Upcoming Sony G83XX and G8441 phones break cover – first live photos

by XB on 8th August 2017

in Rumours, Xperia XA series, Xperia XZ series

We know that Sony will announce at least two new Xperia smartphones at the end of this month at the IFA tradeshow. We have previously reported on the Sony G83XX and G8441 model numbers, and now we have the first images of the devices themselves.

The pics offer the first glimpse, and it does not look like much as changed in term of designs language on initial view. The phones look similar to the Xperia XZ Premium, using the same omni-balance design. The biggest change appears to be the location of the fingerprint sensor, which has now moved to the back. It is interesting to see that both phones are running Android 8.0, which could point to the latest Android OS’ formal launch within the month.

The source link points to the fact that there are three phones launching at IFA 2017, and it’s not clear whether we are seeing all three in the images below. For example, the image with the fingerprint sensor, could actually be the rumoured Xperia with much smaller bezels . We’ll bring you more once we have it. Until then, what your first impressions?

Via Digi-wo.

Thanks LEOW_X and Tony!

  • KarFar

    Bezels… Bezels Everywhere
    BTW first 2 pics are new device maybe G34XX
    Third XZ1
    Final XZ1 Compact with gigantic bezels

  • DanielGearSolid

    Fingerprint sensor on the back? Ewwwww

    Also I don’t hate bezels, but I’d love to see how a bezel less omnibalance phone would look

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Rear facing fingerprint readers are arguably the most hideous things ever seen on modern smartphones! Please tell me this is fake.

  • Stephen

    Oh no they have bezels WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!! On the other hand, a fingerprint sensor like that is so completely un-Sony you have to be a little suspicious of this one. It’s the realm of Vernee and the like.

  • KarFar

    That’s not a flagship. No triple image sensing. And NFC logo on the back which means plastic. Definitely not a flagship

  • Malcolm

    I really like the fingerprint sensor on the power button. It’s so convenient, I surely hope that Sony doesn’t move it anywhere.

  • Asgaro

    “Don’t we have the best bezels, folks?!” – Trump to Sony engineers

  • Nick Paschalidis

    This looks so ugly.It’s like Sony is telling you to buy the XZ Premium.

  • Stephen

    I don’t think he knows where Japan is.

  • Shehab Skull

    Is this a joke ? the same design but with a fingerprint on the back ?!! From bad to worse.. Oh god I swear there is people in this company want to kick it down

  • kabiluddin

    Ugly. Really ugly. It doesn’t look like a Sony phone. Figerprint sensor in the power button is the best.

  • DBS

    Yuck. Not rear mounted fingerprint scanners. Specially when they keep the gigantic bezels…

    The camera position is better and the hump and ring make me hopeful that they’ll finally add OIS.

    But the fingerprint scanner… That might break the deal.

  • DBS

    The back looks like glass though. So premium.

  • Mario Blanco Vílchez

    I hope that fingerprint location is for experimental purpouse… Its current location on the side is perfect from any angle the phone can be at, for right handed, left handed and for when the phone is lying flat on a table!

  • KarFar

    It looks like dirty white plastic to me. we’ll see

  • Thariq Mohammed

    If I’m right, there are 3 different phones
    Xperia X1 (rear facing FP)
    Xperia XZ1 compact (silver colour)
    Xperia XZ1 (model no.G8341)

  • Luis

    The back looks like Xperia S from 2011.. Hope it’s not the final design, specially for the fingerprint sensor.

  • Sasa

    Yes, you are right.

  • Sam

    Xperia S..

  • عدنان ایوب

    Camera in center is better for a change iphone style. good one.

  • Ajmal

    The change of camera position as well as the position of the fingerprint sensor disappoints me.

    I know tgat will help them to enable fingerprint in tbe US, still i think I’m done with sony if this leak is true

  • Kefalin

    It looks like L1 successor. I wish they released XA2 with FPS sensor and USB-C. That would be ideal smartphone for me.

  • Ajmal

    Camera in the centre is awkward. U lose the premium feel. And apple has its cameras in the corner

  • Little Man

    So many things are wrong here. The fingerprint sensor should never be on the back, the camera lens position shouldn’t be in the middle Imo, and why the fuck is the home button the shape of a circle?

  • Łukasz Leszczyński

    The rear fingerprint sensor model looks like some midrange Xperia XA succesor, no tripple image sensor technology, bezelless design, cheap materials. The second one is XZ1 Compact, with fingerprint reader on the side (look closely there is notch on the side just like in every xperia flagship since Z5) . No pictures of XZ1 IMHO.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    You can clearly see the old power button on the side. This is, and if, the midranger. Those back fp sensors are hideous tho.

  • New UI? Probably based on Android 8. But I’m quite shure this is be the rumoured Xperia with much smaller bezels

  • Sony said that the only reason because XA line doesn’t have fingerprint sensor is because of the small bezels. This is probably the solution…

  • Moisés

    This is pretty ugly. Worst place possible for FP scanner…
    Z3+ is going to stay longer than I thought.

  • Moisés

    The silver phone must be G34XX.
    Someone told me on Esato Forum it would be better than XA1 Ultra. Also cheaper.
    CPU is Qualcomm 660

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah. But with Apple and I think Samsung moving to put the fingerprint sensor IN the screen itself, Sony should be doing the same. That’s a much better option than on the back. I’d be ok with it if they did that because yes, then they could get rid of the bezels that most people have been whining about for years.

    They also need to start certifying VoLTE with T-Mobile again, improving their headphone audio quality by using DEDICATED DACs and amps (as well making the amp stronger………it’s too low right now), keeping the headphone jack, continue to offer non-phablet flagships cuz F phablets lol, going with a metal back instead of glass, etc. I’ve heard that in 2018 they may be doing a lot of this or all of it, including selling through U.S. carriers again, which is something they should’ve expanded upon instead of stopping. Their sales plummeted from the charts I saw after they stopped in late 2015.

  • RockStar2005

    Let’s hope they’re fake. lol

  • Moisés

    I just checked…

    Silver phone that looks like XA1 Ultra with FPS on the back is the G34XX, not G83XX.
    It is a midrange.
    It does not have Laser/ RGB sensor for camera…

    It is clear that this design does not allow power to be FPS.

  • azzido

    I hate stupid sensors on the back.
    Definitely they are ruining everything people liked in Xperias, one of these things was perfectly located fingerprint sensor, and now? Laugh.

    Otherwise looks same and boring.
    Looks like they fired all designers too.
    Do not know why they produce same design over and over again. Then people do no see any difference between its devices.

    Definitely I am NOT interested in.
    Seems next “X” (in terms of sales) is coming.

    Other brands somehow can change designs, but not this one, Sony lost invention, design spirit, originality years ago. They are now just poor followers to the trends designated by others… I hoped that if I give them the chance with XZ Premium then they will finally change and make it. But no. They will not deliver, hence they will not see my money.

    Dead man walking.

  • dragonsneeze

    Black one has a long dent on the side, so probably rear fps is not for flagships.

  • azzido

    I’ve got the same feeling. They are doing everything to close this business, well finally they will succeed as they are making soo many tries :)

  • Mauro79

    Sorry with this Design and Rear Fingerpringt Sony will not find many Fans.

  • Moisés

    According to the pics we see….


    Probably G83xx looks exactly like XZs. G84xx must be exactly like X Compact. Both must be Alkaleido body.

    Design change next year… There are gossips about next Premium to be 100% screen. FPS in display and front camera beneath screen. It will come in September/2018

  • Moisés

    Cant fit FPS on the right if the design is same of XA.

  • Moisés

    Seem pretty real

  • Moisés

    You are right..

    Just not sure if first is called X1

  • RockStar2005

    But I don’t want them to be. lol Although the soonest I’d be upgrading my HTC 10 would be next Spring.

  • azzido

    Overall I am done with Sony and these leaks only proves it. This company stands in the same place and is not moving forward… While the competition makes huge jumps.

    And the worst is the software treatment for XZ Premium, they left it with distortion, wifi and other bugs. Support does not exist, horrible software treatment. Same boring UI over and over again, every year + cutting all the features / functions we liked.

    Never again.

    Request to @Xperiablog –
    Can you please copy the below comment to the news about poor new XZ1 series sales (anyway the name sounds stupid):

    “Well deserved”

    Thank you.

  • KarFar

    Let me remind you how “ugly” the Z3 was when first leaked in blurry shots. It turned out to be best looking Xperia ever made. Wait for higher res images.

  • Battal

    LG V30 & Iphone 8+ looks more promising than Sony, the problem with Sony is that they are nor flexible as other competitors .

  • Moisés

    Actually Z3+ looks better.
    No magnetic connection on the side..

  • Moisés

    Changes come in february

  • Moisés

    Last one..
    It says G83XX.
    The 5.2″ phone

  • Moisés

    It is better than XA1

  • RockStar2005

    Exactly. lol :-D

  • FYLegend21

    Actually now that the fingerprint sensor is on the back it likely will have fingerprint function in the US! No need to worry about the stupid “business decision” aka “patents”.

  • (C):stem

    Fingerprint scanner in the back. HELL YEAH! I’m coming back to you, Sony.

  • The One

    This past weekend, I saw Sony phones on display in a store (Best Buy) for the first time in years and I was shocked! The XZ Premium, the XA and XA Ultra were all turned on and able to be held in hand. The XZ Premium looks way less chunky and bulky in person than it does in pictures, but man, those bezels are HUGE! Looks like nearly an inch of bezel above and below the screen for no apparent reason. The Z Compact series was proof that dual speakers didn’t require massive bezels.

  • But we all have to understand that Sony Mobile doesn’t have money to invest on research of new technologies, they depend on what it´s done “in the house”.

  • dale kana

    Looks fake. The main screen is in Chinese. Sony doesn’t farm out phone production to China. Nice try though…

  • Toni_Ai

    Tru China shit i’m dissapointed. sony losing personality

  • RockStar2005

    They don’t have money b/c they make stupid executive decisions. They could take out a loan if need be to advertise here in the U.S. for example (or search for investors), and then I bet anything they would have a MUCH larger presence here than they currently do. In Sweden for example they DO advertise as much as Samsung, and I’m told they’re JUST as big there as Samsung is, if not more.

    But supposedly in 2018 their contract with Verizon here (that someone on this site told me about) will expire, which will make them free again to do all that which I mentioned today and more perhaps? They lost my respect with the X Performance, but the XZ Premium tells me they are working to get it back. The XZ Premium has EXCELLENT battery life (per Phone Arena anyway), which is a huge improvement over the X Performance’s very lackluster battery life. The inclusion of HDR to the 4K was also very cool, although limited considering the smaller size of smartphone screens. They also need to lower their prices a bit the way HTC did on the U11. HTC has come such a long way b/c they are making better & smarter executive decisions. But even they could do better (i.e. having only Sprint be your sole U.S. carrier?? Sprint sucks. lol)

    Sony Mobile is capable of doing so much more than it currently is, but they need to keep pushing, esp here in the U.S. They could be kings, but they’re merely just getting by. It’s not good enough, and anyone who thinks it is is out of their mind.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Samsung Galaxy s8:s design is awful and looks like a cheap toy compared to the xz premium imo :p And camera wise, the xz premium beats the Galaxy s8 on many points….

  • SM

    looks like a dirty chinese crap.

  • NinJy

    “what your first impressions?”
    Chineses leakers still using 2005 phones.

  • Max Danger

    If you look super close at the last photo you can see just under the volume buttons the side is indented slightly so it looks like they will keep the power button fingerprint sensor.

    I imagine the rear facing fps is to keep the edge to edge screen

  • karam abi karam

    Flagship is G8832 and 8831
    Same as xzs but sd835 and 19 mp cam but f 1.7 or 1.8

  • HAWX

    This phone would have been very successfull, If they used bezels instead of bazals lül.

  • theskig

    I think so.

  • They need money for that too…

  • theskig

    I don’t want a revolution, but a little step further will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Vinny Conforto

    surprisingly ugly…looks exactly like X Compact to me…that means another disaster for Sony Mobile…maybe I should go for possible iPhone8

  • RockStar2005

    Well if people or companies no one’s ever heard of can raise money on Kickstarter or whatever, then Sony Mobile DEFINITELY can too. lol

  • (NinJer)

    This is not Sony, hopefully a fake, who wants a fingerprint scanner on the back, can’t use it when i put it on the table.

  • Moisés

    Third photo: I could not see any buttons.
    Also the cam looks big and wider angle like M5 and XA1U. I do not think Compact has size enough for 13MP selfie.
    X Compact has 8 while X has 13.

  • BGDoesGaming

    time for me to move away from sony mobile looks like :( these phones look super outdated and hideous.

  • Me

    Looks like metal with a glossy sticker over part of it – the top part of the back isn’t reflective

  • shenoy

    1St n 2ND photos are XA2. 3 n 4 may b d flagship. If u zoom 4th photo you can see side mounted fingerprint scanner groove just below volume rocker. 3Rd phone bezels r smaller than 4th

  • comme des garcons

    ugly ah…I pass. Who would want these phones that look so dated with gigantic bezels? Sony should change the designer. I’m jealous of S8.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I think I should say “If you expect a good design from SONY you will always end up disappointed”

    Still I will buy G8341 while crying…

  • raju

    Me too feel fake

  • Khairul Shafiq

    ugly af for the rear panel T_T

  • mixedfish

    Rear fingerprint sensor and ugly camera hump. If I wanted to buy LG-like thoughtless design I would buy LG.

  • Clamser

    Shaaame! I can not even open my eyes to look at the image. Even Apple has understood and begins to follow the trend to not lose its rank. I am so disgusted with sony.


  • Toh Ler Kang

    1st-2nd pic: mid-ranged phone
    3rd pic : compact flagship? (look so similar to x compact)
    4th pic : 2nd half of 2017 flagship

    F**king big bezel as always for flagship phones, maybe that’s drawback of limited R&D for mobile division which cannot comes out with any solution for bezel?

    I think it’s time to change my z2 to huawei or samsung note. Since z3+ onwards, I cannot find any better phone than z2 and z3 in terms of battery life, freshing design, and premium look. They are the best phones ever made from sony. The rests are just piece of shit!

  • android. be different. not the same

  • kurakuradisco

    if this leak true, well Xperia standing with upcoming Pixel 2 and Nokia 8 in the anti-bezeless zone.let’s see how this aesthetic-against-functionality further going

  • Namako

    It feels like Sony is just always running months behind the competition.

    I wanna upgrade from my Z5 but if they keep the old design with the big bezels and put the fingerprint sensor on the back then I will definitely change to something else.

  • Aiden Pearce

    first image left top corner, different from others?
    side bezels increased magically in last 2 images?
    circular power button found in xperia z1,ZL,z2,z3 and XA series back?
    does not it look lilke ZL back with fp sensor?
    one thing i would like to bring from ZL is eclipse notification light and smaller bezels!!!

  • vigneshprince

    same design?

  • MrWalker1000

    sony factories are in china?

  • MrWalker1000

    this is most likely the midrange device not the flagship.

  • MrWalker1000

    under screen then?

  • Dhaval

    Totally Agree

  • Dhaval

    Rear fingerprint sensor will not be handy when your phone is on desk. You must have to lift the phone to unlock using fingerprint. it looks like chinese phone.

  • hansip

    I guess they just can’t compete with FPS on power button due to Apple’s patent. So they had to move it to the back. But to be frank as long as it works great, I’m okay with that. We’ll see that iPhone will still use back FPS due to late development cycle for in display FPS.

  • Dhaval


  • Musharab

    SoNY Design getting Bad…..Looks Chinese

  • Ziggy

    I hope Sony doesn’t go with all their future phones to the back panel fingerprint reader. It’s the worst phone design since curved glass edges.

  • monoke

    This is disappointing from Sony. To go from the more svelte side scanner to generic back position. Camera ring that now slightly protrudes like the xzs. No bezel reduction whatsoever.

    What happened to the rumored jdi 18:9 screen? The model that’s supposedly bezeless? This is why we shouldn’t take rumors seriously. Cuz it’s all B.S.!!

  • Biancoceleste

    Every new Sony handset photo or announcement, whether official or fake, you guys come out of the woodwork with teeth gnashing that’s audible from miles away.
    Enjoy your galaxy S8 and live your life.

    Jumping on a Sony phone blog screaming “Sony gotta do whatever Samsung doing!!!!” must surely get tiring?
    If you hate bezels, get one of the plethora of small bezel phones out there, you’re truly spoilt for choice in that regard.

  • Biancoceleste

    Haven’t seen the XZ P in person yet but the S8 design is beyond bland. Two friends own them and are now regretting their (expensive) purchase.
    Lag central and constant finger smudge on their camera lens.

  • Co

    my Z2 has a nfc logo and it’s glass

  • Lu

    I think the same. and finally they have moved also volume rockers again above the fingerprint power button on the black one. i’m so eagerly waiting for the compact. there are no more powerful android compacts after z3c/z5c. hope this changes it.

  • Lu

    the one with FP on the back is for sure the XA1 because the XA had already the same to the edge display that had also no FP on the side because there is no space for this.

  • iia3ezu

    Look at those big ass bezels… that’s definitely a Sony phone!

    And that big ass rear camera looks like a door peephole. We’ll find out about the camera performance.

  • Alinatexley


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  • Alinatexley


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  • Sony makes money with the mid-range devices. So this one, is a good start since it powers a fingerprint sensor for the first time

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    A new Sony flagship phone always has new wallpapers, so Sony can’t be using the same loops live wallpaper as the XZ Premium, XZs, XA1, and XA1 Ultra all had.

    This is definitely fake or is just still a prototype.

  • Khillo81

    This is what I told a friend who recently bought the S8: you’re going to regret it. The point is she had the Galaxy S4 and hated it; yet, went on and bought the S8 nonetheless… I don’t get it

  • othmane

    The First two Images Looks like Mid-range phone (maybe X1 Ultra with sd660 Or XA2 Ultra with P25) the chipset with define
    The Third Image is XZ1 Compact
    the Forth Image is XZ1 (G8341)

  • Genorok

    This could be a US edition of one of the flagships for a carrier. Sony isn’t going to compete without a fingerprint scanner and due to patents they aren’t going to pay to use the side print in the US.

    Otherwise I doubt it’s a flagship

  • fonix232

    NFC can work just fine through metal, if done properly. See OnePlus 3 or many of the other full-metal phones.

  • fonix232

    My only regret in buying the S8 is not going for the S8+. The phone works wonderfully even after months of use.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    1st and 2nd images look like an Ultra/Mid-range.
    3rd and 4th look like the compact we’re talking about.

    I honestly don’t mind rear FPS. :D

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    X Performance ruined my hopes of upgrading, XZ was alright but not the right choice, Finally got XZ Premium and I am loving it.

    I personally don’t mind having it back of the device because it gives more area for the finger to touch on the sensor than the power button. I have issues with FPS specially if my hands are sweaty etc. It’s a hit or a miss. Plus they get to reduce the side bezels.

    And yes they need to advertise a lot, specially in US. I know for a fact people have a strong connection with Sony in US. They trust Sony after apple than Samsung. I have seen that. So I don’t know why they’re not advertising. But let’s see how they’re entering bezel-less devices cause I think it’s time for them to enter that market with a new design too.

  • washinma2424

    This crap is fake news!!LOL, you can see the jagged edge on the screen in the first shot look at the top left corner of the phone. Why would Sony move the fingerprint scanner to the back and not make the bezels smaller on the sides? (LOL)

  • washinma2424

    Where did you hear the information about them selling through carriers from again?

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    “This is why we shouldn’t take rumors seriously. Cuz it’s all B.S.!!”

    *comments and judges as if the photos are real, final, and official*

    Oh, the irony….

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Hello Mr. Isheep.
    Thanks for the iPhone 7 aka iPhone 6s aka iPhone 6 aka iPhone 5s aka,iPhone 5 aka iPhone 4s aka iPhone 4 aka iPhone 3GS aka iPhone 3G aka,iPhone 2G.

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah you definitely chose the best phone of the bunch! The XZ Premium is the first X series phone that actually HAS excellent battery life (per Phone Arena anyway). Glad you’re so happy with it! It is the nicest X phone so far IMO.

    You have a point there, though with my old X Performance I don’t recall ever having an issue with the FPS. I still think if Apple and Samsung can embed the FPS into the screen itself, then Sony can and SHOULD too.

    Yes, I agree completely. Apple is in a league of its own, PLUS it’s another whole system altogether. Sony’s REAL competition is Samsung, and people only buy Samsung more b/c they’re much more familiar with their phones. Their TVs are good too, but I still think Sony beats them there. I’ve heard bad things about their washers & dryers as well. But anyway, Sony doesn’t advertise b/c the people in charge don’t have the confidence and/or the vision to see the potential there is for dominance here. They need to realize that other countries will respect them more if they are a success here in the U.S. They could get investors involved or even take out a loan to pay for the advertising.

    The charts don’t lie…………… up until late 2015, Sony sold through T-Mobile and one phone through Verizon (Z3c). The charts showed pretty healthy sales numbers. But come late 2015 when they made the IDIOTIC decision of dropping U.S. carriers completely, and those sales dropped. People in the U.S. don’t buy phones they don’t see in the stores. It’s really THAT simple. Most ppl here don’t even know Sony sells smartphones, which is a real shame. They need to have their phones available to buy on ALL FOUR MAJOR U.S. CARRIERS, and yes advertise too. I saw ONE TV spot on TBS for the Z5 a while back (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aRwkJWHzC8), and for all I know it only aired for like a month then dropped. It was a weak attempt at advertising. Airs for a short time and it’s supposed to tie into the new Bond film, but there’s no Bond to be seen in the ad. But he can make one for Heineken?? lol

  • RockStar2005

    Someone on here told me about it recently. Something about that failed attempt to release the Z4v through Verizon and a contract that this guy claims exists which prevents Sony from enabling the FPS here in the U.S. and selling through other carriers, etc. It could be BS, but I hope it’s not. And he seemed very sure of himself too.

    Found it………….. click here: http://www.xperiablog.net/2017/06/14/sony-g83xx-g8341-g8342-xperia-flagship-2017/#comment-3369045033

    Read ALL conversations involving myself and MrWalker1000.

    Lemme know what you think.

  • The One

    It’s probably not Apple’s patent that is causing the issue. It’s the alleged agreement Sony made with Verizon back when they sold Verizon branded phones. Any Sony phone with a FPR in the power button would have to be sold exclusively by Verizon until that contract expires. That’s probably why they don’t sell phones with the FPR enabled in the U.S.

  • Mohammed Alaskar

    i hope it’s not the flagship , sony need to be lastest trends follower and do something with this freaking big bezels .
    sony Mobile need to take notes from this blog.
    i have XZ and i love it but sony has to do more it is making profit now .

  • M2 Reboooorn!

  • KarFar

    Not defending big bezels but I just saw an XZ Premium for the first time. The bezels look smaller than in pictures, it also looks sleeker.

  • Moisés

    In-screen is not ready.
    Even S9 may not have it, just Note 9.

    I think midrange should have buttons like S7. No virtual buttons.
    It does not have front speakers anyway

  • Moisés

    I know

  • Mac

    Well its stupid having nfc ship on front like on XZ havent had any trouble connecting to any device before this change but now its almost impossible sometimes.

  • Mac

    Actually I cant see any meaning with the current location either cuz it doesn’t work smooth enough for me.

  • bububu

    Hoping for a new Xperia Compact phone :)

  • Moisés

    Flagship is last photo, black phone

  • Moisés

    The first phone is edge to edge like XA.
    No space enough to use power as fingerprint scanner.
    Black phone( photo 4) has side FPS on power

  • Moisés

    First is not XA2.
    It is another model.
    XA2 is in february only.

    Name is unknown but this phone is like a ” XA1+” or ” XA1 Pro” .

  • Phil Gym

    Sony thinks they are doing something different, unique and creative, but actually they are NOT. They are doing something odd, wrong and dated. The phones look just UGLY. I wonder what went wrong with its mobile division…

  • Phil Gym

    agreed. It’s time for bezel-free

  • monoke

    My comments were based on the rumor articles from phonearena and gsmarena about a possible bezeless sony device reveal, not the JDI screen article that had an accompanied photo of their display. The former rumor article had no such concept photo of any kind, mind you. So no, I couldn’t possibly have believed in a photo if there was no such photo to begin with… Nothing ironic about it, just a sad reality. Lol.

  • Clamser

    Many Thanks Mr. ijackass.

  • ymytbb .

    bezels bezels bezels…those are some ugly phones. sony will never make bezel-free xperia phones

  • Genorok

    If there is a golden opportunity for a US gamble it’s this year by the end of the year with T Mobile. They just started rolling out their 600 MHz band for LTE and supposedly will have 5G beginning next year. If Sony can be the first manufacturer with the band (and possibly 5G if it’s out but that’s doubtful) they can sell a lot of phones by the publicity of being the first for improved signal.

  • RockStar2005

    That would be pretty amazing! I have T-Mobile and would love that, but I doubt it will happen THAT quick. From what I’ve read, the Note 8 will be the first smartphone to be 600 MHz band-compatible, and that comes out in September I believe. Still, Sony Mobile would be VERY wise if they jumped back on with T-Mobile AND included 600 MHZ band-compatibility with any of the next few phones they release.

    We’ll see what happens lol………….

  • SeVeMaS

    The finger print on the back is really inconvenient when using a cover, even with the opening. Had the experience with an ZTE Phone and is useless with cover on.

  • roeshak

    The first photo shows a device with slimmer side bezels. Probably why FS was moved to the back. Still nothing here will set the market alight. Same old same old really.

  • roeshak

    Correction Sony aren’t as big as Samsung in any market except for Japan.

  • el_sur

    19MP camera? Guess the new flagship is getting a hand-me-down from the XZ premium. Disappointing that it won’t receive a brand new camera setup.

  • Jassim Darwish

    The pictures of the benchmar and model devises could be test models or might be aimingly leaked by Sony for some reasons, as they are really identical to the previous models, while it could be a revlutionary change in the design language.

  • Me


  • Moisés

    First is midrange

  • Moisés

    New cam at IFA 2018

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah but in Sweden they’re A LOT bigger here for smartphones than they are in the U.S.

  • Stephen

    GOOD. I’m not one for gimmicks.

  • el_sur

    And how do you know that

  • Moisés

    Gossips on Esato, Weibo and japanese websites..

  • el_sur

    Benchmarks of the phone have shown it will have 19MP sensor . We shall see I suppose.

  • Moisés

    New camera is only for 2018, second semester.

  • Karan Dutt

    I’ve been using a Sony since 2014 and been waiting for a phone which is on par with the competition if not better. Agreed., Sony came up with the xz premium which is a great phone but the plastic sides and the huge bezels are just unforgivable. Now they plant the fingerprint sensor on the back. Are you kidding me Sony? If this is the xz1, I swear I am going to buy the note 8. Enough is enough!

  • Bethemustafa


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  • Bethemustafa


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  • LTEstyles

    Whether this is real or not, let’s hope we can finally get this feature enabled for the US variant. I have been bugging John Ledger (TMO CEO) on periscope (and you should too!) about the companies relationship with Sony Mobile, and I finally made him nudge a bit by making him say something along the lines of “Why do you keep asking about Sony? E-mail me if you have any questions”. I think if we keep copy + paste comments about SONY Mobile while he is Periscoping he might actually tell us what is going on. The way I see it, we might as well post comments there where chances of him reading our comments are high instead of here where these comments and concerns never get seen by TMO people.

  • Me

    X1 maybe since it doesn’t has triple image sensing and the side looks like metal

  • dapaintrain

    I’ve been very tempted to upgrade my z5 to a Xperia xz premium lately. But with the announcement of the next flagship so close I was holding off to see what Sony brought to the table.

    The leaks seem to be more of the same with one model taking a curve screen approach which I like. As much as I like Sony phones and Sony’s touches on android I really like the look of the s8 so I was hoping to see a new style similar to the boaderless phones Samsung is putting out there.

    Think I might grab the xz premium after all though

  • dapaintrain

    It looks like an LG or oppo rear instead of a Sony so I’m sceptical for now

  • Alex Norris
  • sagisarius

    Rear finger print reader for the win! Maybe this means the finger print readers will finally work in the US! Would be great to have Sony phones be actually competitive here again!

  • Leandratsingletary


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  • misio87
  • dapaintrain

    Thinking the middle rear camera and the rear fingerprint could ptentially be a curve screen variant of the x1 not the flagship but a mid range designed to get the attention of sony fans that like the curve look other competitors are trying out.

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