Sony’s underwater Xperia Aquatech store opens

by XB on 4th December 2014

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B4B1eE1CEAAQicGSony’s first underwater store opened earlier today and we’ve got some pictures to share the experience. The store was due to open yesterday, but the launch was delayed to today due to bad weather. The Xperia Aquatech is a concept store located 4 meters under the sea in Dubai and is only open to lucky competition winners, media and VIPs. The store will only be open for three days, but it’s a great marketing tool.

The lucky few need some mandatory scuba diving training in a swimming pool, prior to being transported to the Aquatech store. Each person had to be taken to the store accompanied by a diving instructor. For those that owned an Xperia Z3 or Z3 Compact phone, Sony ensured that they were taken to the store using a special waterproof case as technically they are not water resistant beyond 1.5 metres. Once in the store, there were a number of Sony Xperia devices that were demoed by a Sony rep. Sounds like a great way to build brand engagement.

Xperia AquaTech_1

Xperia AquaTech_2

Xperia AquaTech_3

Xperia AquaTech_4

Xperia AquaTech_5

Xperia AquaTech_6

Xperia AquaTech_7

Xperia AquaTech_8

Xperia AquaTech_9

Xperia AquaTech_10

Xperia AquaTech_11

Xperia AquaTech_12

Xperia AquaTech_13

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