Xperia L1 gets formal announcement out of the blue

by XB on 20th March 2017

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Sony Mobile has launched a new budget handset out of nowhere called the Xperia L1 (G3311, G3313) and Xperia L1 Dual (G3312). This is a budget handset that will use a 5.5-inch 720p HD display with a MediaTek MT6737T chipset (1.4GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor and Mali-T720 MP2 graphics). The handset will come with 2GB RAM and 16GB eMMC internal storage, along with microSD memory card support.

Camera duties are taken care of by a 13MP rear camera with F2.2 lens and a 5MP front camera with 24mm wide angle F2.2 lens. Other features include a 2620mAh battery, USB Type-C port, Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC. It has dimensions of 151 x 74 x 8.7 mm and weight of 180g.

The handset will also be available in dual SIM format. It will launch with Android Nougat in three colours (White, Black, Pink) in select regions only, such as the Middle East.

Xperia L1 (G3311/G3313) white paper
Xperia L1 Dual (G3312) white paper

Thanks Diogo, Eduardo Heung, Marinko and Rishwan!

  • Asgaro
  • Vuyo Ncube

    Will they ever bring back big batteries? I mean, I can imagine pretty good battery life but they could do better.

  • ramuk

    Agree. Sony used to be the battery king but now people associate Sony with bad battery life. WTF, is wrong with them? Why the hell would the put such a small battery in their phone.
    XA1 ultra should have atleast 3500mAh not the joke 2700mAh and now this phone with only 2620mAh. I wanted to buy XA1 Ultra for my mother but after seeing the battery capacity I have to say No thank you.

  • pi4a7a

    Go for Xiaomi, thats what I did with Mi5P

  • Lol.

  • Battel

    Sony never was “the battery king” !

  • Kwang Zhee Choo

    Maybe they want to avoid a note 7 catastrophe.

  • Kwang Zhee Choo

    Probably will overprice this, to the point where it is better to buy xiaomi or oppo at the same price.

  • Battel

    What about a mid-ranger with 5.7″ FDH, SD660, 3GB, 12MP Camera, 4000mAh, IP68, At least 78% Screen to body Ratio, Type 3 c-port !
    Is it hard for you Sony ?
    No but you’re cheap as always .

  • I don’t think we’ll see another powerful compact phone.

    The only one is iPhone SE at the moment, and that is a big shame..

  • KarFar

    Sony stop with this asymetrical BS… Couldn’t you shift the screen a bit upward??

  • ryq24

    This should have been named Xperia C4 1!!! This is between XA1 and XA1 Ultra.

  • SONY only

    Boring design + HD display + 16GB + 2GB ram = shit

  • pawfyd

    Yeah and I really see no reason why someone wouldn’t want to buy iPhone SE if small size is not a problem. It’s a fantastic device. Apple is great, but their stuff is rarely not overpriced. In this case, it’s not!

  • The reason not to buy it is iOS. By that I don’t mean that it’s worse or better than android. It’s just a reason for someone that prefers android.

    The sad part is that there are not powerful android options in the small device department ..

  • GM RF Quanta

    many people told me to choose like xiaomi oppo for better spec, yeah you are right if you only see in spec sheet, but it didnt have same feel..
    i ever had xperia acro s, z, z1, z ultra, z3, note4, iphone 4, 6, and now xz

    i once try my friend’s various phone like xiaomi redmi note, lenovo a6000, oppo find 7,one plus x
    but chinese phone never feels comfort, tough(not include defect) and premium like sony or apple product
    imho samsung is the only one brand that gifts the similar premium experience like sony and apple, even it must samsung premium phone

  • mixedfish

    Look up Z2, Z1 Compact, Z3, Z3 Compact. And then look up the competitors at the time. Sony was slaying competitors for breakfast.

  • pawfyd

    Yeah, I don’t get why we only have Pixel in huge and even bigger, lol.

  • mixedfish

    Exactly, Oppo F1s is the equivalent to Sony’s XA. Many people will preach that Oppo is far better specs for the price but what they never tell you is that it is stuck on Lollipop one year after release, all the while Sony XA has Nougat.

    The experience isn’t the same.

  • KzX

    Some guys from Reddit said that phone doesn’t has headphone jack.
    Can someone confirm?

  • KzX

    Their hardware might be nice but I can’t stand using their shitty UI and girly designed phone.

  • Jasmin Bambhaniya

    MediaTek…?? really..? :(
    i was expecting qualcomm snapdragon… -_-

  • Moisés

    XA1 is much better.. This one may be 190- 230 US$

  • Moisés

    It will cost 530US$ or more.

  • Moisés

    XA ultra can last more than XA.
    Not that bad.

  • Moisés

    Z1c, z3c z5c and Xc all came at IFA.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    look like sony didn’t know why people buy the trio (SP/L/M) back in 2013. nobody gonna buy phone that are much pricier than competitor with no update. SP,L,M all got update and much more cheaper than this phone. even at that time, this trio running qualcomm instead of cheapo mediatek.

    sony mobile will doom if they cheapskate themselves without understand what consumer want.

  • TimmY

    But … why?

  • shumayal

    Xperia C4, second coming?

  • Oh gosh… Well, in Sony Products Page they have as a key accessory the Bluetooth® Headset with Speaker SBH56

  • Battel
  • Alex Norris

    Another brick

  • Battal

    Never mind, low sales at first then they’ill be cut the prices as they always do :)

  • dragonsneeze

    In your hole

  • Pixelado

    They blew it. A proper follow-up to the Xperia L should have a snapdragon chipset. The L was a fine device (beats the Xperia SP in the camera, display and memory departments) but it had a terrible design (the Arc design made an unnecessary comeback and to top it off they introduced that stupid pyramid shape at the edges).

    This time, they flipped things around. Here you have a fine design with crap mediatek internals. They should have left the mediatek stuff to the Xperia C line, where the “C” probably stands for crap haha.

  • Pixelado

    Even considering the SP couldn’t keep up with it’s main competitor (S4 Mini) in the updates department, it had a qcomm chipset with helped it, and it’s midrange brothers, get great custom ROM support.

    This thing, on the other hand, is probably DOA when it comes to software.

  • Moisés

    Mediatek to keep price low… Snapdragon costs much more..

  • Moisés

    C had mediatek as cpu and a powervr as gpu.. A phone of 2013 that was much faster than Galaxy Gran Prime, 1 year younger..

  • Moisés

    It would be better than a z5. It would take 1 year to be less than 450,00…
    SD660 can beat 810.

    Sony spends lot of money on cam, display, audio, body built.. Has to cut costs from battery.

  • Moisés

    X compact is powerful, like a z5

  • it’s less powerful than the z5c (even though it came a year later) and camera-wise it’s not great.

  • KIMI

    Sony, I like you..
    But pull your shit together!
    They should’ve just focus on the high end market and the entry model E, their mid-range suck balls.

  • iia3ezu

    You’ll probably get better specc’ed Xiaomi phones at a similar price. Unless you have blind loyalty towards the Sony brand (you would be buying a more expensive X or XZ phone anyway), I say don’t bother.

  • iia3ezu

    Once they rebranded the ‘Z’ phones into the ‘X’ phones, you somehow know the Compact phones won’t be coming back. Doesn’t align with where Sony intends to take its mobile business.

    If compact size really matters to you, buy another brand.

  • Juan Carlos

    Yeah get a Xiaomi and never get updates! furthermore their UI sucks! It’s impossible to get used to it! I own a Sony Xperia X Compact and I’m enjoying Android Nougat 7.0 with the march security patch.

  • ew210

    it’s cheaper than Z5 compact , battery life is better , raw CPU power is on par and due to recent nougat update restrictions on SD810 I would expect SD650 to even outperform it , except in GPU department .

    camera vise it’s a lot better than iPhone SE

    only thing that is missing is waterproofing from Z5 but SONY staff at IFA said that phone should survive accidental splashes and it’s only not officially waterproof so the price would be cheaper although they not advise to take your phone into any contact with water…

  • Juan Carlos

    You are wrong! I own a X Compact and my previous phone was a Z5 Compact. X Compact takes way better pictures and gives you a smoother user experience. In this link you can see that Snapdragon 650 beats Snapdragon 810 in almost all the benchmarks except for the 3D intense gaming. Two A72 Cores beats four A57 cores. Besides I get better battery life.

    Furthermore in Geekbench 4 Snapdragon 650 (Score 1450) beats the Snapdragon 810 (Score 1250) in single core benchmark; in multi-core they perform equally.

  • ew210

    exactly what I said in my comment just a moment earlier :)

  • Juan Carlos


  • ew210

    Really ?

    Sorry but I have to burst your bubble …

    two of your phone are 6” monsters so it’s not comparable and the third uses different chipset from the phones he mentioned … when he said competitors , he meant G3 , S5 , M8 etc … not some phones unheard of .

    btw I don’t claim SONY was a battery king but it was definitely one of the best at that time.

  • ew210

    and I don’t have either of those phones :D

  • Rengga Aditama

    price ?

  • Me

    This is a budget phone..this specs is good too…it will cost less than xa1…this is the cheapest phone from sony

  • ew210

    launch price will be $210

  • ew210

    and here I thought that price for L1 is higher than XZP , thanks for info !

  • Rengga Aditama


  • ew210

    battery would be passable for the price if this had at least helio P10 or SD430 that would be OK phone but this crap > MT6737T barely comes close to SD410 which is just horrible …

  • Alvin

    Z1C was announced at CES 2014

  • I think it looks GREAT. Unlike what Xiaom-Opp-Lenovo-Chinese OEMs are doing, same shit you literally canNOT discern who made the phone unless you look at the back! It’s insane!!!

  • NO. I saw a Mi 4 in the wild. It was still on 6.0.1. Even worse, there was a Mi Pad 2 that was fairly up-to-date in security updates, but IT WAS ON 4.4.4 KITKAT! KITKAT!!!

    How Xiaomi got away with squatting on actual Android updates (K-L-M-N) but they throw out a new MIUI version like every few days is beyond appalling to me.

  • Wait, OnePlus X? Shame it had to die early in terms of software updates, but that phone has the EXACT same premium-ness as Xperia Z3 and Z5. I WANT to own that phone just for the heck of it!

  • That’s fairly inconclusive. The “Key Accessories” for Xperia Z5 Premium Dual include the “MDR-1ABT Hi-Res Audio Bluetooth® Headphones,” “Style Cover Window SCR46” and “SmartWatch 3″(RIP).

    And the SBH56 also shows up as Accessories for XA1, XA1 Ultra, XZs, and XZ Premium, and those have headphone sockets.

  • Smarty79

    Xiaomi doesn’t support LTE Band 20 (800MHz). No option at least in Germany.

  • Smarty79

    Yeah, it’s a great device. But typing on it is horrible compared to gboard on my Z5C :-)

  • pawfyd

    Don’t you like Gboard for iOS? :P or is it the smaller screen?

    edit: or are you talking about the huge pixels?

  • kanazai2001


  • Ana Helušić

    It’s a budget phone, BUDGET, Jesus…

  • OK. The benchmarks are saying that. Let’s say that it’s slightly better than the z5c.

    1) Why did we stop getting the flagship specs in a smaller body?
    2) Why do we STILL DO NOT HAVE RAW PHOTO OPTION in phones that are advertised as amazing to take photos with?
    3) Why is it not waterproof?

    There’s no point in defending Sony (which I love as a company and I still prefer it when they offer something that is worth it) since they’re not being OK with their loyal fans..

  • elliott.howard

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  • “camera wise it’s a lot better than iPhone SE and it should be better than Z5C”

    unfortunately it’s not..

  • Angierpoe

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  • Nafnaf84

    Go enjoy the summer too… XD

  • GM RF Quanta

    yes you are right if you talk about one plus x in term of material one plus x have good and premium material, but not their UI/system

  • ew210

    fine , now get lost to your Crapple page , and btw is a Timel maybe your friend ? bc you both troll in a similar way ….

  • Jdsv

    @disqus_pAViwllvBL:disqus nope, you are wrong.

    Get your facts straight dude, I’m not a Sony Fanboy, but its clearly superior. I’ll leave it to you to investigate :)

    BTW, the X Compact is waterproof, it was just not announced to bypass patents royalty and lower its price.

  • I’m not an anything fanboy.. I’ve been using Sony for years (not only on phones). Does it mean that I have to support a company’s resulting products just because of the brand?

    I checked here:

    if you click on the ruler where the numbers are shown you can see the difference.

    Just to be clear: I’m waiting for a long time now to replace my z3compact, but there is nothing that covers ME as a consumer. I just need a small phone, with a good camera module that supports RAW.

    Nothing else.

    I don’t care about the OS or the brand.

    At this time ONLY the SE does that. And I haven’t bought it, I’m trying to wait a bit more to see if anything Android magically appears, because I would prefer that.

  • I’ve replied to @javierdsv:disqus but I will not reply to you @disqus_pVOyM9SlHP:disqus because you’re not worth my time. Learn to behave online and otherwise.


  • Moisés

    I thought it came along with z1. So it was 1 month before z2 press conference… Weird!!!

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    current X family is basically where Sony want to generate profit by shrinking battery capacity and use cheap alternative SoC. i do think people buy 2013 xperia because its cheap and have unique design languange unlike their competitor.

    sony didn’t think about this at all

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    he want to make it like the original L

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    but sony charges this the same as snapdragon prices

  • Juan C. Arango

    Maybe cant confirm but, in specs they are not mentioning it…

  • KzX

    I’m just curious

  • ew210

    sure thing Tim .

  • Phil Gym

    now every xperia phone has the same exact design. so boring so disappointing

  • Phil Gym
  • Moisés

    I hope it is cheaper than E5

  • Moisés

    Like E5…

    I bet in my country it is going to be 330

  • OxygenOS is quite good, actually. Mainly because it supports a COMPLETELY BLACK UI, Blacked out settings, native apps, the quick toggles and statuses, the whole nine. It looks absolutely amazing.

    Why Sony still won’t allow a completely black UI is beyond me…

  • ew210

    not really .

  • ew210

    unfortunately you are probably right .

  • ew210

    Launch price for L1 is $210 , and you are wrong C4 has much better specs , it looks similar only on the paper .

  • Me

    Lol..yeah it is a budget costs less than xa1/xa

  • HAWX

    Wtf is this phone in 2017 man. Just sell the damn Z2 again with with extended support instead of this joke.

  • carla.taylor

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  • Wilmagquinones

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  • Smarty79

    Gboard for iOS is really bad compared to the android version. And of course the screen size doesn’t make it easier with the weird aspect ratio making the keyboard even smaller than on a 4″ android device.

  • Smarty79

    Yes, there are even more points:

    1) Same amount of heat in a smaller body – more difficult to cool
    2) Smaller display saves perhaps 20$ in production – People expect the smaller device to cost 150$ less.
    3) People who want a small device most likely are no gamers. So there is no need for the GPU of SD82x.
    4) Smaller screen results in smaller battery or thicker device. My Z5C is very close to what I would call ‘brick’.

    If I look at my Z5C, the SD810 is fast as light. What is apparently limitating (at a totally acceptable level) are the 2GB of RAM when switching apps and the slow eMMC storage.

  • Junior Rider

    only for you and to some, but not to everyone…

  • Junior Rider

    oh, i thought it would be around $149. the price is a little too high for its range.

  • ew210

    bigger screen … I believe that’s the reason .

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  • Darkfalz

    I was hanging out for a new Compact too after years of using the M and being disappointed with the specs of the X Compact. Even tried to get a new Z5 Compact of eBay but they were all crap refurbs, not new. Ended up getting the X Perf and to be honest I don’t notice the increased size one bit after a few months of using it. Still fits in the hand and pocket nicely.

  • Darkfalz

    Considering it’s only going to available in poor countries markets, I doubt it.

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  • Szabó Béla

    For real actualy it is.

  • SIRI G

    who knows disclose when the xperia L1 phone availability in India..

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