Sony lowers full year Xperia shipments again; 5 million smartphones sold in last quarter

by XB on 2nd February 2017

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Sony is not having a good time of late. The company’s latest financial results show that it shipped 5.1 million Xperia smartphones during the three months to December 2016, a reduction of a third compared to last year.

In addition, it lowered its full year forecast (once again) from 17 million units to 15 million units. The reason for this is to do with a downward revision of forecasts in Latin America and Middle East. This is the fourth cut to full year Xperia shipment forecasts during the year.

Sales in the mobile segment were 249 billion yen, a decrease of 35% during the year, primarily due to a reduction of sales in Europe. Sony’s key focus appears to be achieving an operating profit for the year, for which it remains on target.

We’re iintrigued to see how Sony sees the mobile business faring over the next year. We’ll have to wait to May before we get an idea of its new forecasts.

  • azzido

    Successor to Z5 Premium to be shown on MWC only to very limited audience behind the closed doors:

    Why Sony? Because Snap 835 not yet available? Then show it with snap 820 with information it will have 835 at lunch day. We want to see it! :(

  • azzido

    I wonder why Japanese are not buying it. This is their own brand. I understsnd other countries sales: no adverts =no sales but in Japan? I just hope they still profit.

  • theskig

    So sad.
    But I have a Z5 Premium Dual and never felt the need to swap it with a new model. That’s fair.

  • Moisés

    But is 60% higher than Q3.

    In my country the issue is price. It’s not fair we pay 3 times for the same device.
    After z3+, c4 and m4 Sony stopped making phones here, now they come from Asia.

    – Z5 was 50% more than z3+. And something like US$150 more than s6 edge.
    – XA more than US$ 500
    – X same price of s7, both more than US$ 1000
    – Z5 Premium US$ 1450
    – XZ 32gb US$ 1100
    – E5 US$ 380

    I like their phones a lot. I only buy old models, Xperia C (2013) in 2015, now I have z3+ since april/16.

    Next time I will get it on ebay, mo matter lack of warranty.. I want the “yoshino”.
    No way it arrives here cheaper than US$ 1400. I cannot afford that.
    On ebay XZ 64gb cost half I would pay for the 32gb.

    I know Sony wants to earn more per unit, but it is getting too expensive.
    XA is the same price of Z Play.
    In my town Samsung has at least 70% of marketshare.. J5 sells like water.
    I know E5 is better than J5 but costs 50% more.

    Z2 and z3 were success because they were better and same price of others.

  • HiddenArmy

    Maybe because it’s more expensive than other? Sure Sony has quality and power but tend to have higher price than competitor. In Japan there are so many other brand such as Sharp, Fujitsu, Panasonic,Apple,Samsung,etc.

  • Moisés

    They will bring to WMC probably a prototype..

  • azzido

    By the way why Sony will not go to the court or european union saying Shamesung is using monopol position to limit availability of Snap 835 ???

  • Moisés

    In Japan people get Xperia cheaper.
    Docomo for example…

    Like people get phones from T-Mobile, Verizon or AT& T

  • Moisés

    I think they should not give the cam sensors until Samsung gives the Snapdragon.

  • azzido

    Exactly! Sony should delay availability of IMX400 for other brands bh half a year as well! Or demanding a lot of money at court for making snap 835 exclusive and delayed especially for shamesung…

  • Moisés

    Imx400 will be only for xperia I believe.

    The mid ranges must have same sensor of XZ.

    The one with 4K and the other with QHD will have imx400

  • azzido

    I wonder what color this time.
    I liked blue Z5 and XZ, it could be jus a bit more darker to be more elegant. Dark blue :)

  • azzido

    Hope with OIS, less MPx and other improvements powered by Sony alpha team. No blurry camera please… Where are curved lens they were working on since years?

  • Moisés

    No Z has blue..

    Z1 and z2: black, white, purple
    Z1c: white, black, yellow, pink
    Z3: white, black, green , copper, purple
    Z3c: white, black, orange, green
    Z4: copper, green, white, black
    Z5c: same if z1c
    Z5: white/gray, black, green, gold, pink
    Z5p: gold, chrome, black, pink

  • Moisés

    Sony ‘s EIS is better than OIS.
    Pixel has only EIS too.

    Not sure if imx400 has 25 or 32mp.

    I do not know why, but Performance seems to take better pics than XZ, at least on auto mode.
    Videos made by XZ look videos from a professional cam. More than great.

  • DieMusik

    owned a Z2. really wanted to get another xperia waiting for them to add raw capture. that became a standard feature in the Android world but sony still refuses to add that. the fan boys here get angry and argue it’s all useless. but at least for me the lack of raw capture is a deal breaker and there are more who are like me. i nevet wanted a galaxy but about to pull the trigger on one. shame anothet xperia would have been my first choice.

  • Moisés

    I would use only raw..

  • 3_nity

    Xperia XZ, dud.

  • Reza

    One of the reason is Sony Xperia stop selling phone in my country Indonesia, the last and latest Xperia we can find at the store is only Z5 series, c4, c5 and m5 that’s all..

  • Gary Ohanian

    Same as others, Sony’s presence in Australia has minimised. Sony stores have closed. Telco’s are only stocking a small range. Even online they’re not importing the full range.

    My friends wants the pink XZ, but you can only get black from Telco or Blue from Sony.

    I ready to get an XZ and X Compact but X Compact not available hear, so I’m sticking to my Z1 until the next compact becomes available.

  • Oscar Federico Wingartz

    I’m in latin america and the problems are from my point of view, pricing which are above Samsung and Apple, marketing and fanboys, just because it says Samsung ppl assume is better and Apple is top notch, Sony is 4th place with better phones and less shitty than Samsung and Apple

  • Warren Chang
  • Warren Chang

    now sharp 2016 overtaken sony, note that korean phones are not that popular, they don’t even brand it as samsung galaxy, just ” galaxy’

  • ludimilojko

    What software do you have for processing the raw files?

  • Daniel Craig

    No X series?

  • Makiz

    People are coming to the place that I work and they’re going without second thought for the Samsung’s A series (A3, A5) and the Huawei P9 lite because they are cheap with great build quality and many features for the price. Of course I’m trying to sell the Xperia XA as an Xperia fan but they don’t like the fact that it doesn’t come with a fingerprint sensor and that the battery is very small compared to what the competition offers for the same price.

  • rus_media

    Ha ha ha

  • P9

    hope 2017 is ur true comeback, SONY ❤

  • Moisés

    Here, m4 aqua was the most popular xperia.

  • Moisés

    S7, V20 and G5 can take raw photos.
    Others only if you use some apps.

  • Moisés

    X not Z

  • Moisés

    In some countries the price drops fast. You can get XZ for US$ 550.
    Here it takes 6 months to drop 10%.

    Compared to the price they arrived , now here we have:

    Z5: – 60%
    Z5P: still same
    Xa: – 20%
    X: – 10%
    XAU: – 7%
    XZ : same

    Z5P: arrived only in feb/16 I guess

  • Musharab

    No doubts Sony has awesome looking & best in class build quality Smartphones. But SONY XPERIA will SINK to bottom of Ocean because of :-

    * Excessive Over Pricing
    * Poor Promotion/Media Coverage
    * Poor Battery Performance & Camera Quality. (Sony Used to be Best in Camera Section, At present it is just Playing Mega Pixel Game)
    * Almost no options in Lower Range & Limited Mid Range

  • Tomislav Matić

    That phone was and is still crap.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Their YoY 2015-2016 sales went down 50%, profit down 35%.
    Now I know its due to the market reorganisation and portfolio( only 6 models in a whole year) mostlly, and I know its the most competitive market out there by now but…
    They make excellent phones yet not a lot buy them. You cant sell at those prices with all the cheap chinese competition. Keep the flag price, but lower the midrangers prices.
    Indeed they need to make Xperias more competitive by decreasing starting prices.
    Its no use putting a high price on release only to decrease it significantly by 15% in a months time. Release them with those lower prices from the start goddammit.

  • Afnan Acchan

    Better selling less phone but making profit than selling lot of phone but with huge loss. Sony should dump low end phone and focus on high end phone.

  • Geese Howard

    Well, at least compared to Q3 16 they had a big boost at Q4 16. If Sony truly wants to make it to the top, especially while Samsung had their phones blowing up and taking advantage of that, they could stick to one phone with 3 different type of models instead of offering a lot of phones which do not sell very well. (e.g. 1 phone with 5.5′, 5.1′, 4.8′, pretty much like top, mid range) They should know by now offering a lot of phones per year is a major fiasco and not a smart business decision especially when the competition nowadays is stiff. IMO releasing 1 phone with 3 models to choose is suffice.

    Then comes their prices. They still have that old mentality that because they are Sony people are willing to pay them loads just to get their stuff. That maybe true, but in this era there are more choices now. I’m sure if they took out some numbers off their retail prices they would still make a huge profit :)

    Lastly, their marketing man… what can we say about that?

  • kinggo

    yes, because RAW on those sensor size and with (non)existing optics really makes all the difference.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Yeah, people like numbers, not actual performance.
    There is no way around that fact.
    New A series is a joke on features and SoC for the price, yet it sells cause it has 3000mah battery.
    And afterall, I do believe that Samsung devices, no matter the quality or price, are also all around your store in peoples faces, and Xperias somewhere in the backside . Its like that everywhere.

  • DieMusik

    I sense that you are being sarcastic. But, regardless of what you think yes RAW makes huge difference. :) Try for yourself and educate yourself for your sake please.

  • DieMusik

    Currently using DMC-CM1. RAW is a must if you care for the image quality. Too bad that SONY purposefully refuses to add RAW on the Xperia.

  • Makiz

    That’s true

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Where did you find these statistics? Are they representing 2016?

  • Shamoy Rahman

    I think that’s what they’re doing which is why Snapdragon 835 based Xperia models got leaked for MWC while other phones will not be coming with the 835 at MWC.

  • Orion X

    Why doesn’t the article mention that they also made a $187 million dollar profit???? Also sales of $2.2 billion dollars…..I consider that decent,they didn’t lose money, but sold less phones mainly because they have a small 2016 portfolio simple.sales of phones were greater before mainly cause they had more models released.

  • Luigi De Francesco

    My xperia xz have best camera quality e great battery performance. X compact have it too.

  • Alvin

    Not at all. Not even one of 2016 devices

  • Alvin

    He meant green Z5 and blue XZ

  • kinggo

    How many average Joes actually know how to process RAW? Why bother with something for 6 people in total? What’s next? RAW video?

  • deekbee

    The problem is that giving a decent raw option would highlight just how bad the Sony is with image processing.

    Honestly, the sensor may be pretty good, but the camera application and the image it churns out at the end is dire (unless you’re in ideal conditions, otherwise the images are not that good).

    And at least in the case of my Z5C, camera performance (startup, shot to shot time) is also amongst the worst I’ve ever experienced (almost as slow as the Lumia 1020 – which probably has the slowest camera ever).

  • cocorico

    XZ 32GB 1100$ !!! :O I bought mine on France Sony EStore for 700€ (~720$) with a HeadSet XtraBass BT (~200€) as gift. What’s your country ?

  • Battel

    You’re either a liar or a blind Fanboy .

  • Luigi De Francesco

    You are the true liar. Or you doesn’t try the latest xperias. Xperia xz with latest firmware have great performance,great battery life and one of Best quality camera. I’m not a fanboy. I try the phones ;)

  • Battel

    Why we see competitors using Sony 12/16MP camera sensors instead of it’s 20/24MP ?
    Just find the answer then you’ll know why Sony’s a loser .

  • Sony should at least attempt to price one product competitively, or hell have a near loss leader. Like a midranger, it’ll get people into the brand and earn their trust if they enjoy it.

    Sony is on a consistent decline so why not.

  • Reza

    No, Sony mobile Indonesia already stopped selling xperia since x series launched, for us we only can purchase imported from neighbor country, Singapore for instance which we can’t get official warranty from Sony.

  • Moisés

    Q1+ Q2+Q3 = 10
    Q4= 5.1

    It is a progress…

  • Moisés

    People like photos with light fake colors. Like s7 and G4
    X Performance is better than s7 in daylight.

  • Kim

    The X is also great. Battery life, camera, screen, sound, fingerprint, Nougat etc. No real downsides except maybe lack of official waterproofing.

  • kinggo

    I think that after 15 years with camera on the phones it is time for people to realize that they will forever stay crap because they can’t defat ceratain laws of physycs. And eternal complaints won’t change that. One can get better camera for a 100€ than a phone has. And all of them fit in the pocket since they are smaller than 5+” phones.

    I don’t care about the camera at all. For sharing some moments they are all good. For serious photography the all suck. More or less, but the suck. They provide convinience but that’s it.

  • Daniel Craig

    That’s odd, how’s Sony overall in Indonesia? in terms of sales I mean.

  • Daniel Craig

    I’m sorry to hear that.

  • Moisés

    In my town you no longer find unlocked Xperia. Maybe old models like E3, E4 or M2.

    If you want Z5 or M5 you need to get carrier phones or buy it on internet.
    I did that, there was one z3+ here, at a computer stuff shop. But it was exhibition device, I wanted closed box device.

    If I am not wrong, in many countries XZ was released cheaper than Z3 in 2014. Z3 was more than 700 dolars.

    Here in Brazil many Samsung devices come more expensive. But price drops quickly.
    XZ came 10% cheaper than s7 edge.

    But still out of reach..

    It would be nice if Sony did this way:

    XE ( instead of E6) : US$ 170
    XA : 230,00
    X: 380,00
    XZ1 Compact: 500,00
    XZ1: 640,00

  • Steini Jónsson

    Very true.
    In a store here I was asked why I wanted to buy a Sony… I should just take a Samsung… :)

  • deekbee

    Maybe not representative, but I still have my Nokia 808 – which sometimes managed to get results unnervingly close to my DSLR – so it is possible for a mobile to get truly decent quality images.

    The majority of those cheap £100 dedicated cameras actually have the same type of sensors as found in a mobile phone, except they have horrendously compromised optics – mobiles tend to give better results.

  • dragonsneeze

    Well, in my country A series are not cheap at all. 2016 A3 is more expensive than XA. X compact is more affordable than A5 ’16 and A3 ’17. Specs wise A series are not worth the price but you won’t see people making a big deal out of it like they did with inital X series prices. Just because they look good and use so called premium materials. Recently I couldn’t make my friend check out XC let alone make her buy it. At least I convinced her that A series are overpriced and went for P9 Lite instead.

  • dragonsneeze

    16 gig version should be OK. 8 gig was a joke though.

  • Reza

    Hard, though and bad sells, these Chinese massive attack you know what I mean…

  • dragonsneeze

    The option should be there and I believe differences are noticable. But if the difference is really huge then that difference comes from your editing preference. a good read about this.

  • Daniel Craig

    Considering those are cheap phones with good specs, no doubt they will go after Chinese products.

  • iia3ezu

    Expect this to get worse when other brands are releasing shiny Snapdragon 835 flagships in Q1 2017 while Sony is mucking around with Mediatek low-range crap. Even China’s Xiaomi can pack a Snapdragon in its phone and keep the price low; what is Sony’s excuse?

    By the time Sony’s Snapdragon 835 arrives in Q3 2017, all eyes would be on Samsung at IFA and Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone.

    Oh, and Nokia’s first Android phones are looking to be really decent. There’s a group of Nokia hardcore fans who hated Windows phones when Nokia sold out to Microsoft, but they will switch back to Nokia. Sony can expect fewer Xperia phones to be sold in 2017.

    But Sony doesn’t care, because it makes all its money from movies, from Playstation, from DSLR cameras and camera sensor sales. Xperia is not a priority.

  • Reza

    Exactly, to me it’s quite make sense because people demands good things with cheap price no matter what the brand is..Asus, oppo, xiaomi, vivo etc are becoming a major vendor here not to mention Samsung, I think it’s the king.

  • Sharp Edge

    The Z5P was 4400zl (equivalent to 4K in American dollars) in Poland. Still bought it but it hurt.

  • Eduardo Zzavala

    It would greatly contribute to the analysis compare with the sales of the other major brands, and see the evolution of the smartphone market in general. The graph that is exposed is only a part of the information.

  • Daniel Craig

    Yeah I hear you. And Samsung is ruling every market not just the Asian ones.

  • Jaissal S

    I love my Xperia Z5 but may upgrade at the end of the year. The main reason is the heating issue. Though it is alot better now. I always see people with either Samsung phones or iPhones. I’m in the UK. The funny thing is some people don’t even know how to use the phones they have. The sales person must just sell Samsung phones or iPhones. They must have to sell a certain amount of Samsung phones I guess. Sony need to push to sell there phones. Push advertising. Also word of mouth. I will always be Sony Xperia user :)

  • Butz007

    Q414 The birth of Xperia Z, thats really something new among the competitors…the famous squary OmniBalance design, its a wow factor for all the consumers

    Then the following year, sony follow this concept… upgrading some few specs, right and there, its not a wow factor at all…
    consumer knows if they been fooled on a little bit of icing putting on a already baked cake….

    Then Q415, The birth of z3 for having first 20.7 MP camera, digital noise cancellation, introduction of first sony smartwear, first introduction of connecting your device to ps4 game controller
    via ps4 remote play which targeted the gamer audiences. when it comes to design first time we saw a full color front and back for the white version which is all good…
    even though its the same omni balance design… overall it becomes a wow factor during that time.

    Then you repeat the same mistake again… in the following year… it’s pretty much worst by introducing Z3 plus???….
    Just giving you a simple analogy, If I own a z3 device then a friend of mine brought a z3 plus, Would he able to brag his new
    and advanced phone towards mine?? I would tease him its a same shit with few flairs and tweaks, lol

    The last on Q416 introduction of xperia xz which is something new, visually speaking in terms of design compared to other competitors and the sales is picking up!

    Ergo Sony please dont create something look similar from the previous year, unless there’s a lot of goodies instored on that phone…

  • Talos the Robot

    It happened to me too. Not only with Sony phones but also when i was looking for Sony TV’s.

  • Talos the Robot

    I am still rocking with the Z3 Compact :)

  • Talos the Robot

    I have read somewhere that Xperia phones in Japan are more expensive that iPhones.

  • Musharab

    Definitely you do try but don’t Analyse.

  • Talos the Robot

    You thing that Sony will find justice in european cartel union?

  • Moisés

    Z is Q2 2013
    Z3 is Q4 2014

    The 20.7mp is used since Z1 in 2013

  • Moisés

    Qualcomm is guilty about z3+.
    Same happened to HTC M9 and LG G Flex 2.

    Z3+ is faster, better connectivity, flapless usb. 32gb.
    Cam software was improved. Display has Gorilla 4. Rear glass is more resistent too.

    Inner memory is much faster than one of z3.

    Z3 had brighter and warmer display, also battery life.

  • Moisés

    No other brand will be able to release a flagship with SD835 before june.
    LG G6 is coming with the 821. Xiaomi Mi 6 is going to have a version with Helio X30.

    Sony is going to bring 1 or 2 with SD835. One with 4K display and another with QHD. This QHD can be also 653.

    Mediatek devices is to replace XA. Helio P20 may be similar to SD 625 or 627.

  • Moisés


    US$ 1 = R$ 3,115 Today..

    XZ 32gb is R$ 3600
    X 64gb is R$ 3200
    Z5 Premium is R$ 4700,00 ( Sony website)
    Z5 is R$ 1990
    XA is R$ 1440

  • Moisés

    Have never seen…

    Sony brought here only the black Z5.

  • Luigi De Francesco

    I do minium 5 hrs of screen (but i stay always between 5:30 and 6:30 without stamina)maxium 8 (but this with stamina third option). I always arrive at night and thr day after. I use internet with 3g,4g and wifi, i stay in places where i can’t reach the line very well, i play often with games, i shoot photos,videos i See things in streaming, i do 1hrs per day of calls. With this soc and “poor” battery it is a excellent results. And in standby doesn’t drain battery. It stays stable. The camera in auto is perfect, it do a perfect work with Lights, White balance, focus ecc. It shoots photos in a blink! And night shoots are very good and i compared those with galaxy s7 (for everyone, the Best in night shoots) and those are very better than s7. But you can do better shoots at 8 megapixels ;) the touch methering helps a lot in photos. Perfect photos with right Lights in one touch. Frot camera finally is perfect in every situations, dettailed selfies in every situations. Day or night shoots ;). For now i can’t See a better camera. Sony do a good job finally there ;) not like the previous xperia’s with some problems with night shoots in auto and noise. The manual now have the necessary to do great shoots in simple way. Some oem have more things, yes,but there i can do a perfect shoots without too parameters or only in automatic. Enough? ;)

  • avrodeep

    Sony absolutely deserves this I have been using Sony for the last 10 years and this is the first time that I have not bought a new phone but a pre owned Xperia M4 Aqua 16gb, reason Sony doesn’t update its devices like even Samsung, my present device launched in 2015 wont see nougat update because Sony released a 8 gb variant ( why is everyone’s guess) while Samsung is issuing nougat update for the Galaxy A5 launched in 2014 . Sony is a Company with misplaced priorities and now deserves to be ditched by consumers loyal or not

  • ryq24

    You know Sony people themselves don’t have much confidence on their own products when they already lowered their sales forecast for this year even though they have yet to release their new range of smartphones.

  • Eduardo Zzavala

    I do not think it is a matter of confidence, rather it should be a reduction of the market.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Oh I beieve you.
    Experienced it myself too.
    Samsung pays incentives to shops and sellers, reviewers, without a doubt, thats how they sell so much of their crap, and fight against competition.
    Its called aggresive marketing.
    Chinese started doing it too.

    Sony is japanese buissness, and as such ethiicaly declines such marketing tricks.
    Thats why they are losing in this sales game.

    No matter. I ll always be a proud Sony consumer. And ask for that Sony phone on the back shelf.
    I refuse to be consumer sheep.

  • SM

    well said bro, specially the last line.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    You do realise the mobile division profited this quarter anyway, right?

  • Moisés

    GSM Arena says Galaxy S8 will only have 6gb ram in China and South Korea.
    The international S8 will bring 4gb ram.

    And the price is US$ 885 for de 4gb/64gb in China.

    IF the “Yoshino” brings the 4K HDR display, big battery and 6gb ram which is really possible and lower price than s8. This is the chance to change things like in 2014 when Z2 showed up.

  • ludimilojko

    I didn’t ask you what phones can shoot in raw. I asked you what software will you use to process the raw files.

  • Paul L

    My last two phones have been Sony Xperia: Z2 and Z5. I won’t buy another Sony phone after my Z5 gives out, which is a shame. I’m not a fan of the X range and Sony has pushed the Z5 range to one side. That steep drop off in sales seems to coincide with the announcement of the Xperia X range.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    One other “reason” for this situation….
    There used to be a good honest reviewer, called Manilla Shaker, that always put flag Xperias up to its competitors, actually knowing how to use them and their camera especially….
    He got good momentum on net for his reviews.
    You people know what happened to him?
    He is no more, some “other guy” bought out his site, and now…
    Almost no mentions of Xperia from Manilla Shaker site at all…
    I smell rats in that scenario…

    Sony should definitely learn that the World does not revolve on Decency, they should incept that known phrase “To fight monsters, you have to become like them”.(Samsung pun deliberate).

  • Moisés

    If you do not have these phone you can shoot raw if you use some apps.
    I do not know name, but there are apps to help you with that

  • Musharab

    Wow…Enough in Excess. There’s a saying Excess of anything isn’t good

  • Luigi De Francesco

    I don’t understand clearly what you write. But i analyze what i see. And i put my personal analysis after 1 month and half of use. And i have tried all of 2016 top phones. So i don’t say lies ;)

  • a.mubher

    Sony Mobile have announced a while ago that their new strategy is to focus on profitability and not on market share. Less volumes, more money. So we can stop acting surprised by the “low” numbers of units shipped. SM is finally profitable. How is that “not having a good time”?

  • Gary John Weir

    Totally agree wife has xz in pink loves this device changed from galaxy s7 problem we notice Sony has especially in Scotland UK is marketing there is none everything time new Samsung comes out everyone heard of it when Sony bring one out no-one heard of it to me this is biggest problem as sometimes because it’s a Sony doesn’t sell the phone have to advertise same in our country for LG phones Sony should market flagship devices more

  • Phil Gym

    Q4 2014 was when Z3 Compact was released and Sony Mobile made the best sales.

  • Phil Gym

    Z3 Compact helped make $$$

  • theskig

    Up vote for your Z1! :)

  • theskig

    Same here in Italy, only Samsung and crappy phones (Wiko is very popular).

  • theskig

    I miss my Z2 so much :(

  • No way! Here in Mexico we got all the colors but the pink one.
    Green has been my favorite, it looks kinda blueish indeed. :D

  • mountain

    We here is a very different story. My dad is trying to get a cheap phone with nice spec. Looked into a p9 lite and found it too expensive. Ended up with a XA Ultra.

  • mountain

    I am actually suprised how much negative statistics is in this article. The main point is, sony mobile is making a profit. Not very stong, but still better than most companies out there. That is what really matters to the company.

  • ludimilojko

    You don’t even know what i’m talking about, right?
    Again, i didn’t ask you about any apps. I didn’t ask you what app will you use for shooting in raw. I’m asking you what software will you use for PROCESSING of the files? You do know that you have to process those files to make them usable, right? You can’t shoot in raw and upload to Facebook or Instagram, you do know that, right?
    Or maybe not.

  • Moisés

    No I do not know.
    I say I would use because it is process free photos.
    I do not like photos that look artificial.

  • Moisés

    Here we did not have :

    Purple z1
    Purple z2
    Green z3( single sim)
    Copper and aqua green z3+
    White, green, gold, pink z5
    Pink XA ultra
    Black, pink z5 premium
    Pink xz

    Z1 compact, z5 compact, x compact and x performance were not brought here..

  • Reza

    Yeah, it’s sad but true…

  • Павел Борисов

    Prices in Russia:
    Z5 500$
    XA 300$
    X 500$
    XZ 760 $
    E5 216$

  • ludimilojko

    Well, good luck with you process free photos, then. You will need it.

  • Moisés

    Yes Pavel.. Huawei p9 lite has same price of XA, and it has fingerprint scanner

  • Dorismlott

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  • jamie evans


  • Moisés

    I remember all reviews of z3 compact. People say with android 4.4 battery life was more than impressive

  • vmxr

    they need to create phones that excite users i went to a mall the other day and everyone looking at samsung and huawei more than sony and htc

  • Moisés

    Sony and HTC give the best.
    They look nice, take great photos. They are the best you can use to listen music. Sound quality is far superior.
    Both believe to be charging for what the devices are worth.

    Most of people just care about display size, battery size and price.

  • vmxr

    not sure about htc sound quality but i compared sony xperia z3+ to apple iphone 6 and 6s apple got excellent sound

  • Vinny Conforto

    I still believe Sony should go for another design concept, plate human. The Nokia-ish loop design looks so dated.×409.png

  • Vinny Conforto

    Z3C is the best Xperia. X Compact is a disaster

  • Vinny Conforto


  • Loriwcaballero

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  • Loriwcaballero

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  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    The big achievement for Sony this year is that unlike for the Xperia Z phones, the Xperia XZ user reviews on BestBuy, Amazon etc are not filled with instances of phone getting damaged easily, heating up randomly, receiving faulty units etc.

  • johala02

    I hope Sony will have some new strategy in MWC 2017. According to the rumours the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be superexpensive with a price tag around $900 to $1000..
    So I would not mind if Sony launch a new flagship with the slightly older Snapdragon 821 with 4 or 6 GB ram but at a lower price. And a very good camera etc.. I think it would be a good replacment to the Xperia XZ.

  • DanielGearSolid

    Actually Sony is having great times of late. Overall the company is doing very well. Hopefully they can figure out Sony mobile

  • Moisés

    I have z3+ too. People say HTC 10 has best sound ever

  • Moisés

    Two Xperia with Helio P20
    One Xperia unknown yet
    One with 4K display+ sd835
    One with QHD display and sd653 or 835

  • azzido

    This only shows that decision abut discontinue Z series and replacing it with X mid-rangers was complete mess…

    I also skipped X series until XZ came.
    X and X poorformance was too small, design was very bad, too rounded (at least to me), there was almost no innovation or changes when compared to Z5, smaller battery – no longer acceptable for me (if Sony again will deliver any device with smaller battery I will skip it, no matter how hood it will be), no 4K recording even in Poorformance, not existing marketing and completely same camera as in Z5 (XZ share same sensor, but has triple image sensor now and digital 3-axis stabilization, I do not count fake 5-axis stabilization as it works in 0,001 special conditions). I also do not like the fact the launcher is getting more and more stock and Sony is cutting off more and more features (small apps, radio in XZ, widgets etc.).

    I hope they will return to Z philosophy and will focus on premium devices and premium experience. They also need to advertise it somehow, unfortunately in Poland XZ was marketed by actor noone likes, the advert was so stupid and horrible that I still cannot believe they made it…It also loooked cheap.

  • azzido

    yes, I think they should give a try.

  • azzido

    Sony need to change their pricing, they are already brand that is making most profit from each single device in Android world, if they want to improve the sales they need to lower proces to be more competitive, or include more goodies as they did for XZ, then customer at least knows that is paying for something, not like empty box (except the phone) we received with Z5…

  • azzido

    Thank you, do you have it for 2016?

  • vmxr

    i’ll check it out when im in the store

  • Omeganrobles

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  • yanglokal

    it’s because Indonesia’s rules… 4G smartphone must be produced in Indonesia… Sony didn’t have any factory yet :(

  • HAWX

    I was considering to buy XZ but, bad camera on auto mode, low battery capacity, heating issues, corners of the phone is super edgy (like many chineese models all around my country), seriously low max sound from headphone jack, headphone jacks’s quality compared to other flagships, slippery side plastics and huge bezzels compared to other flagships made me almost disgust from XZ. I still can’t belive that design. It has bad ergonomics, made trousers puncture and does not slide inside the pocket easily. :/ I hope they change the design and improve the quality and specs.

  • nzone

    This article is so bad. The author and many people don’t get the simple principle of quantity over quality.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    A telemarketer from a local phone company called the other day and offering me some promotion they have for Apple iPhone….I politely declined, telling her I do not use iPhones.

    She moved on saying that if I am using Samsung, they have very attractive offers for me as well.

    I declined politely again, saying I do not need any new phones right now. She was insistent, saying, they also have offers for HTC phones, as this might interest me.

    At this point, I asked her, do you have Sony Xperia phones? She said, no, we don’t. Then I answered, when you have Sony Xperia phones, give me a call again and we can talk. Then I hang up.

    I think, this sums it all up with Sony’s problem of selling fewer units. Sony makes the best Android phones out there, but they do not know how to sell them!

  • mizik

    Sony was good up to Z3 and Z3 Compact.

  • Warren Chang

    yes, 2016, i used google in japanese for the stats

  • Warren Chang

    it’s above, the larger pie chart 9.3 sony, that’s 2016

  • Warren Chang

    panasonic rarely makes any phones nowadays, 15-20 years ago, they were popular, not now

  • sadsadasdasd

  • dfsdfsdf

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  • Cliff

    Had an iPhone 4S, switched to Z3, but after the the Z3 stopped receiving support because of Qualcomm, I switched to iPhone 6S Plus (needed an upgrade).

    XZ looks like a great phone; would love to own it one day.

    In all, I love both Android/iOS and Sony/Apple products. I did change back to iPhone because of the camera – there’s just something about it. I loved taking photos on the iPhone 4S, but I stopped once I got the Z3 because of something about it (not sure what it was, quality? I honestly don’t know.) Back on iPhone again, love taking photos with this camera (and my good ol’ A6000 lol)

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  • Alvin

    I don’t know about that, though I still see a community of people that use Sony.

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