Upcoming Sony Xperia will come with 4GB RAM

by XB on 9th February 2017

in Rumours, Xperia XA series

Some leaked pictures showing at least one upcoming Sony Xperia device have leaked over at Weibo. It is difficult to gauge much from the pictures, but one of them confirms the use of 4GB RAM, which is one spec that was rumoured previously. We don’t know whether this iis from the same mid-range device we have seen before, but all is set to be revealed at the MWC tradeshow in a few weeks.

Via Weibo.

  • David Horvath

    No finger print reader, so midrange?

  • mUSICA

    yes could be a flagship mid range xD

  • They seem to be 4 different phones

  • Genorok

    They’re talking about smartphones, but I’m looking at that tablet in the photo


    No those look like might be comparison of the old Xperia phones to the new one that looks similar to the XZ I can’t wait glad I kept Pixel XL and haven’t pulled the trigger on the XZ just yet! Sony make me proud again.

  • David Horvath

    It would seem Sony does not make “flagships” per se… what they do is release the main models for Japan, then they create these “international models” for other parts of the world where lower cost items are popular ( much like how they approach TVs etc ) .
    To see which models are what some like to call “flagship”, those are always shown here: http://www.sonymobile.co.jp/xperia/
    The “flagship” term, to Sony, has nothing to do with specs and everything to do with the specific models created for the Japanese market… the true Xperia phones… then the rest are lower cost models, of which the home market consumer in Japan is mostly unaware.

  • mynameissomeone

    and we are back to speakerslits again WHY is sony bouncing between speakerlines and speakerslits speakerslits are always best and looks best

  • mynameissomeone

    from what i can make out the bottom right phone is the flagship phone then the compact and rest non flagships the bottom right still has the tubedesign the other ones don’t the one next to it looks alot like the old xperias like the z2 which i love alot

  • mynameissomeone

    doesn’t look new

  • mynameissomeone

    look at how big the camera is it can’t be a flagship it must be the selfie model

  • johala02

    I own a Sony Xperia XZ at the moment. But if the succesor to it still will have huge bezels I might consider another brand. They not need totaly remove the bezels just make them a little thinner, then it would not look like a device from 2012.

    But I guess we must wait to MWC 2017 to see what path Sony makes.

  • Sultan Albatati

    i see a nice looking z2 and z4 tablet in there.

  • Moisés

    The ” yoshino” may be like ZQ/ZL.

  • webuser.my

    Are you talking about the top bezels or the side bezels?

    I’m happy/fine with the size of the side bezels, would rather have it so that when I reach for the other corner of the screen on one hand usage, my palm will not touch the corners.

    Also, with the side mounted fingerprint sensor, it would be challenging to be any thinner.

    Personal opinions for my own personal usage.

  • webuser.my

    Looks maybe. But sound quality wise amongst the flagship I have used, from the speakers, the Z3 is the best followed by the Xperia XZ. Both of which has the standard speaker lines. I found the sound from the Z2, Z3+ and Z5 Premium to be poor in comparison.

    So I rather Sony kept with the speaker lines and a good quality sounding speakers.

  • Warren Chang

    great news, a new sony tablet successor, z ultra successor and zx successor, hopefully they keep the 3.5mm headphone jack so they still have the digital noise cancellation function for games,movies and music

  • Astider

    I’m also curious about the tablet, but It looks like an old Z4 Tablet.

  • Moisés

    Big cam just like m5…

    Looks like 2 smaller and 2 bigger phones.
    Hope yoshino has 6gb, because s8 will have 6gb only in China and South Korea, international is 4gb..

  • Moisés

    This cam thing is weird.
    M5 has 13 mp and it looks big. X has 13 mp and it looks regular.

  • penubag

    You have an XZ and you already want another phone?

  • dko3tgk

    Yes. With Samsung and LG coming out with minimal bezel flagships, maybe Sony will finally get the hint. the screen to body ratios have continuously decreased since the Z5. Maybe Sony will notice they are the only flagship with 3/4 inch top and bottom bezels. I feel like Sony’s goal is this old 90’s laptop look. Sony bezels are on their way to this.

  • MrWalker1000

    it has a bigger lense probably and bigger sensor.

  • johala02

    No I dont need a new phone now and I am in general happe with my Xperia XZ. But with a lot of space on the top and bottom it make the device very tall.
    The Xperia XZ with a 5,2″ display are basicly as tall as a Vernee Apollo Lite with a 5,5″ display when I compared them side by side.
    (Vernee is one of the new Chinese upcoming brands)

    I think a decent compromise would be like the the new LG G6 with some thinner bezels, you can still hold the device. But it have some moden approach to it so to speak and making the device smaller when the display take more space.

    My point are that I hope Sony not remains to the past to much and change some design aspects.

  • iia3ezu

    Anything with a Mediatek chip is low-mid range. Doesn’t matter how much RAM it has, how many MP the camera has, or how high-res the screen is.

  • Alex Norris

    Very boring look. ((
    They do not look like the future smartphones … In G6 and S8 screen size changed, and here I see the same as before, with huge upper and lower bezels. And smartphone in gold color, very similar to the Z3. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0639fbeaa32229efdcbe95cfab6bb8023e8724d770366621b4978ab2c9696eec.jpg

  • Shamoy Rahman

    The speakerslits are better than the speakerlines. They should eliminate the Z3 style speakerlines once and for all.

  • NonSugar♡

    Top Left: Z2, Top Right: Z3, Bottom Left: Unknown midrange/entry model, Bottom Right: The one with the 4GB ram…

  • beenoliu

    Bottom Left is Z Ultra

  • Warren Chang

    is that a new xperia tablet!!

  • Ararat Khlghatyan

    what’s wrong Sony? why one and the same design such a framework, and do not even believe that the speakers are not loud, I have always been faithful to you, but you can not go on

  • NonSugar♡

    Oh, you are right! How could I forget this wonderful model which everyone had been wanting a successor for. So, this make it only one new model in the photos.

  • KarFar

    This could be the G3221 (it’s not leaked before)

  • webuser.my

    Again, better in what way?

    Looks wise, it is indeed prettier. But sound quality wise, so far from the Sony flagships I’ve owned, I have not heard a speakerslits variant that sounds better than their speakerlines counterparts.

  • Kadek

    Where the F* are our compact flagship. Please don’t mention X Compact with inferior socs.

  • Mac

    Got tired waiting, bought a XZ and honestly it isn’t that big after getting used to it. sometimes I wish it was a bit smaller but it is what it is, and the device is awesome anyhow :D
    Been using Xperia Neo, Acro S, Z1C and Z3C before so I’m pretty used to the more compact format.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    That’s the z4 tablet unfortunately :/ great tablet I have it myself but it’s not on sale anymore atleast not in Sweden :p

  • NonSugar♡

    In case people still confused with so many devices shown in the photos…all of them are existing devices except this unknown 4GB ram device, judging from the front led flash and large selfie cam, it looks in line with the rumored G3221:
    The size seem to be near the Z Ultra just beside it, therefore…my guess it is the successor to XA Ultra!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    X compact was a compact version of Xperia x which was a mid range device. It was not a compact version of Xperia xz nor x Performance xD

  • Emil Oskarsson

    The side bezels are acceptable and if I compare my Xperia x Performance with my Xperia z I do feel a huge difference between the devices. The x performance feels a lot less wider compared to Xperia z :p

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Nope z4 tablet :)

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  • Bezels for the win !

    same sensor …don’t know about the lens …

  • Raj Singh

    Sony should get their mid rangers out of the way and make a new high end Xperia, a new high end Ultra and a new 8 inch tablet.

  • KarFar

    They want profit. I’m sure last year selling midrangers like X for 500 euro or XA for 300 euro brought them profit.

  • dragonsneeze

    You are falling for gimmicks. Minimal bezels is just another lie to take a price premium from clueless people. An 18:9 screen is not practical, and so called “edge” features which could be implemented in regular displays. Wanna see how the S8 would look if it came with 16:9? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/29fdeb7bb67e3fd4319ab2612d63e21a5d0c78fdb8aa3a49cc78cf901d960b7e.jpg

  • Stephen

    Um aren’t those bezels essential for front facing speakers? After buying the E5 then the X I hope I never have to go back to sounds coming out the end of my phone again. It’s pure logic having front facing speakers on a phone for so many reasons.

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    Acutally it’s wide angle

  • Evang3los

    I have the white z4 tablet and I’m pretty sure that is the same one.

  • HAWX

    Hope other brands like Samsung and Lg won’t come up with 6 or 8 gigs then.

  • Moisés


    Have you ever felt the 100% of your xperia’s battery is not 100%.
    When I check how many mAh screen, system, app etc are using the final count never reaches 2930 mAh which my z3+ has.
    I let it drop to 2%.. Battery usage says the 98% was almost 2100 mAh.

    Almost 900 mAh are missing, have no idea where the hell they are.

    I have never heard about any explosion of a Xperia. Pretty rare to see someone that needed to replace it.

    Is this the reason?

  • Moisés

    G6 with 4gb.

    S8 with 6gb in China and Korea, 4gb for the rest .

  • Moisés

    Here X came 1000 dolares, XA 500.

  • HAWX

    Writes in the rumours.

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  • KarFar
  • Matt

    well beautiful as always

  • azzido

    If new flagship has only 4Gigs of ram which is mid range for 2017 I am skipping it. All the competition will show at least 6 gigs and Sony again will be outdated in specs hence low sales… Waiting for any 6gigs device. And camera. 4K 60fps is very nice, but Sony needs more picture improvements than video. F 2.0 looks old and cheap nowadays. Anyway it is ok they will improve it somehow. No news about the screen and battery yet. I hope the speakers will have XZ shape, not Z5 and will be louder. New launcher with fresh look is a must.
    Please NO Alkaleido finger print magnet.
    Then maybe I will consider to replace my XZ.

  • azzido

    For me impprtant is also to clean these speaker holes. In Z5 very thin holes it was almost impossible and ugly dust was always there which impacted sound quality…

  • Shamoy Rahman

    In terms of looks. Sony should however try to eliminate them instead and favor their speakerless technology like what they use in their OLED TVs or make the speakerslit speakers louder and much clearer. Sony really hasn’t upgraded their speakers at all in the last 4 years, they’re overdue for an upgrade.

  • Patricedmoser

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  • ayub407

    Battery stats are always estimated and never accurate.

  • azzido

    True, mediatek brand will always be consider low to mid range. Definitely nothing premium and my 1 thought when I think mediatek is cheap chinese crap…

  • Matt

    well but you will lose waterproofing . . soo is it worth it ?

    i mean i basically only use the speaker for ringtones, so its the right fit for me

  • Roh_Mish

    Speakers at corners (a la Z2)! Why did I buy XZ?

  • Roh_Mish

    I really like the top and bottom bezels. It is lot more comfortable to hold.

  • Shanelwhart

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  • Moisés

    Only z3 does not have it…

    Z1,z2,z4 and z5 have speaker on the edge

  • Roh_Mish

    Neither does the XZ.

  • Moisés

    No X has…

    One reason z3+ looks better than z3.

    I have no idea if it has any influence on loudness

  • Moisés

    Hope it is dual + sd, not hybrid..

  • MHDN57

    probably 1Gig of RAM will be disabled by Sony for safety and heat protection !

  • Dalemevans

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  • Moisés

    Few asians websites say yoshino comes with 6gb.

  • Moisés

    I think the BlanckBright has 4gb ram and Yoshino has 6gb.

  • McKnull

    Meanwhile other companies are moving to 6Gb or even 8Gb if true what’s being said about Huawei P10.

  • jokamutta

    I still haven’t got the Android 7.0 update with my Z5 Compact :(

  • Moisés

    Another leak today says it is 4gb..

  • Shamoy Rahman

    No it won’t. Its been 4 years. Higher quality and louder waterproof speakers can be made and Sony is late at designing them.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    How so? That was never any issue in an Xperia phone before… You’re trying to make a joke out of an issue that doesn’t even exist. Maybe you should be making fun of the GTX 970 instead.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    In the next 2-3 weeks.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Which provides no benefit? The S7 had 4GB of RAM and had no issues with heavy multitasking. With 4GB of RAM the S7 is indifferentiable from the OP3T with 6GB of RAM and so will be the case for this new Xperia phone.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Could be and hoping so.

  • razorg

    Dude, he’s meaning the “disabled A57 cores” issue on Z3+/Z5 series devices, and it’s true. To “prevent” overheating they programmed the S810 SoC such that generally 3 of the 4 A57 BIG cores are always stopped while processing tasks, and even so the device heats up like hell. They might as well have not touched it, it made almost no difference besides the “slower” performance. And I agree with his argument, I paid for a full flagship, top of the line, S810 chipset with 8 cores, but almost half of it is disabled by Sony, and I neither asked for that, nor paid a “premium flagship” price for getting half the performance I’s supposed to get. If I wanted such slower performance, I’d have bought a mid-range phone with a mid-range SoC in the first place. So please, put your blinding passion for Sony aside and try to understand OBJECTIVELY what people have been going through with their devices before you attack…

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  • Moisés

    4gb lpddr4x is better than 6gb lpddr3

  • Moisés


    Has anyone ever seen this website before. I was looking for new info on new devices then I found this..

    I have no idea how they have theses informations.
    It says all phones have at least 32gb and 3000 mAh.

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  • Shamoy Rahman

    The Z5 and Z3+ really sucked, I won’t deny that. Only the Xperia XZ is the first true flagship upgrade from Sony since the Z3 and it really isn’t a big improvement. Sony’s smartphone division needs to step its game up.

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  • Matt

    sure, and humanity should be roaming the pace with space car by now.
    people just keeping the design secret.

    both argument are valid

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Samsung makes louder and clearer speakers in an IP68 body and still achieves smaller bezels on the S7. Also the Galaxy S8 will have razor thin bezels but even louder and clearer speakers than the S7. I have an Xperia XZ and a Z3 and the speed difference is so minimal, the battery life hasn’t changed much, speakers haven’t improved a bit at all, display is actually worse on the XZ (not as bright, slightly less color saturation). Since the Z3, Sony has only been focused on cost cutting and not any major improvements to their phones, only what they can fit in their tiny budget. Camera performance is not even a big upgrade from the Z3 and it looks worse because of the oversharpening. I am a Sony fan but I feel pissed off at how Sony isn’t trying anymore to make a bigger difference with their phones.

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