Xperia X receives new update (34.3.A.0.206) with July 2017 security patch

by XB on 10th July 2017

in Firmware, Xperia X series

Sony Mobile has begun to roll a new firmware update for the Xperia X that moves the build number from 34.3.A.0.194 to version 34.3.A.0.206. The ‘194’ update was the first to feature Android 7.1.1 Nougat, so Sony may have quashed some bugs in the latest build, but we can’t say for sure as, annoyingly, Sony never includes a changelog in their releases. What we can see is that the Android security patch has been updated to 1 July 2017 (from 1 June previously).

At the time of writing, the update is rolling on the single SIM Xperia X (F5121), however expect available to widen to the dual SIM (F5122), as well as the Xperia X Compact shortly. As usual, we will include all relevant FTF firmware links below in due course.

DOWNLOAD Xperia X and X Compact FTF firmware files – Android 7.1.1 Nougat

Xperia X (F5121) 34.3.A.0.206 UK Generic
Xperia X Dual (F5122) 34.3.A.0.206 Russia Generic

Xperia X Compact (F5321) 34.3.A.0.206 Nordic Generic

Update: The Xperia X Compact has now also received the same update.

Thanks Alexander, Andrea, Nunuche1978, Vlado and Walaspancha!

  • razorg



    Studying Sony’s update release cycle, if we don’t get Aug patches by 10th August then we might be getting 7.1.2 next month. But nice to see Sony releasing security patches timely.

  • GriNinja

    I hope that this update is fixing the low volume issue that many of us reported as a bug.

  • But 7.1.2 only have features for Pixel phones. In August they will release another flagship, with Android O

  • Sahil

    Should xa and xa ultra users expect timely security patches too? Not related to this but i would like know.


    Not sure about that but Xperia Concept had build of 7.1.2 so expect it to be similar kind of features.

  • alishayzadag

    Why status bar icons are skewed?

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Android 7.1.2 only had some bug fixes for nexus and pixel phones, bugs that doesnt exist on xperia phones with 7.1.1, there might have been some extra function added in the pixel and nexus 7.1.2 update im not 100% sure. Still 7.1.1 is almost identical to 7.1.2 :p

  • kurakuradisco

    that was quick..

  • michał bukowski

    guys let us know if the sound issue(low volume) is fixed

  • Andreas Graf

    let us know if the bluetooth-bug specially with car audio pairing (no title information etc.) is fixed :)

  • With X series they are really quick. I would like to know what happen?

  • kurakuradisco

    probably, it’s the last device in the premium midrange segment. but idk.

    haven’t received the OTA yet, really happy that they’re keep give us some love as X’s user

  • Sahil

    Looks fine to me. What are you talking abt?

  • Are You sure that it’s not update for UK? One coz of some law disputes?
    If I’m not wrong Xperia Z5 (not sure about device) once was update similar way only for Nordic region – there too were newer security patches. Other regions didn’t get an update. Sony just added newer patches to that update, but after few days or week there were next update for all the regions.

    It would explain why only this region got it (always are 2-3 or more), not counting the carriers, who are not bound by regions..

  • There is update for Dual, so above comment’s theory has been refuted :P

  • Just got the update for F5122 (Dual).

  • Erjan Sarwono Sirait

    got mine updated just now for Dual version, can someone tell me the differences, ummm, I mean changelog. thanks

  • pratik hardiya

    just got updated, what are the changes?

  • Khalid Noreddine

    Low volume is fixed?

  • azzido

    I wonder when XZ Premium will receive another software update. And I do not mean the security patches. There are quite a few issue to be fixed including camera distortion, wifi range, slowness and disconnections etc.

    It’s been a while since we get a software update.

  • Peter Karimi
  • dgn

    After the update finger print recognition problems has worsened which had been better before.

  • Ron Lufias

    I hope they fix the bug of ridiculous system RAM consumption on certain devices such as Z5C and XZ afterwards. I have to restart my handphone at least twice a day because the consumption causes so much lag.

  • andyy

    Any new bugs/bugfixes?

  • Peter Karimi

    Yet to do some extensive check of the phone, but mine seems to be working well so far. Had an issue with calls, tones and network connectivity before, will update if those have been fixed.

  • Peter Karimi

    Oh, and my fingerprint sensor seems to work a little bit better than before.

  • Peter Karimi

    Speakers sound a little louder too on mine at max volume.

  • michał bukowski

    How about volume on headphones? Is it louder?

  • Peter Karimi

    Its better at medium volume, and loud enough that I have complete external noise isolation at 3/4 to full volume even with none noise cancelation earphones. That said, i am using the Sony MH750 earphones from my z1 compact, so yet to test with 3rd party headsets.

  • michał bukowski

    Thanks. Is it noticeable louder than 7.1.1? Basicly is it the same as it was on 7.0? I was fine with 7.0 volume but after updated to 7.1.1 it was way to quiet so now i AM back on 7.0 and i can feel big difrence and wondering about updated again to 7.1.1
    Thanks and best regards.

  • Peter Karimi

    Almost on par with 7.0 now, atleast on mine. Still 7.0 was a little louder.

  • Celxiuz

    still waiting for update from Singapore, currently on 7.0 whereby the incoming ringtone volume is extremely low, any changes for 7.1.1? Volume increase?

  • Jassim Darwish

    What about the video recording @60fps it was crashing, have that problem been fixed too?!

  • Dhaval

    Double tap to wake up issue still present.

  • kurakuradisco

    this issue only occur when i charge my X, else condition is fine

  • kurakuradisco

    RAM consumption depend how much Apps you’ve installed

  • Ron Lufias

    Yes it is, but this is a bug that being reported by many user at Sony Forum, where android system takes approximately 2GB RAM consumption, causing other apps to lag. You can go through

  • kurakuradisco

    since you’re in X news i assume you using X devices, but you give link to XZ thread forum.

    actually in Nougat, android System only consume below 200mb of ram, the biggest one is android OS which consume over 1GB of ram, it’s divide to 3 field as Native, Caches and Kernel. Assuming my Xperia X having 60 Apps in it (with it’s core basic App + bloatware + third party apps), it may take over 2GB of Ram, it’s normal.

    to reduces it you can force stop apps you don’t use it often to stop them running on fore background, and Social apps such FB, Instagram etc is the most ram eater.

    Below is someone on Talk.Sonymobile posting his memory management, see his installed apps in his 3 hours usage his XZ he let’s 77 apps running on his fore background… i guess he really busy man… and it’s consume his most RAM it’s normal… your RAM consumption is based on how many apps you installed and your behavior on using it

  • Ron Lufias

    Well actually, there’s other post about XZ. Yes, it does happen to me, with suddenly nothing apps running, XZ suddenly became hot and lag. When I checked the RAM consumption on developers option, Android system (OS alone not include other apps consumption) tooks 2gb ram to run. This never happened before the updates, which my daily usage of apps are the same without any lags. But this time, even opened one apps, it suddenly become lags. Yes, I’m using XZ. Never happened before.

  • Jassim Darwish

    What about the video recording @60fps it was crashing, have that problem been fixed too?!

  • Peter Karimi

    Its recording just fine on mine, no crashes.

  • kurakuradisco

    well if this problem really occur on XZ i hope Sony realizes it and put the effort to fix it. try repair your software using xperia companion and erase cache data on internal storage and restart it

  • Ron Lufias

    I hope so. I already factory reset and software repair using Xperia Companion last week, but didn’t solve the problem. I hope the updates will fix it.

  • Dhaval

    It required more attempt to wake up, not working like Double -tap to sleep.

  • Jassim Darwish

    Even for long records, and weather it’s heating?!

  • Yuri

    Please do so that the applications “phone” and “messages” do not hang and that’s all. Do nothing more.

  • Henrik Hjort

    Maybe you are hitting this feature.


    Edit as someone pointed out in the comments the issue is
    related to Google Assistant and Google Feed in some way. Disabling both
    makes my phone snappy again.

  • Mike Snow

    Xperia X Compact is the ONLY Android phone I have ever owned that could not share a song’s metadata to my car’s built-in bluetooth.

  • Bruno_O

    try poweramp, it has a special option for that

  • Mike Snow

    It just might. The only problem is I don’t have any music files of my own – I stream exclusively.

  • Medhat Mohamed

    can u set different ringtone for each sim card or they both ring same tone. I need to know, thanks

  • Tim Tong (stt)

    Has anyone experienced getting a new X F5122 and within the day, asked to system update many times? More than 4 times so far for me.

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