New update rolling for Xperia Z5 family, Z3 Plus and Z4 Tablet (32.4.A.1.54)

by XB on 9th October 2017

in Firmware, Sony Tablet, Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series, Xperia Z5 series

Sony Mobile has started to roll a new firmware update for the Xperia Z5 range (including Z5 Compact & Z5 Premium), as well as the Xperia Z3+ and Xperia Z4 Tablet. This new update keeps the handset on Android 7.1.1 Nougat and moves the build number from 32.4.A.0.160 to version 32.4.A.1.54. The Android security patch has been updated to 1 September 2017 (from 1 June previously), but little else appears to have changed from a quick first initial view.

A number of Xperia Z5, Z3+, Z4 Tablet owners have been complaining about battery and heating issues since the Android 7.1.1 rollout first commenced, earlier in the summer. We don’t know yet whether some of these problems have been addressed in this update, but if you have noticed any improvements, please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks hem and walaspancha!

  • shumayal

    Finally the older phone owners will stop moaning now.

  • Damn
    Finally an update

  • Jozef Cmar
  • Eric Ho

    Really hope Sony will update the z5 family to oreo in the future

  • Martial

    Je viens juste de l’installer !!! Merci Sony, beau travail !!!

  • Ates

    What about incoming call ringtone sounds low…is it fix?

  • Geralt

    nope. Google no longer officially supports SD810. Unofficial ROMs will pop up soon

  • Fat64

    this the end of 810 Devices..
    officially forever stuck with nougat, Congratulation,,,,,,

  • Svnjay

    Then why did Google update the 6P?

  • deekbee

    It is welcome to see the updates, but no way am I going for another Sony – my Z5C is going to be kept until it stops working (which may be a while – it has occasional weirdness, but overall is reliable, if unremarkable)

  • theskig

    How’s possible to live without Oreo?

  • Mateusz

    Hopefully CE1 will be released as well, it wasn’t for the previous update and I really don’t want to re-flash with CE5, don’t want to reset my device…

  • Ichsan Rismunandar

    Because 6P came with Marshmallow not Lollipop.

  • JC

    Not really, we still miss Oreo so expect some more moaning.

  • Svnjay

    Same SoC and Marshmallow was just about to be released when the Z3+ came out.

  • Ahh, how I love this line: “You cannot revert to a previous software version after performing this upgrade” :)

  • Eric Ho

    Anyone has the same problem with me ? Change the wallpaper on the home screen but the lockscreen wallpaper change also. (I just select change wallpaper on home screen only)

  • Murat Tahran

    I installed update via OTA. E6553 Customized TR version. I used phone 4-5 hours, everything was good except for heating issue. Otherwise phone looks smooth and good. But I didn’t test call sound yet. I will make a factory reset to make sure I have a bug free update. I will write here again after phone was booted.

  • Justo Belgrano

    Say goodbye. After 2 years, this is the last update for the Z5 family. Well done. Time to move to a new phone for extra updates.

  • razorg

    I’m thinking of keeping my Z5C for at least another year, too. Besides, I can’t afford an upgrade right now anyway :D However, even if I could afford, I still wouldn’t buy, because it’s a bad practice regarding the Planet’s Sustainability. A phone should be used for at least 3 years before it’s chucked into the bin. That’s why I’ve always said “OK, OEMs may release Android upgrades for only 2 years, but another year of security patching should be done in order not to leave the customers out and feeling ‘unsecure’ with their devices.” And Sony is going well with the Z5 series up until now (we still haven’t forgotten the abandonment of Z3 series, at least our Z5 series haven’t met the same fate as the Z3 series so that’s a plus on Sony’s list for me). I still expect some more from Sony, regarding the hardware improvements on the upcoming Xperia’s, but even if they bring out the same design but be better than the competition in terms of the software support (for both Android version upgrades and monthly patches), I’ll go for another Sony without a doubt.

  • Objectif

    Thank Sony.

  • John Carter

    Update for CE1,please!

  • Lex Luna

    very happy with my xperia z5…i kept until die.. right now still love a lot the phone… when die… i hope in 2 years i buy another xperia for sure !!!

  • Lex Luna

    no thanks.. z5 still is a very good phone….

  • Vlad

    Themes keeps crashing after this update. Anyone with the same problem?

  • Murat Tahran

    I suffered same problem. But I made a factory reset then everything is just fine. Also, new update may not support themes

  • rocy76

    This phone has many features I love… MHL output via the micro usb port. DLNA, dedicated Camera Button, PS4 Controller support, headphone jack, FM Radio tuner, Finger print sensor, expandable storage, lanyard attachment, its waterproof, and has double tap to wake..Im sad there will probably never be another phone with all these useful features…

  • Reza

    Was somebody in South East Asia country got this update?

  • asuthosh conda

    hey i have a doubt,i have got this update in my phone settings for this latest patch. since i have installed customised AU rom using xperia flashtool can i proceed further in installing from my setting ota.will it cause any issue.

  • Reza

    It won’t be a problem, just do it..

  • Fernando Telles

    Hope they have fixed the Xperia Z3+ low mic for phonecalls

  • Cheong Chuan Hong

    malaysia have this update.

  • Sahil

    Which theme? Also its not with theme, it’s other apps that crashes too

  • Philippines already has this update.

  • Already, my Z5P is heating not nearly as badly as the last update.

  • Gregory See

    A newer security patch, the heat is reduced and a better battery life from what I noticed so far. Other than that same shit.

  • Reza

    Z5 or Z3+?

  • Zanshini

    Device: Xperia Z3+ Single Sim Variant
    Can someone from India tell me if the update is released or not. It doesn’t show up on my Xperia Companion or my device. I talked with a service representative today and they informed me that 7.1.1 is already released in India.

  • razorg

    Those service representatives doesn’t know sh.t. Just go to, find your specific model and look for your region in the list.

  • pravi pravallika

    Those idiots r illiterates working for Sony!! It’s not released in India neither 32.4.A.0.160 nor 32.4.A.1.54 so far!! I flashed customized Russia 32.4.A.0.160 after the month from its release!! And yesterday I got 32.4.A.1.54 OTA within few hours of its release!!and this update is a huge improvement over previous one wen it comes to heat and battery management!! Happy with the update!! Great standby time, speakers got louder!!

  • Sigma

    Security fixes. Blueborn fixed!

  • Francis Michael Velasco Depalc

    No update yet here in PH, at least for the Dual model, E6683.

  • Zanshini

    Thanks for your advice guys. Are there any downsides of flashing a different region’s firmware?

  • Sarjvela Sarjvela

    earphone autostart isnt warking , soundabout needs again on Xperia Z5 Premium D6833

  • GuadalupeTJones

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  • Román Rodríguez

    What’s blueborn?

  • deekbee

    There are a few factors in me keeping the Z5C going for as long as possible; I don’t see anything on the market that is a worthy upgrade, the Z5C is a pretty good device anyway, and I can get an indecently good SIM only deal that’ll give me way more for less …

    Maybe at some point I will go for one, just not yet. None of the current devices are worth the expenditure.


    A type of hack that is targeted on BlueTooth enabled devices. It makes it easier to hack into the device when a person uses BlueTooth, because it is wider ranged than the rest of the type of connections that is why it is easier to hack into the device for hackers. They can add a virus inside your smartphone through BlueTooth and might do other types of things to your smartphone if your smartphone got hacked, u never know what they will do to your smartphone

  • markusenka

    Wow, super battery live and now after two Antutu tests, phone is cold!!
    Thanks Sony!

  • Paul Eldridge

    After I performed this new update, earlier today on my Xperia Z5, I can no longer receive calls. Anyone else having this issue?

  • kaostheory

    Sad that even Sony fans don’t mention DNC with proprietary headphones. I was really hoping that it would become popular and that Sony would release some cans that would work with it.

  • 4typhive

    I beg to differ. I think the new xz1 compact is a very worthy upgrade. But, as long as Sony keeps supporting my Z5C, I’ll stick with it


    4k camera app fixed
    timeshift video fixed
    heat fixed

  • Lex Luna

    i only listen Hi-Res music… i live in japan so all the music release in this format… paradise to my ears !

  • Lex Luna

    this topic is for Xperia Z5 family, Z3 Plus and Z4 Tablet

  • Lex Luna

    and very easy to use xDDDD

  • Lex Luna

    that kind of issues is because not make a clean install of the upgrade..

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I just need them to make good camera software. I mean they’re really behind in that department.

  • Leonidas Braza

    Same thing :(

  • Ates

    Please what about low ringtone sound incoming call? Is it fix is it louder now?

  • David Hernandez

    How looks like your battery life? I have a Z5C, this morning with 94% and 50% with a moderate use what do you think?

  • Vlad

    It’s a theme made by myself in Theme Creator

  • Sowrove Hossain

    NO WAY

  • David Hernandez

    Did you have factory reset?

  • David Hernandez

    Did you have factory reset Before to install the update?

  • Sahil

    Looks cool. Can you share it ?

  • Cheong Chuan Hong

    Z5 series

  • Adam Szofran

    I was one of the people who had sluggish performance, heating, and poor battery life after initially taking the previous Z5C update, 32.4.A.0.160. However, since doing a factory reset and disabling the Movie Creator app my phone has been running amazingly well, perhaps even better than the original firmware. Because of that I’m reluctant to take another update but the security fixes are hard to argue with.

  • Zsolt Török

    He was talking about the update for Central Europe (CE1). For some reason Sony didn’t send the last 7.1.1 update to us…

  • Objectif

    No problem with themes for me. Now I can use Microsoft Word. Can’t with the previous firmware.

  • Max Tis

    Hello everyone,

    I updated my Z5 yesterday but I was thinking this update resolved the heating, battery drain, performance… But, it’s not. My device is slow, increase heating when my device is sleeping and the battery is very catastrophic… 100% at 7 a.m ans 80% at 8 a.m with only five messages on Messenger !
    So do you have issue ? Solution ? Does anyone have this problem ?

  • Max Tis

    Bonjour, avez-vous remarqué des modifications anormales ? J’ai effectuer la mise à jour et c’est tout le contraire de ce qui est annoncé. Chauffe beaucoup plus importante et sans raison dès l’allumage de l’écran, la batterie à diminuer de 20% en 1 heure avec seulement 5 envoies de messages et des bugs visibles… Une restaure s’impose ?

  • Bujar Nimani

    yes and my z5 battery drain faster 100% to 20% for 6 hour

  • DS

    Beware of using, they installed a coin miner script on their site. It will eat your CPU and battery!!

  • mikaere66

    You’ve lived without it up until now! Might be time to get an XZ1?

  • mikaere66


  • Eklavya Gupta

    Is VOLTE working after update???

  • pravi pravallika

    It has been taken off from all customized versions of e6553! Only carrier linked devices hav that feature if that carrier supports volte!! I can see users complaining about missing volte option for Z5 in support forums!!

  • juanito alvarez

    Just got my update early this evening, Philippines btw

  • Actman

    Try to repair it using Xperia Companion. Make sure you backup everything before doing so.

  • chero

    Z5 here: bluetooth still needs much battery. And now my built in Speaker-sound seems to be broken?! It crackles on sound playback?!

  • Max Tis

    Yes, I thing is the solution… I try this night and I will return here for establish the results… So if no repair, can I do anything else ?

  • Max Tis

    Yes, I confirm, bluetooth need more battery…

  • theskig

    I have a crippled 1 and half yo Z5 Premium Dual (worth 100 euro maybe).
    I was tempted to buy the XZ Premium Dual but:

    – No SD card
    – No FM radio
    – No answering machine
    – No MHL
    – Quite distorted camera (more than Z5 that I use as my only camera)

    So I have to sell my phone and add 400 euro just to buy a phone that looks like mine but with less useful functions?

    I decided just to wait, I really don’t feel the need to change mine. It’s not a matter of money, it’s a matter of sanity

  • Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Hamed

    After the last update today, my Xperia Z5 dual becomes hotter and battery drains faster.
    I don’t know, why Sony insists on closing their mobile market by these untested updates.
    Every update is worse than the other.

  • raghu nandan

    I use z3 plus nd I havnt received 7.1 update. I tried with companion; no use. Can anyone help?? Model number is e6553

  • Florian B.

    100 % agree with you. But I hope they will get more colors for the next Xperia device. I love my green Z5.

  • Max Tis

    So, I repair my device. I thing is better, no heating, battery is better… So it’s good !

  • razorg

    That was an awesome colour, I admit. Wish I could’ve bought my Z5C with in that colour :)

  • Jaissal S

    My headphone jack wasn’t working on my Z5…was using soundabout…same problem now after update? I haven’t tested it since updating. Possible XZ1 think Haha.

  • Hisham

    I have Xperia Z5 premium dual, it is more laggy after the update, and gets super hot if I use more than one app, and most of the time, one app is enough to get it hot. Even though I cleaned around 8 GB from the internal storage.

  • Jim

    My Z4 LTE Tablet is the best it’s been for a while since this latest update. it’s running much more smoothly again. And my battery life has improved back to what it was also. (Currently showing 7 days 13 hrs after a full charge. That’s a day more than before). The speakers are sounding much louder again too. I’m very happy with it. Especially if it’s going to be the last update. (I remain hopeful for further security updates. You never know. it’s been supported over two years now compared with just 20 months for my Z3 Tablet Compact).
    The memory problems are still there though. (Even with a micro sd card!) But I think that’s to do with the fact it has a 2k screen. My 16gb Z3 Tablet Compact runs the same number of apps (and I manually put them on the sd card because it’s stuck on 6.0.1) and I can keep things tight within the memory warning. All in all my Z4 Tablet feels a joy to use again. now for Google Assistant to come on board and it’ll be perfect for me.

  • kaostheory

    More reason for Sony to produce more headphones compatible with their proprietary DNC

  • Front Desk

    LTE Data is not working for me on Z4 Tablet. Had AT&T change SIM and repaired software using Xperia Companion. Still not working.

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    As long as the Android OS version is the same (e.g. 7.1.1) you don’t need to reset the device to factory defaults when switching to another region firmware…

  • Lex Luna

    flashtool, problem solved

  • Gregory See

    Yes I do.

  • Ichsan Rismunandar
    Phone was unplugged at 6pm yesterday and this morning at around 4:30am, I woke up with around 41% with already 3hrs spent on SoT. I consider this as an improvement because previously when I reached that amount of SoT, the battery was already down to 30% with even less standby time.

  • Mateusz

    Yup, that’s true, thanks. But CE1 finally received the update so no problem in the end.

  • Biancoceleste

    Updated on Z4 tablet. Haven’t really noticed any difference. 7.1.1 was already running fantastic.

    Sony’s near stock UI has easily gotta be top 3 in the android sphere. Functional, neat, minimalist and updated probably quicker than any non google device.

  • Biancoceleste

    I’m still yet to replace my Z2. Easily the best device I’ve ever owned. Am yet to be convinced to upgrade it because it functions so well.

    Oneplus 5 came close but no SD card is a deal breaker for me.

  • Biancoceleste

    Would love that but it’s not going to happen. They’re old devices now.

    Hope I’m wrong!!

  • razorg

    If only Sony supported Z2/Z3/Z3C with newer security patches for some more, just as the equivalent Galaxy S5 was, by Samsung…

  • Mehran Ahmad Khan

    Signal problem facing after September security patches. Battery life is little bit improved and heating issu is no more

  • Farhan Ansari

    Indian Sony team has gone mad no fucking update of 7.1.1 for Xperia z3 plus.. Mother fucker not giving any response still on 7.0 indian team as lazy as fuck.. Fuck off you all countries getting update but India still on hold shame on you Sony n team Samsung n other companies are better than you fucker

  • Musharab

    Updated Z5 Dual (E6683) on 9 Oct , So far working Fine. Confused about battery – Decreased or increased. Will share once I confirm

  • Madi Mukash

    Kazakhstan is still out of update schedule. no 7.1. no 7.1.1. still. I don’t know why.

  • Cynthia

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  • Biancoceleste

    The S5 is a terrible device. I’d rather my Z2 running its original KitKat software than a S5 on the latest.

    My Z2 on marshmallow runs rings around my friends note 5. All TouchWiz devices slow to a snails pace after a few months use. He learnt it the hard way.

  • Waqas Bin Tariq

    I have updated the latest version for my Xperia z3+ but still facing the face heating issues.
    It seems bug/issue has not been properly fixed yet.

  • Madi Mukash

    did you make a clean install (with factory reset)? And what country are you from?

  • Waqas Bin Tariq

    Nope I just installed it. (no factory reset).I am from Pakistan.
    have you tried it after factory reset?

  • Madi Mukash

    I am from Kazakhstan, and did not receive any update. India is still in await, as we, I guess. I saw an opinion that to avoid bugs it is better to make a clean install. Try that, hopefully it will make your phone run smoother.

  • Madi Mukash

    Dear Sony,
    Please advise on when Kazakhstan will get the recent update? We did not receive anything starting from Nougat 7.0.
    Phone: Xperia Z3+

  • Waqas Bin Tariq

    I will try that. (Y)

  • Stuart Gardoll

    Is Bluetooth stuttering back with this update for anyone else? Same thing happened when the first 6.0 update came and took MONTHS for Sony to fix.

    Let me know if anyone is experiencing lots of audio stuttering when listening to music, especially while idle for some reason.

  • It’s a BLUETOOTH ON ANDROID thing. It’s not specific to this phone.

    Bluetooth playback stutters on
    – my Z5 Premium with this update
    – BAD stutter on my Galaxy Note 3
    – Friend’s Huawei P10 with the latest updates
    – Grandma’s LG G4 before it died bootlooping
    – Brother’s LG G2 with LineageOS
    – Coworker’s Xperia XZ with the latest updates
    – Coworker’s Galaxy J7 (2016)
    – Coworker’s Redmi Note 4
    – Friend’s Honor 6X
    – Coworker’s BlackBerry PRIV

    I used a Tronsmart Encore S1. I tested with Spotify over a mobile hostpot (provided by Z5 Premium) over three months.

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