Sony Mobile job listing hints at an OLED Xperia future

by XB on 12th January 2018

in Rumours

One year ago (to the day almost) we reported that Sony Mobile was planning to launch a premium Xperia flagship in 2018 that would incorporate an OLED display. Well you can now add more fuel to the fire on that lingering rumour. We have come across some official Sony Mobile job listings for a ‘Display Engineer’, where “OLED experience is a must”.

One of the key job descriptors is to “drive display/OLED integration to mobile phone products (design/verification/production)”. That seems like pretty hard evidence to us that Sony is at least working on an OLED equipped Xperia device. What we don’t know at this stage is if Sony remains on schedule to release an OLED Xperia device in 2018. The full time job was posted on 30 November 2017, with an ‘unposting date’ of 28 February 2018. So if we don’t see an OLED Xperia device announcement at MWC in February, then there’s a good chance Sony could launch it for IFA in September 2018. We’ll keep you posted with any developments.

Sony Mobile Display Engineer Job Listing

Sony Mobile Display Engineer Job Listing – Dates to apply

Thanks Andrei!

  • Moisés

    RGB oled from LG

  • razorg

    Oh yes. Bring on the thin display modules for thinner phones & more battery volumes & mind blowing contrast & glance displays without light leaks!!

  • DBS

    About time. ’cause they should have stared adopting it AGES ago…but as they say, better late than never.
    Maybe they’ll take the chance and add the other things missing for years: wireless charging and OIS.

  • DBS

    Very likely considering it’s already LG Display that provides the OLED screens for their TVs.

  • Peter Miliopoulos

    Wrong Japan Display provides their screens

  • DBS

    It’s LG Display

    Japan Display doesn’t currently have the manufacturing capabilities to provide displays to anyone. Which is why Sony and other companies have invested more money in it at the end of last year.

  • Paul

    Maybe they should open a job for someone basic java and bash experience so they can finally publish Oreo firmwares.
    No OLED Xperias in the next year or so if they’re only now hiring. Mismanaged as usual.

  • Moisés

    JDI make only LCD at the moment. They are getting ready to provide oled next year.

  • A Sony ex told they would introduce and Xperia with world’s first 4K OLED HDR display

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Actually I want SONY to include OIS instead of OLED display and I’m scare about LG OLED… I mean the screen issues…

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Well I’d rather have OLED later but flawless than have OLED now but gets imperfections.

    Until burn ins go away, I’d stick with IPS LCD, or even go straight to microLED instead.

  • DBS

    Burn ins are a rarity in OLED displays nowadays. Only when your software sucks and your quality control isn’t great does that occur (hence the problems the the iPixel 2 XL).
    I’ve been using phones with AMOLED since the Nokia N8 and never EVER have I had burn in on a phone.
    LCD’s also discolour and fade away and, funny enough, THAT I’ve had happen to me (although, to also be fair, it only happened once).

    At this stage of the game, Sony is safe going with OLED as long as they do the proper quality control. They’d be safer if they used Samsung’s AMOLED displays, but LG is the second best choice for mobile OLED.

  • John ford

    This is a unique and great leak, and here comes good tweet by Ricciolo “Received many questions about sony xperia flagship,i can only say you’re gonna like very much what you’re going to see…just don’t expect something incredibly different or weird… still recognizable sony “STYLE” i’d call it 2.0″ I don’t know what he means by”2.0.”

  • iia3ezu

    I hope Sony makes its own OLED display panels rather than pay Samsung a fortune for it.

    The iPhone X’s price was inflated partly because Samsung made Apple pay a fortune for it.

  • Alvin

    Yes, rare. But if the OLED Xperia suffers from burn-in and have problems like pixel 2 had, I think it would suck so bad.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    With all the QC problems of oled mobile tech today….if true, this is such a wrong move.
    Expecting numerous display problem reports just as on Samsung, Pixel and Apple phones…
    Quality down the drain Id say….
    Just hoping Sony adds sth extra of their own to the tech, to prevent that crap from happening.

  • Moisés

    From LG probably

  • Moisés

    Impossible to get rid of burn in.
    Organic stuff cannot cheat death.
    Cant stop pixels from dying.

  • Moisés

    Sony uses rgb matrix, i doubt they go pentile.

  • Phil Gym

    never seen any leak like this lol thanks Andrei

  • Phil Gym

    don’t expect something incredibly different…that sounds “no major change to overall design language” to me…meaning “loop surface again”…which I don’t think cool at all

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • Flythe

    JDI itself isn’t supposed to develop OLED displays. Sony founded a Joint Venture alongside INCJ, JDI and Panasonic for this purpose called JOLED. However, I believe they don’t have any marketable products yet.

  • Flythe

    Likely, but not necessarily. LG provides the OLEDs for Bravia TVs since it’s the only considerable manufacturer of large OLED panels. Sony might as well go with Samsung for their smartphones. However, it is rumoured that there will be an OLED shortage in 2018 since Apple has ordered large amounts of OLEDs both from Samsung and LG for its upcoming iPhones. So, Sony might be better off on the long term if they get their own OLED production running. Or we see some progress with cLEDis.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Good but I want them to invest more on microLED instead.
    They can keep their IPS LCD for another year so that we can have the first smartphone with microLED display.

  • lopp surface won’t disappear

  • Barricade

    It will be a while before microLED will be used ons smartphone displays.

  • Barricade

    I believe JDI is looking into producing OLED displays, and Sony is one of the investors.

  • Barricade

    You do know that the burn-in on the Pixel 2 XL was only visible at very low brightness on a grey background, right? Casual smartphone users wouldn’t have noticed it. It’s just that casuals don’t buy Pixels.

    Also, burn-in can be countered by software.

  • Iki

    The smallest possible screen at the moment is 148″… That is a large phone.

  • PoweredBySony
  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    This sounds good but I wish they cut down some top and bottom bezels. Then again I hope they’re not going to LG for that P OLED. cause it’s really bad.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Finally and I hope they’re not going with LG’s P OLED.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Yuck I don’t need that crappy P OLED. :(

  • DonRox
  • Khalid Abdi

    Good news guys. Sony is going to make their OLEDs which the whole country (Japan) corprated to make OLED. JOLED and JDI where looking for a fund in order to enter mass production by 2019. JOLED will be building for the large displays such as TVs and monitors. JOLED sold their first OLED medical monitors in December 2017 its been reported and JDI will make phone OLED displays because they lost their market share when Apple decided to buy OLED displays from Samsung.

  • Great Dude

    Although I would prefer a 120Hz LCD display, I guess Amoled is the famous star nowadays and it would bring more profit to Sony.

  • Moisés

    80% screen/body for the 4K phone

  • Talos the Robot

    The first microLED display first announced by Sony in 2012 and it was at 55 inches.

  • Talos the Robot

    If Sony puts pentile crapoled displays i will stick with my XZ Premium forever.

  • Talos the Robot

    LG phones use pentile arrangement.

  • comme des garcons

    I hope for the best design for flagship

  • osikiri

    Stupid Sony… Do they think adopting OLED will increase sales? Then what would be the reason for the existing Xperia users not to just buy Galaxy phones which use the same OLED tech bothering users with screen burn-in, pinkish hue and flickering, and abandon Xperia phones? The same stupidity of Google Pixel. OLED madness is ruining the whole smartphone industry! Just one company smiles…

  • Iki

    Was it 4k?

  • Alvin

    I know that and if it is still a burn-in, I really don’t want it to happen to my phone

  • Alvin

    And I’m also scared of OIS because of what happened in the Galaxy flagships in 2017. The videos have that weird effect which is horrible to look at. Maybe hybrid stabilisation like pixel 2 would be great.

  • Melissa

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  • Barricade

    You should most definitely skip ant OLED phone on the market then.

  • Alvin

    Yup, that’s my decision, but if Sony’s OLED phone is good enough that makes me don’t care about bad things in OLED, I’ll definitely buy it.

  • azzido

    Bad news, so there will be no Oled phones at MWC in Feb if they did not start to work on it yet and just searching for people… :(

  • azzido

    Wireless charging is not needed, it produce a lot of heat which has a huge impact on battery life.

    OIS yes, along with OLED it shows how many yers Sony’s lacking behind the competition. And still they are so stubborn not to give us better camera in Xperia. Galaxy S9 coming with F1.5 and OIS this year. How about Sony?

  • Talos the Robot

    In 2012 4k TV’s weren’t popular.

  • azzido

    Most people take much more pictures than record videos, however, Sony kept focusing on videos for the last years instead of picture quality instead… Especially they have great camera division for Sony Alpha. Now they are where they are with Xperia.

    Strange decisions…

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    That’s right. Video is not for everyone.

    SONY just try to be different.

  • DBS

    Wireless charging is essential. Even Apple has caught on with the times.
    Also, that’s absolutely false. Wireless charging actually produces almost no heat at all which has the minimum impact on the battery life. QuickCharging on the other hand has the exact opposite effect.
    For battery life, wireless charging is far more beneficial since its impact on the degradation of the battery is far far inferior.

    Agreed on the rest.
    OIS is specially ridiculous to be missing. Flagships with great cameras have all come with OIS since 2012. Only Sony stubbornly insists in shitty EIS.

  • HAWX

    I wonder how much they offer. If they don’t have anybody who understands OLED before, they should bring very experienced or very professional person, who usually demands quite much.

  • They still haven’t managed to minimize or solve the Burn-In problem. I am absolutely not willing to buy a smartphone with an OLED screen, as long as these problems are still a thing.

  • Hery Kusnindar
  • Hazel

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  • azzido

    On the OIS side this shows how sony is lacking behind the competition, but it’s all about they stubborness rather than they cannot implement it.

  • The most ironic part about the news is that this leak came from a job advertisement and not the actual leak itself. Thanks for the news and hope to see how this turns out.

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