Sony has a change of heart on the design of its latest flagship

by XB on 13th February 2018

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Sony Mobile may have had a change of heart on the design of its latest flagship, according to documents submitted to the FCC. A letter dated 7 February 2018 from Sony Mobile, has requested the FCC to remove all grants for the device with FCC ID PY7-00718V. The reason for the dismal of these grants is due to a “design change”.

We can’t be sure exactly which device this refers to, or why there has been a change of heart. It may be due to a rethink of the headphone jack, or 18.9 display – but, maybe this is all wishful thinking by us. It’s also not clear whether the device has been cancelled due to the dismissal of these grants, or whether it is delayed. This all adds a bit of mystery to Sony’s upcoming devices, to be revealed at MWC at the end of the month, and we’re eager to see what Sony has in store for us.

Sony has requested the FCC to dismiss grants for its upcoming flagship due to a design change

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  • DBS

    Hopefully they saw the exploding airpods and the horrible reviews for the iPixel earbuds and they thought “yeah…maybe people are right and removing the headphone jack is unbelievably stupid”.

  • Moisés

    This one seems to be the 4K device.
    The H81xx.

  • Moisés

    The main phone will have 6GB/128GB.
    The rest 4GB/64GB. H82xx may have 6GB in East Asia.

  • Harry Rogerich Carnecer Relamp

    Full Display and less bezel is good

  • Alvin

    I wouldn’t call it a delay, though. This is normal, will not be delayed for a very long time. In a few days, we’ll definitely see the revised design of the phone.

    Less than two weeks and no leaks whatsoever. Very good leak policy, Sony!

  • Fenex Le Pro

    Bring back headphone jack and upgrade the storage.

  • comme des garcons

    I just don’t get it

  • RockStar2005

    Haha maybe??

  • RockStar2005

    You think the XZ2 Pro/Premium (whatever lol) will have 6 GBs Moises?? Why, did u see that somewhere? Just curious. lol

  • RockStar2005

    I hope so. I def want them to keep the jack as well.

  • Ryan

    Man I cannot wait !! This next phone is gonna be legit !! And they gonna announce it on my birthday !! It does not get any better !!!!

  • Ederson Baumbach .*.

    I would like Sony to come back with the built-in FM Radio, so I could listen to my soccer team’s game IN REAL TIME and without depending on the internet.

  • DBS

    If it comes with the 845 it won’t be released until late May/early June anyway so I agree, it doesn’t necessarily mean a delay. May mean they won’t have many display units at MWC if they present it there nevertheless though.

  • Antero Masonen

    It leaked while ago

  • Ashwin Nagarajan
  • RockStar2005

    Oh ok. Thanks Antero!

    That’s awesome! A Sony Xperia with 6 GBs would be like a Shame-sung with 10 GBs. lol

  • RockStar2005


  • RockStar2005

    Man I HOPE it gets released in May not June. lol

  • RockStar2005

    Looks sick, but right now it’s just a concept video. I’d love it though if Sony did this though. The speaker layout is definitely something new and eye-catching!

  • shumayal

    Who leaks all this stuff? Wow

  • kurakuradisco

    change the CEO and then change the design… ok, let’s see what it’ll gonna be..

  • owl

    If the design was previously submitted, its highly unlikely the designers will change anything drastic like screen size or inclusion/exclusion of headphone jack. It’s more likely something very minor, so small that we wouldn’t even know without putting the two designs side by side. Maybe it got half a millimetre taller. Maybe the camera module has been shifted slightly. Who knows?

  • Chris Robins

    or is it erectile dysfunction

  • Iki

    Hopefully they put in a 4,4mm pentaconn.

  • Phone Battles

    Definitely hoping this is regarding the headphone jack. Sony probably saw the poll on this site with the overwhelmingly negative response to not having one.

  • Moisés

    4.4 spends much more energy than 3.5mm

  • Zohaib

    i need under the display finger print sensor + 3.5mm jack + small bezel device with large display + 3500 mah battery + RAW capture enable for camera

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    That would be a nightmare actually.

  • 3_nity


  • KarFar

    They will add more bezels :D

  • Iki

    It’s the new standard.

  • Iki


  • This one is not leak. As far as I know there weren’t any true “leaks” in latest days.
    FCC’s reports are accessible by everyone, AnTuTu and Geekbench results as well. And that’s how it always was.
    So if OEM uses one of this it is intentional. At least for benchmarks, but with FCC that’s why tested devices have some kind of codenames, so You see that there is something, but You don’t know exactly what it is.

  • dragonsneeze

    According to a tech editor 2 phones will be announced, one will arrive sooner to the market other will be out in june. A completely new serie will debut at IFA. Guess we’ll see soon enough.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    sony said if u bough flagship, that’s mean you are reach to sunscribe data plan.
    this is why u can see budget xperia has built-in FM because they know people who bought those phones need to use them

  • algiuz

    If you use headphone jack just for the headphones, I don’t see why bluetooth headphones are a bad choice. I have not used headphone jack once on my phone. Of course if you buy 10 dollar pair you will have bad quality audio regardless, but now 100 dollars can buy you quality bluetooth headphones/iems/buds. And the freedom of bluetooth is an amazing thing. I was mindlessly againts bluetooth headphones too, but after hearing sennheiser momentum 2 wireless my mind changed very quickly.

  • Moisés

    Thanks for the info.

  • S6isBoss


  • Barricade

    Imagine they’d drop a “Btw, it’s available starting today” on your birthday. That’s probably the only way it could get any better.

  • azzido

    What I would like from Sony in terms of design is:

    1. Dramatic change in design as what we receive so far is not ugly in any way, but we receive the same design for so many yrars that it became BORING. Many people including me consider this as “still the same, nothing new, maybe I will try different brand to get excited again, to feel the freshness of NEW, etc.”
    2. Bezels should be smaller than ee have in XZ Premium but not to the edge. I am not fan of very very small bezels, it is useful when keeping the phone horizontally. It is stupid to minimize it extremely just to mininize it, what’s benefit? It should be somewhere between so that there would be a chance to still keep headphone jack.
    3. Would love to see a come back of Xperia Arc design, but more futuristic. Perfect if made of glass. Question here, is gorilla glass 6 more scratch resistant than 5? 5 is a crap in terms of scratches which is a shame and reason for sony to use different vendor…
    4. Stereo speakers (both same quality, same loudness and not like bottom one to ve weaker!), headphone jack, dedicated camera button, sd card slot, great camera with 1″ sensor, fingerprint sensor on a side or on the screen, NOT on the back! IP68, maybe time for 69? :) – all of them have an impact on design and we love to see these features, but we expect improvements, ver 2.0 for all of them and not constantly same.

    Other than that I think battery 3420mAh is too small cobsideri g the screen will be bigger too – expected 5.7″. After XA2 I hoped for bigger battery :/
    Hope for camera improvements for taking pics, bigger sensor and pixels, OIS, F1.4 or at least 1.5. 4K video in 60fps with ibtelligent stabilization. 1000 fps should be in 1080p this time. Completely new camera app design, full manual control. Xperia home = pkease change it as it is too stock… Want to see changes, new animations, nice icons, more wallpapers like Nokia has, new solutions like Timescape was, yeah I loved Timescape. So far one of the best looking app I saw on a mobile, again, discontinued :(
    Combine it with great, bright 4K screen without failures and I am sold. I do not care much if it is lcd or oled as long as it has no issues like dead pixels, yellow hue, burn ins, pink screen (galaxy s8…) etc.

    You need to use top tech and nice names like Arc, Cyber-Shot, Walkman with Mega BASS and spend more on marketing to sell more.

    You will say that all of it will cost more to develop and bring to the market. Yes, you are right. But also you would like to rise the price and make it interesting for more people.

    Spend more time on testing and quality control please to avoid day one issues.

    Last but not least: will there be new accessories and tablet?

  • azzido

    Where are old Sony designers?

    Where are these european people we saw the interviews in the past??? We need them back Sony!

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Kazuo Hirai was already replaced by his friend that also works in Sony.

  • azzido

    Hmm Sony Mobile Poland claims Z5 will receive Android 8 update:

    Good news for Z5 owners!

  • azzido

    Doode, sadly it is supposed to be regular 3420mAh for 5,7″ monster… Forget about 4000mAh battery dream. This is exclusive for other brands only :(

  • azzido

    If they will meet the expectations I do not want to wait till June!!!

  • azzido

    Seems with even worse result. I think the guy from original Z did better, was just to stubborn to change and was too stick to the same (same design, same ui, same camera issues etc.) the new one started with total mess when it comes to X series midrangers. This was a huge step back and many people LEFT sony xperia brand completely…

    Now he is messing with naming convention again, exchanging Premium with Pro, there is no consequence at all, total chaos and mess, as a consumer I do not like it. I think best was when they used some words like Neo, Arc etc. instead of letters and numbers only. (galaxy) in name sounds better to the ear than “XA2″… Maybe to japanese ear but not mine.

  • azzido

    It’s only ugly concept, with the same old, boring body shape with speaker holes added.

    Hope this is not real… Aand, it looks like Fiat Multipla designer got a new job…

  • azzido

    Dear Sony.
    I hope Fiat Multipla designer did not get a new job recently :/

  • azzido

    Have you lost your mind?

  • Moisés

    1″ sensor is what they use inside new RX series camera.
    No chance to see on a phone.

    F1.4 and f1.5 let too much light in. Shutter cant deal fast enough. That flip phone from Sammy ( the one with f1.5-f2.4) has awful photos.

    4K has too high pixel density, that is why brightness is a bit above 500 only. Brightness like Z3+ would eat battery fast.

  • Moisés

    Seems like the jack is the reason..

  • Phil Gym

    “Just heard interesting story behind this re-designing. It’s NOT from insider but someone very close to insider, and info this person has provided me in past were always correct.

    As someone mentioned, the design change is indeed about 3.5mm earphone jack.

    He didn’t specifically mentioned the design change will bring headphone jack back, but the fact he mentioned “headphone jack”, which was supposed to be gone previously, pretty much confirm it.” on Reddit

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    It’s not good for smartphone actually.

  • Sungkyung Kim

    whatever this will be, I look forward seeing soon!

  • kurakuradisco

    it’s the first time i saw a news sony did the such thing in recent years, suddenly cancel their design which already registered. idk, it’s a sign of good or bad.. all we can do is wait..

  • El_Carnicero

    It’s not the size that matters. It’s how you use it.

  • El_Carnicero

    Personally, I like the side button fingerprint sensor. 3.5mm jack – yes. Small bezel – not a critical concern but would be nice. 4k? Actually I’d be happy with 2k. RAW capture on such a small sensor will still be crappy. I’d prefer an option to set the JPEG image quality.

  • Eric

    Well, I have not used a single Bluetooth headset with my phone once, but I always use my headphone jack so even if you don’t use it, and while I get trying to devalue technology others use so it makes what you use seem superior, the fact remains that even though Bluetooth may sound great, it is still at the mercy of its lossy codec. APTX is still limited at 576 Kbps. Bottom line is, regardless of whichever one you choose to use, we should all be against the removing choice. Less choice will allow companies to capitalize by abusing however they please (i.e. price increases on Bluetooth, DRM through USB Type-C to restrict certain accessories or files, etc)

  • Eric

    I hope so. Removing the headphone jack is worst decision anyone could make, let alone now have an even bigger problem with a large part of a population thinking its “dated” because manufacturers have said so. We should all be against it, one more bullet in our ability to choose how we listen to music. I will not buy any phone without the headphone jack; its the stepping stone to rolling out DRM over USB.

  • Eric

    Sony if you are reading this. DO NOT remove the headphone jack. Standout from the other anti-consumer manufactures by giving us the choice on how we listen to music!

  • Iki

    It’s actually made for smartphones and portable daps…
    Used by Sony and sennheiser, and starting to get used by others.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    If you use it you will notice that it produce heat and draw a lot of power from the device and that’s not good for thin battery of smartphone unlike the thicker battery of a DAP.

    I use 4.4mm with my PHA-2A and it’s really hot after using it for a while.

  • Iki

    Sony phones have heat pipes.
    And 4.4mm doesn’t use more power, nor does it get warmer than 3.3mm.


    Clearly they are not reading this because it is not their official website lol…

  • dragonsneeze

    You’re welcome. The count may be off since the new compact didn’t make it to the market here. He also said the design will have softer lines but will keep omni balance signature. The changes won’t be big for others but it could be considered huge for Sony. Whatever that means.

  • Sokin

    Anyone can explain this site regarding this device?

  • azzido

    Thank you for response Moises.

  • Island In The Sky


  • Read the news again

  • monoke

    Yeah definitely came to their senses regarding the headphone jack after collecting customer feedback is my guess. I’m sure they have 2 variants ready for show just in case.

  • I agree DBS! It’s retarded to remove the headphone jack!

  • skrug

    except they also sell wireless earbuds/headphones with great ANC too.

  • DBS

    I have bluetooth headphones and wired headphones. So it’s not like I have any mindless allegiance to wired phones.

    However, the only time I EVER use the wireless ones is at the gym. Otherwise, wired it is. Why? Because bluetooth connections are unreliable (even 5.0), easily suffer interference from the surrounding world and the audio quality is NEVER as high as that you get from a wired connection.
    Not to mention the wireless headphones also have the annoyance of needing a battery. We already have to charge enough devices without needing to charge also our headphones for no real gain.

  • skrug

    maybe they are changing it from the 4.4mm headphone jack back to 3.5mm

  • sm1udonno

    glass back!

  • Carney3

    Oh I hope not. I loved my Z2 but the glass back cracked soon after purchase.

  • azzido

    Size matters, ask your girl.

  • Khalid Abdi

    Hey guys Sony might put this new CMOS sensor on their new phones
    Xperiablog please look into this news

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