Xperia Ear hits pre-order in Europe for £179/€199 via Xperia Store

by XB on 17th October 2016

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xperia-ear-pre-orderSony Mobile has opened pre-orders for the ‘Xperia Ear’ in Europe. Pre-orders for the in-ear personal assistant will be exclusively available through the Xperia Store, where it is priced at £179 in the UK and €199 across mainland Europe. To sweeten the deal, Sony is throwing in a £45/€50 voucher towards the purchase of your next Xperia phone made via the Xperia Store.

This voucher offer will expire on 13 November 2016, at which point the Xperia Ear will start shipping. The phone voucher can be used until 14 January 2017. To highlight what the Xperia Ear is capable of, Sony has launched a mini-documentary series illustrating how three brand ambassadors integrated the in-ear assistant into their busy lives. You can check out the videos below.


The Xperia Ear is powered by Sony Agent Technology, allowing you to send/receive messages, check your schedule, search and more – all without the need to pick up your smartphone. You simply need to just talk to the Xperia Ear and it will deliver the information straight to your ear. The device can also receive commands through head gestures (simply nod to confirm a command).


  • bobcat22

    I bought the xperia xz yesterday, but the front camera sometimes it work and sometimes not, any suggestions how can I fix it? I think its software problem.
    By the way the xz is truely a smartphone

  • Shehab Skull

    have u tried to use other camera apps such as google camera ?

  • bobcat22

    I tried the xperia stock only, i restart the phone and clear the camera cache, but nothig worked

  • Shehab Skull

    Try on other apps and report ;) if it works perfectly so it is a software issue if not .. send me the error message that u get

  • dragonsneeze

    Return and demand a new one.

  • RockStar2005

    I’d return it. If you have to use other camera apps for it to work, to me that’s not a good sign. There could be other things that are wrong, and later on the phone might be more difficult to return or get fixed. Do it now before that time comes.

  • cocorico

    I just saw the same error on my old Xperia Z this week-end. Maybe the Sony Camera app has just updated ? But I think it’s not a phone problem.

  • Shehab Skull

    well i still think it is a software problem but .. your device is still new .. so I suggest u to return it to the warranty and ask for help

    – Maybe it is a hardware problem after all

  • Greekstudent

    There are no phones sold on Greek Sony store

  • bobcat22

    Any way thanks to all of you. I well return it under my warranty see what the agent will tell me.

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