Sony’s heartfelt promo videos showcases the wonders of NFC

by XB on 27th May 2013

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Sony NFC First TouchSony highlights the benefits of NFC technology more than any other manufacturer. It is a key part of the company’s strategy, making sure as many products can ‘talk’ to each other as possible. This includes swapping songs by touching two Xperia devices together, playing music on NFC-enabled speakers/headphones, or wirelessly viewing your content on a big screen. The latest high-end Bravia televisions also have NFC-enabled remotes, giving you another way to easily share your photos and videos.

Sony has produced a couple of heartfelt promotional videos that do a great job of showing how well its products work together using NFC. The simplicity of the concept is what should resonate with those less tech savvy and for that reason we expect more of these type of adverts in the future. Check out both videos below.

Thanks brilliantdeve!

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