Sony appears to have pulled Android Nougat firmware for Xperia Z5 users [Update]

by XB on 20th January 2017

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Sony Mobile appears to have pulled the Android 7.0 Nougat firmware update for the Xperia Z5 family. The Nougat update, in the form of build number 32.3.A.0.372, started to roll earlier in the week, but is now nowhere to be found on Sony’s servers. We have received various reports of the update disappearing for people, where it was previously available.

The Nougat update has been pulled for all variants of the Xperia Z5, Xperia Z3+ and Xperia Z4 Tablet. We’re not sure, whether this is a temporary blip, or whether Sony has found some fundamental issues that it plans to fix in a revised future update. We have reached out to Sony and let you know if we hear anything back. If you have had problems with this latest update, please let us know in the comments below.

Update: We have received confirmation that the Nougat update has indeed been pulled temporarily. Please find a statement from Sony below:

“We were made aware of reports from some users experiencing inconsistencies related to audio playback via third-party apps and SD card encrypted data read performance, after upgrading to Android 7.0, Nougat. We’ve identified the root cause and are aiming to provide corrective firmware and re-commence the rollout as soon as possible.”

Thanks Aman, Furkan, Mrninko and Simon!

  • Bujar Nimani

    Im from macedonia no update for me

  • Starwalkerfenix

    I put the Russian version in my Z5P (Spanish Version) and don’t have any problem. The phone flies!!

  • No issues with it at all after I flashed it with FlashTool/XperiFirm. Loving it.

  • There is a noticeable lag in call log if you scroll fast. Did you witness it?

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Due to critical volume bug I suppose. That’s good

  • xxZer0

    Large video files like movies are now stuttering. Might have something to do with HW+ support. And the audio is not what it used to be in terms of quality and volume.

  • Robert Dunn

    In Soviet Russia, your smartphone updates YOU!

  • Geese Howard

    Yep, been waiting for my update forever. Tried using the PC Companion and nothing. Hopefully my Z5P will get the taste of Nougat…Mmmm… Soon :)

  • Ali Bach-Tobji

    just donwload the new version of sony pc companion it will work for you ( I faced that problem yesterday)

  • Troy Boateng-Agyemang

    I used flashtool as well but so far it’s good and my battery strength has somewhat reduced

  • Troy Boateng-Agyemang


  • eagleouss

    No problem Australian version till now.
    may be for January security patch

  • Nicolai Mathias Larsen

    Flashed the customised AU version to my Z5 Compact (normally I would install the Nordic-combined, since I live in Denmark) erased all partitions, started from scratch and it runs like a dream! Never has Android felt this good!

  • Troy Boateng-Agyemang

    I’m using the Australian Customised from Xperifirm it’s good so far love the UI tho could be better. My battery though doesn’t last like before. And don’t tell me I need to do a clean install because that’s exactly what I did

  • Shehab Skull

    Maybe they re doing just like samsung and htc ?

  • Bryan Grobmann

    Waiting for Z3+ Dual (E6533) Brazil.

  • Shehab Skull

    just get the fuck outta here ! probably they listened to us and now they are working on a better update .. if u don’t like your device just go and replace it or do whatever u want but don’t write a shit that people don’t care about !

  • joe

    I live in Lebanon i get ota update first day i install it and it working like charm very fast no lag zero problem

  • fried_egg

    Everyday, with a completely upto date phone (according to the phone & play store) xperia companion says the device is up to date but offers new “undefined” software when software update is clicked… however nothing actually downloads

  • ramon blok

    I have Nougat installed on my Xperia Z3+ and it’s has improved a lot actually.

  • Manjeet Singh

    yes true i have facing too much lag in call log from day 1 after installing 7.0

  • Ricardo Siqueira Oliveira Leit

    My Z5 compact didn’t update via OTA :(

  • No issues here at all. I love the update so far. However, I did a clean install over XPERIA Companion, not an upgrade over the Marshmallow. Also, the battery life is very good, the same if not better than on Marshmallow.

  • Still not catching fire though. ;)

  • zahran

    I updated my Z5P But still have a 3.5 jack problem and still use soundabout app Any suggestions for me plz

  • Shehab Skull

    u know that xperia x already having it 2 weeks ago or maybe longer ! for beta testers .. and if u re a samshit fanboy so just go write your shit on sammobile not here !

  • ben bleho

    updated two days ago here in Germany my z5c (1298-5167), which I bought in Russia. No Problems so far, I like 32.3.A.0.372, but it’s now removed.. ?
    Under settings->developer options I see, that there is the automatic update (seamless update) function and it is enabled. As far as I know seamless update works only on devices, which were shipped with nougat, not on devices like z5c, which were updated to nougat (because of partitions..) Is it working nevertheless or what?

  • Zaki

    everything works fine i think
    except for the lower loudspeaker volume

  • Michael Adu-Yeboah

    sometimes I cant fire a call….its broken on mine

  • Iyank

    Yes… And it happen to me too..

  • Bashar Shehab

    You know that Concept software that I’m using right now on my Xperia X is running 7.1.1 with January security patch since Christmas?

  • Bashar Shehab
  • Michael Adu-Yeboah

    Initially it was super, but my call app just sucks…I cant make calls easily , I have to restart to make calls at times

    2. The battery was super with the new stamina….but for some reason today its whack,

    I did an OTA over the marshmallow, is that the cause, because my MM was already buggy too.

    I love N, but there is need for some solutions.

  • Bashar Shehab


  • Ates

    what about heating when use camera and browsing, youtube …

  • SA
  • Geese Howard

    I did that too just now and it didn’t work. Says my phone is up to date.

  • Carls Alvin

    for me too

  • Carls Alvin

    the same with customized my

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Battery has improved, lower overall heat even with continous camera use. Watching YouTube also uses less battery, by 1 or 2% and less heat. Oh and what I noticed from this update, in normal use, the A53 cores are the only ones running now

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Bro, unless you’re using the phone to game continously, those A57 cores are just gonna sleep. It’s gonna save a ton of battery
    Where previously, one or 2 would be always on and taking battery life

  • ramon blok

    Still warm, but not as much as before.

  • Eric Ho

    Lower speaker volume and lagging when scrolling the phone dialer history

  • Ates

    Thank’s man.

  • Moisés

    My z3+ is like this since android 5.
    Probably is the way to control heat.
    I do not think there is another way to do it without making it weaker..
    I have heard many times z5 compact gets very warm too, much more than z5.
    I don’t know if the little one has heat pipes.

  • Moisés

    Actually s7 is getting 7.0, not 7.1

  • Ichsan Rismunandar

    Next to the core numbers on antutu, you still see the individual cpu load percentage. Plus, my latest Z3+ dual’s Antutu score just increased slightly since I updated to Nougat from the last Marshmallow build, so I have doubts that the A57 cores are turned off entirely.

  • Nabeel Ahmad

    Led notification issue
    Lag in call log

  • Eric Ho

    Need much time to see pictures after taking a photo

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Not only via third-party apps, but general volume level is broken

  • androexpert00

    Russian firmware here. Phone was laggy in some animations and scrolls ( micro lags) but a wipe cache (wich I forgot to do after update via flashtool) seems to have made the overall situation better. I had to flash partition.sin and userdata.sin from my old mm Italian firmware to get the phone back at 32gb (Russian firmware is for 16gb variant) and I don’t know if it’s this firmware but battery is a lot worse. Stand by battery drain can be seen a lot! Phone in standby drains almost as display???

    Look here!

  • androexpert00

    Yes! Found this problem too! I thought I was the only one. Clean flash via flashtool but problem is here on Russian firmware E6653

  • Nebojša

    Same here with Russian firmware

  • Daniel Craig

    Hey Catherine, what model is your Z5? E6653?

  • Nebojša

    Issues i have noticed:
    Lower loudspeakers, some apps not working (like NBA Live), camera and autofocus, need much time to see pictures after taking a photo.

  • Lajos Márk Kovács

    Xperia Z3+ dual (OTA)
    No problem.

  • Robert Dunn

    All I gotta say to that is: cazzo!

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Audio problems
    Suddenly like magic its fine
    Beware if you have updated like me dont use Spotify because, too much bass that might damage your top speakers
    So far battery is awesome
    Z5 dual

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Install viber it fixed mine

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Yes that too

  • Tochi Nwodu

    I did a repair with Xperia companion for some reasons its fine

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Oh yeahhh

  • Dilipkumar

    Z5 users.!!!!!!Bug found in image quality processing time:-( Sony pls fix this :@

    I enabled image enhancements and now it is taking much more time to render the image original quality.

    Performance wise everything awesome.
    But we lot expected manual controls in camera nd xperia X lock screen.

    Sony pls make believe that we ll get everything in our nougat 7.1update.

    We all waiting for u update..

  • Luigi De Francesco

    This “Telefono inattivo” it isn’t a real drain but only a data who calculate the time who you don’t use your phone ;)

  • Ralphch97

    Omg I noticed there was something wrong with the speakers

  • Lajos Márk Kovács
  • Matiss

    Проблема в плане того, что не работает регулировка музыкой на Bluetooth гарнитурах.

    И ещё, в динамиках низких стал звук.

  • Domus

    I have not received the update notification on my z3+ …today Sony pulled out…thank to all for your feedback..only a confirm: for who have tested, it’s Nougat 7.0 right? Not 7.1…security patch level?

  • Steve

    Yes true and problems with YouTube video, it’s turns black screen only sound goes on.Zooming in picture takes longer, standby time increased but on screen time reduced, dailing tone sound increased but other sounds gone down,call logs lags…..

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Actually, someone noticed that the A57 cores are no longer active and sleeps throughout, which might cause performance degradation (slower image enhancing). This is seriously a big issue which I noticed from minute one of the update. Needs fixing for sure

  • Moisés

    7.0 + security patch of december.
    Patch of january on X, Xp and Xz

  • mado

    Camera and fingerprint stop till restart the device

  • rus_media

    Sony is going back to this “SOON” again. They used this word before and everyone knows what happened.

    I’m really annoyed with the speaker volume. And now I got that my lower speaker is too low after the update with almost all th apps and games. It was not like that before. I have played games with half volumes before and now I’m using full volume. Still its low. Don’t know if others are facing the same.

    And another thing I’m annoyed is “Stamina mode”. Previous one was far better.

  • rus_media

    Yes to much bass on top speaker. Even without spotify.

  • rus_media

    Too much lag on my call log too.

  • rus_media

    Are you getting paid by Sony? Why do you really care what he said? Why don’t you go away and do your own job?

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Не розумію, пане


    Problems are speaker got louder and headphone icon will not appear after plug in.

  • joe

    On my Z5C i get the update in the first day and i tried everything and there was no problem at all it is faster then M there is no over heating and audio and video is working perfectly so what is the problem.

  • yopo

    users you can ask the manual controls in the camera for xperia z5 to next update
    ask here

  • joe

    i don’t have this problem on my Z5C

  • Musharab

    Too much lag While Scrolling Up & Down in Phone App
    Images in Album Takes Time to gain Sharpness

    I performed a Clean Installation on the very First Day.
    32.3.A.0.372, E6683, Z5 Dual (INDIA)

  • Objectif

    I upgraded my Z5 the first day when Sony realased Nougat. There’s no problem on it.

  • Venkat Kamesh

    i smell samshit…..! here too no one cares for your shit ….!
    just doubt
    is your name Johanzon or Amazon ?
    cause your words are like Amazon forest animal….!

  • Moisés

    Bad lucky… Some people update and it is all okay, some people update and have many issues..

  • Recycle Bin

    Laggy phone call log….& no delete option on call log…..

  • Recycle Bin

    Battery draining too fast…..

  • Recycle Bin

    Noise cancelling earphone(MDR-NC31EM crash continously…… When volume level is full

  • theskig

    Some people are also complaining about this bug after updating X compact

  • theskig

    You forgot mecojoni! :)

  • theskig

    What kind of problem?

  • theskig

    Seems that all the people with bugs simply updated the phone. Those who cleaned it have no issue…

  • JaviBulle

    Headphoned icon is available in UI system configuration..

  • Yes, that’s the one. Purchased through Telstra in Australia November 2015.

  • Oh yes, that is happening for me!

  • Niclas Bengtsson

    What I find funny is that the latest update for my phone (32.2.A.5.11) sucks really bad. I use the phone for 5 minutes after hours without even touching it and it gets really warm and laggy. And if I don’t use Stamina Mode, I can kiss my battery life good bye. After using the phone for nothing else but Spotify for 2 hours, boom, battery life went from 100% to 50%.
    And now the happiness when I FINALLY would get rid of these problems “No, you’ll have to live with the worst update ever for another week or so.” Thank you so much everybody for complaining about the 7.0 update. Now I have to live with Ash’s Charizard EVEN LONGER. Just kill me now….

  • Niclas Bengtsson

    Yes, I tried a software reset on the phone for those wondering, that didn’t work.

  • Moisés

    All the X seem to be fine… Pretty fine, lucky them.

  • Zaki

    Got it, the headphones icon are buried deep at system ui tuner

  • Zaki

    This, there’s no way to delete the call log

  • Zaki

    And yes, you get laggy when you need scrolling the call logs

  • Zaki

    Try filling the call log
    And scrolling you can find laggy there, compare it to scrolling message
    Then try to delete the call log, you can’t find it anywhere

  • DeXie

    Z5 Compact, E5823 Australian version.
    Loved the update until I figured out that the speaker volume after half a second of being loud, goes down to a painfully low level. Ended up clean installing 32.2.A.5.11 and am very disappointed to find that the problem still exists. Did a couple of clean installs for both 32.2.A.5.11 and 32.3.A.0.372. The volume randomly gets louder for a few seconds but then goes back to being low.

    Anyone who experienced this and figured out a solution? Thanks.

  • Goran

    Can you please explain step by step clean instalation? Thx

  • JC

    Hope they at least add more features, but I doubt it.

  • Muhim Alam
  • SA
  • DeXie

    I used the same method described in the link above.

  • TombStone

    I’m currently on nougat and I have experienced these issues. My question is, will they provide the corrective firmware to existing nougat users who recently updated.. I hope so

  • ArunRock

    I hope we get Android 7.1.1 with all the bug fixes and cores enabled

  • Samar Vaishampayan

    call log is lagging. sound from speakers is soft. Camera still shuts down after 3-4 minutes of usage.

  • Samar Vaishampayan

    During call, the screen blanks out. Antutu benchmarks for my phone range in 50000-62000, same as reported by different tech sites. The scores are same post nougat update.

  • Samar Vaishampayan

    Battery lasts for 7-8 hours with average usage. 2-3 calls,1 hr net surfing,2-3 hours app usage and rest of time in sleep mode.

  • rus_media

    Yeah. New feature means bug fix.

  • Razuberyl

    Gosh, will I be able to update my Z5 Dual to Nougat? Just yesterday have arrived firmware .305 (after 4 months smh)

  • Razuberyl

    Where do you live?
    I still didn’t get Nougat, and I don’t I’do until they fix it…

  • Shaf Sadiyan

    I’ve got no problems on my Z3+ so far, I’ve noticed the ringer volume is a notch louder than before. But I miss the old call log. It previously had the most frequently called contacts displayed on a horizontal slider on top which is not available anymore in Nougat.

  • Shaf Sadiyan

    The loudspeaker volume on my Z3+ is now louder after the nougat update.

  • Shaf Sadiyan

    Install MX Player and use it to play all your videos.

  • Sepester

    Did you restart Facebook Messenger it causes some heat and battery drain of last update.

  • mharckk

    there’s a delete option, click the call log you want to delete then it will drop down a menu, choose call detail.
    at the top right portion there is a recycle bin option.

  • Dhanush Danny

    Is anyone facing Finger print scanner issues on their Z5. I’ve been facing an issue with my Xperia Z5 dual since I updated to Marshmallow. I get the error “Finger moved too fast. Please try again”. I’ve tried deleting and saving my finger prints several times, but still it doesn’t work. The scanner reads the fingerprint correctly once or twice after I newly save a fingerprint, then it seems to forget the print.

  • After three days of usage I’m really struggling to find any notable bugs in this build. Battery life is definitely improved over Marshmallow, and generally system as whole feels smoother and more fluid. Also, I didn’t spot any huge differences in volume levels, which many people report to have. Didn’t test the huge video files, so I can’t comment on that stuttering… But again, I did a clean install, not upgrade over Marshmallow, so maybe that matters.

  • Zaki

    There’s no such option,
    Just copy, edit and block option
    can you give a screen shot?

  • Paulacthomas

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  • Paulacthomas

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  • joe

    i only have the call logs lag but the other problem don’t exist on my Z5C

  • Yup, the same, only mine is Russian.

    So far so good, does not have any problems for now.

  • Dilipkumar

    Clean the finger print with wet cloth nd dry cloth. . Dirt is a problem

  • Vahid Sanati

    Exactly I did the clean install too and I am not seeing most of the bugs either. but there is a slight delay in rendering image original quality when zoom in.

  • Venkatasurya Prakash

    My screen got itself unresponsive for few minutes.. And thn I hard restarted my phone using power + volume up.. Now its working.. Never had such situation before in my xperia z3+.. I think there are lot more bugs in this update awaiting to be noticed.. Anyone had this type of problem before??

  • Tochi Nwodu

    All sounds seem to work OK now
    One surprise my Mdr nc750 is so loud with deep bass
    I hope dey dont fix that :-)

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Running middle east firmware
    Everything seem to run fine magical except for the lag on the call log

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Mine is better now
    With an improvement with Mdr NC 750
    Louder with clean deep bass

  • Tochi Nwodu

    After 48 hrs I can tell you guys the battery is wonderful compared to Android 6
    Very low heat
    All sounds seem to work OK now magically
    One surprise my Mdr nc750 is so loud with deep bass
    I hope dey dont fix that :-)
    The only bug so far is the call log

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • Perry Shilton

    easy. Just clik on phone/3 dots/call history3dots/clear history

  • Moisés

    Z5 or z4 ?

  • Aasim Reshi

    BTW Why Aren’t We (Z5 Users) Getting More Of The Same Ui As That Of Pixel Or XZ.I Find The Given UI Quite Boring. It Seems Like My Z5 Has Lost Its Sorta Premiumness..And More Importantly VoLTE Support Jio Isn’t Working Either..

  • mharckk
  • Moisés

    If we get all of XZ has, nobody would like to have the new devices.
    All brands do it.

  • rus_media

    What was the difference between Z3, Z3+ and Z5 in software and UI?

  • Nabeel Ahmad

    use flashtool,if u have unlocked unit of z5

  • xxZer0

    I have that. I just want to have it fixed on the stock video app just like before.

  • xxZer0

    Good for you dude

  • Neka!

    Z5 premium dual, i got this headphone plugged in spam notification.. and noticeable battery drain.. and stuttering as well damnn

  • Genebaby

    Did the AU unbranded OTA update for my wife’s ZaC last week and she hasn’t mentioned any problems. I wonder if it will get a patch soon.

  • Elsiebwinston

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  • Any chance of Raw support in the camera app, with Nougat?

  • Griever

    I’m planning to use flashtool, will it remove the current applications installed when flashing a new firmware?

  • Tochi Nwodu


  • Moisés

    Cam software got improved…
    Z3 snd z4 have same sensor, but z4 is better for pics and video.
    Z5 has autofocus .

    Most of differences is hardware.
    Z3 had 4.4, z3+ 5.0.2 and z5 with 5.1, pretty smsll changes.

    But the point is they are all Z. Now X is their thing.

    I knew my z3+ would never get all thing we see on XZ, like the smart battery or full manual of camera app.
    That is how market is…

  • Spoohle

    If you choose to. You can wipe all(which is recommended when going to a new version of Android(MM-N)), but you don’t have to.

  • Goran

    Still no update… I see security updates for xz, but still nothing for z5

  • Perry Shilton

    no problem here with the
    Customized AU
    Network: GENERIC
    Version: 32.3.A.0.372 / R4D
    installed using flashtool.

    Battery life seems to have improved after the marshmallow debacle. with MM when wifi was on the battery chewed itself down very fast.

  • Geese Howard

    NOW this is what I am talking about… caring for us, nice job Sony. Guess now the only thing to do is to wait for the Nougat to come to my Z5P without any problems :)

  • Nebojša

    80% chances for not, 20% chances for yes

  • Zaki


  • Sumon Ahmed

    i downgraded to old version because i cannot hear sound when i play may favorite poweramp player or any player that comes with built in sound equalizer except jetaudio (i did not check all players). if replay whatsapp massage from notification panel sometimes did not send, i have to press replay again and send again.

  • Jake

    I thought everything worked fine but I have now discovered that nougat does not allow me to play audio via Bluetooth. I have to use wired earphones for the first time in 3years.

  • Jake

    My battery has gone down from 8hrs to about 5.

  • Jose Antonio Almeida Madrazo
  • ramon blok

    Have you tried doing a clean install? that’s what I always do when installing a big update.

  • Jake

    How do you do a clean install?
    This is a mobile phone and there is no installer like on a PC.
    Unless, I flash it using Odin but I don’t want to go that route until Sony abandons the z5.

  • Daniel Johanzon

    I am then not surprised by the counties, so now we will certainly wait a few more months for Sony’s so damn tough !!!

  • Che Wan Tan

    if Loud speaker volume is slow and everything else is superb so i dont think its a big issue, I will go with sony xperia mobiles.

  • Sonja

    I’ve wait so hard for this update, because my Z5 does not work as good as it was since the Android Marshmallow update an I have so many problems with WiFi and other things :/ When did Sony start to update with the upgrading version?

  • Butz007
  • Sadman Khan

    This is what happens when you don’t test the firmware on a single SD810 device. Dumbasses

  • Sir jonk

    I am using 7.0 i havent had a single problem so far :S

  • jokamutta

    Well good thing that I did not get the update yet :D

  • finally nougat is avaliable for my xperia z3 :) soo happy but waiting for lineage os update for my xperia also check this guide update Xperia Z5 to Android Nougat

  • Arash

    I need custom rom related help where can I ask such questions?
    I want to unlock my bootloader using the code sony gave me but when I connect the device ( Z Ultra) in fastboot mode ( blue LED light ) my device is not recognized and in the command prompt this messegae is shown: (( ))

  • josh.megan

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  • CaptainPure

    Yeah this what im talking about correct the firmware as soon as possible, other produsen may cause this problems because xperia could become the greatest smartphone if no cons reported well i just predict not sure but i’ve tested 2 devices from Sony (z ultra, z 3 compact) and no bad exp at all accept this new phone (z 5 compact) so i hope this end soon as possible #dearsony #imyourfan

  • Shehi

    1.The audio is not working once we switch the third party media players like MX player to any other apps and return back
    2. Speakers are not good as really it was in Mashmallow or Lollipop
    3.Once the data is in roaming mode apps cannot be downloaded from the app store.

    The above are the issues.

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  • Daniel Craig

    I’m on Vodafone UK, hoping to get it till now but Sony halted the rollout.

  • Daniel Johanzon

    Is really skeptical that Sony gives priority fellet on Android 7.0 when it takes such a fucking time for them to send it out in the Act! waiting for my Z5 compact !!!!
    it takes more than a week then you know, but I hope you get the update of the week!
    damn ran on Sony !!!!

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  • Soffijaluter21

    picketino smrdljiva

  • AtlasRedux

    Caring? They didn’t test it properly, I hardly call that caring.

  • Geese Howard

    The fact that they didn’t leave it be like some companies out there and simply give us dumb excuses and take us as fools is an act or responsibility and to me that is caring.

  • AtlasRedux

    No. EVERYONE does that. Recalls happen all the time. Like the total Note 7 recall. Not testing AT ALL shows they simply do not give a fuck, but got caught in the act and couldn’t do anything but admit defeat, recall Nougat and now there’s rumours they’re not even gonna bother fix it and just cancel Nougat completely.

  • SuicideNinja

    On Z5C: Bluetooth connection issues, paired devices permanently loses connection after less than a day’s use. Works like nothing went wrong after a reboot, now need to reboot every afternoon. Wake up Sony, Nougat was released in August 2016 already.

  • jokamutta

    Will this format my phone?

  • jokamutta

    ASAP my ass…

  • pipslvr

    Number 3. is actually a bug with Android. My Google Pixel does the same thing…

  • Rahul Rdr

    Problem Facing after Update Nogut on my Z3+ :: 1. Bluetooth Issue , 2. Battery Issue , 3. Touch Not working Sometime(have to restart all time by opening the Sim tray) , 4. Heating Problem Increase

  • iArvee

    You obviously do not know how software development works…

  • Celine Nightingale

    got the new update already: 32.3.A.0.376

  • jokamutta

    You are probably right, but anyway they are rolling the update once again :)

  • Azlan Jizam

    problem with new Nougat ….user account cant access

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  • rcoenen

    I just installed it but.. where has the phone dailer gone?

  • Montu

    Easy call handling Option is not working in nougat

  • aDy Lexo

    My sony z5 premium becomes lag on sony update 32.3.A.0.376..
    When i press home button.. It needs more than 5 second to go back to the home screen..
    Almost everything becomes slow..
    And the speaker so quiet now..
    Need a help

  • Not sure yet but the ‘notifications thingy’ is back ;) That is, Facebook and IG as apps show up notifications even thought they are blocked. As in “blocked all notifications” on all FB related apps … Except for that, smooth running on my Z5.

  • Paul L

    How’s your battery life, Marcel?

  • Mohamed Ibrahim

    My z5 sometimes the Ringtone is not working and the phone became silent and most of the time when it rings the screen keeps off while the phone Ringtone is ringing all this happened after upgrading to Android nougat

  • Priyanka Shinde

    My phone (Xperia Z3+) sometimes freezes after the call after upgrading it to Android 7. I m not able to tap anything on my screen. No option other than restart remains, and for restarting, i can’t select the Restart option from the Power Off menu! I have to force reboot it using Power + Volume up button. Any suggestions to fix this?

  • e’

    phone app cant search by number

  • Gisle

    Big trouble with Bluetooth device and google play do not work on my Z5 Premium. Is It anything who could fix this bugs?

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  • Bjørn Bratz

    WiFi is a pain-in-the-a… Lots of daily trouble here! Talking about Xperia Z5 Compact. Sony will NOT say when a fixz will be available!!!

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  • Susan

    Hello. I have a 7 Edge and Verizon updated 2 days ago. Now everything is lower, incoming calls, voices during calls, and especially my music. Anyone suggest a good app to bolster my sound? Thanks.

  • Stephan Phelan

    I have lower volume, stuttering on HD movies and back button is out of calibration and I have to press close to the home button to go back..
    on Experia Z3 tablet


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  • Kostas Giannoutsos

    Issues with the location populated in various apps.location targeting not working in most apps.GPS apps work though but loosing gps signal in higher speeds.Any other facing that issue?

  • Branson Dsouza

    Z5 premium is heating and battery is draining every second after the upgrade to nougat. the phone also hangs up and is acting weird and slow. need assistance

  • Karl

    The quick menus on top really sucks now.
    I really preferred when I could turn ON/OFF wifi, modile network, bluetooth with a simple push.
    NOW, it opens a new menu were I have to tap a “ON/OFF” button to turn them off.
    Just unnecessary and annoying move… No idea why they would to that.. It adds no perks, only inconvenience…

    Also, still no option to turn of “MOBILE DATA DISABLED”-notificaiton, witch drives me nuts :S

  • FO M

    Xperia companion shows undefined update after received 7.1.1 for Z5.
    Is this 8 ?

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