release your flagship phone (Xperia X Performance) AFTER the 2 mid-rangers?!! Stupid!!!! The X Perf should’ve been scheduled to come out first!!! F July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you live in the U.S. (or any country really, but esp U.S.) and wanna pre-order the X Performance but aren’t seeing anywhere you can do so, then let me suggest Expansys. I JUST pre-ordered mine from their site. They happen to be located 10 minutes away from me (Chicago suburbs), so very convenient. But I believe they ship internationally. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and I know of at least one person who’s bought from them several times with no issues, so they ARE legit. Pre-Order price TBD, but you CAN pre-order from them now! They are an international company but only certain locations are selling the X Perf. The U.S. site is one of them. The China and Japan site have the dual-SIM version, but I have no interest in that. Expansys offers ALL 4 COLORS as well!

    The version of the X Perf they are selling is the international version, so no free QNovo Quick Charge 3.0 charger like you’d get with the U.S. version, but this one WILL have the fingerprint sensor (which was just officially added to the U.S. version btw) AND IP65/68, or water & dust resistance. (The U.S. version DOES NOT have IP65/68.) I have verified all of this on the official Sony Mobile sites for both versions.

    To pre-order now, go here:

    I’m also going to order this clear case off Amazon for it too. Very well-made and it being clear means you don’t have to hide the nice look & design of this phone:

  • ryq24

    20 million! For the whole year! That is really sad. Blame their pricing. The only thing Sony is good at right now is disappointing their loyal fans.

  • Omarion07

    Sony seriously needs to be handed to the Americans. The Japanese are just clueless and only seem to f up things!

  • Matt

    yep like how 9-11 goes or the NSA , american are far superior :D

  • Solano89

    Count me in with 2 phones this year IF…!!! – 1. I need a good flagship compact phone with 4,6 or 4,7 inch screen and 2. a solid 5,2 or 5,5 inch screen flagship, both of these must have great specs and all the tech goodies (FM Radio to, LOL) and they will come in this superb rose color (compact one for my wife) and in the aqua-green (the 5+ incher for me)! Please SONY do something!

  • Omarion07

    Man what the hell does this have to do with anything?!! Look at Apple and Google.. Look at how successful are the Sony branches that are under American management (Sony pictures entertainment, sony music entrainment, and Sony interactive entertainment) and compare them to their Japanese counterparts!!!

  • Sweggity

    Sony’s best phone was the Xperia Z2. The true 2014 flagship.

  • spwx

    X Perfomance isnt their Z5 Premium replacement… when they have launched 2 new phones in past 2 weeks (Ultra and E5), you should realize that there will be larger X Performance variant.

    As to Xperia X, I am pretty happy with carrier pricing in my region, only €40 more than M5 for me, very good.

  • Matt

    Yes management of distribution can be better, but saying it’s bad because they are Japanese?

    You disgust me sir

  • Omarion07

    If i disgust you do yourself a favour and don’t comment on my posts!

  • Bloobat

    Your also forgetting Sony’s financial sector which operates in Japan and is highly profitable.

  • Bloobat

    5 clear cut models is definitely the way to go, while I love Sony mobiles I do have to say it’s hard to name another manufacturer with a more confusing product lineup.

  • Omarion07

    True that.. but Sony’s financial service doesn’t really deal with sales, marketing, and advertisements!

  • Battel

    Americans only do better in terms of software (Microsoft, Google, OSX),
    hardware’s better from Asians .

  • Omarion07

    What about PS4? That’s a hardware developed and released by Sony interactive entertainment (known previously as Sony computer entertainment) and it’s completely managed by Americans (despite CEO being Shuhei Yoshida)

  • Adam Graver

    Poorly disguised advertising..

  • RockStar2005

    You couldn’t BE more wrong dude. I do not work for nor am I affiliated with Expansys. I simply am p’d off that neither Amazon or even Sony Mobile U.S./Sony Mobile Global are offering this phone for pre-order to U.S. customers yet, and it’s almost June (the Xperia X Performance is set to be released in early July)! The Sony Mobile sites that DO offer it are based in other countries and don’t sell to the U.S. So I found this ONE reputable site for ppl who like me wanted to pre-order the phone but didn’t know where to do so. Now they do.

    And come on Adam, we’ve both seen enough “spam ads” to know they aren’t nearly as detailed or even as related to the main topic (Sony phones) as mine is. lol

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Just can’t understand what the hell those Japanese old man thinking now. Do they want to suicide together with their company ?!

    Go harakiri yourself. Blast !

  • Aiden Pearce

    with their stupid over pricing, very late flagship launch in market they should as well stop selling handsets. Here in India the irony is even Sony centers themselves are not selling handsets because they get very low marginal profit.

  • iia3ezu

    Sony Mobile is committing suicide with every business decision, and people wonder why it is dying. Really, now.

  • iia3ezu

    Sony Mobile, in its infinite wisdom, tries to make cheaper phones by cutting corners (e.g. Mediatek, no rear OIS), hoping to gain market share for the lower/mid range phones.

    Then you find out that for a cheaper price, you can get a perfectly decent, and similarly or better specc’ed phone from China. e.g. Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo.

    The days of paying a premium for the Sony brand are OVER. The sooner Sony wakes up and understands this the better the situation will become.

    At this rate, a future Xperia phone will be only a Japan/Docomo exclusive release.

    P.S: A true Z5 (Premium?) successor this fall will not take away the spotlight from the Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

  • ramuk

    Dumb post Omar.

  • Morgangcho4

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    Only thing I can see that the Xperia x performance is behind flagships like LG g5, Galaxy s7 and HTC 10 is the lack of 1 GB of ram. Still 3 GB of ram is fine enough for me and I will definitely buy the x performance to replace my Xperia z. The price is exactly the same as the Galaxy s7 and LG g5 and almost 100 euros cheaper then HTC 10. Atleast here in Sweden. And on the camera front even the Xperia x with a mid range soc impressed on some reviewers so let’s see what the x performance can do before judging it :D

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Still the only hardware that the x performance is behind on when comparing to the flagship phones like Galaxy S7 and HTC 10 is the lack of 1GB of ram. Do you honestly think that the camera sensor for example is behind those phones? I think not! I honestly don’t see why you all say that the x performance can’t compete with the other flagship phones. It haven’t been released yet either it’s just stupid arguments from all of you :s

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well apparently they are bad with selling phones. Not all business hehe :)

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  • Alexander Steil

    I really love Sony, but what they are doing now is totally ridiculous. They don’t release their Flagship Device in one of their biggest markets, Germany. They drop the compact line, one of the best selling lines (especially here in Germany) They drop waterproofing, what was something they were known for. They drop 4k recording, which is a must since Apple is advertising it. Are they drunk?

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  • Adam Graver

    Yeah okay. You’re right. Sorry haha

  • Matt

    well to that logic you dont have to respond to my critique

  • Matt

    well, it is nice that you cared, that much, i only like their products.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Don’t get me wrong I like Sonys mobile devices, got myself an Xperia z and will soon buy x performance, oh yeah I own the z4 tablet aswell :)

  • avrodeep

    still waiting for the marshmallow update for Xperia m4 aqua and they wonder why their ,market share is dropping….

    Sony wake up and smell the coffee you need to provide swift updates to your high end and mid range devices ….

  • Ailan Hidaz

    I’d argue they could even just cut it down to 4 models a year – 2 flagships and 2 mid rangers.
    Compact flagship and a larger one (5.2-5.5).
    Keep the 6 inch and 5 inch as mid range, but for the love of god adjust the pricing so they actually sell some phones this time around!

  • marcyff2

    I totally agree. No phone house in the UK holds all Sony Z5 variants. Yet all of the samsung phones are available in each of them. Premium the only place i know that sells it is GiffGaff. Expansys is a awsome website with quick delivery.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    us should said “using AMD”

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    sony should focus on 3 phone a year.

    flagship 6 inch snapdragon 820

    high 5.2 inch snapdragon 650

    mid 4.6 inch snapdragon 625

    no need release anything beside this

  • RockStar2005

    No problem brotha! lol

  • RockStar2005


    Yeah Sony makes IMO the BEST smartphones, but their sales & marketing depts are run by the biggest morons in the world. lol They def don’t make buying their phones easy. Announce a phone in Feb but release it in a July?! In what f’ing universe does that make any sense?!! And why is the XP getting released after the X & XA?? I have the S7 right now and despite being a pretty good phone overall, I’m CAN’T WAIT to replace it with the XP. lol The U.S. Expansys site has all 3 variants, but the U.K. site has none of them yet.

    Thanks for further confirming Expansys’ credibility! I just hope they get this phone soon! lol

  • Matt

    i got z3 :P will get a new sony phone when the software update ended on my phone.

    but sadly i got pixel c as a tablet. i do not like 16:10 ratio on tablets.

  • PDP16 Reloaded

    Sony no longer has anything to offer if you’re a fan of the Xperia Z Compact range.
    After 13 years of buying Sony/Sony Ericsson phones one may have to look outside of Sony for the next phone.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Okey nice :) Yeah we all think different about the screen ratio on tablets. I prefer 16:10 because i use my tablet mostly for youtube and movies. But some prefer 4:3 because of better usage when browsing the web etc :)

  • DarkMaster

    not everybody wants a phablet . I want a phone that is from 5 inch up to 5.2 inch and so does majority of smartphone users.

  • DarkMaster

    they provided updates for their devices among first and you can’t have update on your midrange M4 aqua before flagships Z2,Z3,Z3+,Z5 .

  • DarkMaster

    you are rumbling nonsense . are you drunk ?

  • Geese Howard

    Sony… what can you say when it comes to their products? Especially the Xperia? Love and hate really. This is all because of stupid Hirai and the retards in the mobile division. When you want to attain something big YOU CHANGE – you need to put everything into it and not just stupid talks with no action. What the hell has happened to you Sony? You lost your balls? Or because Kaz Hirai sucked it dry? Then refill it again using someone else dammit!

    Consider us, your fans, your loyal users feelings for fucks sake.

  • Timel

    Especially when Note 6 will come up with 6gb of ram (uses samsung’s 10nm DRAM technology) and 256gb internal storage (uses samsung’s V-NAND technology)

    While Sony still stuck with 3gb of ram and 32gb internal storage as always

    Now Im so worry about Sony and the future of Xperia brand, there’s no future for Xperia definitely if Sony still run business like this!

  • hmmm


  • hmmm

    bring us a cybershot flagship,I know it’s not that hard,if you want!

  • I think Sony should release an extremely good valuable phone like the One Plus X. Make it scream quality for a good $200, even if it brings in a sliver of profit. It’ll attract a lot more people to your brand. And it WILL get good publicity from tech reviewers so there’s Sony’s free press. Then developer a bounce back strategy for next year. Enough with the expensive phones Sony. I am not longer interested in my Next being an Xperia because compared to the competition it would be a stupid idea.

  • Timel

    Yeah absolutely
    Especially when Note 6 will come up with 6gb of ram (uses samsung’s 10nm DRAM technology) and 256gb internal storage (uses samsung’s V-NAND technology) While Sony’s flagship still stuck with 3gb of ram and 32gb internal storage as always

    Now I’m so worry about the future of Xperia brand, there’s no future for Xperia definitely if Sony still run mobile business like this!

  • Timel

    The problem is X performance comes to the market too late and the price is quite too expensive while this time people around the world are exciting about the coming of Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 6

    If you compare X performance to Galaxy Note 6 of course there’s nothin X performance can beat Note 6

    If Sony want people to buy x performance , it must comes to the market with low price as Chinese phone

  • Bob

    Why are you so worried about the future of Sony or Xperia? You bag on everything Sony has released for years now.

  • Timel

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Sony is raising the white flag in mobile field

  • Timel

    Because I love Sony and I think Sony mobile must change if it wanna survive

  • DarkMaster

    you love SONY ? yet you know more about SAMSUNG than about SONY…sorry but it’s hard to believe your words .

  • Timel

    I think the core problem is Sony don’t have lots money for R&D and marketing like Samsung

    Samsung throw 14 billion us dollars per year for Galaxy smartphone’s marketing budget And lots of money for R&D

    In this era, Sony is poor

  • DarkMaster

    yes it is :( . it can’t be a cybershot without XENON flash …. poor led flash is not enough ….

  • Timel

    Up to you

  • Omarion07

    Yes that’s definitely an issue! I read somewhere that the reason they’re charging so much for their phones while using older/cheaper components was to ensure there’s enough money for marketing. I think that’s how they managed to become sponsors of the UEFA champions league. The article didn’t go into R&D unfortunately!

  • Matt

    oh, pixel c does not use the shittl 4:3, its 1:sqrt(2)

    minimal black bar for film, nice on potrait :3

  • DarkMaster

    oh we all know you , you are posting only negative and hate comments on every article here on XB …you are doing constant bashing of SONY like a paid troll .

    btw I just stated a fact above that your knowledge is really poor when it comes to XPERIA devices yet you know almost everything about Samsung . – you shown and confirmed this in your every post until now .

    the moment I see comment from you the very first thing I do is flag as inappropriate then if I have time sometimes read nonsense you are posting …

  • Timel

    A true Z5 successor this fall?

    I want to see the deeply integration of Sony’s technologies in the Z5 successor

    For example

    – Joled display (Sony suppose to move forward with OLED now)
    – built-in DAC and amp and advanced audio software (that use in hi-end Walkman players)
    – integrate technologies from Cyber-shot RX and alpha NEX seriously , use the same class lenses , same class sensor, same process software
    – 6GB of RAM
    – 128GB internal storage and microSD card slot
    – Water and Dust resistants and can use display under the water like shooting photos under water

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Okey hehe, I haven’t even read about the pixel c so I have no idea about its screen ratio :D

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well it has the same price as the LG g5 and Galaxy s7, and is about 100 euro cheaper then HTC 10 and Galaxy s7 edge so I think the device is pretty cheap even the Xperia z from 2013 costed 6490 SEK when it was released as the x performance does in sweden

  • Lucille Lawson

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  • John Willows

    You’re absolutely right! This is a ridiculous decision! Same in UK, I don’t understand why they don’t release their most expensive phone in the markets where people can easily afford it. This is just nonsense! Same with Compact line, they’re the only manufacturer who sells high end specs compact phone end they scrap it?? Who the F authorised this decision?

  • John Willows

    It looks like Sony really wants to join Nokia and Blackberry on the winners podium! Their pricing is absolutely ridiculous and it seems like they still think its 2001 and people buy Sony to show off like they do with Apple now…Sorry Sony but it’s 2016 and you lost your “cool factor” completely. You price your phones on par with other flagships but don’t even offer these:

    1. No OIS;
    2. Slow and outdated memory chips;
    3. No Gorilla glass;
    4. No QHD;
    5. Plastic lens cover on flagships (seriously?!?!?);
    6. Weak flash;
    7. No DAC;

    And you think that your prices really are correct? Think again and come back to reality…

  • John Willows

    Oh, one more thing Sony…

    Have you seen ZTE Axon 7? It beats Xperia X Performance in EVERYTHING and will cost much less. It has amazing stereo speakers and dedicated audio processor.

    It’s an incredible embarrassment being beat to a pulp in audio…. A company that released Walkman

    64gb internal
    4GB RAM
    Snapdragon 820
    Dolby Atmos
    20mpx with OIS
    USB C
    Quickcharge 3.0
    3140mha battery

    And all that for… Less than $500…

    Good luck with peddling Xperia X for $650…

  • DarkMaster

    nope , Z3 was better and then Z5 series …

  • DarkMaster

    yeah I saw it , and no it does not beat Xperia X Perfromance in anything and also how you can even compare trash like zte with SONY ? if you want cheap products then simply SONY is not for you…

  • DarkMaster

    1. No OIS is a good thing .
    2. slow memory chips ? – WRONG .
    3. there is gorilla glass but it’s just no registered as
    4 no QHD is good thing .
    5.Plastic lens is on Z5 and I don’t like that either but phone is flat with raised edges so you can’t scratch it easily as on Samsung phones which have protruding camera and lens happen to break often
    6. strong flash does not mean good flash for photography and in fact Z5 still have the best flash among all android phones and it’s miles better than HTC 10 and S7
    7. seriously check your info X performance comes with LDAC .

  • John Willows

    Well, I owned all Xperia Z series and majority of my electronics is Sony so you can easily call me a Sony fanboy. Unfortunately I had to exchange Z5 FOUR times before I got unit without problems or build quality issues so I’m slowly starting to look for alternatives. Read XDA-Developers forum and Sony’s own forums and you’ll see how many people complain about Sony’s build quality. I still love Xperia’s but Sony is really overpriced and that’s a fact…

  • John Willows

    Yeah… continue living in a fantasy world…

  • azzido

    Sorry? They are focusing mainly on low/mid range devices like entire X series so far is, no any flagship even announced…

    Overall, this was expected, exiting flagship Z series and focusing on low/mid X series will result in dramatic sales decrease.

    Well deserved.

  • azzido

    it is not only 1GB of RAM less, it is smaller screen (not AMOLED, still old LCD), smaller battery (constant decrease since Z2), no 4K video recording, no Radio, plastic frames and it is more expensive than S7 and LG G5 about 150 euros while offering much weaker / cheaper specs.

    See the difference now?

  • azzido

    but still I will vote for frosted back glass as used in Z5 :P
    The best material for me so far, anti finger prints and looks premium :)

  • azzido

    no, there are people who want to see a Galaxy Note competitor, a successor to Z Ultra, big screen and top specs.

    There should be only 3 models:

    Why waste the time and money on producing these low/mid range phones?
    You want the top you are buying the current year with the size that fits you the best, you want cheaper and weaker specs? Just but the flagship from last year or and you will have it.


  • azzido

    no 4K recording
    no Radio
    no 5th pin in audio jack for noise cancelling headphones
    smaller battery
    smaller screen
    plastic frames


    The only thing that is premium in X series is its price :D

  • azzido

    or rather:

    :D :D :D

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  • azzido

    Seems Totoki Hiroki authorized this :) :) :)
    The most funny guy in Sony Mobile hehe.

    They will join HTC in 2016 and Nokia in 2017 and then totoki will be the most hated person in Sony Worldwide :D

  • EQ

    True. Even Xperia Z1 with mods outdoes the camera in S7 and HTC 10 in most areas.

  • EQ

    Many do that. That’s why his posts often are hidden since his account is considering a spam and troll account by various sites. I cant see any comment by him here as they are all spam marked and hidden. :cool:

  • EQ

    Calm down Omar, be good Omar!

  • EQ

    Why you mad Johnny, momma aint good to you?

  • Omarion07

    Thanks EQ.. I feel much calmer now!

  • EQ

    That’s my boy! Very good kompis. :-D

  • DarkMaster

    I’m not living in a fantasy world , all I stated above are facts .

    I don’t care about things like QHD and OIS . because those offer little or no advantage at all and it would be stupid to compromise functionality and performance of the device for such gimmicks .

  • Sandythansen2

    “my room mate Lori Is getting paid on the internet $98/hr”…..!ti270ur

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  • Shamoy Rahman

    After looking at a few speed tests by XEETECHCARE, the X suprisingly beats the LG G5 and HTC 10 in performance with only a 650. This is a proof of Sony’s excellent software optimization.

  • Kunal Shukla

    Sony doesn’t have a mid range portfolio. Their mid range devices border line flagship devices from other brands in price.

  • bassanova

    I break my friends not to buy Xperias by now as they holding on asking for the best thing i have waited it -(ULTRA?) STAMINA Mode – for long lost time. Z5 I’m using and I still love it! Any soon better update yet?

  • s3ng4t

    SONY did a good job in developing sensor for other brands such as Samsung etc, but when developing their own products, it’s really sad. It’s the software. Please fix this.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Xperia XZ is here to cover for the failure of the X Performance and turn the Xperia division around.

  • kin p

    folks, Sony doesn’t want to succeed and they’re doing it on purpose. They can build the best phone, all in-house, they have everything, but they DO NOT WANT TO SUCCEED and they’re doing it on purpose! They removed the finger print scanner for the American market, change Z to X, and now XZ, and then what, f up again. Xperia camera is the best in class but they don’t want to advertise it!

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