‘my Xperia’ discontinued: Sony Mobile shutters another service

by XB on 19th January 2018

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Sony Mobile launched its ‘my Xperia’ location tracking service for its phones back in 2013, but since then a lot has changed. The service, which is similar to Google’s ‘Find My Device’ allowed you to remotely lock and/or wipe your Xperia device. Given the similarities with Google’s service, it’s perhaps not a surprise to learn that Sony has closed it down. If you try to access myXperia now, you are automatically redirected to Google’s Find My Device site.

The decision was confirm over at the Sony Mobile Talk Forums, with the following statement: “As of January 17, 2018, the my Xperia web service has also been discontinued and you will now be redirected to the Find My Device web service instead.” Did any of you use the service? Will it be mourned? Let us know in the comments below.

Via Piunika.

  • B.C.

    I used it a few times when I lost my phone. Google’s is stupid because it often asks me to verify my identity when logging in by pressing yes on my phone. BITCH WHAT. You know I lost my phone how am I supposed to press a button on it.

  • azzido

    But it was removed from the OS long time ago… Old news?

    No matter what I consider it as very bad move. Their constant software downgrade and removal or useful features and functions… Why the hell they removed album widget and other widgets???

    I want to have an option to have it, was using it as well as other widgets. Find My Xperia is added to Sony’s list of shame… Hope new flagahips will have FM radio back.

    And Find My Xperia was better than google disabled app :/

  • azzido

    You are so stupid!
    I do not regret you at all.

  • Moisés

    About the Album , I am sure it wont be closed because it has support to run 4K.
    If you buy the Premium and use google’s you probably use it at 1080p.
    I like the fact Album lets you hide pics, I dont know if other do it too.

    About MY XPERIA, I have seen ppl complain about it. That was not good.
    I have never tried it..

  • Moisés

    I miss camera widget

  • Moisés


    If I get new phone I will lose it. 2 of them are gone on my phone.

  • Moisés

    When I charge my phone and battery reaches 100%, phone makes a sound to warn me.
    Is it gone on X phones ?

  • Koh Yuan Chen

    Try going into developer options and find “Make a sound when Charged”

  • Koh Yuan Chen

    Yessss! Bring back screen recorder

  • shenoy

    Sony is removing all unique services/apps/features and asking us to use Google ones. We want different things from Google. Common Sony we are Xperia users.
    When upgraded to XZ1 from Z3. I found Z3 is more user friendly than XZ1. Only advantage I found is on hardware side. Software wise I still feel XZ1 is inferior to Z3.

  • iia3ezu

    TrackID –> myXperia –> ???

    Predict which next service/app Sony Mobile is going to terminate next.

    Personally, I hope Xperia Lounge gets discontinued.

    Alternatively, Sony collaborates with Google to make a ‘Sony Pixel’ device, minus the crapware.

    Pixel 2 stock Android uses under 7Gb, Xperia Android uses about 11Gb. On a baseline 32Gb model that would be only 21Gb remaining free space.

  • Gregory See

    I completely concur with your brilliant affirmation.

  • hansip

    Umm in my time with xperia, never used it. Google solution is working for me fine, you just need a logged browser in the first place though, and i have logged in in every computer so no biggie.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    I lost Sonys ldac with Oreo update…
    But now its a part of Oreo…
    So no loss….
    Why would I be dissapointed by that?
    Same thing with this and track ID….

    If Google incorporates sth that is the same feat, why keep the Xperia dedicated one too? Doubled applications only clog up the OS and waste ram…
    Prior I had Sonys Album and googles Photos?! Doubled app doing the same. Why would I need that? Album is better so Sony kept it.
    Track ID was good, but now I have googles Search sound in Oreo…it is better even. So why would I complain about not having TrackID, about not having an extra double app for same in the OS?
    They removed some other feats, but I personaly dont feel them lacking, maybe some people that used them do.

    What I mind only so far is removing Xperia keyboard for non japan/chinese users and implementing that lousy Swiftkey one. I had to download Xperias international one, so now I have two keyboards installed. Should they have had left the Googles one, I wouldnt mind and wouldnt install Xperias one, as it is pretty much as good as Xperias one.

  • dimz

    As far as I remember, “my Xperia” was released before Google decided to create their Find My Device service, so it’s not that Android *already had* it. It’s because manufacturers started each making a tracking service for their devices that Google decided to integrate that functionality in the OS.

  • Vitali

    you can also get AZ Screen Recorder, Shazam and etc they work just as perfect

  • Brian De Guzman

    It would be nice to have that Xperia Pixel but very unlikely due to the recent Google’s acquisition of HTC.

  • razorg

    That doesn’t even make sense. Use proper English! What the f does “I do not regret you at all” mean? ….

  • razorg

    Who did what first, that is not my point. If you’re developing a firmware for a device right now, you would want to do less and less customisations on it in order to be quick to compile it, while not causing any possible unrefined behaviour (which requires further testing, hence more time for the update to be actually released to the end users). myXperia may have been released before Google actually integrated it into Android, but right now, if something is already present in the stock firmware, that should be used instead of “inventing your own way”…

  • razorg

    The reason I hated Album was that it shows EVERY SINGLE PHOTO it finds in the phone, doesn’t matter if it is music album art, or WhatsApp photos, or downloads, on the Home screen of the app. And I’ve repeatedly requested the ability to customise “what to show” on Home from Sony. They never listened. If it showed only the folders in the camera folder on the app Home screen, I’d have gladly used it. You may have “it allows you to hide photos, use that”, but I do not want to go into the Album and “hide/delete” any sensitive photos after every single WhatsApp chat, just in case I might need to hand over my phone to someone else to show something. I hope I made my point clear though.

    Regarding the “actual 4K video displaying” thing, I was not aware of it. If such a thing exists, of course Album app seems advantageous. However, what is the percentage of 4K devices in extended Sony portfolio? Other devices’ users must not be forced to face confusion (about what app to use) and privacy-invasion caused by the Album app, in my opinion.

  • cicababa

    I guess Sony will offer a tool to remove abandoned apps from their phones. Xperia Calendar, Keyboard, Lounge, What’s New, they are all waste of storage. /s

  • azzido

    use google translate, although it is not perfect it may help you a bit… + …

  • lolop

    I agree. This razorg guy has no idea what he’s talking about.

  • razorg

    You “regret” doing something, not someone, or express your regret over something, or something happening to someone. I do not see a correct use of “I regret you” in this context buddy! If you wanna feel like the “English Language professor” you think you are, be my guest, and enjoy your so-called “victory” in this meaningless argument. Satisfy your “fanboy personality” lol (if an internet argument victory is enough for you ;D). I’m not gonna be replying to you tho, as it seems you’re not a person to be reasoned with (as a mere personal opinion of mine offends you and out of nowhere you attacked me), so be my guest to keep wasting your time and reply to me to have the last word ;D

  • Arthur Mytsko

    “my experia” had one important feature – it was able to automatically enable GPS if the device is connected to Internet, when “Find my device” can’t do this. That makes “my xperia” in times useful.
    It is so sad that Sony has gave up some of their apps and features in favor of Google.

  • Alex

    This is another disappointing move by Sony.

    Whilst we can use the Google service which does the same thing, I always liked the way Sony phones had their own apps for most things – Track ID, Calendar, E-mail (back in the X10 days), Facebook Inside Xperia etc, but they seem determined to wind down all of their services lately. Says to me that they are losing interest in the mobile sector. I’ve had Sony phones since my K750i in 2006, and since then had a K800i, C510, X10, Xperia S, Xperia Z1 Compact and now X Compact – my next phone choice this year will be one I have to think long and hard about.

  • I don’t know if this works for everyone, but Google gives me the option of verifying my identity using my password if I don’t have any of my devices to hand.

  • Yes, we do want unique features but there’s no point in duplicating services that Google already does a good job of. The resources that go into creating and maintaining these superfluous apps and features will only result in higher device costs.

  • Phil Gym

    5.7″ screen 152.8mm x 72.4mm body(no info on thickness) and…unfortunatelly Sony has decided to get rid of headphone jack… by FCC documents

  • Alex Schwarz

    Hope they get rid of “What’s New” app, crap is plagued with ads even showing up in push-up notifs.

  • Irene

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  • Vjekoslav Andric

    If it true, gooodbye Sony, at least from me…
    No headphone dedicated jack or usb, no buy….

  • Nick

    I’m sad because Myxperia could remotely activate GPS. Googles find my device sadly not activate it

  • 振萌 徐

    Same to you

  • Ognjen Markovic

    The Oreo version of Xperia Android is 9.4GB on my XZ, so they’re going in the right direction :) Nougat was 10.3GB if I remember correctly

  • Ognjen Markovic

    And longer waits for updates. I’m with Sony on this one.

  • Ognjen Markovic

    Try this, used it to remove Whats New and other useless crap(lounge, facebook, avg, amazon, silly camera addons etc.). More free ram, less annoying notifications, win-win.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Used it on my z4 tablet but will uninstall it now and uise Google solution instead :) I can understand why Sony wants to close it down since there are a service that does the exact same thing :p

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I rather see some of the asweome apps from Xperia z2 to return, notes for example!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I will never abandon Sonys Album app, its awesome i really love the UI ! :) About music app, i only use Spotify and PowerAmp nowadays :p

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I really miss the small apps function on my XZP, still have it on my z4 tablet and its an awesome feature they removed :(

  • Sampahio Damaceno

    Sony being Sony…

  • jonoave

    Some services I think is redundant, but some are unique. Personally I think My xperia is redundant and doesn’t offer anything that much different than Google’s. However, PlayMemories was a nice touch, that I was sad that they winded it down. The fact that it links to Album and you have cloud storage service was great and a nice benefit for Xperia users.

    Music Unlimited was also something that I was sad to see them shutdown. It had the best sound quality among the music streaming apps at that time. I wish they’d offer something for Xperia subscribers, like 1 dollar off per month or something.

    TrackID was also cool sad to see it go.

  • MrWalker1000

    actually album app is great i dont want them to get rid of it.

  • MrWalker1000

    yeah and im guessing the sony version probably didn’t do much anything that was unique and couldn’t be done with google to warrant such an app.

  • shenoy

    Only small app…
    101 features are missing.

  • Ziggy

    Hopefully Sony would update their phones software on this during this year as my Xperia is still found in Settings –> Lock screen & security.

  • fried_egg

    I think the discontinuation of “Media Go” is the most annoying… I like the way it worked. I find most Windows 10 default apps to be rubbish

  • Emil Oskarsson

    What more then? Give me a short list about what you miss from the z2/z3 series :)

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    “my xperia” had one important feature – it was able to automatically
    enable GPS if the device is connected to Internet, when “Find my device”
    can’t do this. That makes “my xperia” in times useful.

  • jonoave

    Ok, I never used it before (I did have it activated). Wasn’t aware of that.

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    What you see in the storage settings is actually the size allocated for the system partition, not the actual OS size (that also applies for other Android devices, not just Xperia devices).

    For example, I currently own the dual SIM variant of Xperia X, so it comes with 64 GB of storage instead of 32 GB from the single SIM variant. The system partition of the currently latest available firmware (Nougat 7.1.1 with December 2017 security patches) is exactly 7 GB but if you use a root-enabled File Manager you’ll notice that only 4 GB of that 7 GB partition is actually used.

    So, in short, Sony “reserves” around 3 GB of free space on the system partition for unknown reasons. With some effort I could re-partition the device and distribute that unused 3 GB to the data partition, but that would very likely mess the storage when flashing updates through OTA or by using FlashTool since the firmware would be expecting the original partition layout…

  • Raymond De Guzman

    The app that I wish they continued developing is the Movies app. It had so much potential and I just love to have the separate app for the videos. I know we still have the Video app but it’s just an icon and it redirects us to Video & TV Sideview app. I hope they reconsider developing that app again.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    To be honest I don’t miss double tap to wake, used it for a week or two then I disabled it because I kept unlocking my phone in my pocket because of it xD Or starting the camera :p Don’t you have the option “make a sound when fully charged” in developers settings? As I said before yes I do miss small apps a lot aswell! Don’t miss the old dialer app that much and I don’t use any weather widget :p Multi task clear button placement is fine for me :)

  • shenoy

    How about alarm. Alarm is very irritating

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I’ve got used to it by now but I do miss the slide option to turn alarms on and off instead of this new UI where you just click on the alarm to activate / deactivate it xD

  • Turlututu

    Sad but true…
    My album is full of stupid GIFs some of my friends use to send in WhatsApp, I don’t understand why Sony don’t let us chose which folders to display…

  • B.C.

    I feel that pain, and have the app still.

  • dimz

    The point is, since it pre existed the official solution, it already had users, so they kept it running for as long as costs and user numbers made sense, while giving a reasonable time period before they retired it.

  • azzido

    Still I do not regret you

  • Roy

    It’s really fine. This service didn’t add much to Google’s solution. Sony can better spend its resources elsewhere. Personally, I’d like to see a Timescape comeback with focus on a Facebook/Instagram combo. I think I was one of the few who enjoyed it on my Xperia Arc. Then it became SociaLife and it all went downhill from there.

  • Roy

    I think Sony needs a trademark gimmick. Nothing is really new on the market but it’s important to have something you do better than the competition. Become the industry standard of quality.

    Apple has SIRI, FaceID and Animoji. Samsung has Bixby and Infinite Display. I’ve always felt that Sony’s big IT thing was design, but I’m getting pretty bored with it lately (still think the Arc was the best looking phone ever). I’m hoping that the rumored XZ Pro will be something to look at.

    As far as gimmicks go, Super Slow Mo was fun to play with at the expo, They should really build on that. It’s perfect for people who Crossfit or like to record sports :)

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