New Xperia X Performance update (35.0.A.1.297) fixes accelerometer issues

by XB on 11th November 2016

in Firmware, Problems, Xperia X series

xperia-x-performanceWe recently reported that a number of Sony Xperia X Performance owners were suffering from problems relating to the accelerometer, where it would suddenly stop working. The only solution up until now was to restart your phone, but Sony has today issued an update in the form of build number 35.0.A.1.297 which should fix this bug.

The update is seeding for both single SIM (F8131) and dual SIM (F8132) variants of the Xperia X Performance. We will link to the relevant FTF firmware files shortly, but in the meantime, do let us know if the new firmware solves the accelerometer bug, along with any other changes you’ve noticed.

Download FTF Firmware for Xperia X Performance – Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

Xperia X Performance (F8131) 35.0.A.1.297 UK Generic
Xperia X Performance Dual (F8132) 35.0.A.1.297 Taiwan Generic

  • PatQQ

    Restarting the phone wasn’t the only fix.
    It had a fix, simply uninstall update for Google Play Service and restart your phone > then update Google Play Service and restart your phone again. It should now be working completely.
    Here’s the source, but it’s in Chinese.

    I have tested this solution and it works perfectly.

    Hence, it’s great to see this update nevertheless !

  • So0o

    And New update for Sony xperia xz… 39.0.A.3. 30 … still 6.0.1….Nothing new only 1 november 2016 security…. And maybe a Little fast…. I dont know yet….

  • razorg

    Wow! XZ got November security patches eh? Good for XZ users then. We, Z5 series users, never got up-to-date security patches so fast. Up until last week, my Z5C was on April patches, and now – with an update which was released in October – we got August (!) patches. I guess the money we paid to Sony was not for “flagship device” service but instead for balancing out the cockup with their Snapdragon 810 era Z3+….

  • James

    Got the update. Problem fixed! Thank you very much Sony for being on top of this. My X Performance is my first sony smartphone, and this excellent customer service has ensured that my next smartphone will be a Sony as well.

  • PatQQ

    Did they fix the double to wake feature? It lights up randomly. Sometimes tapping 3 times, sometimes 10~20 times…. pretty random

  • Piotr Zet
  • Actman

    Agreed! So shall we support Xperia products in the future still? Honestly we paid for what we couldn’t get…

  • Actman

    Guess you wouldn’t be emphasizing the same sentence again after 3 more months!

  • So0o

    I dont know… For me now ..after 3 hrs of play whit the phone its more smooth…. more natural… When i want to double to wake i press to the middle of the screen… im from România.

  • And new update software X compact..

  • Mamegoma


  • azzido

    I also get 39.0.A.3.30 for my XZ. Unfortunately there is no any release notes or chngelog. When Sony will set this standard to provide this information to the customer??? It makes me mad…

  • So0o

    You have november update security…

  • peltruquin

    Which Region is the firmware on your XZ, I flashed the UK version on my US version but Xperia Companion says I am running the latest software

  • Geno

    It does appear fixed, also my Wi-Fi connection is about twice as good after this update

  • Shubham Patankar

    @james How is the performance?? any drop in Performance of the phone?

  • Emil Oskarsson

    If you have performance issues on the x performance I suggest you disable smart cleaning. That feature exist to speed up the phone by cleaning cache but it just slows down the phone instead :p

  • James

    Everything seems snappy as always.

  • razorg

    I don’t know, man. I still have exactly 1 year before my contract on Z5C with Three UK ends, so in the meantime I’ll re-evaluate Sony’s support quality with the upcoming updates and make my decision… (I’ll probably go back to Samsung though, because with Note 7’s failure, Samsung has started to pay more attention to software support. Even my friend’s almost 3 y/o Galaxy S5 got September patches last month. And we’re yet to know what innovative features the Galaxy S8 will pack, because obviously they need to gain customers’ faith by providing better software support and a device with actually new features.)

  • Olsun

    I’m on Android 7.0 so I had this fixed already

  • eats7

    Where can I get the ftf? I tried xpericheck but the hosting site won’t allow over 1gig to be downloaded

  • Beatricevsklar

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  • azzido

    Polish :)

  • azzido

    I get it via OTA some time go

  • Spencer

    Looking forward to getting this update. I’ve had to keep Google Location History disabled this whole time. Luckily either Sony or my carrier is great because the fix is coming to my phone on Nov 23rd. Not too long for a carrier update, in my opinion.

  • Scooba Mallary

    Still no update for me. I’m in the US, but using the dual-sim F8132 from Hong Kong. If no carriers are involved in the US, WHY don’t we get updates immediately? I don’t feel like flashing it, because I just don’t have the time to mess with it.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Its been over 2 years for me with my Xperia Z3 and my next smartphone will be a Sony :)

  • Shamoy Rahman

    I would say wait because Sony’s flagships are about to get a whole lot better in the coming year. An AMOLED display (made in Japan) and a processor 2x as fast are just some of the many upgrades coming. There is another 4K Xperia flagship coming Q1 2017 and around iFA we will be seeing massive upgrades.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    It may come a bit later, like within a few days.

  • Scooba Mallary

    Finally came. Installing it now! I’m guessing that there’s no chance of Nougat in November. If it weren’t for my Project Fi phone on my Google account (and me not wanting my Xperia on a different Google account), I’d just change the region and try to get into the beta. Unfortunately, I can’t add a foreign address with Google if I have Project fi.

  • Carl André Naess

    Comon… whatabout Europe! I am sick of my 3 month old mobile working only halfway because of the faulty software.

  • razorg

    If those things can be realised in the future, I’ll seriously consider upgrading to another Sony but, in the meantime we should see an improvement in terms of the software support before I’ll decide to go for a Sony again though…

  • Shamoy Rahman

    The AMOLED won’t be available till 2018 but the rest of the great upgrades are coming in Q1 2017.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Never was an issue for me, always worked in 2 taps. Just remember to tap twice in a single spot. Tapping twice in different locations won’t work and Sony made it that way so your skin can’t wake it up while its in your pocket.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Sony is getting better and better. 3 years ago you would have terrible communication, at least Sony is trying much harder now to make things a lot more clear and organized.

  • I am happy to report that I successfully flashed “Xperia X Performance (F8131) 35.0.A.1.297 UK Generic” to my “Canadian, Bell Canada, Xperia X Performance, F8131” using the instructions provided by Xperia Blog (you guys saved me). Everything is running smoother than before and the rotation/accelerometer issue seems to be gone.

    Is it just me or is the scrolling issue gone as well. I noticed that when scrolling sometimes list items would get activated even if I didn’t lift my finger from the screen.

    Thanks for the tip and help.

  • azzido

    Which things are much better now? The dates for software updates or Release Notes / changelog???

    Do not see any difference. But do see the lower sales which means people are switching to other brands. Next year I probably will join them due to the software issues:

    1. Too stock OS (if I would like to buy Google Nexus/Pixel, I would buy it…) which is getting more and more stock. The look, animations etc. does not change almost at all, I am simply bored…
    2. Sony took away too many features that we previously had: radio (we have hardware in XZ for radio but Sony took away the soft), small apps, lockscreen widgets, regular widgets (stamina, previous weather, recent calls, camera widget), notification sounds (Signity), camera focus sound, screen recording, keyboard downgrade to Swift and MORE. Surprisingly OS is not lighter.
    3. Camera soft is still bad and it overheats. Effects only in 2MPx is a joke, old 4K video mode, 5axis onlybin 1080p 30fps macro etc…
    4. No release dates for software updates, at least the major ones.
    5. No release notes.

    Due to above software “support” I will rather switch to other brand next year. I think we should let it (Sony mobile) die.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Then just use XDA mods LOL. You can use the XZ camera software on the Z5 with mods, you can enable fingerprint sensors on the US XZ with mods and I don’t doubt you can enable radio too with mods. Small apps were useless junk, I never used them and I bet 95% of Xperia users didn’t use them. I’m HAPPY the small apps are gone and most Xperia fans are too. Lockscreen widgets being removed is google’s fault, not Sony’s. However, there are lots of 3rd party lockscreen apps that support it. The new weather widget is so much better. All these widgets you are talking about are not even used by most customers, obviously there was a reason why Sony removed them. Notification sounds still exist, the camera focus sound still exists, screen recording still exists, you can install Google keyboard instead. OS is not lighter on storage but is much more efficient on resources like RAM and CPU. That’s like Dalvik vs ART, ART based apps and systems are much faster because the apps are larger and therefore less data needs to be made by the CPU, it can just all be loaded right away. Also the camera only overheats after 45 mins of recording in 4K, in 1080p that would take over 1.5 hours to overheat on nonstop recording. 3-axis stabilization is good enough for most cases and still give us better stabilization than the S7, G5, or any other OIS based phone, I don’t get what you’re complaining about here. 5-axis is more necessary for macro shots because you are up close and stabilization matters more there, for distant and large scenes, you don’t need 5-axis, 3-axis will do the job perfectly fine. 5-axis stabilization never existed in flagships before and you should be glad that atleast partial implementation is already beginning to happen. On the note, just head to XperiaBlog or search the update number on google if you want to know what the update does, simple.

    You have no fucking clue of what you’re talking about… almost 70% of what you said is not true or can be solved within seconds just by downloading a bit of software and changing things a bit.

    The XZ runs a lot faster for big games and large apps than the Z3 and I’ve personally tested this myself WITHOUT overheating. Overheating is a big problem for my Z3. Battery is about equivalent, standby time is even better and full screen-on usage, its almost as good as my Z3. Camera quality is significantly better than the X Performance and Z5 which use the same sensors, even Android Authority applauded them for fixing long time issues with the camera.

    I am buying the Xperia XZ to upgrade from the Z3 and no one will stop me. I see the XZ as the first big upgrade and big fixes for problems that have existed for generations that Sony has ever put into a flagship since the Z3. I will also sell my XZ and upgrade to the Q1 2017 5.5″ 4K Xperia flagship with the Snapdragon 835.

  • azzido

    – 3-axis / 5-axix stabilization works only for video, moreover only 1080p 30fps. This shame was even confirmed by Sony itself, it is not stabilising taking pictures at all…Many times I need to take another shot as the pic is blurry…
    – XZ UI is still lagging (even after last update). Considering it is almost ugly stock now = devs had almost nothing to do, just copy / paste Sony’s apps to the Stock Android + very minor changes, hence it shows how poor Sony Mobile development is recently… Almost no changes and it lags… even in the past when UI was better it was not lagging like XZ now.
    – fans happy about removing small apps, Radio and other features? Another huge LOL! Few examples below:

    And much much more on the official Sony’s forum and / or XDA…

    This only shows you have no fucking idea about this device or simply you do not have it… Camera is bad, just worse than Galaxy S7 or LG G5, OnePlus3 etc, pictures in low light conditions are very grainy, the competition have much better, brighter lens like F1.7, while Sony sticks to old and bad G lens F 2.0… No OIS makes it only look even worse in low light conditions. When capturing videos XZ overheats quickly (especially 1080p 60fps and 4K mode). Sadly, the 4K app was just bad copy/paste from old and abandoned application released for Z2 YEARS ago – without any update. Go to Creative Effects mode in the camera and you will see how it LAGS + it takes the pictures in 2MPx only, LOL! Again it is just a bad copy paste from old and abandoned app… They removed almost all useful apps, UI lags and even double tap to wake is not working as it should. So sad….

    They are improving in hardware too slow (3GB of RAM…), while materials used are just step back (Alkaleido is poor material – scratches easily, fingerprint magnet when compared to nice Z5 matt glass), plastic frames etc. X compact has also back fro the plastic lol! Anyway X compact is just a failure so noone cares about it (Snap 650, plastic back, no 4K recording etc.).

    I recommend you to do “a bit more” research before posting a bull shit like the one above…

  • Shamoy Rahman

    I have never noticed any considerable lag on my friend’s XZ with the latest software update, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I go on his phone regularly so I have a very good idea of what the phone is. The LG G5 camera is absolute garbage… don’t even get me started on that. S7 is a more proper comparison, however, with all the settings I’ve tested, I really haven’t even seen a big difference from my Z3 which is now 2 years old. Yeah, my Z3 is using a 2013 sensor but in daylight I saw absolutely no difference in

  • azzido

    How do ypu know it will have 4GB of RAM? Where is the confirmation? Any source?

    By the way Shamesung will come with 8GB and other flagships with 6GB as minimum as well. Again Sony will be biased by being one year behind, they will offer 2016 specs in terms of RAM in 2017. Lol! Again same Lol… I will not buy it then, sorry…

    They will come with 4gigs of ram (2016 specs), smaller battery than competition, same mediocre camera, ulgy stock UI, will take away another features (I wonder which ones they will cut off this time, audio jack? Dedicated camera button? Stereo speakers? Maybe e-mail client Sony? How about removing e-mail client and ability to make a phone calls? Then again they will be last with Android updates no matter they are doing almost no changes, almost ugly stock android, and they are last… + … More plastic please, or fibgerprint /scratch magnet Alkaleido…

    No thank you Sony.

  • Eric

    Where is the central Europe firmware update?

  • David Ramos Fernández

    Do you know if exists a fiz for xperia z3? There is a problem with sensors with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

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