Android Nougat Beta registration now open for Xperia X Performance users

by XB on 23rd September 2016

in Android, Firmware, Xperia X series

nougat-xperia-beta-program_5We previously reported that Sony Mobile was planning an Xperia Beta Program for Sony Xperia X Performance owners. This would allow select Xperia X Performance owners a first look at Sony’s pre-release version of Android 7.0 Nougat.

Well, registration for the Xperia Beta Program for X Performance owners has opened today. Sony Mobile has updated the “Xperia Beta Program” app in the Google Play Store to take account for this – previously, the app was designed for Xperia Z3/Z3 Compact owners in the Beta Program. Sony is notifying users of the Beta Program’s existence through the Xperia Lounge app.

As mentioned previously, the Xperia Beta Program will only be available to Xperia X Performance users in select countries which includes the Nordics, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Netherlands. We will keep you posted once the Nougat Xperia Beta Program actually kicks off. If you are interested in signing up then head over to the Google Play Store.

Information on the new Xperia Nougat Beta Program can be found through the Xperia Lounge app

nougat-xperia-beta-program_1 nougat-xperia-beta-program_2

This will redirect you to the Google Play Store to download the registration app

nougat-xperia-beta-program_3 nougat-xperia-beta-program_4

Use the Xperia Beta Program app to sign-up for the pre-release version of Android 7.0 Nougat

nougat-xperia-beta-program_5 nougat-xperia-beta-program_6

nougat-xperia-beta-program_7 nougat-xperia-beta-program_8

  • Shehab Skull

    please add z5 to the list ,,, please please please :’3

  • raju

    How much price Xperia x compact in India

  • Zura.e

    Why not on Xperia Z5??? We can not root and also no beta programs

  • Stephaniejsalazar4

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  • Because Sony just don´t care about Z5 models. Some will say, it is because of Snapdragon 810, but before that, there was the discussion that Z5 is not included because back then it was new device, not enough users, etc etc.

    What is excuse for this, no one will know, until Sony give us the real reason.

  • ducksonetime

    Please Sony, make this available to Xperia XZ owners too!

  • Ming William Lee

    Just realised that it is different programme compared to the Xperia Concept software, and this one is not available for UK.

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