Sony pushes February 2017 security patches to Xperia XZ, X Performance, X and X Compact

by XB on 1st February 2017

in Firmware, Xperia X series, Xperia XZ series

Sony is on a roll. Today is 1 February 2017 and Sony has today seeded a new firmware update for the Xperia XZ and X Performance with build number 39.2.A.0.417, which introduces the 1 February 2017 Google security patches. Likewise, the same security patches have rolled to the Xperia X and X Compact in the form of build number 34.2.A.0.311. Sony needs to be commended for updating these handsets with unprecedented speed. We will include FTF firmware links shortly.

DOWNLOAD FTF Firmware Files – Android 7.0 Nougat

Xperia X (F5121) 34.2.A.0.311 Nordic Generic
Xperia X Dual (F5122) 34.2.A.0.311 India Generic

Xperia X Compact (F5321) 34.2.A.0.311 Singapore Generic

Xperia X Performance (F8131) 39.2.A.0.417 Australia Generic
Xperia X Performance Dual (F8132) 39.2.A.0.417 Russia Generic

Xperia XZ (F8331) 39.2.A.0.417 Nordic Generic
Xperia XZ Dual (F8332) 39.2.A.0.417 India Generic

Thanks Henry, Jozef, Jussi, Makis and Sándor!

  • XPERIA Z5 PREMIUM successor in the way …


  • Benjamin Estimada

    RIP XA

  • Khush

    What the absolute F**K Sony? Where is the nougat update for the Z5? I thought it was a few kinks they had to work out, why is it taking so long? I’ve been with Sony since their days with Ericsson, I’m now thinking of leaving them for my next upgrade

  • Zayed Kotayba

    I want to believe that they heard our complains about manual control and the new UI but as always reality is so different from dreams and the update unfortunately will be only bug fixes!!

  • Snorky112

    lol you think its that easy ? they had problems, they had to: find whats the problem, find a fix, try a fix, apply a fix, test, find problems with the fix, find a fix, apply, test again, repeat until it’s done

  • Khush

    Surely they can emulate the successes from the x series towards the z series. But it’s not just that it’s the poor time management of promised delivery time against actual delivery.

  • Moisés

    Samsung barely have 7.0 yet.
    Pixel full of bugs, just like Nexus
    Moto Z has issues cause Nougat
    Htc 10 either….

  • Khush

    Maybe my initial message was a bit aggressive and narrow headed. What I was trying to get at was why does the x series have nougat and the February patch on the first day of February! But the Z5 has nothing . I don’t understand their priorities.

  • Diego

    Hopefully this update fixes the “Phone Idle” battery drain that a lot of people seem to have after updating to Nougat.

  • Jacky

    I believe applying security updates into firmware is a lot easier for Sony, since those updates are directly from Google. But for z5’s bugs are different, since they need to pinpoint the specific issue on the handset and verify the fixes.

    I feel you, cuz I’m waiting for nougat on my z5 as well but that’s how software development works. :(

  • ramuk

    Great job Sony. Keep up the good work.

  • raju

    What is security patch leavel for what use

  • Zratul

    I prefer having a polished update than a broken update. I often listen to music with my phone and the bug in Nougat would have been super freaking annoying.

    It didn’t impact all the users so I presume the QA Testing should be done properly, and it takes time, especially if you want to run tests in real situations for several days.
    And when you fix a bug you also have all the regression tests to do, to be sure that your fix doesn’t break something that was working before.

    We know the update will eventually come, it’s a matter of weeks, not months.

    Do you remember the Note 7 debacle? Nothing is worse than claiming that you “fixed” the problem for it to be still here.

  • Srijan Chawla

    I’m worried about the new 5 phones that Sony are launching, one of them is the next flagship which is rumoured to have 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 835. I just bought the XZ & I’m absolutely in love with it, but the thought of having another device from Sony which is going to replace this beast breaks my heart. I shelled 50 Grand (INR) from my savings on this device & now a better one comes along in such a small time :/

  • Chanuka Sanjitha Gunasekara
  • Nav

    Simple for sony X is the new premium!

  • Actman

    That was pretty an astonishing and swift support from SONY considering XP is almost a year old device. Good to hear that.

  • rus_media

    This is a very bad strategy from Sony. I think they are going back to time when they were releasing 2 flagships with same config in a year with 6 month cycle.

  • rus_media

    That’s not Nougat for sure.

  • rus_media

    With full of bugs. I have to charge my phone a lot after that update.

  • Farhan Ansari

    Why Sony only concentrating on x series n leaving Z series like orphan….. Just updating security patches for x series and not fixing the problem of nougat for z series why the hell is this????

  • Mark Anthony Que

    just bought mine too last december..its just a matter of “need” and “want”….if your happy with your xz then stay with it…or just sell it then buy the new one coming

  • Mark Anthony Que

    any changelogs?

  • hansip

    Z5 is very sensitive for bugs due to 810 chipset, so they have to investigate further to ensure no defect left on the crucial part of processor intensive part.

  • Ichsan Rismunandar

    Actually, I’ve recently received two different system updates both weighs in around 5MB. The 1st one has fixed the 3rd party app audio playback issues, although I’m not sure what have been fixed in the 2nd update.

  • MHDN57

    Damn it You seem forget Z5 with previous shitty nougat update

  • Sándor Jurászik

    XZ Premium??!! :D :D :)

  • rus_media

    Shitty marketing policy with software team.

  • Tadija Djurovic

    I have nougat from december. This is latest update for Xperia XZ, with februare security patch.

  • Ron Lufias

    But I thought Samsung are the first to acquired SD835. They’re the one who pwill produce and use it first on their mobile. Plus LG G6 wouldn’t have SD835 because of this acquisition.

  • Dilmeet

    Amazed by Sony and their efforts! Lucky to have bought X after price reduction of 10k INR and now, Nougat with latest security patch is icing on the cake!

  • Shehab Skull


  • Timijan Silversten

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  • Moisés

    Guys, it seems things are changing.
    Maybe the 6 months cycle is over and no more phones at IFA.

    There will be a device to replace Z5 Premium. It shall be presented at WMC, but behind closed doors. Only few people will have access to it.
    The sales propably in june or july, because the sd835 whole story.

    Have no idea if the name is XZ1, XZ2 or X Premium.
    All I have seen so far is that this device has :

    – 5,5 4K Display ( maybe HDR)
    – Snapdragon 835
    – 6gb ram lddr4x
    – 64gb
    – IP 65/68
    – Usb C
    – New imx400 sensor (25 or 32mp)
    – Bigger battery ( mAh unknown)
    – Design is a mix of XZ and XA. Upper and lower bezels smaller. Sony logo is really near to display.

  • Moisés

    X phones were updated and no issues were found.
    Z5 and z4 have problems..
    The security patch will arrive among nougat.
    They are working on it. They probably had even to delay nougat of XA.

  • Tomislav Matić

    Now, after this updates all 4 cores are working in processor on my XZ. Before only 2 cores worked.

  • Dennis

    If this is true i might stay loyal to sony.. And I’ll replace my Z5 with this model, if not i’m probably going for the Google Pixel

  • XZKL

    It’s all about you learning to be contented and happy. If you keep waiting for the better one, it’s most likely that you will be waiting forever. Decide if you want to get that one now or wait for the next one, whichever will suit you better. Then, be contented. If you’re gonna worry what’s going to come next, then this cycle will never end.

  • Jan Panajotović

    I have been a xperia user for 3 years, first the z1, now z5 premium, I really loved sony smartphones more than any other, but now I’m disappointed by this post, really sony, wb the z5 line???

  • Latashajhill

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  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    the same happen when Sony abandon xperia s family when they introduce Z family

  • Emil Oskarsson

    They are still waiting to get their new software certified so they can push out the update again… They pulled the update because of a small bug remember? Just don’t blame everything on Sony for wanting you to have a great user experience….

  • Emil Oskarsson

    They have already identified the bugs and corrected them and are waiting to get everything certified for roll out :)

  • Saeed

    Xperia Z3 need update security patch :-(

  • Arvind Rana

    Well, Sony is among the top companies to provide the latest Android updates and it is really great to see that they beat Google in terms of rolling out the February Security Patch !

  • Diego

    Can anyone who has did update share a screenshot of the battery screen? Does this update reduce the “Phone Idle” issue from the 7.0 Nougat update?

  • razorg

    Hope a similar behaviour shows itself on Z5 series on Nougat (I know this is a bit tricky due to hot-running S810 SoC, but allowing only one A57 core to run and letting the GPU to go up to ~300MHz max, instead of ~600MHz, is unacceptable right now…)

  • rus_media

    Xperia arc S(Still my best choice)> Xperia S> Xperia ZL> Xperia Z5 User here.

  • Shehab Skull

    I am counting on this upcoming update ..

  • kaostheory

    This is what owning a Samsung is like. Sony has always had the most stable software of any Android but people still complained. You can have quick or stable but not both.

  • Moisés

    Does anyone know anything about the new IMX400?

    – How many mp it has
    – Size
    – If it is f2.0, 1.9, 1.8 or 1.7
    – 4k 30fps or 60fps

  • Shehab Skull

    It is like a bullet in the ass for me .. My previous device was Xperia Z .. I waited and waited .. skipped z1 , z2 , z2 , z3 + and got a z5 .. and this is the result .. the worst device in updates .. I can say that my z had a better updates than this ..

  • kaostheory

    Would love to see HDR but you should see a leak from one of the panel manufacturers before seeing it on a phone. So far I haven’t seen any news of screen manufacturers making this available for smartphones.

  • ayub407

    I didn’t get the update. :|

  • Moisés

    Androidpit talked about this last year, this X Premium was expected last year.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Precisely! And to be fair, Sony is one of the best when it comes to updates and have always been since they started with Android phones :) Sure they were slow as h’ll in the beginning but from 2013 they have just gotten faster and faster :)

  • razorg

    I don’t know anything about IMX400 yet, but I wanted to point out, the sensor has nothing to do with aperture (f/xx) size. A company might have this sensor in a product with f/2.0, while another company would build their own “camera module” with the same sensor but different aperture size, like f/1.8, and one might have OIS while the other does not. It’s up to the company which buys the sensor and builds the camera module. So asking if IMX400 will have f/2.0 or f/1.8 etc is not entirely correct, but you might ask “what aperture size will be used in the possible “camera module” with IMX400?” this is more accurate.

  • Okazuma

    Sorry form you but i had a worst story
    Xperia S> Xperia Go > Z3 > Z5.

    Xperia never again

  • Raymond

    Question, why does the Xz support cat 9 4g and not cat 12 like the chip supports?.

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    how about airplane mode?
    I’m not sure but i used Xperia SP, a lot efficient battery saver 2% in 10 hours, that’s about 21 days with single charge. (without SIM network, wifi and bluetooth search, aaand…no play a games, and yeah seem thristy energy consumption Snapdragon chipset part Andreo graphics, I’d want to use a S835 or future mid-range phones 10nm node with energy efficient)

  • Moisés

    Thank for explaining.
    Did not know that.

    Anyway I hope it comes with 2.0 or 1.9.

    Those that use 1.7 or 1.8 , their photos do not look real. Colors are too light.
    Grass is little bit yellow-ish.
    I thought it was just s7 software, but G4 seems to do the same.

  • azzido

    Fhis is good. It is making them free positive press around the world as they are first. I wonder if they will finally improve camera (OIS and old 4K app) battery, speakers and screen.

    XZ has great design so I hope upcoming devices will look great as well. When will we see Xperia XZ Arc?

  • azzido

    They need to reduce number of devices they make each year, then they can focus more on them, have better customized soft released fast and better adverts as same budget will cover less devices.

  • azzido

    I agree, I prefer to wait longer and receive better soft, and better customized one than pure stock which is boring… Proper testing takes time, I would wait longer to receive better soft. It is worth to wait for good things in life.

  • mountain

    No, the worse update is in fact Z3+
    It basically had 1 update before Z5 was released. It was not until the marshmallow update that the device was usable.

  • Raymond De Guzman

    This is only available for F8331 as of the moment, right?

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yeah I totally agree, less devices per year would be great for them :)

  • Darni187

    I want to know this too, Jan update still has the problem but Idle is taking less now and im getting better SOT. Hopefully Feb fixes this bug.

  • razorg

    Good for you, man :) Unfortunately, we’ve never received this much well support when the Z5 series phones were the newest flagship…. :( I’m seriously inclined towards “not going for another Sony phone” once my contract on Z5c ends…

  • Shehab Skull

    from S to GO !!!!

  • Farhan Ansari

    Yeah it seems

  • Okazuma

    S – Go at the same time
    One for every day and the other for sport activities ;-)………. But the Last Update fucked up the GPS -.-

  • Well.. I don’t expect next year to have the same kind of support. Which is one of the things I detest about Android. With other brands the situation isn’t better.. With the Z5 you have been unlucky, though. Sony did deliver 7.0. Unfortunately it was pulled.

  • razorg

    Yeah I agree, usually manufacturers support their devices well, as long as they are the “newest” devices that they make. As soon as another is introduced, previous phone’s support quality degrades, we agree on this :) However, the point I was trying to make was that; we’ve never received such good quality support on Z5, even before X/X Performance were released. Now your X Compact is in the “newest device” family and the quality of support they give to you is amazing, really! But I wish it was more or less the same when Z5 family was the “newest flagship” family :( We’ve never received even half the support quality you’ve got :/ I know they were having some problems with S810 and they’ve spent more time on actually making it to be less problematic, than making it better with their updates :( Such a shame. If the successor to XZ will be as reliable as XZ now is, and receives the same kind of treatment as XZ, I might stay on Sony’s boat after all. :) It all depends on how they’ll treat Z5 during the time it’s got left, and the way they’ll keep treating XZ/X Compact etc because software support is the most important thing for me. (It was the reason I bought a Sony after seeing the original Xperia Z end its life on the same Android version with its brother Nexus 4 at the time, but I’ve never found the kind of support I was expecting :( )

  • jokamutta

    Release Android Nuogat for Z5 series already :(

  • Juan Montero

    Sorry for damaging your happiness but those updates were only from the updates app but not from any bug fixes

  • Ichsan Rismunandar

    Ah, but it did fix something at least in my end. Previously when playing a yotutube video with earphones on and automatic optimization turned on, it actually broke the sound quality altogether. After one of the updates, the automatic optimization works correctly on any 3rd party audio/video playback app.

  • Bảo Võ

    1st SIM have “x” sign on top, I though it is inactivate, however, it is operated normally, they should have patch to fix this error. Just update from Z5 premium!

  • dfdsfsdfs

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  • Dilmeet

    All set with February 2017 patches on my Xperia X
    Took 2 weeks though to be available as OTA

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  • Bakhos Moussa

    Hi, can i use nordic version of Xpria X (F5121) in Australia?

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