Renders of upcoming Sony F833X flagship shows what to expect

by XB on 7th August 2016

in Rumours, Xperia XZ series

Sony Xperia F833X OnLeaks_1We have already seen some pictures leak of the Sony F833X (F8331, F8332) – the company’s next flagship. Now, we have some renders of the device created by Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka @OnLeaks), who has a good reputation of being able to get hold of the schematics of upcoming devices.

The renders highlight what the upcoming handset is likely to look like, although @OnLeaks has used some artistic license when it comes to the colour. He says the phone will have dimensions of “roughly” 146.4 x 71.9 x 8.1mm. Previous leaks highlight the phone will have a dual LED flash and USB Type-C charging port. So, does the Sony F833X look like a phone that will be on your wishlist?

Sony Xperia F833X OnLeaks_1

Sony Xperia F833X OnLeaks_2

Sony Xperia F833X OnLeaks_3

Sony Xperia F833X OnLeaks_4

Thanks Wael!

  • LiterofCola

    X Performance looks better

  • 8.1mm!? Probably because of the dual led and infra red or a big baterry??

  • Sampahio Damaceno

    More of the same. Please bring back Xperia Arc design concepts

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Yes please. And I am happy with the added thickness, the thinner the less durable.

  • DBS

    The phone looks great, specially in that colour. But unfortunately for Sony, looks are meaningless if the rest is crap. So unless there’s OIS on the camera, a complete new camera software experience, real customisation (like Xperias pre-Lollipop had) etc, the phone will still not be able to compete with the likes of the S7, etc

  • jamie evans

    phonearena reports this –>
    5.1″ or 5.2″? 3GB or 4GB? I’m confused. But one thing that is consistent is “full-HD”… Sony has to take on QHD

  • Dominic81

    Nope I’ve learned my lesson: No more Xperia for me until Sony gets its shit together… And my Z5 is still on a 5 months old security patch update (April 1) by the way.

    Like it or not, Sony isn’t serious or competitive at this point… I don’t know why they persist at manufacturing phones if you they don’t even try anymore to be the best

  • Timel

    The back is ugly and its bezels still look thick, this design isn’t beautiful at all.

  • Timel

    Agree, if Sony dont have any better ideas than this… please bring back arc curved with bezel-less design.

  • Timel

    Not just a stupid bulky design but its specs is not wow and cool enough also

    I still have no idea why people must buy this new Xperia phone instead Galaxy Note 7 ?

  • Phil Gym

    not a chance. sony NEVER ever uses QHD

  • Raphael

    Please bring back 1910 mahogany wall telephone by L.M.Ericsson, with shaped case, twin bells, brass handset and bakelite !

  • Michael Kelly

    But I have to admit, everything that came after the Z5 line was just Bulls…. What’s going on at sony’s? have they started drinking? With the X line I was really really disappointed and now this.
    What’s going on there?

  • DBS

    UHD ;P (QHD is 2K)

  • Michael Kelly

    Yeah, but, mostly full HD upscaled to 4k in sony’s video app. But measurement in some devices even show mostly 2k (QHD) values. Weird tweaking going on there.
    But there is a load of QHD IPS display orders going on at Sony mobile since 4 months, so something has to be done in that range

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    I’m more excited in knowing what that bar in the rear is.

  • jokensy

    UGLY AF!!!

  • zip

    Sony won’t ever bring back a phone with a curved back because of PS4 Remote Play. The back needs to be flat to get sucked up by the Game Control Mount Sony sells.

  • Vinny Conforto

    How would you know Sony has ordered QHD displays since 4 months ago?

  • bun_ji

    Has it 3D-Touch?
    What do guys think will this Smartphone cost?
    Is it woth it upgrading from my Z2?
    Well I kinda look forward to this Phone, I want it at all.

  • ymytbb .

    The report mentions the code name “Kugo”, the new mysterious device. Kugo has 5.2″ and 4GB while F8331 has 5.1″ and 3GB. I wonder if Kugo will come with QHD or 1080…

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Hope they’ll bring QHD to the table. I’ve been dying to have QHD display on Sony phones.

  • Kaïxo

    not with another pathetic battery. F*CK YOU SO HARD SONY

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Like the colour but it’s not like the Sony Z5 blue which I fell in love with but didn’t buy it because of the SD810. I hope this blue will more likely to be the same as Z5.(fingerscrossed)

    I wish Sony is going for a bigger battery, plus OIS for low light photography and QHD display.

  • jokensy

    WTF with those huge bezels? What year are we, 2010?


    What is with the fixation of everyone with a bezal-less design?

    I absolutely hate phones without bezals on the sides as your thumb/palm area would touch the screen when you try to hit the top left corner area when operating it one handed.

    Had the S7 Edge for a month and sold it off as the accidental taps was too frequent.

  • (NinJer)

    B. E. A. Utiful.

  • (NinJer)

    You have problems with waterproof dual front facing speakers with a side fingerprint sensor?

  • (NinJer)

    1. 6GB ram, are you serious?
    2. Because Sony is better than having crappy korean bloatware.

  • Tinaabanks2

    <<a:u. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!!bz143a:….,….

  • Raj Singh

    They do use 4K though…

  • mixedfish

    Just people with OCD problems, if you never told them the specs of the phone they’d probably never notice the inadequacies.

    But on topic with dimensions of 146.4 x 71.9 x 8.1mm compared to the fan favorite Z2 of 146.8 x 73.3 x 8.2 mm, you can already see that it is not as tall and also much shorter on width. Or even compare it to the X performance with only a 5″ screen: 144 x 70 x 8.7 mm. Given we already know it is the same 5.2″ screen, it simply means the bezels are already thinner especially on the sides, so the bezel to screen ratio will be at least 70%+ here. Which puts this phone to be slightly bigger than the Galaxy S7 but with 0.1″ larger screen and more or less the same screen to bezel ratio. Yet unlike every other competitor it will not have some ugly ass camera hump.

    But with all mental insanity, it’s all in their heads, you’ll still get the same bezel comments chirping on over and over again.

  • betatesterz

    Anyone thinks the bottom back bar will serve a purpose other than being an “aesthetic” thing?


    If the body of the phone is metal, then the bottom back bar would be the non-metal part where the antenna would be located. Radio Frequencies are affected by metal, that’s why full metal body phones have those antenna lines.

  • Solano89

    I like the phone a lot but I hope the specs are good in it – SD 82x, 4Gb RAM, 64GB ROM, SD Card with adoptable storage, 5,2″ screen (I’m not into 2k or 4k, 1080p it’s good) but the screen should be bright and with good color quality, 3200mAh or more battery and the old stamina optimization, 23mpx camera with a new software and all the manual tweaks is it, maybe RAW :), cat9 at least for internet browsing, Quick Charge 3, USB Type-C, FM Radio!, HR monitoring, waterproofing and this blue/ aqua green color on the case! That should be it, fingers crossed! :)

  • Yasir Fawad

    It seems promising. This time, It will be something unusual from Sony. Fingers crossed, come Nov 1.

  • Eduardo Otero

    Well take away those 64GB ROM, adoptable storage, old Stamina, manual tweaks, RAW and HR monitoring so you’ll have the new Xperia Flagship, and it’s still awesome.
    In my opinion those things are not needed apart from 64GB ROM.

  • MrM3

    I like the design alot. However imo the design was never the problem for Sony. First they need to fix their horrible waiting times between presentation and release. Second they need to fix that camera at least give it OIS. Sony make great cameras why not use that knowledge in the smartphone camera? Third I really wish they would make it waterproof and with Quick charge please.

  • Eduardo Otero

    Do you really believe that is important?

  • bun_ji

    Nov 1? Ain’t nobody got time for that wait.

  • Eduardo Otero

    They worth the bezels

  • Eduardo Otero

    Xperia has NO bloatware that needs at least 6GB RAM xD

  • betatesterz

    Ok, that makes perfect sense lol. Guess the render doesn’t do it justice by making it look all glossy.

  • Alex Norris

    Poor, poor, people which gave a big money for X Performance …
    And again this c*appy IMX300…. XD No, No, No, No, Thanks, not need.
    RAW, Long Exposure, Tap Exposure.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    On russian it claimed to be Xperia XR

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    According to what I heard from SONY staff in Thailand then what Machael said is correct.

  • Sepehr Estaki

    Why nobody use Snapdragon Sense ID fingerprint technology? I’m really looking for it!

  • Alex Norris

    Xperia Blog, don`t joke with me…

  • Alex Norris

    Xperia Blog !

    Why objectionable opinions, always delete…? Everyone has the right to express as considers it necessary and if I didn’t offend anybody, and just I express the opinion, then it doesn’t mean that this comment, it is necessary to delete. Or you are cowards and you are afraid?

  • Michael Kelly

    What firms order aint hard to find out. But what they use their orders for, that’s a different story! The IPS panels could be for anything. But I don’t think they will be for anything else

  • jadukoralim

    You think troll like Timel really cares about xperia device? They will say the most improbable things to make xperia device looks bad. Just flag as soon as you see these trolls comment.

  • Domus

    Perfectly agree. This design is a masterpiece of Art in my opinion.

  • jadukoralim

    Don’t waste your time here DBS. Sony not going to make a pre-Lollipop like UI and a completely new camera software experience. Sony has moved on from pre-Lolipop like software so should you. Your babbling about the same thing in every article is getting old. Buy S7 or whatever you like . Oh, wait you already have S7. Hmmmm. Why bother with Sony then? Are you unhappy with touchwiz? And samsung software experience?

  • Amir

    Phones design were never sony mobile problems. *yawn* another year, another disappointing and overpriced sony flag. Nothing is new under the sun. I doubt that sony mobile will change their infamous ways with this device. They are not going to even offer a phablet flag in 5.5-5.7″ this year which is a joke on its own. This one is 5.2″.

  • El_Carnicero

    OIS is over hyped.

  • El_Carnicero

    3D touch doesn’t matter. Even Huawei which came out with it first barely uses it in any meaningful way.

  • El_Carnicero

    Probably a panel to insert SIM card and SD card. Or its the antenna panel.

  • El_Carnicero

    So go get an iPhone.

    Oh wait, that has huge bezels too.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    So awesome to have that guy DBS blocked :’)

  • jadukoralim

    Xperiablog should block these trolls so they can’t even say the same shit in every article.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Yeah, waterproof with 2 front-facing stereo speakers and fingerprint on the side are really so old that you said “2010” -_-

  • Bashar Shehab

    Why take away 64gb? The X line has it..

  • Bashar Shehab

    Sep. 1 *

  • Bashar Shehab

    I know the reason why your comment are deleted. Look at the last sentence in your comment and you’ll know why.

  • Eduardo Otero

    If you buy the dual SIM…

  • Bashar Shehab

    Well, atleast they are there

  • azzido

    Looks good except the bar on the back.
    I hope the back is glass.

    The only thing I do notblike is this bar on the back :/ can someone confirm if there is a camera hump or it is totally flat?

    I am waiting for the screen, camera and battery specs. 4 to 6GB of RAM is a must with Snap 821 / 823.

  • razorg

    People are not asking for OIS in order to take less shaky videos, Sony’s SteadyShot actually works much better. However, OIS is needed, especially in low light situations, to keep the exposure time low so that the device does not floor the pedal on ISO. Lower ISO means less granulation, and the ways to ensure this are wider aperture, bigger pixels and OIS…

  • azzido

    If there is a camera hump I will be skipping this one.

  • iia3ezu

    If there’s crappy Mediatek inside, the phone cannot be considered ‘flagship’. We will have to wait and see.

  • misio87

    I loved my arc S.

  • Talos the Robot

    FHD is fair enough for human eyes. Only if you want to use a VR headset you need at least a 4K resolution and here it comes the Z5 Premium. (QHD resolution sucks with VR).

  • jokensy

    I’m talking about the f*cking design, not the specs.


    He mentioned those because the design is limited by the kind of hardware that goes in it.

    All the specs Bashar mentioned would result in a larger top/bottom bezel to house the two front facing stereo speakers, as well as a slightly wider side bezel to house the fingerprint sensor.

  • Bezels for the win !

    with FHD screen doesn’t need more than 3GB but 4GB RAM would be nice …

  • Matt

    the best thing is , when i see dumb shit comment, it says “this user is blocked” :D

    DBS is pure troll. go get a life

  • Matt

    please bring back bananaphone

  • Geese Howard

    For some reason the phone reminds me of the older Ipod.. Especially that bottom.

  • Eduardo Otero

    Yeah, it would be nice.

  • Rafay

    I don’t think the bar at the back is for antenna, if you have noticed the leaked photos, you can see the nfc tag is at the front of the phone, just like XP.
    The reason why the nfc chip was at front of the device was that the back was completely made up of metal, which seems to be the case here as well.
    I really hope sony will bring some cool modular design with this phone to stand out from competition, but you might be right as well

  • Manu

    Sony seems to have lost its sight over their product portfolio :-!

    Where is the
    – smaller flagship (4.7″, Z5 compact)
    – bigger flagship (5.5″, Z5 premium)
    for 2016, Sony?

    Not everyone goes for 5″.

  • jokensy

    Ok, I agree.

  • KarFar

    I’m losing hope for some Z5 premium successor with groundbreaking screen technology (Note7 supports HDR). the best we can hope for is 2k screen and 4gb ram. Snap821 would be a great bonus but I highly doubt it.

  • Wilhelm-Bernhard Trometer

    Yes i also ting so this Phone Will wipe tre fluor inn tre Cameron departement itillegg by this Phone av sovne as IT i availble independent from the price there Is also another New Xperia device Is celled kugo this maybe is the xr compact with a 4.6 inch screen andre a whopping 2700 mah battery and Is runs on sd 820 for information go too phone arena COM and tab on the source link below i read this on a japanis webbside Google can translet it fôr you

  • DBS

    It would also be awesome if they blocked idiots like you and jadukoralim.

  • DBS

    And Matt is pure idiocy. I’d say to go get a life, but I’m pretty sure Matt is unable to do so, even if he tried.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    sony sell slim tv and people complaining it bend….

  • Alvin

    No sony logo on top of the front?

  • DBS

    “not going to make a pre-Lollipop like UI and a completely new camera software experience.”

    Learning how to read would help you a lot. There’s a difference between saying “real customisation” and “pre-Lollipop UI” but I guess that’s too much to understand for your brainless head.
    As for the camera, that’s Sony’s problem. The current one is utter sh*t. If they don’t change it, its their loss. Many other manufacturers are offering vastly superior camera experiences.

    “Oh, wait you already have S7. Hmmmm. Why bother with Sony then? Are you unhappy with touchwiz? And samsung software experience?”

    1 – Because I like Sony’s products and I would still be using the Z3C if the camera wasn’t an astounding piece of crap (crap that was continued on the Z5C that I had for a week before getting rid of it and on the X line).

    2 – I use Nova Launcher so I don’t even see TouchWiz

    3 – And no, quite the contrary. The theme engine that Samsung has built into the S7 is so good that I don’t mind putting up with other quirkiness of their software. Just like I didn’t on Xperia phones pre-Lollipop when the theme engine wasn’t the absolute joke that it has become since.

  • DBS

    We have yet to see a single intelligent comment from you. Congratulations.

  • Alvin

    What did he say?

  • DBS

    Yeah but that’s Sony’s software. The screen is 4K but then everything is scaled down to 1080p except on select apps. Why? Well, your guess is as good as mine. I understand the battery savings but to restrain it so much is baffling. They should leave it to the user to decide but as always, Sony has that Apple-esque tendency to try to dictate what the users should want or do.

    As for the orders…no idea. But if they were developing 2K for this phone, they’d probably have ordered those screens sooner. Unless they’re going to reduce the initial batches of phones produced on launch, to see how the market responds. That’d be a smart decision given how bad things are at Sony Mobile.

    At any rate, the simple fact that they’re IPS LCD’s instead of AMOLED displays is enough for me to not want them on a phone. But again, Sony is still trying to reinvent the LCD to make it better than AMOLED even though pretty much everyone else (except LG for now) is moving to AMOLED. So fair they’ve failed.

  • ludimilojko

    Matter of taste. I would gladly give up the fingerprint sensor and waterproofing for smaller bezels.
    Also, you can have front facing speakers with smaller bezels.

  • çoban

    bezels has screen lol! again i am staying away. i love sony but i guess i could never buy a sony phone because of this ugly top and bottom bezels

  • Timel

    You can’t accept the fact and if there’s anyone said bad things about Sony , people like you will blaimed that one is a troll… im pity you so much, just wonder what kind of family you grew up with? A Nazi family or smth?

  • Timel


  • EQ

    Looked better than I thought!

  • Alvin

    It doesn’t look ugly to me, it is just way too big

  • EQ

    He’s just some Samsung fanboy trolling around here and linking to a russian site that does biased reviews and is riddled with malware trying to hijack browser extensions amongst other things.

  • EQ

    I think so else it would just not make sense and just add more pieces to produce and steps in assembly. Whatever it is I hope it also enables to easily open up the backcover for battery replacement.

  • Timel

    Becus Sony make the same shitty smartphone camera , this is the truth

    And What’s wrong with you? These people that you called them trolls , they all are sony fans, the real sony actually they complain about the weakest point of devices they love and want Sony to improve to fight with rivals

    while you act like a blind fan , in your shit head everyone here must lick Sony’s balls and keep defending sony , just that ! But for some , they cant do like that , but for a stupid blind fan like you who said bad things about sony , that one is troll!

    You should know that your behaviour is freaking disgusting , behavour like this can not use in outside world becuase no one will accept you

    you just a loser who cant even accept the fact , know that!

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    agree with you, what i see Sony this year is they put smaller battery, same storage, same screen and pricier than rival…..

    while at same time, their own rival has better spec and selling cheaper than them

  • Timel

    DBS comments hurt you so bad right? Even it’s truth

    How you can bear with an outside world when you see comments that complain abou how much suck xperia camera is ? Becuase there’re lots bad comments about Z series cameras

    Your biased can use only in this Cave … Most people know the camera of Z5 and X performance are hortible and can beat S7 camera or even Huawei P9 .

  • KarFar

    heard from a not so reliable source there will be 4.6″ model with snap650 and 2700mah battery

  • Emil Oskarsson

    My Xperia x Performance takes picture that are better than the Galaxy s7 in normal light conditions and it isn’t hard to get as good low light shot with it as you can on the Galaxy s7. I’m just talking about real life performance here not what phonearena has to say about their payed tests :)

  • Bezels for the win !

    what about XPERIA Z4 tablet ? it’s QHD …

  • Akand

    Waterproof, dual front facing speakers both of them are absolutely possible with thinner bezel. Look at my Z5 Compact, it has thinner lower bezel but still has front facing speakers and waterproof. I have no problem with side bezel. Just upper and lower bezels should be lessened.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    It’s all Ooohs….and Aaahs… right now. But when Sony releases this item with a $800 price tag, we’d all sure to lose our head and be upset about it.

    Anyway, I really like the way it looks and I do hope this sapphire color looks better in reality than in photos.

    Now, I’m more confused whether to wait for this one or get the Z5 Compact? Hmmm.

  • Alex Norris

    My comments, are not pleasant only because a lot of truth there.
    Most of people are silly and strongly dependent on marketing and any pseudo-ratings. I`m simple not from among gray crowd, I have the opinion and vision.

  • Alex Norris

    I just say, poor people which buyed expensive X Performance.. And say that if again we will see this bad IMX300 sensor, and again without RAW, Long Exposure, Tap exposure. That`s all.

  • Alex Norris

    As always blunt sonyboy conclusions. ) Sometimes seems to me, that you all was given birth by one mother… And why do you all have Samsung phobia..?:D Are you so afraid Galaxy series?) Accused me that I’m a Samsung fan, it his not serious .. But why i`m surprising, you are sonyboys, and sonyboys, are not sony lovers, they are big difference. Sonyboy – it is diagnosed )
    Oh, and i must disappoint you my dear sonboy, i`m using LG G4, and not Samsung. As you can see here, again you’re wrong, my friend ..)

  • Solano89

    I could live without the manual tweaks or the RAW if the camera is well optimized and kicks the iCraps and SamSucks ass! Maybe I don’t need the HR monitoring but I do need a new SmartWatch4 which has to be the CROWN of the smartwatches for a year at least! ;) The 64Gb with adoptable storage and the good old optimized stamina mode combined with a min 3200mAh battery, if not larger, could make the difference with all the other crapo flagships from SamSuck, iCrap & Co. + of course the gorges color and design of SONY combined with a decent price! :) Come on SONY, kick some ass this September, it’s about time!

  • EQ

    Aww he got mad! He dun goofed! Now show us where Sony hurt you.

  • haxona

    Reminds me of the Lumia phones in earlier days of that series

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Nice design.. Just hoping for better features.

  • dragonsneeze

    What else did you hear dear?

  • KJ Marway

    I spy a flush camera!

    Yes – I’m in.

  • Sampahio Damaceno

    sounds good to me

  • Timel

    Becuz Sony make the same shitty smartphone camera for many years , this is the truth

    And What’s wrong with you? Those people that you called them trolls , they all are sony fans, the real sony fans actually they complain about the weakest point of their beloved and do want Sony to improve , those people that you called trolls want sony to win rivals

    while you act like a blind fan, in your shit head everyone here must lick Sony’s balls and keep defending sony , just that !

    Sorry becuz for some , they cant do like that , but for a stupid blind fan like you ” who said bad things about sony , that one is troll”

    You should know that your behaviour is freaking disgusting, behavour like this can not use in outside world becuase no one will accept you

    You just a biased loser who cant even accept the fact , know that!

  • Timel

    Go to hell please

    You can’t accept the fact , cant even respect other opinions , what a disgusting fanboy

    if there’s anyone said bad things about Sony , people like you will blaimed that one is a troll…right? That’s your pattern

    I’m pity you so much, just wonder what kind of family you grew up with? A Nazi family or smth?

  • Kim

    Looks great. I guess X Performance wasn’t really the new flagship and will be moved to upper mid class after IFA. Strategy starting to make sense…

    XR flagship
    X + X Performance upper mid
    XA lower mid
    E budget

    Hope XR range will include Compact 4,6″ FHD, standard 5,2″ FHD and Premium 5,5″ with 4K+HDR screen.

  • hmmm

    I’ll.miss the bumper corners,also I hope it’s not a curved edge screen,as I want to add a galss screen protector to it!at 8.1mm it should have at least 3100 mah battery…snapdragon 821,4gb of ram,better photo processing,more powerful led,louder speakers than z5,better screen than z5 and it will be amazing!

  • Sweggity

    also bigger battery

  • Michael Kelly

    I don’t see the fail in display decision, for a fact, amoled ain’t my type of screen I’d like to use either. Oversaturated, whites hit the battery rather badly, it’s really hard to actually say what’s best because some people like this, the others that. So I don’t see the fail.
    Where I do see the fail and I agree, is the fact that Sony really doesn’t let us choose the scaling sizes ourselves.
    This should be in users hand and not fixed in developers control.
    About the 2k IPS panels, I’m not saying they will use it on the upcoming device or if they are even meant to hit mobile phones. Because the ordered panels have a screen size of 5.2″ and 5.5″.
    I guess these may even be for prototypes, test devices or even other technical geeky stuff. Who knows.

    They really need to fix up the ram management, that’s really starting to screw up, battery on the Z5 premium for its screen is I bit too small, it should at least be a 3.8k mah battery, because people with these screens will not just be using the phone for sending mails or just checking Facebook. So you will have a certain battery drainage.

    I guess Sony may even step back from high end competition because they just can’t keep up.
    They were heading in the right direction with the Z5, they almost had it and then screwed up again with the X line.
    Just too bad =/

  • Biancoceleste

    Sony phone cameras have been miles ahead of anything Samsung’s put out since the Z1. Literally no comparison.

    Also pre or post lollipop, the Sony UI trounces touchwiz everyday. If you love gimmicks and lag, touchwiz is the bees knees but otherwise it just looks like something designed by a 2nd grade student.

  • Biancoceleste

    It’s just the buzzword of the moment. Makes no difference om such small sensors as those in phones, just as a small difference in aperture size. The manufacturer’s are marketing this stuff to the uninformed masses who know very little about photography and it works for the most part.

  • Biancoceleste

    On a sensor the size of a match head, that stuff makes negligible difference.
    Only on a camera with a micro 4 thirds sensor and up will you see noticeable differences once larger apertures, higher iso’s, image stabilisation, etc is introduced.
    On phone camera sensors, the size is so small, those factors male very little impact.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    He just told me 5.5″ model will have 4GB RAM, QHD resolution and it price will be the same as Xperia Z5P when it’s released.

    I hope his information is true :)

  • Battel

    Making a new phone with same specs every six months would be nice if there something worth the upgrade but Sony mobile is stupid, they just want to compete with the iPhone on September and with Galaxy on March and with other Chinese companies om June by just repeating the same device over and over with out any upgrade or features except “Sony” logo on the front .

  • Bashar Shehab

    The front-facing speakers takes a good amount of space, that’s why there is bezels, and the fingerprint on the side takes a space too.

  • Martharsievers

    <<m:u. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!!bz584a:….,..

  • Martharsievers

    <<m:u. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!!bz584a:….,

  • azzido

    I can see the dust in these micro holes on the front and back :(
    It’s like in Z5’s sound holes, the dust is hard to clean :/

  • azzido

    Most of the back in Arc / Arc S was flat, the edges was rounded + now the screens are bigger than Arc so = more flat space.

    I do not see a problem here.

  • Kurisu Makise

    I think. that’s 5.5 inch. I’m very not good at English. so I can’t tell you why. but there is some clue that that is 5.5 inch.

  • Timel

    LOL you’re are freaking bullshit as hell

    Recently, Touchwiz it’s much faster and smoother than Xperia UI ,

    Faster booting
    Faster opening apps
    Much better ram management

    And about camera ,
    Z5 and X performance cameras cant beat S7 at all

    So you can say what you what can even lie to yourself but the truth will never can kill …

  • EQ

    I just see most of DBS, Timels and other trolls posts as “Hidden and under moderation” due to spam filter getting triggered hahaha!

  • dragonsneeze

    All right then, we’ll see soon enough. Thanks.

  • dragonsneeze

    Sony actually kinda did reinvent it though with quantum dot triluminos giving wider gamut than normal lcds, they are very bright, have great contrast without the drawbacks like burn in and pentile pattern. 2K lcds however have been less bright but they’ll always be sharper which is appreciated if used for VR.

  • Gos’n

    Don’t like speaker design. Z2 had best looking, with notification light on it. It was different.

  • roeshak

    no it’s not. very important for lowlight and night photos. can’t be bothered to explain why. u need to educate yourself instead of just talking bull.

  • roeshak

    it ain’t no buzzword. it’s a critical component of any camera module. don’t worry about steadyshot which makes no difference to photos.

  • roeshak

    that’s just utter nonsense. a good ois mechanism makes a lot of difference to lowlight and night photos where slow shutters are needed. but aside from ois the xperias need a clearer shaper wider aperture lens too. there’s also the limited d range and high sensitivity of the sensor which needs addressing.

  • roeshak

    the phone needs to be a lot more than a design upgrade to make a meaningful impression. the camera hardware for starters needs a proper upgrade. anything less and we have another lame duck on our hands

  • roeshak

    unfortunately it’s not just phonearena. it’s 90% of the media and users too lol

  • KarFar

    I think it will have the exact same camera as the X/XP, but hearing it could have a 2k screen and 4gb ram.

  • roeshak

    according to you any criticism of xperias in any way shape or form is trolling. how very childish

  • roeshak

    if that’s the case then it will struggle to find broader appeal beyond that small core of Sony diehards lol

  • roeshak

    I think you’re just creating categories that don’t exist in the real world. it’s high end, mid range and then budget end. some mid range phone that costs more than the class leading s7. heck is roughly same price as the even better s7 edge

  • jadukoralim

    According to me any moron like you who come to defend the most obvious trolls like Timel is also a stupid troll.

  • David Hvatov

    Nothing special.

  • Nick Paschalidis

    No.I dont think it will.Sony offered their new IMX318 sensor to Asus for their Zenfone 3 Deluxe model.It would be very stupid to sell their new sensor to other companies and get stuck with the old stuff on their own.However,I can’t tell for sure.

  • JayDDeeeee

    SONY please put in a bigger battery my z3 has a 3100mah battery… I dont care if the phone is 1mm thinner and has a 2600mah battery like the x performance. People will notice the extra 5000mah not the 1mm

  • Kim

    X line will probably drop in price when XR is released and X will become new upper mid range. Sony never said that X + X Performance was flagship. I think it was just introduced at high price to bridge the gap between Z5 and new XR.

    Yes – there are plenty of Chinese and Korean phones with similar specs and performance at lower prices.

  • roeshak

    far from me to defend anyone. timel isn’t a troll. he has a justified grievance with the xperia camera performance. his analysis of why maybe wrong but he’s not wrong to point out issues with it.

  • jadukoralim

    LMFAO, he says Timel isn’t a troll. Last year Timel repeatedly said “waterproofing” is a joke feature and only Sony fanobys want it but this year I guess he wouldn’t mentioned it because I guess it became a important feature again. Hmmm, let’s see what could be reason for that kind of comment. Oh yeah, last year Samsung ditch the waterproofing and microSD slot but this year they bring it back. Hmmm, let’s see who repeatedly posted Samsung S6/edge and note 5 photo on this blog (dedicated to Sony fans) ans saying these phones are better than xperias. Oh, I guess its our dear Timel again doing his marketing jobs.
    Sony never had better camera than Samsung, a thing I believe is true. But posting the same crap again and again and asking for most stupid thing form Sony ( like 6GB of RAM without seeing the consequence, bringing back ARC design with some stupid render) doesn’t make him a grievance fanboy but a persisant troll whose job is to make people sick about Sony mobile. And if you can’t see him what he truly is then I have nothing to say to you.

  • Biancoceleste

    On an image sensor the size of a match head and such a wide angle focal length, it makes literally no difference. You’ll be lucky if you gain 1/3 of a stop and that’s being very generous.
    Try it yourself. Pull out your dslr, stick on a 20mm lens which isn’t stabilised and then one that is and see how much difference it makes. Now divide that difference by many times since your dslr sensor dwarfs your phone sensor and you will scientifically know how minute a difference image stabilisation makes on a mobile phone.
    Don’t have a dslr or an ultra wide lens? Then why are you discussing this?
    Ever wondered why camera manufacturers very rarely make stabilised ultra wide lenses? At such a wide angle, stabilisation makes such a minute difference, it’s not worthwhile.

    Unless your mobile phone has telephoto capabilities, please stop talking about something you have limited knowledge in.
    Don’t believe everything you see from paid websites and YouTube reviews, do your own research.

  • Biancoceleste

    Answered this already, it’s clear to me now that you have little to no photography experience.

    Aperture size with such a small sensor makes zero difference. No extra bokeh and if lucky, 1/60th of a stop light gain.

    And the dynamic range on Xperia phone cameras is second only to the lumia 1020. Please stop man, this is embarrassing.

  • roeshak

    you’re not only confusing yourself with all that needless jargon but you’re also trying to convince others. let’s talk in other more simpler words that any one can understand. the xperias put out blurry lowlight and night photos because the camera more often than not drops the shutter to 1/8 seconds which needs a very steady hand or tripod to take a focused shot. the s7e takes photos at will at 1/4s shutter without much issue. if that ain’t the influence of ois then I don’t what is. the s7e in many cases takes photos with a much lower iso value but still with a faster shutter. if that ain’t the influence of the wider aperture and larger pixels then I don’t know what is. you seem to have an it’s a tiny sensor so why bother mentality. just typical that isn’t it of the Sony fan lol. it ain’t 2010 smartphones have come a long way as far imaging goes especially for mainstream consumer needs. you can stick to your tiny sensor so why bother mentality all day long. the rest will just roll on with the times. no biggie!

  • Biancoceleste

    ‘jargon’? I bet you’ve never even used a real camera am I right?

    There are no ‘simpler words’, photography is photography and it’s principles have been around for centuries. If you’re lacking on the subject, that’s your problem, do your research and come back then.

    That’s rubbish, the S7 camera does not take the same photo at half the shutter speed and a lower iso, that’d be at least a one stop gain and definitely untrue. Only on a real camera with telephoto lenses will you see that sort of gain with stabilisation. More proof you’re just parroting stuff you’ve seen on amateur YouTube videos and have no practical experience of your own.

    Like I said, unless your S7 has a focal length of 100mm or more, the image stabilisation means next to nothing.

    Should’ve known you were a Samsung fanboy. Why are you on a Sony phone blog again? Shouldn’t you be high fiving other Samsung fan boys over the fact you paid almost a thousand dollars for an iPhone clone?

    Galaxy phones take photos that are suitable for instagram uploads on small phone screens with artificial colour editing to impress people who like ‘pretty things’ but if you ever hope to print something or view it on a large, very high res screen you’ll be out of luck there.

    Youre right, it ain’t 2010 with 8MP sensors anymore, we now have 20+MP sensors which mean excellent cropping capabilities which means macro shooting on a mobile phone like never before. Try printing a close up shot of a wasp taken on your piddly S7 phone.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    And I’m just using superior auto mode so why can I get great pictures when others can’t? :)

  • Annejpatton

    <<l:i. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!!bz1006a:….,


    Is it now?

    For still photography, OIS is more important for telescopic focal ranges.

    Noticed how even DSLRs never had OIS on their wide angle lenses, or even on their portrait 24-70mm lenses until the advent of DSLR videography?

  • roeshak

    I am reporting what I have discovered. I have taken a lot of photos in lowlight and at night where the s7e not only uses a lower iso value but also a faster shutter. it’s a waste of time arguing with you. you’re just trying to use you’re technical knowledge of photography to confuse others.
    for me the influences of the better hardware can be easily seen and it’s nothing short of dishonest to suggest otherwise. something I guess to be expected from a die hard fanboy.
    the so called higher resolution you speak of only shows an advantage in the most mundane daylight scenes. in every other lighting it’s shot to pieces. what’s the point of the larger photo if you end up cropping into nonsense quality. this is my last input. no point arguing with someone who thinks ois doesn’t make a difference lol. what a joke. Sony fanboys are now the kings of self delusion and denial. you guys have taken that crown from the HTC crew lol.

  • hmmm

    they said that what xperia phones will one else will have!just like the imx300 sensor,only xperia phones have it!

  • Micha? Qban Kubacki
  • Biancoceleste

    Dude if you have limited photography knowledge and are confused, it’s your problem. You can get a used Nikon d3000 or canon 1100d off ebay with a 50mm f/1.8 lens for under $150 easily. Those are excellent cameras to start with and learn the principles of photography. Next buy yourself a cheap used wide angle lens and come back and report to me the difference stabilisation makes there and remember to divide your result multiple times as the crop sensor on one of those cameras dwarfs your S7 sensor by miles.
    Learn something before arguing things you don’t understand.
    I know nothing of nfl American football and hence I don’t engage in online discussion about it.

    Re cropping, the Xperia sensors capture way more detail than any other phone sensor available except for maybe that Panasonic phone with the large sensor.
    Capturing more detail and cropping down from 20MP to a 5MP image greatly improves your magnification ability which equals unparalleled macro capabilities on a phone camera… One’s which have never been seen till now. A 5MP image can be then printed to a large size or viewed comfortably on a large hi resolution monitor. The same amount of cropping done on the inferior 12MP s7 sensor would yield maybe a 2MP image if that and would achieve a lower quality image.
    Add to the fact that Samsung’s software is very aggressive on the noise reduction and you have less detail still.

    I suspect your a young fellow as many online Samsung fanboys are. When you finish school, a cheap photography course at a community college and either of the dslrs I mentioned early on will do wonders and you’ll learn exactly what I’m talking about.

  • I’m not happy with the added thickness. And I’m not happy with the NFC point placement. I’m going to pass this one.

  • roeshak

    got enough knowledge thanks very much. you’re the one that’s confusing yourself. you’ve obviously not tested anything other than xperias if you think xperias hold more details when cropping. my s7e preserves far more details than my z2 in most conditions. z2s higher resolution only does so in the very best lighting conditions. like I said previously there isn’t much point arguing with someone who seriously thinks ois doesn’t make a difference. you just keep telling yourself that.

  • Ivan

    I swear, the Xperia design team must have the easiest job in the world.
    4 years just randomly moving around the speaker / camera/ ear sensor.
    Where can I apply?

  • Bezels for the win !

    will you be so kind to tell us where is NFC point placement and how do you know it ?

  • Antony Al asmar

    Well done Sony!

  • Biancoceleste

    So you’re comparing a 2014 phone Vs a 2016 one? The Z2’s equivalent galaxy was the S5 and the Z2 obliterated it in every single way. Heck the Z2 runs rings around the S6 on marshmallow.

    The image sensor on the Z5 series (which I believe is the same as the Xperia X series) shatters that of the S7 in every way including preserving details whether cropped or not. No contest.

    I never said image stabilisation doesn’t make a difference. Use a 100mm or more lens with and without it and you’ll see it’s a great asset.
    Wide angle lenses on teeny mobile sensors? The difference is unnoticeable if at all. Nothing more than marketing buzzwords to reel in mass consumers like yourself and as you can see, it works.

    When you have an argument comprising of more than ‘OMG!!! You don’t think OIS is the tits!!!’ come back to me.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    OIS is useless on Xperia phones, their digital stabilization does a better job than any other phone with OIS. I agree there needs to be better camera software though and that we need some features that Xperia had pre-lollipop in order to compete with the S7. They need to bring that bouncy icon effect in the home launcher and clean things up a bit.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Yep, I agree, they need to consistently maintain that Z2/Z3+ speaker style.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    I disagree, unless they make a separate 5.5 inch model that has a 3500mAh+ battery.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    No camera hump.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    LOL its actually so true man. They need to bring back the Z2’s power/volume buttons and the Z3+’s speaker design and an overall body design like the Xperia Arc/X10, those were the best assets their phones had.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Or Z3 compact.

  • roeshak

    you’re just a self delusional fan. my brother has the z5p and image quality is pretty much same as on z2. auto mode is better and the differences range is slightly better but that’s it. in fact z2 takes the better shot in some situations lol. at least my bro knows the s7e has a better camera than the z5p. he has stopped arguing now after many many photo comparisons. there’s a big gap in camera hardware and image quality between the s7 and any xperia. enjoy your blurry murky noisy photos man. after 7 years with xperia for me it was time for a change

  • EPGuest

    Anybody any guess when they would release this phone?

  • The NFC will be on the front side’s top left corner. I know this from the live pictures leaked some time ago.

  • Bezels for the win !

    I checked those pictures and there is a NFC sticker on one of them . thx for reply .

  • azzido

    will see…

  • Biancoceleste

    Not delusional nor a fan, the one who is trawling blogs of phones unrelated to his $800 iPhone clone and throwing tantrums over those who disagree with him is you, not me.

    I’m a photography lover and appreciate the technology the Xperia phones extend to its user.
    The only phone sensor, as I said earlier, which captures more detail than the ones on Xperia phones is that of the legendary lumia 1020 and possibly that large sensor Panasonic phone. Samsung galaxy sensors are largely inferior and their aggressive noise reduction makes images look cartoonish.
    If your brothers knowledge of photography is as minute as yours, a Pentax 645D won’t help him, let alone an Xperia Z5.

    No blurry or murky photos dude, just crisp images which can be comfortably cropped to 5MP providing unseen macro ability on a mobile phone. And video ability is a whole new level as well.
    Enjoy the $800 iPhone clone.

  • roeshak

    don’t worry I am enjoying the iPhone clone. after many years of frustration with xperias, it’s the 1st phone I’ve had which I’m truly satisfied with. enjoy the self delusion lol

  • Biancoceleste

    Still going buddy?
    Only one person is delusional here. Having to troll other phone makers blogs to get attention is an act of (sad) desperation.

  • betatesterz

    IMHO the focal length on my Z3 is already wide enough. A Sharper lens on the next flagship model would be much more appreciated.

  • betatesterz

    I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that’s because DSLRs have a MUCH larger sensor than what we have. And its possible to crank the ISO much higher while still producing images with less noise as compared to mobile phone’s camera sensors. This allows them to set a quick shutter speed while maintaining a good exposure.

  • Kadek

    Please make a compact version!
    Please make a compact version!
    And Did those OIS on the hollow space upper the led light?

  • ramuk

    Good bye then. Don’t ever come back here.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    They never existed on Xperia Z and X series phones to begin with.

  • Very well said, and although my knowledge of professional photography is ancient (HS camera classes ages ago) I do know you are speaking the truth.

    Also, I had an S7e and a S7, they are great devices, but not worth the $800 price point and definitely have SEVERE limitations for actual photography work. They are using the same small SONY sensor that is used in the Nexus lineup, which like you said, produces great pics for Social Media & the tuned display but in Real Life is not up to par.

    OIS is a bunch of bullshit*

  • Biancoceleste

    Yes, you get it.

    Printing any pic taken on the S7 sensor then printing the same pic taken with an Xperia phone will clearly show the difference.
    However we live in an era where most look at their photos on small screens, usually of a low resolution due to app restrictions and buzzwords of the moment become more important than actual capability.

    OIS on little teeny sensors like these with the wide angle lenses they have makes a negligible difference.
    A full frame digital sensor with a 300mm telephoto lens attached? OIS is a godsend (if you can afford it!!)

  • Matt Payne

    Lol, I have no knowledge of photography whatsoever. But I’ve enjoyed reading this argument. Sounds like a classic case of Xbox One vs PlayStation 4. Everybody knows it’s a FACT that the PS4 is superior, but the Microsoft fanboys continue to argue otherwise, making themselves look completely stupid in the process. For the record, Ive recently upgraded my Z2 to a Z5, and I’m more than happy with the camera quality. If someone wants to take mega high quality professional pictures, why would you use a phone for that anyway?? I take my camera on holiday for that!! :)

  • Winston P

    OIS IS NOT OVERHYPED. Without OIS the max shutter speed is 1/15s, while with a good OIS 1/4s is totally doable. That’s nearly 4x more light that can be captured. On a Sony cam with small 1.12um pixels it’s totally necessary, maybe less so on much bigger pixels at 1.4-1.5um.

  • El_Carnicero

    Good digital steadyshot can do that too.

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