Xperia XA1 family gets firmware update with November 2017 security patches

by XB on 17th November 2017

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Sony Mobile has released a minor firmware update for the Xperia XA1 series of phones that adds the 6 November 2017 Android security patch. All handsets remain on Android 7.0, so we’re not seeing any major Android upgrades for these phones just yet.

The recently launched Xperia XA1 Plus sees its first firmware update, moving the build number from 48.0.A.1.66 to 48.0.A.1.99. The 5-inch Xperia XA1’s build number moves from 40.0.A.6.135 to version 40.0.A.6.162, while the 6-inch Xperia XA 1 Ultra’s build number moves from 42.0.A.4.101 to 42.0.A.4.133. We’re not sure whether these phones will get Android 7.1.1 anytime soon, or Sony may decide to skip it and move straight to Oreo. Let us know any changes you’ve noticed in this latest update.

Xperia XA1 (left) and XA1 Ultra (right) updated with 6 November 2017 Android security patch

Thanks Mike, Sonic Tech and Stephen!

  • Moisés


  • Stuart Gardoll

    6 November patch means KRACK is patched, no?

  • Rohan

    XZ, X, XZs still hasn’t gotten November patch. I guess 8.0 update is in the works.

  • Moisés

    Maybe end of november or beggining of december with november patch. Then december patch before Xmas.
    XZs has different camera, it may get update couple days ahead of the others.
    Like Z5 gets one or 2 days before z3+.

  • Tulasi Ram G

    I’m here… I didn’t updated yet. I’m on roaming.

  • Cloud_Connected

    I bought the XA1 Plus a few days ago. Nice build quality, I don’ t need to mention that I like the Sony design language. Good standby due to the big battery capacity. The best thing, however, ia the screen/Device size: It sits perfectly between the 5 inch devices and the phablet devices.

  • Moisés

    Thank you

  • Blasse


  • razorg

    It’s good to see that Sony’s making a habit of providing the most-up-to-date patches whenever they decide to update their mid-rangers (instead of the way they’d release 1-2 months old pathces in the past). Well done. I’ll be recommending Sony midreangers to the people, with even more confidence now ;)

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Mirai, oh Mirai……
    You can’t come soon enough.

    And with JDI’s OLED?? Come on, Sony must be included in the top 5 of best smartphones next year.

    And theoretically, the next Premium and the IMX500 should be debuted next year, too, but at IFA instead of MWC. I can wait for the best, because the best always comes to those who can wait.

  • Yuri

    My X Performance hasn’t gotten the update, perhaps it will get Android Oreo instead!!

  • Yuri

    Does anyone think that with the Oreo we will get the 3D app launcher like on pixels and on new xperias?? Did the xz premium got that after updating?

  • Muchakis
  • Igor Helal

    Hope the OREO lands on my XZ before the end of the year!

  • adibuyono

    if you mean iphone like 3d touch, yep.. XZP has it..

  • Yuri

    That’s exactly what I meant, so if the XZP got it with the Oreo update then there is a good chance that the X Performance & original XZ will get it too once the Oreo update comes out!! Sweet, no more launcher needed!!!


    It should be, since the previous update falls in the middle of Dec, I am hopimg it does come out around that time

  • Piponxs

    Before 2019

  • razorg

    Xperia XZ seems to have started receiving Oreo, starting with Turkey.
    In yo face Galaxy S7!

  • Vitaliy Vdovenko

    New update for Xperia XZs and XZ – 41.3.A.0.401

  • Vitaliy Vdovenko
  • GM RF Quanta
  • razorg

    Samsung representative says S6 series will be receiving Oreo.

    If Samsung ever does this, I’ll be demanding Oreo for my Z5 Compact as well. I still see the chances of this to be very slim (as we’ve been fooled by Samsung representatives for numerous times, what they say about SW updates are not always entirely trustworthy). I still am happy with the way my Z5 Compact evolved in terms of SW right now, but if it’s equivalent competition device gets more, I’ll be demanding more.

  • Actman

    No surprise mate! Even Google had announced that the new Pixel will have at least of 3 years support/ 3 major updates for their relative smartphone.

  • Actman

    Anything new? Does it include the new clock widget (for the lock screen) like the XZs series?

  • razorg

    Google has been quite untouched with it’s Nexus/Pixel update policy to be honest. Nobody gave a sh.t what they were doing, but still they improved. My Z5C’s equivalent Google phone is running on Oreo right now (Nexus 6P) but I didn’t want to raise my hopes all by myself so I never expected anything after Nougat (and honestly, still don’t expect much), knowing that all the OEMs were acting the same. But this announcement from Sammy (if true) is a game changer.

  • Actman

    Yeah! Agreed! We just take this as a pinch of salt! Rumour is still rumour still. Apparently I won’t believe it until I see it. Perhaps we could jump onto the same bandwagon if Sammy really did it.

  • Helder Lucas

    There is a conflict when using a launcher with this security update, somehow, the visualisation scale increases when running Microsoft Launcher or Nova Launcher

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