New Sony Xperia flagship to launch in H2 2016; model number F833X revealed

by XB on 11th July 2016

in Rumours, Xperia XZ series

Sony Xperia LogoSony Mobile is set to launch a new high-end Xperia smartphone during the second half of the year, as we have caught wind of a new model number. The Sony F8331 (F833X) model number has been revealed on the GFXBench benchmarking site, sporting a higher model designation than that of the Xperia X Performance (F813X). In addition, the Sony Xperia F8331 and F8332 model numbers have also been revealed through UAProf links.

The above information reveals a specification set that is very similar to that of the Xperia X Performance. This includes a phone that is powered by the Snapdragon 820 (MSM8996) chipset and has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. GFXBench pegs the display at 5.1-inches, but the site is often wrong about display sizes so we wouldn’t read too much into it.

Other specs highlighted include 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, a 23MP rear camera and a 13MP front-facing camera. If these specs hold up, it will be interesting to see how the handset differs from the Xperia X Performance. We may see a departure from the 5-inch display size of the X Performance or we could see a new design altogether. The likely announcement for such a device is expected to be during IFA in early September. We’ll keep you posted with further developments once we have them.

GFXBench Sony F8331

Thanks Ben!

  • a.hamameh

    You forgot 4K recording

  • Bashar Shehab

    There is no point of releasing this device now, they should have released it instead of the outdated X Performance. At least it has 4K recording for the back and front cameras -_-

  • Xajel

    5.1″ FullHD, 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, maybe no HDR photo (maybe early software).. no thanks.. this is not a flagship, this is a high-end.. just like X Performance

  • houssem Djilani

    just hoping it will have a TYPE C connector ( and maybe a descent Price …)

  • theskig

    I’m disappointed only for the RAM

  • Alvin

    See, I told you that they will have severe itching at their hands if they didn’t launch 2 flagships per year.

    And none of them have a stand-out specs, just an average or below average flagship with good UI

  • Dominic81

    Specs-wise, by 2016 standards, that phone is FAR from being a “flagship” phone.

    What’s wrong with Sony, with all these new half-baked phones?

    Give us a true Z5 successor for God’s sake!

  • Aries Santoso

    Okay, the RAM maybe OK but internal storage 32 GB only spare 20 GB for user.. Come ooonnn..!!! Just why not 64 GB or 128 GB and bigger battery.. Wake up SONY..!!!

  • ryq24

    As usual it will be overpriced.

  • Maxx Tan

    ahahaha sony…after all these years… this is what you’re still doing. play catching up with the big boys. always 1 hardware generation late, u can change series name, but still same shit since xperia S

  • Rayson275 Kar Weng

    What are you doing, SONY? Why another model that similar specs as XP. If this model higher end than XP, sure will be more pricy. Please make us ‘wow’.

  • Rayson275 Kar Weng

    Im still using xperia s which functions well and gonna purchase XA soon. BTW Sony is like every year producing almost same specs flagship with few upgrades.

  • Rayson275 Kar Weng

    front camera also gt 4k recording^^

  • Waiting Waiting Waiting

  • jumbo3220

    waiting for a successor to Z5 Compact with Z3C like battery life

  • OMG! The phone is going to heat… a lot!
    This is probably just another variant of the X line

  • Gabriel

    Honestly, being a Sony-fan all the way back in the Ericsson days, they’ve been really getting on my nerves lately. What’s the strategy here? They are failing consequently each year and still on the same path. I’m on a Z5P now, in the future I may consider another manufacturer for the first time in my life.

  • Sridu

    Could be the tablet and not a flagship

  • For heart rate sensor Sony wants you to buy the SmartBand or probably a SW4 (if they are planning to release one since they bought that iot company last year). And for having a heart sensor they need to redesign the phone, and that’s something we’ve been waiting for 3 years…

  • KarFar

    As expected S820 when there’s S821, and 3GB RAM lol what a joke, these specs are most probably true except the screen size and the lack of hdr (they may be idiot enough to skip 4k on their X,Xp but not this brainless to skip HDR).

  • Abdul Ghani

    now this could be epic fail

  • KarFar

    Xperia X performance’s performance sucks, it’s worse than the regular X and the S7 edge shits on it too. check Tech Trinket’s youtube he has done some comparisions.

  • Abdul Ghani

    xa ultra get ois in the from while flagship with ois again fail sony fail

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I dont have any issues with my X Performance, its snappier then the galaxy S7 so yet another review to throw in the dustbin. Dont trust the reviews, some says the camera sucks in low light but i know it doesn’t. Its really great in low light, almost/even on par with galaxy s7.

  • Mustafa Sezer

    Still 3 GB of RAM? Why sd820, why not 821?

  • Emil Oskarsson

    The X Performance is awesome though, better then the LG G5 and HTC 10 and on par with the galaxy s7 :D Best overall performance is found on the X Performance tough :)

  • Abdul Ghani
  • Abdul Ghani

    x and xp sux in low hands down ive used it it sux big time in low light

  • kaostheory

    A HDR display would be amazing, something that the average consumer would notice.

  • Reen

    Ah come on. The X Performance isn´t nearly a bad phone but for this price tag it´s far from a good deal. You can´t compare this phone to a s7, sorry man.

  • jamie evans

    No QHD… That socks

  • Anonymous

    After picking impressive spec and applying cool design, Sony will go nuts and tag it with an insane overprice to screw up all its hardwork. Poor Sony, you are not learning…

  • ramuk

    I would like to hear what’s the definition of the “flagship” phone? Spec wise only thing that is not flagship worthy about XP is 1 GB less RAM and lack of OIS in camera.
    3 GB RAM is disappointing, but if it is properly optimized this phone can perform better than other higher spec RAM. I hope the next flagship phone come with bigger battery, OIS and better design ( prefer the XA’s design).

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I got awesome shots in superior auto mode, even in pitch black areas. Low and fine noice that without the sacrifice of any directly clarity of the objects i shot on :s

  • Omarion07

    Man you literally mentioned everything i wanted to say.. if these specs are legit and Sony doesn’t release a phone with better specs my final verdict would be: Sony mobile is retarded!!

  • Ming William Lee

    From what I heard, this is the new compact model. It is using a 1.8ghz sd820, 4.65inch with 1080p ups neo display, with 3G ram and emmc5.1 32g rom, also OSS lens for both cameras at rear and front.


    No 4K display? :(

  • houssem Djilani

    I am surely repeating my Self but i maintain that this Phone just need a type C connector and of course a better battery management ( like on the Z3 series …), and it will be one of the Best Sony’s Phone …ps : lost hope on the camera side ( Sony just have the bad guys on it …)

  • FYLegend21

    Could be an Asia exclusive (because Japanese carriers cycle every 6 months or so and Sony wants new product to keep their customers, even if the changes are slight) and they haven’t said whether the display is HDR or not – that could be the main selling point.

    If Sony could get sensor-shift OIS to work on still photos that would be fine as well [they already have a closed-loop actuator but it only works in 1080p video, maybe due to space constraints]. A few of the OIS systems smartphone cameras still exhibit a “jelly shift” effect and sometimes lag if you pan, which may be why Sony prefers electronic stabilization.

  • EQ

    Or maybe it’s you that suck at taking photos. Doesn’t mather if you hand a 100$ or 5000$ to a lousy photographer. The result will be same, potato material. Question is, are you a potato?

  • EQ
  • azzido

    What differs it from Flagship?:

    1. 3GB of RAM instead of 4GB
    2. Fastest processor which now is Snap 821 and not 820
    3. 4K video recording as a must
    4. ONLY Premium materials used, not plastic frames like the ones from XP
    5. Best camera available so far, with OIS / or Sony’s EIS, better software, but also best LENS, not plastic ones… + no tragic hump as from Shamesung
    6. Decent Battery life / Battery size and not continous regress like it started with Z3 and ends with dramatic 2700mAh one that should be included in Z6 compact
    7. Radio, irda, pulsometer, at least a few of these add ons, not continous reduction of such
    8. Fastest internal storage to speed up launching of applications and performance

  • RockStar2005

    The XP CAN record in 4K, just not using the stock app. Instead, go to Play Store and download a camera app called “Open Camera”. Problem solved.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Galaxy Note 7, it is then.

  • RockStar2005

    I had the S7 and now the int’l XP…….with 1 less GB of RAM than the S7, the XP STILL loads up apps faster and doesn’t lag at all. When I’d play music on S7 via MicroUSB port (headphone setup), it would skip every 3-5 minutes. 3-4 hours on XP with same setup………..DIDN’T SKIP ONCE! And camera on XP is even better than S7’s (and HTC 10’s)…….. more color accurate, and that’s just in Superior Auto mode (don’t need to go to Manual Mode like before to get best quality). Sony………TRUE king.

  • RockStar2005

    The XP CAN record in 4K, just not using the stock app. Instead, go to Play Store and download a camera app called “Open Camera”. Problem solved.

    I’d buy XP ANYDAY over S7.

  • RockStar2005

    Oh yes he can lol………..

    I had the S7 and now the int’l XP…….with 1 less GB of RAM than the S7, the XP STILL loads up apps faster and doesn’t lag at all (TouchWiz). When I’d play music on S7 via MicroUSB port (headphone setup), it would skip every 3-5 minutes. 3-4 hours on XP with same setup………..DIDN’T SKIP ONCE! And camera on XP is even better than S7’s (and HTC 10’s)…….. more color accurate, and that’s just in Superior Auto mode (don’t need to go to Manual Mode like before to get best quality). Sony………TRUE king.

    And it CAN record in 4K…… just get Open Camera from Play Store. BAM! Just can’t use it in stock camera.

  • RockStar2005

    I had the S7 and now the int’l XP…….with 1 less GB of RAM than the S7, the XP STILL loads up apps faster and doesn’t lag at all (TouchWiz). When I’d play music on S7 via MicroUSB port (headphone setup), it would skip every 3-5 minutes. 3-4 hours on XP with same setup………..DIDN’T SKIP ONCE! And camera on XP is even better than S7’s (and HTC 10’s)…….. more color accurate, and that’s just in Superior Auto mode (don’t need to go to Manual Mode like before to get best quality). Sony………TRUE king.

    And it CAN record in 4K…… just get Open Camera from Play Store. BAM! Just can’t use it in stock camera.

  • RockStar2005

    It CAN record in 4K……..just have to get Open Camera app from Play Store. Doesn’t work in stock camera. Not sure why.

    Plastic frame is actually better for signal reception from what I’ve read. So I’ll take it as long as they make it look nice, which they did. Backside brushed aluminum with hairline finish is the best look ever!

  • azzido

    If I could design a new Z6 it would have:

    1. 3 different sizes to choose: Standard (5,2″), Compact (4,6″) and Magnum (6″)
    2. New Best camera on the market that will outshine the competition including 1″ sensor, OIS, best glass lens. No blue hue in night shots, no corner blurs, less wide angles as these from Z5 are bit too wide + F1.8 should be better I guess than F2.0. 4K recording as a must. No hump.
    3. New premium design, a combination of omni balance and Xperia Arc style with curved back made of glass with Orange LED notification strip as from W980 ;)
    4. Awesome, Big battery
    5. Best ips neo or OLED Screen (no pentile) with great brightness (reason why I skipped Z5 Premium + its plastic camera lens), 1080p for regular, 2K/4K resolution for 6″ and 720p for compact. HDR and 120Hz would be nice.
    6. Volume rocker to be placed higher than in Z5, to allow this move a bit fingerprint sensor higher and you could move volume rocker as well
    7. Latest Snapdragon, 4GB of fastest RAM, fast internal storage 64GB
    8. S-Master amplifier + Mega BASS finally please, noise-cancelling headphones in the box, front facing stereo speakers
    9. dual heat pipe like in Z5 for better cooling
    10. Fast and modern UI, regular updates and good warranty service, focus more on QA!

    You need to attract people with new design Sony, otherwise you will sink across plethora of other same looking phones on the market. Who does not risk = does not profit. Only those who try to focus on flagships and innovate the market are the winners nowadays, rest will need to close its businesses sooner or later. You really need to market your products as you did with first Z series, otherwise, even the best product will not sell without marketing. Sad but true.

    I know such device will not be made, but how long does your customers needs to beg for Best Z ??? Why you are so stubborn Sony to give us what we want to pay you for???
    You have 10 points above.

  • Vinny Conforto

    Sony must take on QHD unless it’s a compact device. I want to see a totally new design as well. no more rectangular slabs

  • Vinny Conforto

    I like XA”s design too. If it was going to be XA Compact, that would be nice

  • azzido

    whatever it will be hope it will come with better, less rounded design and no camera hump as spotten in XP. My hands and wallet keep off such devices…

  • ludimilojko

    Why don’t you upload one of your pics in full res, so we can see how good your Xperia photos are? That will shut our mouth, and you will prove your superiority. When i say full res, i mean full res, not 6 MP.

  • EQ

    But 1080×1920 is sufficient for a 5-5,5″ display. PPI is greater than what the eye can detect upclose. Why waste perfomance and battery for a bulletin point feature?

  • DarkMaster

    that poor idiot is shooting in lowlight at 23MP …

  • EQ

    I think I got a stalker on me. Must be that dude that was pimping the S7 and his wife. Cant read his messages though they are blocked loooooo!

  • DarkMaster
  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    To make a successor make a Z2 with snap 821 or a Z5P with snap 821 or even a Z5. Sony only need to upgrade what they already have as the Z series is great. they literally need to make a Z2 with 4GB ram and snap 821 and call it Z2X or X2 performance.

  • DarkMaster

    821 was not even announced when this was spoted on gfxbench and also note 7 is coming with SD820 too , RAM amount always can be changed before the launch and other things you are mentioning is just your assumption based on previous models of xperia phones .

  • EQ

    Probably trolling as he directly talks about Lumia 1020. Must be that DBS guy that strolls around here to have some friends or rather enemies. Btw I found a photo of him..

  • Pat Bell

    Satisfied with my Z5 compact. Hope they’ll make a worthy successor! Love their compact phones.

  • lolop

    Feeling exactly the same. My first was a SE T300.


    Screen resolution is only FullHD, 3GB RAM sufficient.

    It’s like buying a nVidia 1080 GTX for your FullHD screen. True, that the 1080 GTX is the flagship, but at 1080p, it will run as well as the 1060.


    And disappointed because? Screen resolution is only FullHD, 3GB RAM sufficient.

    It’s like buying a nVidia 1080 GTX for your FullHD screen. True, that the 1080 GTX is the flagship, but at 1080p, it will run as well as the 1060.


    Maybe the S821 wasn’t available when Sony was already making this?

    Also, RAM is shared for graphics processing. Being only a FullHD phone, 3GB is more than sufficient. So far all other 4GB phones are using higher resolution screen and it’s a must for them as performance/frame rates drops like crazy when gaming.


    Exactly. Too many trolls here who don’t even pay for their own phones making comments on features they won’t even notice a difference.

    FullHD is more than enough for 5″. I prefer the Z3+ FullHD screen over that of the “4K” Screen on my current Z5P.

    Also, 3GB is more than sufficient for FullHD rendering. 4GB is mainly only used so far for phones that’s higher than FullHD. Z5P is not considered as it renders most things in FullHD.

  • ymytbb .

    It’s nice that we are going to see a new flagship at IFA2016. Still, specs are mediocre and way too dated… Then what’s new and fresh? design?

  • (NinJer)

    why would i want to use another app to do something they should have included.

  • (NinJer)

    This might be a tablet and not a phone, no specs on the bands it uses…

  • RockStar2005

    I don’t know why they did what they did. This is the same company that released both the Z5 and the XP in the U.S. WITHOUT active fingerprint sensor software! I’m just sayin’ it IS available.

  • ymytbb .

    right. without QHD, Xperia can’t survive competitions. If QHD or not makes a big difference in drawing attention from consumers. Sony should go for QHD

  • Abdul Ghani

    imagine a guy and his friend walking in garden around 9pm which is low light area all of sudden the guy with xperia x see an amazing thing and he wants to capture in that exact moment or he will miss the moment but in order to take a good low light picture he has to open manual mode (which btw is not true manual mode ) have to set exact setting then take the picture but his friend with different brand takes the picture in auto mode and it comes out perfect while xperia x guy looses the moment he wanted to capture just because xperia x cannot take good low light and indoor light shots on AUTO MODE

    so pffft please stop with ur potato old grandpa jokes

  • Abdul Ghani

    Motorola new phone beefed up specs cheaper than xperia lg and htc cheaper heck samsung is cheaper xiaomi of course its cheaper all have more specs( ois 4gb ram bigger battery QHD) than xp and this coming phone and all are cheaper than xperia

    yet sony wants us to buy this crap again same phone

  • Abdul Ghani

    this phone wont even scratch anyone in the competition unless sony makes a monster phone they introduced ois in xa ultra so why not put in flagships what kind of logic is this from sony

  • vigneshprince

    I used to Love Sony, I stopped expecting after Z3. because I have Z2.
    Now there no no major differences between newer sony flagships. Disappointed!

  • Nav

    Off topic…. Marshmallow to come soon for m4 nd m5

  • iia3ezu

    5.1 inch or 5.5 inch with 1080p screen..

    Either way Sony Mobile is doomed.

    Meanwhile, let’s wait for the sales figures and earnings report for the Xperia XA, Xperia X/Performance.

  • iia3ezu

    If you can’t compete with Samsung and grab a meaningful chunk of the Galaxy market share, you aren’t flagship. Period.

    You’re just a mid-range phone with watered down specs. Overpriced mid-range too, because Sony brand tax.

  • HikaruKaze

    isn’t this is the “old phone” discovered on May?

  • Ignacio Fitzgerald

    A 5.1″ tablet? I don’t think so…

  • Jer

    If you read the article it says their panel sizes were always wrong from thus site

  • Xajel

    I know, Sony’s phones are more responsive than the rest, there’s some reviwes that even Xperia XA can outrun other flagships in some real-life speed tests ( apps launch times, games loading ) they use the hardware better than any other phone, but as a flagship it must compares well to other flagships.. a lot of peoples won’t think about Sony phones, and having -average- spec. will just make them ignore.. specially with Sony’s bad pricing strategy…

  • Nikhil Yadav

    Hmm. Those specs are enough for any Android phone. But the thing is, critics really don’t bother about the side by side comparison videos where even a phone like Xperia X can beat other Flagship’s ass. They care abt what’s on paper and then they spread the word abt how bad a phone is just because of on paper specs. Hence, Sony really need more RAM,SD821, leave 2K i don’t wear microscope in my eyes.(Scientist’s says you can’t see over 300ppi but who cares Verge and Forbes can see beyond 800ppi), rest is fine, will be good to see a 3000mAh battery

  • Amir

    So is that the last device or the last before the last device before sony mobile stops making smartphones?

  • asgaro
  • Michael


  • Michael

    Well then….

  • hansip

    The only metric that i care, BATTERY LIFE. They don’t have to improve at all on other department imho, since it’s essentially good enough (heck, the cam is good enough compared with S7, win on some, lose on some, doesn’t matter too much, buy better SLR if you have to get the best). but really, Z2 battery life is mandatory, even better, Z3 Compact battery life is pretty much it.

  • EQ

    Imagine you actually being serious since on auto all you need is point and click and at most only thing you would want to change is ISO as the rest is good enough for 99% of photos and will net you better photos than your friends “perfect” low light photo.

  • Reen

    Of course TW as skin is a lot heavier than the Sony UI but also keep in mind that the s7 is a phone with a 2k Display, not just FHD like the X Performance. What doesn´t mean that I think a FHD screen isn´t good. Faster app loading? Feel free to post a video comparison of them here. I don´t think so, the s7 has the fast UFS 2.0 storage, the X Performance does not.
    3 or 4 gigs of RAM doen´t make a huge difference now, maybe with Nougat we´ll see advantages with 4 GB RAM.

  • Alvin

    That’s what I thought before. There is no way X and XP can’t record 4K, people could port apps that could record videos in 4K. Open camera is the easiest example to do so. :)


    wgat u=is altimater ?

  • DarkMaster

    it will run better than 4GB RAM + QHD .

  • jxPerience

    im here in uae, i can say xperia XA were sold out a week after launch. Xperia X selling well too, black and gold was sold out, only white and lime are available in stock.

  • ludimilojko

    Scientists doesn’t say that you can’t see over 300 ppi. Some scientists say that you can’t see the pixels on a screen with more than 300 ppi. And we could debate about that. But you CAN see the difference between an image presented at 300 ppi and the same image presented at 500 ppi.

  • MrM3

    I hope it is waterproof, has better camera with OIS as well. Also larger battery would be nice. But mostly what I wan’t is a new and improved camera. Come on Sony!!

  • Yasir Fawad

    Display 2k, though not necessary but it’s the name of the game
    6gb (current) ram vs 3gb, not necessary. But when you pay $700, do u think its justified?
    Camera? Though 21mp can’t beat out the 16mp by others? Ur opinion.
    Timely releases, Samsung Galaxy Note7 is here to be announced, while we r getting xperia x and co?
    So u call it a flagship in the second half.
    I don’t know, but in my opinion Sony are doing willfully to destroy the mobile division.

  • Nikhil Yadav

    Well I wont debate. But thing is, in real life,I’ve seen the displays of X (sad fact that India didn’t got X Performance), S7, i6s and the holy God of ppi Z5 Premium (I own it), side by side. It’s just impossible to notice any difference, I have a pretty healthy eyes to notice differences but there weren’t any, And the real thing was X was having muuuuch beautiful Display.

  • Battel

    Same stupid strategy of 2015 without any Features, just because Apple is gonna release IPhone 7 on Sept Sony believe it must do the same !

  • Wilhelm-Bernhard Trometer

    That new phone have 4 k video on both backcamera and frontfacing camera that is very good and this one is i guess much better then x performance but still i will wait for more information the time being beside that there is a new smale update availble for the z5 familie with builtnummber :32.2.A.0.253 i havent seen any new changes just now you get this update via o.v.a

  • jokensy

    So long Xperia Premium and your stellar specs (5.5” 4K display with 1.07 gazillion colors, etc,etc). This was way too good to be true :-(

  • Abdul Ghani

    was that even a joke -____-

    u do realize that u trolled urself since 5.1.1 z3 z5 and x cannot take low iso like iso 100 and iso 50 heck even iso 200 in low light because the picture becomes extremely dark like pitch black

  • Ferrer

    *silently waiting for X Compact*

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah it has a 2K display, yet colors STILL look more accurate on my XP than they did on my S7 which I had for 3-4 mos. Samsung tends to oversaturate colors, at least on that phone.

    The S7 would load them up faster, but lag more when starting. But then like when I’d clear my notification pane on the XP (or even Z3 or even older Z1s) vs. S7, they would clear faster. The S7 would take like a second then clear the pane. When I’d listen to music via the MicroUSB port with headphones, the S7 would skip like every 3-5 min. The XP………..3-4 hours of listening straight, DIDN’T skip even once. They need to get rid of TW already. But when comparing app loading on S7 vs. XP, XP def does it faster overall.

  • Timel

    The new Xperia flagship


    – Full HD 5.2 inch Display with HDR technology

    – SnapDragon 821 processor

    – Battery 5000 mAh
    – 4GB of RAM
    – 128GB internal storage-

    – Hi-Fi chip for Music lovers


    Sony must redo its camera software
    – Faster camera software (especially when open the camera app)
    – Improve post-processing image software, get rid issues such as noisy low lights images , bad details images and overexposure

    – Support RAW
    – Fully Manual controls
    – Improve about ram management
    Just this!

  • EQ

    Neither can the competitors but you can set it to ISO 200, 400 or even 100 if scene allows it. You dun goofed Samsung!

    Xperia Z1, ISO 100 and second photo ISO 200. Shutter speed 1/8 for both. Exif present.

  • rygarto

    In reality, the QHD display is only really useful for VR, but that’s where it seriously shines. Samsung’s only fault is not having 4K screens on their flagships, FullHD in GearVR quickly runs out of resolution.

  • Abdul Ghani

    really thats ur proof pfft now kiss my butt

    after MM z2 z3 z5 x has no shutter control

  • Abdul Ghani

    iso 400 and 800 pictures look muddy kiss my butt again

  • Abdul Ghani

    i own z2 z3 z5 x mt close friends own htc 10 htc 9 s6 s7 note 4 note 5 lg g3 lg v10 xiaomi mi5 out of all of them sony never won in camera so please grandpa z1 user own a new phone then talk

  • ludimilojko

    I’m sure all these phones have a beautiful displays, but i’m also sure that, if you look at the same 12 MP image on these display, you WILL see the difference between them. It’s not just looking at them side by side. Look at them side by side, while showing the same content, with suffice resolution.

  • QBerto

    I’m just wondering why sony has one of the cleanest UIs/personalization layer but one of the heaviest stock ROMs

  • EQ
  • EQ
  • EQ
  • Abdul Ghani
  • Abdul Ghani

    you forgot OIS its a much most major companies are using OIS

  • Abdul Ghani

    for camera other brands are using OIS sony are sleeping

  • Abdul Ghani

    old grumpy grandpa go back to ur cave hahahahahahahah

  • TehBotolSosro

    i wish sony would stop releasing new phone with minimal update, they should really make innovation, even with their good camera optic their software still lack compared to others, and there’s been a while since there’s new camera, at least do include ios or maybe do crazy thing like two optic instead of one, and their speaker sound is too low compared to another flagship phone, and don’t forget the infamous camera is too hot, at least fix that too as it’s useless to take 4k video when you can do only few minutes before the camera getting way too hot and automatically shutdown. this is why my phone is still z3, even the z5 feature don’t entice me to upgrade.

  • Kenny

    4.7″ screen and a battery life as good as the Z3 Compact. That’s all that matters.

  • Kenny

    With the same screen size too!

  • betatesterz

    The actual meaning of Flagship comes from the Navy where it usually refers to the best ship they have in their fleet.

    Put that into context of the sales industry as a whole. A flagship product is the best of their entire list of product the company has to offer. Weather or not the specs or design can compete with their rivals is irrelevant in defining a Flagship product.

    So in this case, the X Series is Sony’s current Flagship series. With the performance being their Flagship model as it’s the best of the best that Sony has to offer.

    Definition of Flagship aside, I think everyone here agrees that Sony’s current or even this upcoming Flagship does not appeal as much as what their competitors Flagship have to offer.

  • betatesterz

    Screen size stated 5.1″. So it’s either a phone, or a REALLY SMALL tablet..

  • Sridu

    Hi Betatesterz, thank you buddy. Since the blog mentioned that GFX mostly gets the display size wrong I thought it could land out to be a tablet instead :).

  • Margaret Lawrence

    <<o. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!bw751p:….,..

  • Margaret Lawrence

    <<o. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!bw751p:….,

  • Timel

    Sony’s steadyshot is already cool, it’s enough to beat OIS if you ask me

    All Sony need to do is fix the post-processing image software, S7 and Huawei P9 can produce lots better pictures than X performance

    I Hope Sony will be able to beat Samsung and Huawei about camera quality with this new xperia flagship, Hope Sony will listen customers’re voices and realise that they need to fix its camera seriously

  • Timel

    Absolutely !

  • AllanKafka

    “since Marshmallow, Sony phones are getting bad at memory management, like S6 back then (As far as i know)”
    Thank you for mentioning this. I agree wholeheartedly!!
    Memory management has been such a disappointment on my Z5 since upgrading to MM. I was happier before.

  • Alvin

    Yes, me too. On Lollipop, my Z3 could run about 8 to 12 apps at the same time without reloading apps or sites in the internet. An s6 edge in my home couldn’t even handle 3 apps at the same time at the time when it is still on Lollipop. Now after both phones are updated to marshmallow, it looks like that they exchanged problems lol. The UI on Z3 got better and S6 edge got worse, but Multitasking got worse on Z3 and got better at S6 edge (much better than LP actually ). Is it really Marshmallow’s problem for multitasking? Or is it just Sony’s? I don’t care what people would say after I posted this but if Sony don’t fix this multitasking problem on an update, I don’t know if I should love them anymore, I’d rather have a stable systems than update to Nougat, to be honest.

  • hmmm

    another z5???

  • Alvin

    They sell many products. Many expensive products. I bought one of their expensive phones. I have no time and drive to save more money to buy one of their expensive wearables. I’m just a student. Who wants to buy two expensive products at different types? Maybe just rich people, and I’m not rich.

  • Alvin

    VERY retarded

  • Alvin

    Let me review sony flagships now.

    S to Z –> big changes, huge actually
    Z to Z1 –> Camera changed drastically, from bad to nice at the time. They used Aluminium frame instead of Glass (or plastic?), display is improved a bit. Camera was a huge change back then in z1, battery improved dramatically.
    Z1 to Z2 –> Stereo speakers, 3GB RAM, camera changed a little bit, display gone from an absolute nightmare to a graceful beauty, the battery is getting better.
    Z2 to Z3 –> streamlined design, one of the best designs I’ve ever seen on a smartphone, design is a huge change for me there, camera wide angle is changed from 27 mm to 25 mm (not really a good change to me, actually lol), better battery life despite lower in capacity, waterproofness/ dust resistance changed from IP58 to IP68 (please correct me if i was wrong), PS4 remote play.
    Z3 To Z3+ –> could be used as a heater at early firmwares, its design is more shiny, made the copper colour looks much better, camera is improved, finally.
    Z3+ to Z5 –> camera is hugely improved, display too, UI is getting simpler, frosted glass on z5c and z5, and chrome on z5p is just very very cool, again, one of the best designs I’ve ever seen on a smartphone, engraved logo is cool although attracting dirt to stuck there, overheating issue is finally (partly) solved, 23mp camera.
    Z5 to XP –> SD820, one of the most powerful phone, umm and…. Aluminium back. Then I don’t know what else are changed. Oh yes, UI is much better.

  • Alvin

    Sony tablet codes are starting with “SGP”

  • Alvin

    TouchWiz is heavier

  • Alvin

    I just hope they didn’t go downhill. But I have a feeling that they will

  • Alvin

    That is an early firmware, HDR should be included.

  • QBerto

    sorry, thats not true, both uses almost the same, and I’m pretty sure sony uses a little more (like 0.3XGB, no big deal)

    and that’s not an argument, more taking into the point twouchwiz have a heavier modification to android despite the clean is now compared to previous versions, still, sony is CLEANER and uses the same space

  • Alvin

    2GB? I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you just said…Could you explain starting from “I just confirmed”

  • QBerto

    This is what I meant

    Android Sytem 9.43GB vs 7.27GB

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Yea Sony doesn’t wow me no more. Look at this specs(as rumoured) it’s the same Xperia X Performance which failed to win our hearts. :(

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Didn’t Sony release a phone with these specs? Isn’t it called Xperia X Performance?
    Why can’t they go for a phablet device to compete with Note 7?
    Give us a massive battery(3600+) with 5.5 or 5.8′ display with Edge to Edge 4K or 2K display.
    4GB ram(3GB is enough too) but better ram management.
    Right now with camera I think they should focus on a great 12 or 16MP with EIS and OIS both cause sensor crops image out when the video recording is going on and it degrades the picture quality. I don’t know why they removed 4K video recording feature but I think they should add that back and give us some proper MANUAL CONTROLS which is a MUST.

    At this point I don’t see why I should get the next Xperia cause I used to love their battery life and battery management which is something I still boast about with my friends and everyone. But with future Xperia’s it’s just a dream. :(

  • Timel

    Camera is the most important thing Sony must fix seriously

  • Timel

    Smartphone with an outperform camera in all aspects
    But Sony fails to make it

    Eve Xperia X, compare to Huawei P9, You’ll see that Xperia X camera has a serious issue bout DETAIL


    Huawei P9×768.jpg

    Xperia X (whre are those birds Sony?)×768.jpg

  • keylorqh

    If sony does not release something DECENT to upgrade my Z3 I will be picking up the next Nexus by HTC with Android Nougat… Sony is losing its devoted fanbase, they cannot keep feeding us with the same technology and specs overpriced! I’ve been using Sony since K700i but this is way too much… What happened with “Don’t settle for good, demand great”? These phones from the X line are ALL the same, I really love my Z3 and it is a pain that the company who fabricated it is not able to repeat its success. I do not know what to think…

  • Timel
  • Timel
  • Battel

    Ironically: Xiaomi’s announced Mi Note 2 with Snapdragon 821 .

  • FYLegend21

    Z to Z5 – Terrible shutter lag on the camera
    X series – Reduced shutter lag, but no 4K video despite the XP being perfectly capable of it (you can use a third party app though)
    Next product – add back .1 inch to the screen and 4K video! Maybe change the look a tiny bit, go back to glass?

    iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC – Zero shutter lag since the beginning of time

  • Alvin

    Oh sorry, I thought you’re talking about memory management, not internal storage, that’s why I said TouchWiz is heavier

  • misio87

    The upcoming Zenfone 3 will have the 821.

  • QBerto

    Nobody was talking about ram managment xD

    and I have to say, I’ve never seen a phone with better ram managment than GS7 :/, is so far away from the Z5’s….

  • Alvin

    Yup that one is true.

  • deekbee

    Haven’t tried video on my Z5, but as far as stills are concerned they don’t have anything that helps with stability of long exposures/night shots – OIS would be way better.

    Comparing my Lumia 930 against my Z5 under any conditions, the Z5 comes across as relatively lousy – and in night shots, the Z5 may as well not bother.

    Agree with post processing, would also add that Sony need to revise their camera interface, as it really does suck.

  • So many pathetic comments here. The specs are fine as they are listed. The only downside I see there is no HDR on the camera, which might as well be an error.

    My hope would be that this handset has a way larger display than that rumoured 5.1″ display. Really looking for a replacement for my Z Ultra.

  • silverfox007

    Just like how you don’t want to pay for two separate products Sony is not going to implement a heart sensor that 0.05% of ppl are asking for.

  • Alvin

    0.05% of their consumer (or ex consumer) is a huge number of people, they should listen to them. Okay people don’t always use heart rate sensor on smartphones, but my other points should be the key of my opinion there

  • QBerto

    oh yeah, I forgot to say those birds to stay in the same place until I change the phone to take the picture with the other cellphone, my bad

  • HAWX

    Yeah I hate Sony’s stutter lag :/

  • roeshak

    Sony gave up competing and went for the same strategy that doomed Sony Ericsson. they decided to forget about growth and expansion but focus more on their core fans. just like Sony Ericsson they overestimated the size of that base and now find themselves in a very difficult situation. no competitive offerings in the pipeline and also having to face the harsh reality that selling to the core alone really means about 10 to 15 million units per trading year across the board. 2017 will probably be their last throw of the dice so we can either expect an all out push to reclaim some credibility with a device that’ll impress most or Sony will finally throw in the towel, decide mobile isn’t for them and move on.

  • roeshak

    electronic stabilisation only really helps for video where the footage is continuous so the software can make corrections after the fact but with photographs you’re capturing a precise moment in time so the correction has to be instantaneous and to achieve this, only ois will do. it’s about slower shutter and lower iso. you dwell way too much on image processing. the xperia camera deficiencies are mainly hardware based. a very light sensitive senor with too many pixels crammed into a small space with no mechanical stabilisation and a cheap soft f2.0 lens. there is an absolute limit on what software can do to make up for the 2014 standard hardware!

  • Timel

    Xperia X Performance is completely fail

    watch these two clips you will understand why most people dont buy Sony flagships, when its price doesn’t deserve its quality at all

  • roeshak

    the device will struggle to sell. that’s for sure. hardware just isn’t up to scratch especially on the camera front

  • azzido

    Plastic looks awful and poor… Metal like metal but the too rounded edges and the camera hump keeps my wallet away from X seriescamong the other things like weak/small really to small battery, to small dispaly or 3GB of RAM and no 4K recording in stock camera for such price in 2016.

    Besides, sales shows exactly whether people likes the decision to abandon premium Z series and focus on X mid-rangers or not.

  • azzido

    why both cameras have this odd stuttering? Or is this only the youtube issue?

  • azzido

    that is why for me Sony still did not present the proper flagship in 2016 and I am still waiting for it to come. Hope it will not be a downgrade like X series is:

    1. Downgrade in screen size
    2. Downgrade in battery capacity
    3. Downgrade in camera of lacking 4K
    4. Downgrade in design + ugly camera hump
    5. Downgrade in materials as of plastic crappy frames


  • azzido

    and better lens..

  • azzido

    Maybe I do not need to install more bloatware to my phone and want to have all camera features in 1 app without being force to switch between apps when I want to use this one feature only???!!!??? If in the past it was possible what is the problem for them, it is just another step back.

    With X series they did one step ahead and 17 steps back, sorry…

  • RockStar2005

    I think the frame looks just fine.

    What camera hump? lol I don’t see a hump on my XP.

    Well in a comparison focusing on “screen-on time”, the XP got up about 12 1/2 hours before its battery died, while the S7 only got up 8 1/2 hours, and it has a bigger battery too!

    Azzido, don’t believe everything you read from reviews. Most of these idiots reviewing the XP’s camera are too stupid to realize the default resolution is 8 MPs, and so they base their moronic conclusions on that resolution and not the 20 or 23 MP resolution the XP is capable of. I HAD the S7 for 3-4 mos and the HTC 10 for a week, and I can say w/o ANY hesitation that the XP’s camera trumps them both, even in Superior Auto mode. The XP’s camera is more detailed than the 10’s, and more COLOR ACCURATE than the S7’s. The S7 tends to oversaturate colors. And they both use Sony camera sensors too.

    I’m fine with the display. I think 5.0″ is good. Anything b/t 5.0-5.2″ is good for me. I hate phablets, so anything above that, forget it. And the color accuracy of the XP’s screen makes images easier to see & distinguish than on the S7, which isn’t any brighter.

    I really could care less about 4K recording, and I know that even though stock can’t do it, I can get just get Open Camera app from Play Store if I ever ACTUALLY wanted to take pics or record videos in 4K.

    Dude, the S7 has 4 GBs of RAM but the way it lags you would think it had 1. F’ing phone (garbage TouchWiz) lagged all the time when I had it. The worst was when I listened to music on my headphones via the MicroUSB port. F’ing S7 skipped like every 3-5 min. XP with only 3 GBs? 3-4 hours STRAIGHT with same set up………. didn’t lag once! So please, take it from someone who knows……. S7 is nice but overrated.

    Sales are BS. Sony makes the best phone, but their sales & marketing ppl are the biggest idiots in the world. I go by experience over anything and everything else, my experience with both S7 and XP and even HTC 10 says Sony is KING.

  • RockStar2005

    I don’t know, but I don’t care either. Fact is, the camera on the XP outdoes the S7 and HTC 10’s. That’s ALL I care about.


    I’m like you, I love Xperia phones but they really need to equip them with modern/strong specs, 4GB RAM, USB C, back with the radio, larger batter, better scree/body ratio, then they would really be the TRUE kings.


    Nice to read

  • RockStar2005

    But to me, it says A LOT that even on 3 GBs of RAM the XP is STILL faster than the S7 in loading up apps and offering ZERO lag.

    USB-C…….. what’s the big rush? lol Eventually we’ll all be using USB-C, but even Samsung didn’t switch to it as of yet.

    I do agree with larger battery. The XP should’ve had AT LEAST a 3100 mAh battery. The screen to body ratio……..the XA has the BEST ratio, but the thing that a lot of ppl don’t know is that the REASON why the X and XP don’t have the same great ratio is that in order to fit the fingerprint sensor in there, they had to make the bezels bigger. And the screen on the XP is MORE COLOR ACCURATE than the S7’s. The S7’s is 2K, but I find it easier to distinguish things on the XP than the S7.

    Sony IS king, so to me, the things it doesn’t have, it prob doesn’t need anyway. Again, making battery a lil bigger wouldn’t hurt. Stamina Mode actually WORKS now it seems since they took it out, fixed it up, and put it back in their Xperia phones. So I just started using that again when I’m out for long periods of time. I tested it too……..unplugged, overnight (7 hours) w/o SM on I lost 7% of battery power. But with SM on I only lost 4%, so consider how much of a bigger difference that would make over several hours during the daytime when it’s being used, and SM is a good option to keep in mind.

  • (NinJer)

    Upgrade in design, downgrade in NFC location IMO,
    everything else was spot on.

  • (NinJer)

    If you actually read the article:
    “GFXBench pegs the display at 5.1-inches, but the site is often wrong about display sizes so we wouldn’t read too much into it. “

  • Alex Norris

    Hi Faisal. So… Again the exact same dirty politics Sony. Where dual camera, or curved sensor, again same marketing, small 20 megapixels and again we see a bad sensor with low dynamic range, & cheap G lens. Sony will never change.

  • Hi Alex, Sony REGRESSED! They are getting worse while competitors get better. And quite frankly, I don’t know where sony will go from here.

    Oh, that S7 is my uncle’s, I might buy future Note series from Samsung

  • And that “core fanbase” is getting sick & tired of sony’s latest offering. I’ve actually been one of sony’s core fan base, my first phone was sony k320i which I bought in 2006 and never changed brand since.

    Now, I’ll probably switch from sony to a smartphone OEM which has excellent camera experience and good battery life. M5 is looking to be my last sony phone

  • roeshak

    that’s what I mean by overestimating. a large section of the Sony core stuck with them but were waiting for improvements to come. those people will ultimately move on to other brands. Sony will be left with the hardest core who’ll stick it out come what may, to the very bitter end. trouble is I don’t believe there are enough of those to make Sony mobile a viable business.

  • Filipe Guimarães

    A true Z3 successor…

  • azzido

    Overall OnePlus 3 and S7 are the winners, X Poorformace is horrible especially at night, this blue hue is just horrible, huge noise etc.
    This comparison proved bigger pixels are doing better job than bigger megapixel count found in X Poorf… If they will not improve in camera department, both hardware and soft, Sony is done :(
    in some shots beaten even by chinese xiciudziomi, or whatever it is called, what a shame :( :( :(

  • azzido

    are you blind? See the videos placed above and you will see X Poorf is outperformed by OnePlus3 and Galaxy S7 a lot, eespecially at night it was mashed out by the roller, even loosing sometimes with Xiumimi cipipi put Xperia brand into a SHAME in terms of camera department.

    I repeat: many people claim Sony needs to improve camera software, unfortunately what we can see now is they are using horrible old hardware and software will not do anything with it. They need to completely replace the lenses with better one, change the matrix and produce better one with less MPx count but bigger pixel size, faster shutter speed definitely to avoid the blur, then start to redesign its soft completely as well.

    DEFINITELY avoiding X series JUNK (joke?) due to the camera…

  • azzido

    I do not know why but it seems Sony no longer cares about mobile department.

    It is going worse and worse and the new CEO is doing nothing with it, even worse, newest iterations of Xperia brand are just a mistakes… Not only they are not able to compete with other players, but they are loosing even the factors people liked them for like battery life, waterproof (only X poorf) and design…

    Unfortunately it seems they get lost and completeley do not know what they are doing :( :( :(
    The fact is their brand is so weak now they are not able to attract new customers and even loosing their many years fans slowly.

    Still I wish them all the best and hope Kaz will read this and change the Sony Mobile CEO clown before it will be too late :(

    I remember when they had so strong brand and doing well in mobile, they really have the potential but are wasting it in so stupid way.

  • RockStar2005

    Yadda yadda yadda Azzido. I had both the S7 and the XP, and I KNOW FOR A FACT that the XP has the better camera, even in Superior Auto. S7 oversaturates colors, while the XP keeps them color accurate. Most of these reviewers don’t even know to put the XP in the 20 or 23 MP mode. They just blindly leave it in the default 8 MP mode and talk about how it’s not so great.

    Since I HAD both phones, I’ll take my experience over some random reviewers ANYDAY! Samsung should be thankful they even have Sony camera sensors to put in their phones.

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