2018 Sony Xperia model numbers already spied

by XB on 15th September 2017

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Last year, it took until the very end of October before we saw any official Xperia model numbers related to next year’s models. However, this year, a number of ‘H’ denominated model numbers representing the 2018 Xperia range have been discovered through official UAProf‘s (user-agent profiles).

The first letter of Sony’s Xperia numbering scheme denotes the year of each model. So for example it was F in 2016, G in 2017, and H will be used for the 2018 models. Four model numbers have been outed altogether – the Sony H31XX and Sony H41XX have FHD displays, Bluetooth 5.0 and run Android 8.0 Oreo. So, these could very well be powered by the Snapdragon 630, 660 or 835 chipsets.

The other two models – the Sony H33XX and Sony H43XX – have 720p displays, Bluetooth 4.2 and are running Android 7.1.1 Nougat. So, we are likely looking at mid-range devices for these models. A few days ago, the Sony H4233 (H42XX) model number was also spotted through benchmarking site GFXBench. This appeared to reveal a device that had a 6-inch FHD display, running Android 8.0 Oreo, and powered by a Snapdragon 630 chipset with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

It’s odd to see evidence of Sony’s next year models appear this early. Could Sony be prepping some new handsets for early in 2018? We may even see a more meaningful presence at CES 2018, with new Xperia models announced. Whatever comes of this, we will keep you posted.

Sony Xperia 2018 model numbers discovered through UAProf

Sony H3113
Dislpay resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Bluetooth 5.0
Android 8.0 Oreo

Sony H3321
Dislpay resolution: 720p (1280×720)
Bluetooth 4.2
Android 7.1.1 Nougat

Sony H4113
Dislpay resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Bluetooth 5.0
Android 8.0 Oreo

Sony H4311
Dislpay resolution: 720p (1280×720)
Bluetooth 4.2
Android 7.1.1 Nougat

Sony H4233 2018 model number outed by GFXBench

Thanks KF, Michel, Moisés and Subham!

  • Zayed Kotayba

    No flagship phone :(
    Please SONY release a phone with a edge to edge display and a narrow top and bottom bezel!

  • DBS

    Well, we all know Sony will replace the XZ1 by MWC 2018. They do the same every year.
    My question is: will they break the tradition and also upgrade the Compact at the same time? (Z1 Compact was presented in January at CES and the Z3 Compact was presented at IFA that same year so there IS precedent).

    I would certainly like to see them upgrade the XZ1 Compact with features that have been basic for years but that, since Apple’s latest keynote, have now sort of become “mandatory”. Namely wireless charging, OIS and OLED displays.

    (I don’t care if you don’t like or care for either or if you live in the delusion that smartphone cameras don’t need OIS.
    I don’t like iPhones but they pretty much set the minimum “standard” for flagships whether we like it or not. Sony not having flagship features that other Android OEMs have wasn’t much noticed because the iPhone didn’t have them. But once the iPhone does something, the industry starts pointing it out as “flaws”.).

  • AllanKafka

    Actually it might be good that no flagship phone is included in this list, because

    1) there is no real need to have a new flagship so soon, and

    2) this might mean that there is still hope for a flagship phone that would adopt the new-fashioned ~2:1 screen ratio – and with that slimmer bezels and a refreshed design, coming later in 2018.

    C’mon Sony, we know you can positively surprise us mating the G6/GS8/Pixel 2 proportions with the signature Xperia elegant design. Take your time but create a killer.

  • Antero Masonen

    Premium model has leaked. It is H8151 screen size is 5.8 and it has 2k and ratio was 2:1 so it is longer than older xperias Who had 16:9 so we can except bezel less design. Also 11.5″ device (maybe a Tablet) is
    coming with 4k resolution.

    Original article https://sumahoinfo.com/possible-2018-xperia-xz1-premium-gfx-bench-found-2to1-4k-display-h8151

  • Moisés

    4K screen…

    Always 2 sizes show up when it is a Sony phone

  • Moisés

    2:1 is awful. Videos are stretched

  • Moisés

    People get excited by 2:1 because they think it is smaller body + bigger screen. It is smaller body + smaller screen.

    You can see on Phone Arena : iphone X has smaller screen area than iphone 8+. And this is not because of that cut area where cam is.

    5.5″ 16:9 is bigger than 5.8″ 2:1

    Instead of going 2:1, a 5.7″ 16:9 with half of current bezel would be much better. Phone would be smaller than XZP.

  • theskig

    Or cropped, or with black sidebars. It’s your choice :)

  • theskig

    I agree.
    Just remove some bezel and leave the aspect ratio as it is.

  • Gahead

    I wonder if this 2018 phone would be the second to the last of their “Chapter 3” X series phone? If you remember last year when they end the Z series, Chapter 3 indicates the X series above it says 2016-2018 (you can search the article here)
    Well Sony might go all out for the 2018 model, Oled display maybe and maybe bezelless as much as I’m not a fan of it (not hating it) but one thing is for sure, NO OIS, 5 axis will live, they just need a mechanical “Sensor-shift” and not through Gyro like their Alpha series of Cameras.

  • ShinOrochiX

    Sony mid rangers: 720p resolution, other manufacturers: 1080p, they need to up their game.

  • DBS

    I don’t think Sony will ever do a tablet again.
    The tablet market is dead, they’d be wasting money for nothing. Fortunately they know this.

  • Zayed Kotayba

    I think SONY is running out of time they need to bring phones with thin bezels or it will be too late!
    As we all know SONY is just losing money, today I opened Track ID and realised that the app stopped working forever and I had to install shazam (which I hate) because I have no other choice.
    Moreover it’s time for SONY to think outside the box and bring something different and innovative as they used to do so in the past.

  • T.B.D F

    =====> and with even less battery than today !!

  • MikeU

    You are correct. Sony reported in 2016 that 2018 is the scheduled last one for the X series.
    The year 2018 could be a decisive one for Sony mobile. The competition is becoming stronger, especially from Chinese manufacturers, in particular in the developing countries. In the developed world, Apple and Samsung remain dominant, with the Chinese attempting to break into that market.
    If Sony does not penetrate the market in a manner that will bring meaningful market share and revenue in 2018, then I doubt we will see any more Sony mobile phones after 2018; because they will be throwing away income that can be invested into other areas of their business.

  • MikeU

    A rumor exists that Sony will abandon the Omibalance” design and introduce a “Miraj” design for 2018. This new design could also be Sony’s first phones that attempt to reduce the bezels on their phones.

  • comme des garcons

    Slash the bezels and show me a major design change, like iphone X

  • iia3ezu

    720p displays, Bluetooth 4.2 and are running Android 7.1.1 Nougat

    Hello, Mediatek crap, we meet again.

    And not so ‘mid-range’ prices, if you compare with a 2018 flagship Xiaomi with Snapdragon 845.

  • iia3ezu

    It’s Sony, don’t expect any removal of bezels.

    Sony’s bezels + 2:1 aspect ratio = almost feels like a remote control in the hand.

  • shenoy

    Just put flagship components inside ZL body, we get beautiful flagship. No need to 2:1 gimmicks. Else just reduce 3mm from both top n bottom bazels.

  • Phil Gym

    MUCH smaller bezels are all I want to see in new xperia phones

  • Phil Gym

    actually iphone x looks new

  • raju

    Not looking good

  • Phil Gym

    I can’t read it written in japanese

  • Pascal Anargya Silverius Sulis

    I hope you didn’t forget this . XA1 Ultra and XA1 Plus , XA Ultra , X , C5 Ultra , M5 and C4 has FHD a.k.a 1080p and they were released from Q1 2015 – Q2 2017 .

  • Gahead

    I hope not, 2018 is the moment they should go all out now much like the final Z series ,the Xperia Z5 (SD810 though), I remain hopeful that Sony Mobile/Sony Xperia will still be in the market from 2019 and beyond because Sony’s Xperia is the phone I’m much comfortable of and their “Unique” way of software amd hardware optimization and some innovation while other companies are busy copying Samsung, LG, and mostly iPhones.

  • Pascal Anargya Silverius Sulis

    And that’s why Sony ended their Xperia Tablet series with the Z4 Tablet that was released 2 years ago . It was a solid tablet tho .

  • Pascal Anargya Silverius Sulis

    They’re doing it next year . Because there are some rumors reported that Sony will be ending their iconic “OmniBalance” design from Xperia Z in 2013 and replaced with new design called “Mirai” , means future for their 2018 phone .

  • (C):stem


    Still crying because big bezels? Get over it already! Sony won’t implement bezeless screens any soon. Stop wishing what’s trendy, or if you want it so badly, go get it. Get a LG, Samsung or spend 1200 dollars in an iphone X lol

    You should be demanding better performance, a real killer camera, high fidelity audio, efficient battery life and reliable system. Actually Sony accomplishes all those areas very well, you just don’t see it because your attitude “mY fRiEnD hAs A bEzeLeSs sCrEEn pHonE i wAnT oNe toO plEAsE sOnYyyyy”

  • SkyMeow

    Forget all these bezel-less nonsense. It’s only looks and doesn’t serve any real purpose. What I want is 3 important features.
    1. Serious front stereo speakers.
    2. powerful amp and DAC for headphone jack.
    3. crystal clear fast camera. Please Sony, implement OIS already!!! Electronic stabilization alone won’t do it, especially low light.

    And not absolutely necessary, but I want QHD display.

  • Marinko Agic

    Nothing new.Sony have plan of production 2 year infront!And this is big mistake for days of massive production.And they never change this,so they always late for trends.If they change something and skip 1 year plan,they will be N°1!

  • iArvee

    Too late for what? Just because they have phones with bezels? Lame reason to rush.

    960fps slomo and 3d creator. Seems pretty innovative and different to me. Last I recall only Sony has a 960fps camera.

  • Zayed Kotayba

    Too late because SONY is now in the same situation that HTC was in three years ago and now HTC is about to go bankruptcy any day.
    SONY can’t just make phone’s forever without revenue and the selling of Gracnote and the discontinuing of alot of SONY products and services is a big sign to what’s going on.

  • AllanKafka

    The point is that Sony needs to sell as many phones as possible.
    We already like what Sony does and we buy/bought their phones for this reason, but obviously they need to do something in order not to let bloggers and reviewers always whine about “outdated design”.

  • azzido

    Rumor: sony mobile will finally abandon outdated omni balance:


    Do not buy XZ1, wait for new phones and MWC in Barcelona.

  • azzido

    FM radio?

  • NinJy

    The only phone you should buy is the “Premium” model, which not need to be released each year since it’s very high quality product on every aspect.
    Proved once again with the list mentionned above.

    Other high ends models are for mass selling market peasants.

  • Moisés

    ZL looks nice. But it has smaller battery than XA.
    Old small front cam.
    No front speaker.

    Impossible to put everything of XZ1 inside ZL.
    It has almost same size of the Compact.

  • NinJy

    You realize that is physically extremly difficult to build a speaker of this tiny size both high quality and loud ?
    Other manufacturers always go for louder since it’s the only aspect that is mesureable with tools and so elligible to reviews mastubation charts.

    Obviously Sony have way more knowledge in sound R&D and is going more for a quality side.

    But if you like having ears bleeding go ahead to other brands.

    Btw I don’t really see the issue with the jack… Even when I use a studio headphone that run 250 Ohm, it is way enough at full volume output..

  • Moisés

    I want a phone a bit short too. But is not easy. But do not want it to have the rear panel to lokl like Moto Z or Zenfone 3 if they move the cam. Rear cam takes whole bezel.


  • AllanKafka

    Moreover, I think a tablet with a 2:1 screen ratio would be even more impossible. So I don’t believe that rumour, even though I would like to believe it for the phone part.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    u made my day

  • The only thing I still wish for my smartphone to be capable of at the moment or in future releases is to last me 1 solid week on a single charge.

    Otherwise, the rest are just not as much as useful to me. Without power, none of these features matter.

  • Alex Norris

    Sony accomplishes all those areas very well, you just don’t see ….?
    1.Killer camera? No, competitors are better.
    2. High fidelity audio? No bro, HTC the best here.
    3. Efficient battery life and reliable system, No, galaxy has much longer battery lives
    And besides that, we get a huge framework from the far 2013

  • Yasir Fawad

    Don’t be disappointed, they are well at it. “mirai” is the new design, with shrunken bezels here and there, Sony will be adopting in 2018. It will naturally fit ergonomically in a palm, unlike the omni balance design.

  • Yasir Fawad

    As per gsmarena’s XZ1 review, it has better endurance rating than both xz and xz premium.

  • T.B.D F

    Please, use your brain … better endurance with better hardware … and ? it’s all ? NO FUCKING NO, better hardware AND bigger battery … that’s all.
    absolutely not hard to understand what we want.

  • Vinny Conforto
  • Vinny Conforto

    Apple made a design change. That’s worth it

  • Vinny Conforto

    It says “most likely it’s fake info”

  • Moisés

    All OEMs do that.
    A prototype of S10 was stolen in Brazil a while ago. At an airport.
    Police got it back…

  • Juan Carlos

    There is a trend to use smaller batteries, iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8 and Sony XZ1 (and others) are using smaller batteries than their previous models. The point is that batteries are still dangerous and manufacturers will follow using smaller batteries in the future to make their devices more secure, cheaper to produce and environmentally friendly.

  • T.B.D F

    Will open your carotid, you will also become environmentally friendly.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    For bezel less, stereo front speakers need to go, so the only left choice is to put a screen-vibrating speaker like on their Bravia OLED TV.

  • abvc

    when is xz1 compact released? are they coming to OZ?

  • denim mendez

    sony you make just a wrong turn if u stick to old design go bezel less xperia people would very much love it

  • denim mendez

    all we want sony is a bezel less phone and we want it to xperia sony

  • Abrar Zahin Shahriar

    Top part get cut out by the time and icons like battery indicator and a good chunk gets cut out at the bottom by the nav buttons. At the end you don’t get true 16:9 aspect ratio. Also the phone format doesn’t get much use from the width, every thing is designed to be vertical scrolling. This is why IMO a longer bezel-less screen is needed.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Killer camera : yes up in the league of galaxy s8 for example because xz premium takes better shots in normal light conditions while the s8 performs slightly better in low light. Xz premium takes pretty good low light pictures aswell. Killer hi-fi sound: yes but maybe not as good as HTC or the US variant of the LG g6 but still among the best :) Killer battery life: yes because I do get about 5-7h on screen time on my xz premium :)
    Summary: you hardly know anything about sonys premium smartphones therefore I take you as a simple troll :)

  • Alex Norris
  • Szabó Béla

    1. No not realy, xzp beat everything on the tests run even by “Samsung is the best because it’s samsung” pages.
    2. Speakers wheren’t the laudest, but they are on top of the quality game. Sound output trough 3.5 LDAC is among the best. LDAC made it the very best in that field.
    3. XZP Bets the S8 in battery life. Sony has officialy the least crashes among all androids. Yes it means they are better at it than google it self, yes google even has dedicated a page to saying thank you for sony for fixing bugs in adroid.

  • (NinJer)

    Killer camera, shit camera software, so nope.

    No killer DAC, but has dual front facing speakers, so nope.

    My eyes are more and more set on the RED Hydrogen One, however no waterproofing. Please Pixel 2… have all the features i want in a phone…

    Or i might have to compromise, leave my XZ and go to an LGV30

  • dragonsneeze

    Says the guy who can’t even put together a sharp comparison photo and who’s running an inactive Windows.

  • Warren Chang

    high definition audio and audiophile grade quality sound, nothing can beat the onkyo dp-cmx1,it’s truly awesome as a audiophile grade digital audio player, but can you live with it’s mid range specs – snapdragon 652

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Granbeat itself is great except the bad camera, Well it has the best audio component there so it’s the audiophile’s phone.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Camera, Audio is suck when you looking at the another brand.

  • Warren Chang

    onkyo dp-cmx1 has a budget camera component, mid range system on a chip, but truly rises audio wise, no phone has come even close, all phones sound like cassette players in comparison, it is as good as nw-zx100, astell & kern jr, which are dedicated high definition audio players etc..

  • Alex Norris
  • Alex Norris
  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Actually High Ohm headphone doesn’t mean it need high power output.

    Not sure what phone do you use now and what headphone are you refer to.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Why did you show this to me ???

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Right !

  • Khillo81

    Use Ultra Stamina mode. But then, you might as well buy a feature phone.

  • I use a feature phone at the moment. It gets me up to 2 weeks sometimes. It is a samsung duos.

  • NinJy

    I use a Sony 7506 and a Beyer 770.
    I’m talking about the XZP.

    The Beyer have a more higher impedance, and so have to put the phone output to almost max to get a good volume level.

    Well this kind of headphone should be usually used with a amplifier..

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    naa, i don’t think sony gonna put OLED next year. look at TV A1 sony release this year. the price of tv that can be used to bought a car.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    720p might be for low end

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    agree with you. people love to complaining about features but always forget that if sony manage to create a battery that can last longer than competitor, it will be better than those gimick bezeless phone which won’t give user anything.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    u just learn this today??? people who read xperiablog since 2011 already knew that sony designer team need to create a design 2 years back. basically all 2012 xperia already created in sony erricson days

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Lol.. The beyer with crazy high impedance..

    Seriously, if the other people don’t understand that there’s a relation between high impedance and high amp, he doesn’t understand headphone.

    Honestly, the amp in the Sony are good enough. There’s no need to put a higher amp since its already similar to iPhone and Samsung standards.

  • azzido

    Every aspect except camera.

  • keewee23

    i lol’ed

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I see. I’ve not try my 24 bit file and my headphone on XZP yet.

    But I’ve try 7506 on my XZ and when I compare it to iPhone I found that the power output of iPhone is higher than my XZ.

    I agree that those headphones should not be use with out the amplifier.

  • Gahead

    It’s not about the OLED,the quality of materials, hardware and technology is also a factilor, Also OLED will be forced to the Xperia’s especially today, just search about JDI’s restructuring to OLED now that Apple will soon change their screen vendor from LCD to OLED due to iPhone X, JDI needs to do it or else they’ll go bankrupt, JDI is where Sony’s get their screens, so if JDI goes down you know the rest.

  • Joel

    Keep the problems with the screens aside. A 4k screen is doing much better in vr. The screen to body ratio can be improved with the help of this 4k technology and will feel a lot better. What I really want to see is-
    1) A dual 19 mega pixel camera with some technology improvements (ois implanted) and a little more cam quality improvements in auto mode and night shots.
    2) A fingerprint scanner the way it is.
    3) improvement in battery, say an innovation for the capacity reducing the size dramatically.
    4) More and faster RAM.
    An innovation in design is also appreciable, like iPhone X brought up and the galaxy edges, we would like some innovation from sony too.
    It’s hard to digest to see a company which was known for innovation, lacking the same.

    We’ll be just shouting, typing and fighting with friends behalf of Sony… But this sony is so stubborn that it is gonna ignore everything as if it never heard anything from us.

  • Ming William Lee

    Saw that on Amazon, later realized XA Plus does not have a Snapdragon Model. So could it be one of them? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b3d807e5ad7d761b549a62bfe2c376de8a009089cdcbf8855dee883bdc23e4da.png

  • Godwin Hezekiah Lawson

    it’s definitely a Great phone, received new update today
    specs and price are very Okay
    looking down at the rate of this device I strongly believe that the price is okay an I have a nice review here for it

    please is android Version Upgrade period over?

  • TeeJayRex

    Black side bars are no different from bezels on a 16:9. You at least have an option with the 2:1 ratio screen. Plus, full immersive screen on ultra wide content. I can see media moving towards this format more and more as 2:1 becomes more prevalent.

  • TeeJayRex

    Videos aren’t stretched and you can choose to have it cropped or not…

  • theskig

    I need a phone, not a Panavision movie player.

  • roeshak

    Wrong. So a post about this with some very detailed calculations and the reason for the smaller screen area was mainly the cut out. 5.5 inches 16.9 is the same as 5.8 18.9. The iPhone x uses a different aspect ratio so this also contributes. All in all that’s the future. Simple as. Sony devices look tired and dated. In desperate need of a facelift to more current standards

  • Moisés

    Instead of 5.2″ 16:9 , a 5.5″ 16:9 and reduce 40% of bezels would be better.

    Phone Arena made calculations. Even if they count the cut area, iX would be smaller than i8+.

    Nexus 6P is 5.7″ but its screen is way bigger thsn G6. Almost 1 square inch bigger.

  • I don´t have anything against the current design, but we need less bezels.

    If you ask me, I would love to have Xperia Z5 design with the bezels like G6 has. Beautiful Aluminum body, with Xperia logo on the side, and frosted glass at the back, so no finger print mess.

    About the ratio 2:1 no matter how much you don´t like it, but it is the new trend and sony should follow it.

  • Oh Charoensuk

    How about Tablet compact (8″)??
    No more for Tablet series?

  • strawberrymilk

    Perhaps the H4233 will be announced out-of-the-blue shortly as the Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra Plus, complete with requisite fingerprint sensor, Qualcomm CPU, bigger battery, aluminium sides, matte finish & a new range of colours to choose from; to better distinguish itself from the newly released XA1 Plus; to reassert hierarchy within the range. Actually, the present XA1 Ultra may get quietly discontinued.

  • Vpw 65

    and Nokia sucks in all those department from start

  • Vpw 65

    Doctored photos again by a Sony hater, Nolia 1020 is a blotch in those tests

  • Nightmare

    Does anyone remember the w800?!?!

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