Xperia XZ1, XZ1 Compact and XZ Premium receive December 2017 security patches (47.1.A.8.49)

by XB on 18th December 2017

in Firmware, Xperia XZ series

Sony Mobile is rolling a new firmware update for the Xperia XZ1, Xperia XZ1 Compact and Xperia XZ Premium, moving from build number 47.1.A.5.51 to version 47.1.A.8.49. Sony has included the 1 December 2017 Android security patches in this latest update. If you have noticed any other changes or bug fixes in this latest update, let us know in the comments below.

Thanks David, Gary, Mansoor, Preben, Tadija and Toomas!

  • HiengOng

    Just got it for my xz1 compact. Quick Update :) Thanks sony

  • Jozef Cmar

    Review and FTF link for XZ1 Compact

  • Martin Pretorius

    Update not showing for XZ1 in SA yet. Hoping this one might solve irritating dropping of WIFI all the time!

  • HiengOng

    Received update at 2 a.m 19/12/2017 Malaysia

  • Ralf ranfyy

    Is Smart Lock broken for anyone else?

  • Works on XZ Premium.

  • Still no Front Flash for xz premium, though

  • impasse

    idk, smartlock almost NEVER works properly for me, either based on device (still have to unlock in my car, even when connected via bluetooth), or my house half the time (not sure if it’s because gps takes a bit to wake up and locate)

  • Bennder

    They have added some shortcuts to launcher settings in main settings menu

  • Ralf ranfyy

    Do you use fingerprints?

  • Yes, but also with lockscreen (wrong finger) it just works. Car Bluetooth and home location.

  • DarxMaster

    Folder Icons are bigger now

  • el_sur

    Of course my US xz1 compact still on August patches. Seriously, Sony shows no love to the USA.

  • azzido

    Received it today.
    The bad thing is they again stopped sharing any release notes / changelog…

    Looks like the guy from PR / communication division is back from vacations… Regards to this bro!

  • azzido

    If they are going to release it next year I am not going to buy it:

    – They say 5.48″ LCS :/ but only Full HD.
    – Too small battery – only 3130mAh (100mAh less than XZ Premium which is rendering most of the time in 1080p too)

    – Dual 12MPx camera with (OMG!) F2.0… +… no signs of OIS…
    – Smaller bezels.
    – Snap 845 and only 4GB of RAM, really Sony, you want to compete in 2018 with 4GB of Ram while other flagships will come with 6-8GB of RAM??? And 64GB of Internal storage.

    I wonder who is gonna buy it?
    Sony is coming with few features that aother brands had 1 year ago (dual camera and smaller bezels) + newwer Snapdragon which is a minor update to 835. Rest is the same.

    Who they want to impress with it? In mobile world 1 year is an abyss.
    Other brands will come with new features and better specs that again Sony will not have and will show it in 2019…

    Mobile division is lacking a lot behind the competition and cannot / doesn’t want to compete.
    That is why it is loosing its loyal customer as it is becoming “no longer relevant”.

    If they will come with this product I predict they will be in serious trouble :(

    And comments below article says Sony is messing with naming convention a lot.
    Which is correct and I have no idea why they went away from Z series…

    Well, waiting to see the design as it seems we know the rest.
    But if slimmer bezels will be the only change it will be really bad.
    I think they no longer have all these talented designers from Europe we remember from video interviews. Where are these people? This is why the company is going down, all these people are gone…

    The ship is sinking, strangely management seems not to see the issue, they will continue to release same / similar products with minor products lacking 1-2 years behind the competition until CEO of Sony will say stop and will sell Sony Mobile as they did with Vaio :( :( :(

    Many companies have this issue: there are young talented people with some ambitions and visions but they must do what sad, old grandpas from director’s board say…

    If this rumor is true at least I will save some money.
    Looks like Sony is not interested in attracting new customers and keeping its fans.
    Where this will lead them? Time will show.

  • pberruti

    I am still waiting 47.1.A.5.51 for my HK based Z1C!

  • Phil Gym
  • azzido

    hope fake

  • Moisés

    Concept only..

    New phones wont use loop..

  • Moisés


    This device is probably the winter phone like Z2, Z4, X Performance and XZs.
    Not the main of 2018.
    I believe Premium has 1,5 year cycle. So it might come in september..

    The f2.0 is for front cam, no info for rear.

    There will be new stabilization, read about Dynamic Vibration System here on XB.

    S9 will have 4GB ram. Most of computers have 4GB to run windows. Why need 6 for android?

    With the 845 this phone will last a lot, like XA1+.

  • mitotsu

    Nice! Thanks for sharing.. Now I just wish they’d change the app drawer to scrolling vertically rather than the outdated horizontal scroll.

  • Utsav Shah

    fake news!

  • comme des garcons
  • comme des garcons

    looks like new phones tap into loop again

  • Darklauber

    Its a android 8 bug
    Disable trusted agents on security settings.
    Restart phone
    Enable security settings. Thats it.

  • fried_egg

    The Novermber update & camera fix only rolled out to my sim free uk xz1 yesterday

  • fried_egg

    no nfc on back… which it reverted to after the disaster of putting it on the front. nfc works best on the back in the xz1 plastic cluster which this has not got. so fake

  • Ralf ranfyy

    Thx. Workaround works.

  • 3_nity


  • 3_nity

    I think you don’t know about features, dud.

  • PatQQ

    Did they fix the auto brightness? Or is it intentional?…

  • Michael De Santa

    XPERIA XA1 just got the December patches as well

  • Moisés

    This pink is an edited XZ1c.
    Strechted with dual cam.

  • Marco

    The Xperia X Compact also received the 1 December 2017 Android security patches

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Or give us an option so everyone can decide what they want :D I prefer the current classic one :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Don’t u see the nfc mark over the fingerprint sensor ??!!

  • Attila Golik

    Still nothing for XZ Premium Dual

  • Thariq Mohammed
  • Thariq Mohammed
  • fried_egg

    the back is plastic then? because that would also be unlikely. NFC doesn’t work through metal and it doesnt look like glass. or it built into the finger print sensor but that is unlikely too.

  • jxPerience

    It could be a glass back, there’s no way to put plastic back for a FLAGSHIP runner.

  • Keshav Burtony

    T’es malade toi frere.. C’est impossible..

  • fried_egg

    As I said, no chance it would be plastic. The cameras are also just not efficiently engineered for production. That is too 2016 is style. They would be in the same module for simple production assembly & space use within the tight packed available area. That is just not likely to be any phone sony makes with it’s current need to be clean and simple in production design.

  • Jacky


  • tristi lumina

    no RGBC and Laser Autofocus sensor, if this is flaghsip then fake

  • dpc4321

    What’s wrong with your auto brightness? Is it the XZ premium you got?

  • comme des garcons

    This is the single camera version of new Xperia 2018. Last summer we saw the leaked pic of silver Xperia with rear scanner which wasn’t announced at IFA2017. loop again in 2018

  • azman sarajudin

    mine to … :( … malaysia

  • Attila Golik

    There is now Customized MY, so it’s available to you. I’m waiting for CE1.

  • azman sarajudin

    using companion or OTA ? normally I’ll wait for OTA

  • Attila Golik

    I thin OTA will work too now.

  • azman sarajudin

    yeah .. got it … hope it fixed my adaptive brightness issue.

  • Moisés

    They wont use loop, it makes phones thicker.

  • PatQQ

    Yeah XZ Premium. After Oreo update, auto brightness changes really fast instead of changing slowly like before.


  • suraj

    xz1 please do double tip to sleep like xperia z2

  • Raymond Foo

    Hello, why I can’t get any system updates on my current 47.1.A.2.374. It is a XZ1 (G8342) from Taiwan.

  • Jacky

    The Nov/dec updates are not out in Taiwan and Hong Kong. I’m waiting for mine as well

  • dpc4321

    I hope they fix this bug for you soon :-) , I also have the XZ premium single sim but the auto brightness works fine… Hopefully fix is in this update.

  • LazAndKor

    I don’t have them even though I updated to the December update….. What’s your Xperia Home version?

  • Malcolm

    Outdated? Vertical scrolling is exactly what the earliest Android versions had until they changed it to horizontal.

  • Malcolm

    Why was it a disaster? I had no particular problems with NFC on my XZ.

  • fried_egg

    have you seen the google pay annimations? or the other uses some nfc apps make use of the screen when tapping their readers?

  • Malcolm

    You don’t need to use anything on the screen to pay, you just need to put the NFC transmitter close to the terminal for a second. I use my phone all the time to pay for various stuff (although not with Android Pay, I have to admit), but I’ve never had any issues with the front placement. Maybe there are some apps which work poorly because of that, but apparently I didn’t stumble upon them yet.

  • fried_egg

    as i said, you can’t see the screen so you don’t know what you are missing. But there is no way the sensor is behind a metal back and there is no way that is a premium phone with a plastic back – so the picture is fake. it looks like a mate 10 anyway, and sony do not want to be looking like the cheap end of the phone brands.

  • Malcolm

    Well, there are only two outcomes: either the operation is successful, or it isn’t. Terminal says that anyway, so I don’t really need to look at the screen. I agree being able to look at the screen is better, but I’d hardly call it a disaster.

    As for the picture, I actually see a faint NFC icon right above the sensor… but that doesn’t make it look any less fake regardless.

  • Piotr

    It is not firmware update. It is home launcher app update.

  • Koh Yuan Chen

    That swipe up and down came with the 47.1.A.2.374

  • Bennder

    Yes I have xperia home beta 11.2.A.0.3 on xz1. No one mention this in last update so I assume that this is from this software update

  • el_sur

    Same here in the USA. It’s really annoying, and this happens frequently.

  • cool – erm does anyone know why whenever an app is installed it doesn’t show in the home screen instantly, i always have to swipe it out?

    plus also, i can’t have more than one page of apps /folders showing at the homescreen?…

  • azzido

    And no double wake to tap :)

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