New 5-inch Sony Xperia hits the FCC with slim bezels

by XB on 30th January 2018

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A new Sony Xperia device has passed through the FCC with ID number PY7-24118Q. There is little to glean from browsing through the documents, but we do see a more normal location of the FCC ID label, compared to the previous handset rumoured to have no 3.5mm headphone jack.

The FCC documents do reveal that this new Xperia device has a 5-inch display in as chassis with dimensions of 135 x 65mm. So if this is true, it looks like it will have much slimmer top and bottom bezels compared to previous handsets.

In fact, one previous handset has already come very close to these dimensions. The device in question is the Xperia UL, Sony Mobile Japan’s exclusive of 2013, which managed a 5-inch FHD display with dimensions of 135 x 71mm. So the new device has the same height as the Xperia UL, but will manage to shave a further 3mm on either side of the display. We’ll bring you more news as we have it.

New Sony Xperia (PY7-24118Q) device dimensions

Sony Xperia (PY7-24118Q) ID label location

Sony Japan’s 2013 Xperia UL with 5-inch FHD display and dimensions of 135 x 71mm

Thanks Daivy, KF and Miraj!

  • DBS

    If you pick up the XZ1 Compact and put a 18:9 screen in it (shortening the bezels), you can get a 5″ screen.

    However, Sony normally only releases Compacts at IFA, with the exception of the first one – the Z1 Compact – which was released at CES.

    But a 5″ Compact…throw in an OLED display and wireless charging and I’m even willing to forget the sub-par camera and will gladly go with it as a daily driver (unlike my XZ1 which serves only as a music player).

  • Moisés
  • DBS

    And that’s supposed to prove what? I have the XZ1C. I also have an iCrap, and a bunch of other Android phones. The XZ1C camera continues to be sh*t.

    Those images aren’t even a good comparison as you’re comparing a 19mp sensor to 12mp sensors. That’s like comparing a cruiser with a fishing boat.
    Not only that, but the pictures taken with the Xperia used a longer shutter speed and lower ISO value which adulterates the result. For a fair result, they should have started by ensuring that the phones were all using the exact same values. ;)

  • Zratul

    Sony post-processing continue to be bad but image quality is not the only criteria for a good camera.
    Sony NEVER managed to achieve what Apple, Samsung or Google reached in terms of AF-speed, Shutter Lag free, instant launch. If I am in the street, then suddenly see something moving I want to shoot. I can guarantee you that the iPhone, Galaxy and Pixel will give you much more better chances to achieve that. I love my Xperia but let’s be honest there, I am not “confident” with the camera behavior.

  • Moisés

    Of course there is shutter lag..
    None can expect a 19MP or 23MP photo to be taken faster than 12. More data to be processed.

    Instant launch… There is an option you can set when screen is locked you press cam button to launch and shoot pic. Since X Perf all flagships can do it within 0.6s.

  • DBS

    They weren’t scaled. The Xperia was. The others are already natively 12mp. So there’s your first problem.

    Secondly, auto-testing. Yeah. Again, not a good way to do a real test (if the fact that this test was made in lab, which is an unrealistic setting anyway). For you to have a fair comparison you need to ensure all phones are shooting under the same parameters. You don’t get to blame the machine for picking different values.

    That’s the problem with these (as well as DxO’s) tests. You have a 19mp shooter providing more information for the software to compose a picture to begin with. And then you don’t even make sure at least the settings used are the same so that, even if you can’t really judge the sharpness of the image you could judge the rest? And you do all of this while in a lab environment?

    Xperia cameras have good sensors in them. Unfortunately, they also have Sony in them. And Sony is so f*cking stubborn that they insist in not listening.
    Their current cameras suck for the exact same reason their Z3 cameras already sucked: they lack OIS, they have an absolutely horrendous software installed, and to add insult to injury, Sony locks down camera2api settings to consumers, namely the ability to shoot RAW.

    If Sony allowed people to shoot RAW, it would go a long way to at least not making their camera absolutely useless. And we could always side-load the iPixel camera apk to get decent photos on automatic while leaving the Xperia camera for video only (since it’s the only thing that camera actually does very well).

  • Moisés

    In my opinion all phones should be tested using manual. Because auto just changes ISO and SS.
    White balence and exposure value end up same no matter how many pics you take. Just see EXIF, EV is always 0.

    Iphone and Pixel dont have manual mode, so it is impossible to set all phone with same ISO, SS, EV, AF and WB.

    All tech sites just test auto because most of ppl just POINT AND SHOOT.

    At night if you set your XZ1c ISO 50 + 1s , it will do 1000x better than auto that usually chooses ISO at least 600.
    But ppl forget that and bash, even they know they can just swipe down and take a better pics.

    If the cam was that bad, none would never take awesome pics. A bad cam phone would never outperform other in some situations.

    I read once a comment on an article of DPreview, the user said that xperia has same post-processing of their cameras. Just different quality because it’s phone vs camera.

  • comme des garcons

    the first leaked pic

    the same boring loop surface omni balance AGAIN

  • Kal-El

    Hey when are we suppose to hear about the new flagship? I’m in the need of an upgrade asap!

  • Okarin Titor

    Loop surface + 18:9 = Not bad

  • DBS

    The iPhone and the iPixel don’t support manual mode on their native camera apps but do support them on third party cameras (the iPhone doesn’t support RAW though, just like Sony).

    At any rate, if most people just point and shoot (and it’s true, both the iPhone and the iPixel contribute heavily to the stupidification of users), then Sony is in an even worse spot because, as you rightfully said, their camera only produces minimally acceptable photos when you use manual mode.

    I personally only shoot in manual mode. I know what I’m doing with a camera so I prefer to control as much as I can while taking photos. But even there, Sony has a long way to go.
    Yes, you can take great photos with an Xperia. But they’re a rarity. For you to achieve a nice photo in good daylight with an Xperia, you need to not only shoot manual but also to take a dozen pictures so that one comes out good. Because Sony’s camera WILL fight you all the way through the process.

    And that’s the thing. Sony’s software is not only very bad, it’s extremely arrogant. Even in manual mode the software fights you, insisting it knows better than you (when it clearly doesn’t).

    I would be fine if Sony’s cameras were like LG’s. LG has amongst the best cameras on mobile IF you shoot manual. When you pick up a G6 or a V30, if you point and shoot, the image is quite bland and “meh”. But once you switch to manual, the app offers you not only a great UI but sets you completely free to do whatever you want. If Sony had the same approach to their manual mode, one could cope with it. Unfortunately, they don’t.

    Again, it’s Sony’s own arrogance that keeps their phones from being so much better.

  • DBS

    End of February at Mobile World Congress.
    Sony is likely to release the Xperia XZ 2 Premium and maybe an XZ1S (if last year is anything to go by).

    But their main flagships – the XZ2 and XZ2 Compact – will likely only come at IFA in September.

  • Kal-El

    Thanks for clearing that up brother

  • John ford

    I hope this isn’t real

  • Da Rek

    In 2013 there was a Xperia ZL with dimensions of 131.6 x 69.3 with a 5 “display and it was a brilliant phone…

  • Antero Masonen
    This say it includes headphone Jack and stb ratio is 79%

  • hansip

    what’s the problem with loop surface? i dont think it’s an issue. But i do hope Sony doesn’t curve the glass where the display stand though.

  • bryan

    yup LG has the current best manual mode but sadly their camera sensor is shitty

  • 3_nity

    And your first problem: Your grunt!

  • Ates

    Today iz 2018…and sony come back to 2013…not good.

  • Talos the Robot

    Do you know the burst mode feature on the latest xperia flagships? All these issues are gone if you use it.

    When you buy a mirroless or a dslr camera do you expect the post-processing to be done automatically on the camera or you do it yourself with an external software? Personally i do it myself on the XZ Premium and i can maintain much more details than any of the phones you mentioned.

    Sony’s flagships use the larger sensor than any other phone and no matter how good software or lens you use you will never manage to get the details of a larger sensor.

  • Talos the Robot

    With the latest memory stacked sensors the photos can be processed very quickly. The large aperture size the other phones have plays a significant role on fast focusing but you end up with a shallow depth of field and less details.

  • Talos the Robot

    I don’t like the 18:9 ratio.

  • KarFar
  • Zratul

    Well if they improved the lag between pictures with the latest versions it’s good then.

    I have a Z5 that I like but compared to all the other flagships of its generation for the photography it suffers so much from various problems.

    First the large sensor is completely annihilated by the high pixel count. I muuuuch prefer the sensor that Google used for its Nexus 5X/6P at that time. Same 1/2.3’with 12Mpx resulting in large 1.55 microns pixels.

    The lens is the major weakness of Sony Xperias. I don’t even know how they can sell them as “G Lens”. The softness on the corners is really annoying, you have lot of deformations. They have a more wide lens compared to the others but I still consider it as a bad choice.
    It’s also super high sensitive to lens flares.

    I take pictures on the amateur/enthusiast level with my Nikon D7000 and my Sony Alpha 6000. I love post processing pictures with those awesome cameras but I wanted my smartphone to be my kind of “photo notebook”, that I have on me every time and I can count on to capture moments on the go.

    I really tried hard to get the best of my Xperia Z5 for the past two years but it’s often hit or miss. I had great shots with it and also spectacular fails that I still regret today just because the AF was slow and not making the good choices.

    The noise and the post-processing are also extremely destructive for low-light shots and foliage.

    A friend I hang out often with had a Galaxy S6 at that time and it was much much more consistent (the two smartphones were released the same year). On the other hand I was not afraid of using my smartphone to do pictures under the rain thanks to that super waterproofing and the lanyard

    And when I do blind tests with the latest flagships I always recognize the infamous Sony Post-processing.

    I am pretty sure that I could never have a shot like this with my Z5 or an XZ:

    Like in less than 2 seconds: get the phone out of the pocket, stop 1s, aim and shoot immediately.

    So if you tell me that things are much much better with the XZ1 series, I am glad for you. But to be honest this year, I will change for a Samsung or a Google phone.

    I will continue my photo adventure and Sony… with my Alpha.

  • Barricade

    The top and bottom bezel are still at least 10mm each. That’s still quite large for a 5″ screen.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Only thing good about this here design is…it will emulate my TV remote, sitting in my hand very nicely (indeed, I wont notice the difference)
    Yuck, nonsens 18:9 aspect trends.

    So…lousy issue-certified oleds, no jacks, back placed fp scanners, nonsens aspect ratios practical only for watching cinema aspect movies, on such a small mobile phone screen (facepalm).
    Indeed Trendy stuff…

    Sony becoming nonrecognizable, losing any special edge it had.
    Might as well buy some much cheaper chinese having it all too.

    ..making me wanna look some other way, with every new leak…
    So I ll probably say goodbye to Sony mobile.

    Anyone having suggestions? Anywhere else to look to avoid this trendy nonsens stuff?

  • DBS

    Still better than your first problem: no mommy to give you a proper education.

  • KarFar

    There is a jack in this one according to FCC label.
    Also I think no OLED at MWC.

  • Insane014

    Here is a visual comparison between XZ1 Compact and upcoming device

  • 3_nity


  • 3_nity

    no dad to give you a proper education.

  • DBS

    No dad either? Boy, no wonder you’re so screwed up. I almost feel sorry for you.

  • 3_nity

    No dad either? Boy, no wonder you’re so screwed up. I almost feel sorry for you

  • DBS
  • 3_nity
  • DBS

    I see you’re now making a wish-list. Ok.

  • 3_nity

    I see you’re now making a wish-list. Ok.

  • DBS
  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Thats ok. Still if 18:9 screen, no interest.
    What about those suggestions?
    There are so many brands nowadays, all looking the same, having same tech, including new Xperias obviously.
    So if any info to save me from searching for hours?
    I m interested in any other brand thats keeping the 16:9 in high end, coupled with lcd and a jack of course.

  • KarFar

    Huawei Mate 10 then, probably the last flagship that will have those specs…
    Or you can grab an XZ1/XZP :)

  • 3_nity
  • Sungkyung Kim

    The slimmer bezel, always welcomed!
    I would like to see the new Xperia soon!

  • dragonsneeze
  • djfapples

    Me to but this is the future

  • I have it, and still using it

  • Deads

    People love a big screen with a small body.

  • DBS

    3_nity needs to get a life.

  • Phil Gym

    agreed. loop surface (tube concept) makes it look so dated. Sony has to part ways with it, and basically loop surface is the same design again boring

  • Phil Gym

    any other exciting leak?

  • theskig
  • Santos

    Old problems from old days

  • Santos
  • guv

    I LOVE the 16:9 trimmed bezels version (the last one below). Sadly, it won’t be realised :(

  • Ates

    Yes…I love too, but it is one step down, one step up!

  • guv

    What was wrong with keeping the body the same and enlarging the screen itself, still with 16:9 aspect ratio. Look at how good it looks like this. Damn, Sony. Why 18:9, why?! :( – A fellow Z5C user.

  • Antero Masonen

    Thats xa2

  • 3_nity

    DBS needs to get a life

  • Insane014

    There is no way they can engineer such a small device, stacked with features with such small space above and beneath the screen. This would take an engineering marvel and thus increasing r&d costs which would spill onto msrp

  • Antero Masonen

    This device is little smaller than iPhone but bigger screen maybe Sony tryna steal aom customers

  • a n t o n i o T Z

    Hice un dibujo para darme una idea de las dimensiones en su proporción, y creo que si ese es el tamaño del teléfono y con esa diagonal de pantalla, espero que el formato de la pantalla siga siendo 16:9, ya que aprovecha mas su frontal que el ya tan famoso 18:9.

  • Rizky Maulana

    wow nice improve

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