Xperia XA1 and XA1 Plus updated with Spectre and Meltdown patches

by XB on 12th January 2018

in Firmware, Xperia XA series

Sony Mobile has updated the Xperia XA1 and Xperia XA1 Plus with new firmware updates that move the Android security patch to 5 January 2018. The importance of this security update is that the Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities are now patched.

The Sony Xperia XA1 firmware has moves the build number from 40.0.A.6.175 to version 40.0.A.6.189. The Sony Xperia XA1 Plus moves from 48.0.A.1.117 to version 48.0.A.1.131. The handsets remain on Android 7.0 Nougat, but Sony is planning an upgrade to Android Oreo later in the year.

Thanks Mike!

  • dragonsneeze

    I thought Cortex-A53s weren’t affected.

  • Melissa

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  • ZerothGlacius

    They aren’t, the January security patch includes OS level fixes for meltdown and spectre, as the kernel is the same code across devices. That means these vulnerabilities will not work on any device updated with the January patch. The good news is that since the CPU was never affected (A53), performance losses are likely to be zero.

  • dragonsneeze

    So they didn’t need a fix for these vulnerabilities, right? If they weren’t affected in the first place.

  • Hazel

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  • ZerothGlacius

    Exactly. No fix needed, but the OS gets the update anyway (Google is pushing some kernel level updates to all devices). Similar to how MS pushed out the Meltdown update for users running AMD CPUs as well, even though AMD CPUs were not vulnerable to meltdown.

    This is because OS code needs to be device agnostic so that compilers can easily compile it to the desired target (x86, ARM etc.)

  • dragonsneeze

    I guess the article title is a little misinterpreted, that’s why I wanted to ask. Anyway, thanks for the explanation. :)

  • After the update, Fingerprint sensor has become more accurate and the unlocking time has reduced a bit; i mean lockscreen wallpaper gets cleared pretty fast as compared to when i bought the device. first it use to take couple of seconds(1-3 sec) to unlock now it unlocks within 0.5-1 sec time. also it detects half thumb print as well if we place thumb more to the curved edges even then it detects pretty fast.

  • Barry

    The update to .189 has had two significant impacts on my XA1:

    POSITIVE: The constant problems between WiFi and Bluetooth, whereby I could only use one of them reliably if the other was disabled, have been almost completely resolved (a single recurrence in the last three weeks or so)
    NEGATIVE: The touchscreen has developed major problems with sensitivity, primarily with not detecting keyboard presses down the right side of the screen, preventing the Notification Shade from being pulled down, and losing connectivity with a finger that is swiping around the screen (most noticeable when gesture-typing)

    These touchscreen problems are almost constant, but not quite, which leads me to suspect a software (as opposed to hardware) issue.

    With the previous connectivity issues, I was almost at the point of returning the device after a couple of months of tolerating it. I don’t know that I’ll put up with these new issues for as long as that, in part because they’re much more visible and invasive to the interaction with the device and in part because there’s no quick workaround the way there was with the connectivity issues (quickly toggling the unneeded connectivity option).

    Anyone have any thoughts on resolving this, or any idea on how long I might have to wait for the next firmware update? I was thinking to make that the point at which I make a final decision on keeping the device.

    [Edited for minor corrections]

  • Srijan Nayak

    About your touchscreen issue, it is common with almost all Xperia XA1. I am also suffering from it (even before the update). If you search it up, you’ll find a huge thread on sony forums. It is frustrating. And there is no workaround for this. The screen sensitivity gets worse day by day. Now most of my screen border (top, left, right, bottom) is inactive.

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