Xperia XZ Premium has a redesigned G Lens versus the XZ

by XB on 4th May 2017

in Imaging, Xperia XZ series

Sony Mobile has given some more detail on the camera technology behind the Xperia XZ Premium. We all know by now that Sony has included a new 19MP image sensor capable of 960 frames per second slow motion video. This has been covered widely by the tech media, including the fact that the sensor has 19% bigger pixels compared to the sensor found on the Xperia XZ.

However, this isn’t the only camera change found in the Xperia XZ Premium’s camera. Sony has also re-designed the G Lens (25mm wide angle, F2.0) to improve the resolution in the corner of images. Sony says that the resigned lens has 25% better resolution compared to the Xperia XZ.

Sony has also enhanced the laser autofocus so that it works not only in low light conditions, but also in bright light conditions. Sony has confirmed that the autofocus speed is up to 50% faster in the Xperia XZ Premium versus the Xperia XZ. It seems that Sony has tweaked its algorithms to ensure images have less ‘white out’ when taking images at night. Overall, it’s great to see how Sony is trying to improve the camera outside of just slapping a new sensor into the phone.

Via Marco Kao Blog.

  • Moisés

    Some websites say imx400 is bigger than imx300.
    I found a list of all Exmor RS. It says imx300 is a bit bigger.
    When you look at the phones, it looks bigger than XZ’s.

  • Moisés

    Watch Recombu XZ Premium cam review on youtube….

  • Svnjay

    It could be bigger but it still has more pixels.

  • Nuno

    This is a true flagship with 4k, a very good camera and high resolution audio, Sony is adding features that make a difference every day. The XZ Premium will also ship w the latest nougat 7.1, just wished it would have released sooner. On paper I would have to say great job Sony.

  • Biancoceleste

    More pixels is a good thing. More information to crop.

    Cropping a 20 MP photo will leave you with a better image to print or display on a large high res screen than a 12 MP one.

  • SteveB

    Sounds great but will Sony finally address some of the other issues with it’s cameras?

    Will we finally be able to shot in raw?
    Will we finally have a true and proper manual mode?
    If we want to use some features like HDR, will we have to shoot in 8MP like I have to on my Z3?
    Is 5 axis stabilization only for video or will it be available when shooting stills and if so, will we have to shoot in 19MP?
    Will Sony take the fight to Google and Samsung and work on their post processing algorithm?

    If those issues can be addressed and despite those rather large bezels, the ZX Premium is shaping up to be one fantastic and good looking phone.

  • Svnjay

    More pixels in a small sensor results in less light captured which causes an increase in iso which causes noise.

  • Justo Belgrano

    So. XZ Premium = XZs?

  • ew210

    it’s SONYs processing which leaves noise , other manufacturers using same or similar IMX sensors don’t have such amounts of noise in photos taken by their devices .

    if you want to see it , I can find you few examples of that…

  • Svnjay

    Sony has higher ISO than other OEMs.

  • Night Guy

    They rather use high iso than wide aperture lol.

  • hansip

    I do wonder bout that too. Anyone?

  • ew210

    yes they do , but for no good reason imo , look at the link all three phones using same same sensor with high MP count and similar aperture.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Took Sony 3 years to respond to these issues…

    List of good Sony phones:

    – Z1/Z1C
    – Z2
    – Z3/Z3C
    – XZ/XC
    – XZs
    – XZ Premium

    List of bad Sony phones:

    – Z
    – Z3+
    – Z5
    – Z5 Premium
    – X
    – X Performance

    The X Performance was the biggest absolute fucking fail in history.

    Why do I think this is the case? Read below.

    Its not like Sony doesn’t listen to us but they just take a really long time to fix things, this is why Samsung and Apple are doing better. They are giving their customers what they want faster. Waterproofing was a major issue back in the Z3 when a lot of units out of the box were suffering from water and Sony wasn’t offering to replace those water damaged units, even though it was covered by warranty policies. People who spent $600+ on brand new water damaged Xperias were in absolute shock. It took them a year to fix that issue in the Z5 but by then Sony already lost a lot of customers. The Z3+ was when things started to go downhill, it was the beginning of an age of overheating. Since the Z3, low-light photography was an issue and while the S6 improved drastically over the S5, the Z5 was actually worse than the Z3 in camera with increased megapixels (smaller pixels increase noise), oversharpening, and overheating in video recording (godawful issue that should never have existed in a phone in 2015). The Z5’s battery life was a huge drop from the Z3 and the screens in the Z5 were worse than the Z3, they were dimmer and more washed out. The X Performance just made things worse, Sony cut the battery down to around 2600mAh in that phone and battery life was a sharp drop from the already bad Z5. There were no manual controls like manual focus, the camera still overheated in video recording (though it took more time), and the screen was terrible, it wasn’t bright at all and had a very pinkish color tint. The XZ was the first improvement in a phone I’ve seen since the Z3 though it still had some downsides (battery size and switch from Li-Ion to Li-Po and they did change the design for once to something more curvaceous and ergonomic. Overheating was gone, battery life was brought back to 90% of Z2/Z3 levels, the screen was the first improvement I’ve seen since the Z3, performance was rock solid throughout the system and software optimization was finally for the good. Few things that didn’t improve was the lack of UFS memory, lack of 4GB RAM, speakers did not improve in loudness and clarity since the Z3. The biggest problem with the XZ? No significant improvement since the Z5. I’m happy to see Sony is finally going down the right path now with the XZ Premium and XZs but this is what Sony should’ve made 2 years ago. We are no longer in the S5 age where Samsung is making absolutely shitty phones and Apple making small phones that are not so impressive. I used to laugh at Samsung phones all the way till the S5 because they were absolute crap. Sony sold almost 20 million units of the Z3 and Samsung sold around 40 million units of the S5. The gap was closing, but when the S6 came out, I stopped laughing. Samsung did the unthinkable, they made a huge leap in quality and the S6 was faster than the Z3+ and Z5 and didn’t suffer from any overheating issues. The S6 camera was a lot better than the Z5 in low-light and got less noise. The S7 brought Samsung even further ahead while Sony fell behind with the X Performance which was actually a downgrade… This is how Sony’s mobile division lost sales in 2015 and 2016 and made losses. I am a Sony fanboy and a true Sony fan but I feel ashamed to admit the stupid and ridiculous things Sony has done in the last 2 years with the Z3+, Z5, and X Performance. If you are a true Sony fan, you should support their good products and boycott their bad products. That’s how Sony will learn. Sony won’t learn if a bunch of fanboys buy the Z, Z5, or X Performance. They will learn if sales begin to drop and people begin to complain. That’s how we got to the XZ. If a good phone results in increased sales, that will help Sony learn. A true Sony fan will not buy their bullshit products, they will wait to buy the good ones. So I am calling out to all Sony fans here, don’t buy the overpriced horseshit Sony makes, boycott it and wait for Sony to realize and change and come out with a better product, then buy it.

  • Blunt

    XZ is suffering with granny image when zoomed, slow focus and ‘white out’ images at night .
    Needs reworked algorithms to address these issues.

  • Gahead

    In my Z5 Compact, you can shoot HDR at full 23mp resolution,I guess It’s the same with the Z3+

  • TL;DR. Also, Sony DOES have a “better” product, it’s called PlayStation 4 Pro. LIVE WITH IT.

    As an owner of Xperia Z2 AND Z5 Premium, It’s absolutely insane you called the latter “Bad.” I bought it over the Galaxy S6 and Note 5 simply because it could still be used in the water, AND retained the MicroSD card, when everyone else was removing it from their devices and LG released phones that featured bootlooping as standard.
    – The camera is competitive enough still.
    – I was able to record TEN MINUTES of 4K video on my Z5P, any longer and I would need a GoPro because I find it excessive, 1080P60 was much better.
    – Also, Samsung did not make a “huge leap in quality” with the S6. Samsung BASICALLY. MADE. AN. IPHONE. The people sucked it up because apparently allergies to plastic phones became a thing as much “ailments” from consuming f— Gluten! It’s complete horses—!

    People like you are why the whole mobile industry is dying in terms of competitiveness. Sony was the ONLY true innovators, and you crossed them off because they had teething pains when Samsung just copied what everyone else was doing and completely killed their identity and extensibility to pander to snowflakes who cry when they touch a plastic phone, FFS.

  • Drazen Ravlic

    No boys Xzs and XZ premium is not same phones. XZs ia already in stores but XZ premium comming soon

  • fried_egg

    The XZp is too wide for me. My launch Z5 contract runs to Oct (although I can upgrade handset from July if I stay with the network). I plan to wait for the September Berlin IFA announcement of the next “Z5” replacement. I hope it will have the S835 and camera from the Premium in the size of the ZX2 & then some new features. But the GS8+/S8 has set screen size now expected of phones Z5 size… the XZp is a smaller screen in a bigger body and that may hurt it. I also do not like the mirror back.. I don’t want the phone being that bling. The Z5 colours were great and bright matte colours beat the mirror in “everyday” use. So, will Berlin bring a XZ2 with wireless charging, the best cpu, the best camera hardware in a competitive with S8 look? Because the people who followed me into buying Xperia have put their names down for a S8… that is one serious contender. The fragile feel of a Z5 to the Z1 and loss of it being “underwater” proof and dreadful wifi buggy nougat7.0.x updates have not been a great moment for Sony however great the Z5 looks… I want to buy my 4th Xperia flagship in a row but it has to actually work like one not just look it

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Bottom line of my post is WHY THE HELL were the Z3+, Z5, and X Performance downgrades from the Z3 that just kept getting worse and worse each generation? It does not make sense to make a newer phone slower and have worse battery life. its all supposed to be a process of incremental improvement, but all Sony did was a incremental detriment for Z3+, Z5, and X Performance. Why hasn’t Sony made something like the XZ back in early 2016? It took them almost 2 years to make a proper successor of the Z3. Now to talk about your response below:

    People like me is why Sony improves and is forced to innovate. I bought the Z3 back in 2014 and bought the XZ just 6 months ago. I’ve actually bought a phone in less than 2 years, how is the smartphone industry dying because of people like me? Ok, actually the Z5 Premium is actually in between, its a lot better than the Z3+/Z5/XP. I can understand why you would buy the Z5P over the S6/Note 5. However, the Z5 was not a good phone at all, it was crap. The S5 to S6 was a huge leap in quality. The S5 had fake metal paint that would wear off over time and look really ugly. It also got really slow and laggy quickly. On top of that it was behind the Z3 in every way. The S6 really pushed Samsung ahead of Sony in many ways and the edge screen was not an iPhone copy feature. The glass back was also not an iPhone copy feature. The S6 marked an age of departure from copying the iPhone and beginning to introduce original features and technologies. On top of that, there was a huge difference in speed between the Z5 and S6, no one can debate that, the Snapdragon 810 was a horrible chip. Of course the S6 was not perfect, it lacked an SD card but now let’s move over to the S7. The S7 (Exynos variant) fixed all these flaws and widened the speed gap further. The S7 had a MicroSD card, IP67 waterproofing, a much better AMOLED screen that got brighter than all LCDs, had better more accurate colors, better contrast and consumed less power, the best camera at its time, and a MUCH BETTER battery. The X Performance was the worst fucking fail ever, it was a downgrade in every single way. 2600mAh for inferior battery life, shitty dim washed out screen, performance that fell behind the S7, not so unique design. The Z3+, Z5, and X Performance are the worst phones Sony has ever made in its history and they should never be repeated again. One mistake Sony is continuing to make is the use of Li-Po instead of Li-Ion, they need to switch back to Li-Ion and go for 3200mAh batteries in their 5.2″ phones and 3700mAh for their 5.5″ phones.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    How much does it cost Sony to produce a 12mp 3″ sensor with f1.8 lens and 4um pixel size?
    OIS is still very necessary, but EIS for video surely

    How about that image processing?
    They better learn a thing or two from BlackBerry – the KEYone is an extremely impressive camera phone for its category especially with that post-processing that IMO is even better than Google’s HDR+

    Seriously, what’s up with Kaz Hirai? Does he know what’s up with the competition and know what he’s doing?
    Some photos are still muddy like from old Xperias
    Xperia Z3 had a nice processing with no aggressive sharpening and noise reduction, then what happened to that?

    Sell that IMX400 to Nokia and let them show you how to use it on a smartphone.

  • dale kana

    Different CPU

  • ew210

    pls tell me how original Z was bad ? I had that phone , it was amazing at the time !

    and btw S6 is one of shittiest phone I can think of , S7 is just ok , S8 is garbage with it’s 18:5:9 screen .

  • Geraldinewdesilets

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  • razorg

    I agree with almost everything you said man, except the pixel size. Wishing for 4um pixel size for smartphones is way too unrealistic. The sensor itself would become too big. Also, I actually like that Sony always tries to keep MP count high. 12MP is too low for me (and 12MP is usually 4:3, and if you want 16:9 photos the resolution decreases to 8-9MP). I really wish Sony would have a 16-18MP sensor with at least 1.5-1.6um pixel size, coupled with f/1.8 (which is just perfect, no less no more) and, most importantly, OIS (coupled with their EIS solution, which we all know as SteadyShot)

  • SteveB

    Good to hear that they have addressed that issue because on my Z3 I need to drop to 8MP to be able to use HDR.

    Another more minor issue is that I have to drop down to 15MP in order to shoot 16:9. Again minor issue, but I annoying. If you claim that your camera is x MP, make sure that is true for all features.

  • Gahead

    I think the HDR issue has been fixed since the Xperia Z5 series, referring again to your 1st comment,since the Xperia XZ while (android 7.0) for Xperia X perf, X and X compact(sadly the Z5 series didn’t get), manual shutter speed and manual focus mode has been available though limited to 1 second to 1/4000 Shutter speed, ISO can also be adjusted at max resolution (Z5 series and Z3+ got this feature) hope they bring atleast 4-10 seconds of shutter speed, RAW meanwhile, I heard Sony rely to what users want for the camera like what people want for full manual, I guess people should email Sony Mobile for RAW so that in the next flagship They’ll bring it too about (16:9) well I shoot mostly in (4:3) for still life, macro,flatlay and more, I only shoot (16:9) for Landscape and the resolution for 16:9 in the Z5 series is at 20.9 mp

  • Moisés

    3″ is the size of a finger…..

  • Moisés

    Just camera …

  • Moisés

    XZs = 5.2″ Full HD, Qualcomm 820 , 4gb ram lpddr4, 32/64gb emmc5.1 , bluetooth 4.2

    XZ Premium = 5.5 UHD HDR, Qualcomm 835, 4gb ram lpddr4x, 64gb ufs 2.1, bluetooth 5.0

    Both have android 7.1.1

    XZs is closer to XZ. But with more ram, new imx400 and I do not know how but it is the fastest android right now..

  • Svnjay

    HMD Global was founded by Nokia employees.

  • Moisés

    Yes.. But is another company.. Nokia is still there but not making phones right now..

    A phone with HMD name would never sell, Nokia has a strong name..

  • Moisés

    Z3+ … You could use hdr + 20.7MP on android 6, on nougat it was removed again..
    Now only for 15.5..

    You can change ISO for 20.7

    When you shoot 16:9 photos you can change ISO when HDR is on.

  • Moisés

    XZs has 12, 17 and 19 for auto..
    Manual I have not seen.

  • Moisés

    I would agree with a 1/2.1″ f1.9

  • SteveB

    I’m not so sure Sony listens to their customers. There is a huge discussion on Sony’s support board with a lot of people asking for raw support and better manual controls and still now raw support and I haven’t heard of the manual controls getting any better in recent Xperia models.

    My first Xperia was the Z2 and even back then I remember people asking for raw support.

  • Gahead

    Though it appears they don’t mostly listen but I’m pretty sure there’s a chart where they show how many people wants Manual mode before, I think the time where the Xperia XZ just came out, well people just complain on lack of slow shutter speed, people in the Xperia groups in our country mostly complain about that (maybe Sony’s saving it cause they still have the QX series) but other than that it’s good they have that shutter speed control and manual focus , another downside though,when you set an ISO ,it goes into “Auto” mode when you set the shutter speed vice versa but my friend says there’s a trick to that by adjusting the exposure compensation.

  • Moisés

    Check the screen results of phone arena… Colors of Z5 are better than Z3. Z3 is the coldest among Z phones.
    This is the first time I see someone afirm Z3 takes better photos than z5. Z3 cannot even match z4.

    Everytime Androidpit brings a blind test a Xperia wins against Galaxy.

    Look at S7 shoot, it is not only the f1.7, they seem to have higher E.V. Colors are always light and yellow-ish.
    12mp is supposed to has less noise than 23mp, also less details.

    You find owners of X Performance that say their phones reach even 7 hours ( SoT) since nougat.

    Z3 x Z4 :

    Z3 wins : battery life and brightness

    Z4 wins : stronger CPU and GPU, better connectivity, faster memory, better ram ( ddr4, z3 has ddr3), better photos and videos ( quality, colors and stabilization) , flapless usb, display is GG4, back glass is stronger than Z3’s. Louder speakers, display has higher sensibility when wet.

    Since Nougat ( at least mine) things are much better, phone is cooler. Temprature of battery has decreased 4 degrees. I live in a hot sunny place, always 27 celsius or more.
    Battery life is better, I read news, emails, take photos, youtube, update apps, play Madden and Real Racing 3.
    SoT always more than 5h20min..

  • Moisés

    X Performance design… It is a Z3 with 2.5D glass.
    Look the speakers of X …z3 is the only Z that brings them.

  • Talos the Robot

    Other manufacturers use higher apertures which cause shallow depth of field and their software processing is very aggressive and produces unnatural colors and exposure.
    I prefer a bigger sensor to compensate the light better combined with bigger pixels. Also the larger the sensor is, the better is the ISO performance.

  • Talos the Robot

    Glad to see that Sony listened many Xperia fans complains about the edge details of the lens and improved this issue. Also i like the elimination of rolling shutter in a smartphone which is a really welcomed feature, and the predictive capture which is really a useful and other phones equipped with ois will never dream of it, because ois produces a motion blur effect on moving subjects.

  • DanielGearSolid

    just to confirm, the XZS has the same camera as the XZP right?

  • Moisés

    Yes … But it was told SD835 would improve image process

  • Moisés
  • Moisés

    Does Z5 allow you to change from 8MP to 23 for auto like XZ?

  • Moisés

    I have done that… Low ISO + high E.V at night

  • Moisés

    Only the sensors used for mid ranges are sold to others…
    Flagships have exclusive sensors: imx220, imx300 and imx400

  • Hyung-Woo Jung

    Yeah, Z5 lineup has 8MP (4:3 & 16:9), 20MP (16:9), and 23MP (4:3) available in Superior Auto, with all the same features as 8MP.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Xperia Z was indeed a good phone at that time. Sure it wasn’t the best in some regards but I know, who that device grabbed attentions of the people.
    Sony made a phone that was water proof, yet the most beautiful looking and that was a hell of an achievement. 1080p display was great (I had one I know). It was the first phone to have front camera record 1080p Video.

    The only thing I regret was the omit of RGBW camera sensor which was early anticipated but later canceled at the last moment.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well while the 960 fps features is nice, I would like to see a proper 240fps video shooting at 720p aswell :) and perhaps 120fps 1080p recording aswell :) It should be possible with both the camera hardware, memory hardware and soc found in the xzp :p

  • Francinevwillaims

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  • ew210

    That’s only partially true , IMX300 was exclusive sensor for any Xperia device(not flagships) and IMX220 wasn’t , IMX400 is rumored to be used by Xiaomi but it could be exclusive because it’s just a rumor after all .

    IMX220 was also used by Meizu MX4 Pro , Meizu MX4 , Meizu MX5 , i-mobile IQ X PRO 2 and Wileyfox Storm !

    Sony denied to sell IMX300 to Samsung for their S7 and only then made it exclusive to Xperia .

  • ew210
  • ew210

    yes they do , but for no good reason imo , look at the link all three phones using same same sensor IMX230 with high MP count and similar aperture.

  • ew210

    please check my two other posts below and you will understand what I’m talking about ….

  • roeshak

    Well going from the gsmarenna and recumbu samples the corner softness still is an issue

  • TimmY

    The camera app still sucks.

  • mixedfish

    Pick up a Z3+ now if you can find one and then try finding it worse than Z3. It is now better compared to Z3.

    You simply read too much reviews.

  • Moisés

    Imx230 is not the one usef for Sony’s flagships.

    What I say is that the sensors Sony uses for midranges like C, M and XA phones are sold to other OMEs.
    The sensors used for Xperia flagships Sony does not sell..
    You will never see imx400 inside a non-Xperia

  • Moisés

    Xiaomi is already using a 12mp sensors for Mi6.

  • Moisés


  • iia3ezu

    Sony rarely has a problem with hardware. It’s the software, in this case the postprocessing of photos, which is less than satisfying.

  • Ziggy

    XZs has the same camera and lens etc like XZ Premium, right?

  • Alex Norris

    I whatch their review and i`m noticed again that the sony xperia software still su*ks

  • Moisés

    He says great things about cam. And is not finished unit…

  • Maxx Tan

    finished or not, it looks like oversharpening. XZ’s hardware looks real nice but Sony’s camera post process is the worst by far

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Smartphone Photography is a problem.

    Nokia: “Let’s use large sensor + high megapixel and oversample the images 8 times lower”

    HTC and Google: “Let’s lessen megapixel, larger sensor size, and increase the individual pixel size”

    LG and Apple: “Let’s increase the aperture size”

    Samsung: “Meh. We’ll do all of these except Nokia”

    Sony: “Uhhhh………. HIGH ISO!! And we can sell sensors to all of you!”

  • razorg

    Exactly! They increased the pixel size from 1 to 1.22um with IMX400, but it still is not enough. And then there is the f/2.0 aperture! Just why?! OK, Pixel also uses f/2.0 aperture but the pixel size in its sensor is a whopping 1.55um, so it somewhat compensates for the “less light entering the camera module”. OK having more megapixels is advantageous in some cases but, Sony should stop resisting. You know what would be the best? A multi-aspect sensor with 18MP at 4:3 and 16MP at 16:9 aspect ratios (just like IMX300 having 23MP at 4:3 and 20MP at 16:9 aspect ratios), with ~1.5-1.6um pixel size, f/1.8 aperture, OIS (!!!!)+SteadyShot, and Dual Pixel PDAF if possible, in conjunction with Sony’s current laser AF and RGB sensors. This would immediately become the king in smartphone market!!!

  • razorg

    Addition: Sorry Francis! I didn’t realize it was you again. I wrote pretty much the same thing I wrote under your previous post :D

  • MrWalker1000

    nokia is the only company that makes me excited and can compete with sony.

  • MrWalker1000

    yeah its really impressive all the camera improvments and features are light years ahead of the competition. Some real practical quality right here. just amazing.

  • MrWalker1000

    you kidding me dude. Sony software is way better than samsung. the s8 has nothing on the xzp.

    there are videos showing the XZ’s with last years processor beating out the s8 let alone how fast the xzp will be

  • “Overall, it’s great to see how Sony is trying to improve the camera outside of just slapping a new sensor into the phone.” <- They may not be perfect, but at least they are trying :)

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    12mp 2/3″ f1.0 sensor
    3um pixel size, 5-axis OIS+EIS
    18-55mm focal length would also be a huge welcome

    Lumia 1020 and Nokia 808 are very close, but needs better processing power, even larger sensor, larger aperture, and lower megapixel for bigger pixels (41mp is unnecessary since the two are just supersampling to 5mp.

    Kick in the badass Multiple Frame Processing and there goes a DSLR camera smartphone

  • AllanKafka

    The 808 in Creative mode can output 8 MP pictures, which is very reasonable (even more so in 2012).

    The high resolution sensor grants the possibility to have some lossless zoom. That’s why Nokia didn’t ask for an 8 MP sensor with ultra-huge pixels. Pureview lossless zoom means great freedom in framing and it is fantastic. :)
    Regarding f/1.0, I don’t know what such a large aperture would mean for the overall sharpness of the lens. Wouldn’t it be problematic?

    @razorg: I absolutely dig the multi-aspect-ration thing. It puzzles me that Sony went back to the old-fashioned 4:3 ratio. I think it is completely useless: there’s no 4:3 medium except the iPad, traditional printed photos are 3:2, screens are 16:9 or even wider and shorter, so 4:3 as a default makes totally zero sense IMHO.

  • AllanKafka

    BTW, and three-quarters-OT
    Toshiba makes a 12 MP 1/2″ sensor, the T8ES7 (pixel size 1.75 μm²). Does anyone know where it is used? Some HTC model?
    Sensor size is good, albeit MP count is a bit on the lower side for me (due to the possibility of zooming in good lighting conditions with same-sized sensor with a higher resolution).

  • Alex Norris

    To some bloggers, i would punch in face, for that lie

  • Zratul

    So they finally admit their lens was crap so far.

    All the other main flagships never had such drastic drop of sharpness in corners.

    Ok it was a 25mm one, so more wide than competitors but even the old 27mm from Z1 and Z2 had the same problem…

  • HAWX

    I agree with you all the way. One of the worst thing about Sony is that 2 flagships in 1 year. That’s horrific.
    External speaker and headphone jack loudness is still low, from Xperia Z to XZ. 4 freaking years.. Either they don’t listen or they don’t have ability to do as good as other manufacturers.
    They would be one of the top manufacturers even they fixed what fans are critisizing and complaining about, in each flagship. It’s quite sad.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Ok you’re right about that part, the Z3+ is a design evolution over the Z3, technically internal design-wise, it was an upgrade over the Z3 in almost every way (except smaller battery), however when the phone first came out, it had severe overheating issues and fell short of the S6 in camera quality. Only a software update months later fixed the overheating issue. That much time was enough to kill Sony’s smartphone sales momentum and make them unprofitable. The XZ is 8.1mm, almost 0.9mm thicker than the Z3 and only sports a 2900mAh battery, that is a huge shame, that’s an internal design downgrade. Phones like the OnePlus 5 are coming with a 3600mAh battery in a 5.5″ body, atleast if Sony went 3200mAh in 7.2mm, that would be a lot more acceptable. The camera hump on 6.9mm part is something I can’t argue but why the heck is Sony not making such thin phones with no camera humps or 3000mAh+ batteries anymore?!?

  • Battal

    Not very good camera, see the result in low light, it’s same old shit .

  • Jens Andersson

    I bought the XZ non premium because i didnt think it was worth the difference.
    Less MP Camera, ok XZ Premium had better battery but i took a chanse. Premium has that SuperSlowMo wich they promoted like crazy, wich i have no use for afaik. Now i realize i shouldnt atleast have bought the ordinary XZ, batterylife sucks balls for me, i was on vacation some days ago and i emptied the battery 2 of 3 days, by just playing some small simple games for a short period, used Messenger not too much and also Facebook not too much… i love Sony and has been using it since my k700i (Sony Ericsson though) i love them for the camera, but what use is it if i got no battery. On a sidenote my wifes iPhone6 or 6s im not sure whatever they call that shit, i dont even wanna touch apple stuff.. anyway, she had like 50% battery when mine was close to zero =( So now i was thinking to sell my XZ and buy a Premium instead while i still can get something for it, but im not sure it gor what i want, sure better battery, less MegaPixels, slowmotion (..??) also it looked huge as f**k in the store… I sure hope they release a new model asap =(

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