Xperia XA2 ‘super mid-ranger’ launched with big battery

by XB on 8th January 2018

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Sony has announced the Xperia XA2 (H3113, H3123, H3133, H4113, H4133), which looks to be a great all-rounder and a worthy update over last year’s Xperia XA1. Sony is now using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 chipset (versus MediaTek Helio P20 MT6757 previously) and has a slightly bigger 5.2-inch FHD 1080p display with Corning Gorilla Glass (versus 5-inch HD 720p display previously). Another change is a massive increase in battery capacity from 2300mAh in last year’s Xperia XA1, to 3300 mAh in the Xperia XA2.

On the camera side, the Xperia XA2 features a rear 23MP 1/2.3-inch Exmor RS camera with 4K video recording, 120 fps slow motion video and ISO 12800 low light sensitivity. It uses an 84-degree wide-angle F2.0 lens. Selfie camera duties are taken care of by an 8MP 1/4-inch Exmor R camera with 120-degree super wide-angle F2.4 lens.

Sony uses a similar ‘loop surface’ design as seen in last year’s models, with very thin side bezels and bigger top/bottom bezels. The Xperia XA2 uses anodized aluminium on the sides, with a diamond-cut finish on the top and bottom. Sony has also included a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor that will now also work in the United States.

Other features include 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage (21GB usable), microSD memory card support, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, USB Type-C, 3.5mm headphone jack and FM radio. The Sony Xperia XA2 has dimensions of 142 x 70 x 9.7mm and weighs 171 grams. It will be available in four colours (Silver, Black, Blue and Pink) and launches with Android Oreo from February 2018.

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • Moisés

    Same blue of XA1 or XZ1c?

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • Any info about the price?

  • Eileen the Crow

    Could someone do something about this guy?

  • Antero Masonen

    Just trolling idiot its fcking annoying

  • Dexter Moregan

    Everything of it are great except the fingerprint sensor on the back. It should be on the side at the power button

  • deekbee

    Pretty sure that I’d never get 2 days out of one of these, battery would need to be a fair bit bigger.

    But liking the look of this, along with the L2, which looks like an excellent entry level device.

  • shenoy


  • monoke

    Just as I suspected, they went overboard with the loop design and the screen is oval shaped, no longer completely flat. Looks great yes but functionally it’s glares galore… Why oh why didn’t they leave these gimmicks to the sammies I have no idea. :/
    If they do this with the flagships, I’m done with Sony.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    just block him :D

  • Szabó Béla

    If it would be on the side, it would be turned off for the US.

  • Barricade

    The camera is placed too high. If they lowered its position, I feel like the phone would look a lot better. (XA2 Ultra’s back looks way better for this reason.)

  • Moisés

    Yes, should be a bit lower like the Ultra.

  • Khaled

    Nodar aka ADIDA keep your shit at Esato forums

  • mUSICA

    was plang to get the xa1 plus , glad i didnt buy, will be waitng for this hope the price isnt overpriced

  • Sungkyung Kim

    Pink color looks the best among three

  • phil g

    So happy Sony bumped up the battery size on the XA2 series. Hopefully that is another thing that will set these devices apart from the crowded midrange segment. Now Sony just needs to price these phones right.

  • azzido

    I assume the battery will be the system seller feature for this phone.
    Expecting great battery life.

    I hope this is a good prognostic for upcoming flagship.
    If it will be 5.5″ I hope they include 3500mAh battery as a minimum, ideally 4000mAh (one rumor was saying 3900, so close ;) ).

  • joseph carmine nero

    She is a delusional fool.btw don’t try to ridicule her as she is kind immune to insults.

  • Warren Chang

    just wondering, does this XA2 support Ldac? i notice it supports aptx hd and bluetooth 5.0

  • mountain

    They could have named this Xperia Ion 2

  • mrhangover Rox

    i’ll bet the price getting expensive than XA1… luls

  • Night Guy

    Lol delusional xD.

  • Dexter Moregan

    Why do USA ban if it on the side?

  • vanguard

    under $200 is ok, higher then fuck off!

  • iia3ezu

    Sony always has a ‘brand premium tax’.

    If you want a cheaper phone, get a Xiaomi. Or wait till Christmas 2018 to get the Xperia XA2.

  • iia3ezu

    Can we celebrate that the XA2 (Ultra) and L2 have FM RADIO?

    Yes, phone manufacturers, FM radio is for ‘backward people’ who are too poor to stream music or buy a very expensive flagship phone.

  • iia3ezu

    It’s a shame the XA2 Plus weighs 221g. Definitely not for one-handed use and not pocket friendly.

    But at least it has a monster battery. Would like to see battery comparison tests with the HTC U11 Plus, which has a 3930 mAh battery but weighs only 188g. Let’s see if Stamina mode can bridge the gap in battery life. Both phones have Android Oreo so any Oreo-based battery saving features should be found in both phones.

  • Moisés

    Gossips of 3700

  • Moisés

    Maybe $200, $300 and $400

  • Due to pattens problems

  • Thats the problem. If the camera was in a lowered position, the fingerprint sensor would be lowered and you wouldn’t have a big battery. It´s important to find a balance

  • Barricade

    Yeah, but it’s only the back of the device so it’s not that bad. You’re right about that battery, didn’t think about that one.

    I prefer a top left camera (and a side-mounted power button/fingerprint scanner combination) over one in the middle either way, so I kinda hope they stick with that for their new high-end line.

  • Doesn´t seme like that. Just go to Sony Mobile instagram and watch the live Q&A. You see a Sony Mobile staff saying that the camera on that position is the best for photos. So we´ll probably see the same design acorss all Xperia line this year.

  • Barricade

    Well, that kinda sucks. Hope they found a way to make a dual camera setup look good tegen. (I like the way it looks on leaked S9+ renders.)

  • Actually i disagree. I don’t wanna a fingerprint near the camera lenses.
    The lates rumors. And based on what we see on XA 2018 line, i start to believe in this

  • Alvin

    Don’t, please. That render is fanmade and not real at all. Next month we should see what sony will give us after all these long, painful 3 years of nothingness and slight disappointment.

  • DenisXD

    And the bezels are smaller, anyone noticed that?? :)

  • Alvin

    Don’t expect a mid ranger or entry level from sony that has an ultra low price. As what the other commenter suggest, get a xiaomi, or vivo, oppo, etc.

  • Alvin

    Yup. Around 75%.

  • washinma2424

    I don’t think they will be able to get the XA2 down to 275.00. But more realistic prices XA2 300.00 and the ultra 350.00 – 375.00.

  • Of course it´s fake. But my point is about the back panel! The loop surface won’t disappear. Already confirmed by Sony Mobile executive!

  • Barricade

    I meant the dual cameras only, I agree that there should be some more spacing between the cameras and the fingerprint scanner.

    I do hope they do something that looks better than that render at least. Then again, renders vs reality can turn out entirely different (reality usually looks a lot better than on render).

  • I think it match rather near to XA1 Plus than XZ1C as XZ1C has a vibes of Cyan than XA1+ vibes of Aqua .

  • dragonsneeze

    US dollars? Those prices sound too low for Sony. I expect at least 350 for XA2, 399 is my last bet.

  • KarFar
  • SM

    Who holds the patent there for side FPS?

  • SM

    Happy to see that Sony finally switched from MT Soc to SD with bigger battery. Now only if they can priced it in proper segment, hope they’ll regain the market share.

  • Barricade

    I always wondered the same thing, since Razer puts it on the side as well. If they enabled it in the US, maybe they actually could’ve gained some marketshare back when bezels weren’t as frowned upon.

  • Barricade

    They also include a microSD card slot for locally stored music as well. Great features for phones in this price range.

  • Barricade

    EU pricing is €349 for XA2 and €429 for the XA2 Ultra.

  • azzido

    To cut the long story short Sony is back to the game when it comes to battery life.
    They can easily market it as 2 – 3 days battery life.

    Hope the same come back in terms of the camera and picture quality (especially low light) in upcoming flagshipS ;)

    p.s. slow motion video technology makes sense when it will be paired with quality, I think with XZ Premium and XZs they opened the right door, they just need to enhance it to 1080p and longer slow mode period + less zoom = and we will have a winner.

  • Alvin

    Source? Because they’ll overhaul their flagship design according to my sources

  • hansip

    anything that can do 40% after heavy usage into the night is fine by me. I can left it charged all night long.

  • Timothy Michael Ong

    comes with oreo afaik

  • hansip

    just use simple plastic screen protector and be done with it. gets scratched easily? buy dozens of them.

    Don’t get me wrong, i do think that curved screen is not good for tempered glass application, and i do prefer tempered glass too. but i do break and scratch my glass often enough that i think i can cope with even cheaper screen protector in the future.

  • “the design of the smartphone after the transition from the style of Omnibalance, which we used from the time Xperia Z1 to Xperia X, to Loop Surface, which came along with Xperia XZ in 2016 and will be used in future smartphones Sony.”

    Funny that now i assume that they could talk about the design be use in “some” Sony smartphones, and not all Sony Smartphones.

    But you can read the full interview, but you it´s in russian.

  • Alvin

    Though, according to my sources, the new flagship will have a new design that curves at the front’s top and bottom (looks like G3’s curve, look it up) with ~80% stbr. It still has a sony logo and stereo speakers.

  • Dick_Turpin

    Anyone seen anything about an IP rating?

  • Рустам Абдуллаев

    No waterproof?

  • MrWalker1000

    its either a patent issue that apple owns or 2 something to do with verizon contract.

    If its apple thats complete bs because sony was the first to introduce it on a phone in the market unless Sony just forgot to patent it on the international market or whatever.

    US patent system is prob bs anyways.

  • Barricade

    How did you come to the conclusion Apple is involved? Just curious, because like I said before, why would Razer do it and Sony not?

  • MrWalker1000

    so whats the issue then?

  • Barricade

    Me wanting to know more about the patent that prevents Sony from using the side power button/fingerprint scanner and you not helping my cause by jumping to allegations without supporting evidence. That’s the issue.

  • What on *EARTH* do they use the 11 reserved GB for????? The Android OS and Google apps themselves shouldn’t take up so much space. I mean, that’s almost as much as the total space on my Z3!

  • Carney3

    I had a really negative experience with the XA1. First one got a black smear on the screen within a few weeks. Second one began having a severely impaired signal connection within 3 months.

    So I’m a bit hesitant about going for the XA2, but I don’t want to step down to the L2 and I probably don’t want to shell out (or wait) for the XZ2. sigh..

  • Carney3

    I wish it was a full size SD card slot. Some of the very first PocketPC smartphones had that, and these days with advances in miniaturization, there should be more room available for a full size SD slot than ever. MicroSD is a pain to use to transfer data from one device to another.

  • Carney3

    Be nice if they had a white one too.

  • Barricade

    You know you’re talking about something that’s 4+ times the size of a microSD card, right? Even with the advancements in miniaturization, there will always be more important things to use that new free space for (battery, extra camera, stereo speakers etc.). While the things that go into a smartphone get smaller, there are also more things that go into a smartphone nowadays.

  • carolina_country

    It doesn’t have anything to do with Apple, but Sony having some sort of settlement with carrier(s) when it became focused primarily on selling unlocked phones in the US vs on-contract with carriers. That is the most detail I’ve been able to gather on it after discussing it on various forums.

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